Cueto goes for his 19th win of the season tonight against the Brewers. We’ve reached the final stretch of the season. While watching the Reds hasn’t exactly been on top of my list of things to do lately, it’s going to be sad when the season is over.

So perhaps tonight, I’ll force myself to tune in and cheer on my Redlegs to finish off the season with some wins. Discuss the game here Reds fans! Go Reds!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bourgeois LF
3. Frazier 1B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Phillips 2B
6. Bruce RF
7. Negron 3B
8. Cozart SS
9. Cueto P

34 Responses

  1. mikemartz

    Hope the Reds win some more games before seasons end, I need some games to keep on my dvr for winter!

  2. cfd3000

    I was hoping, against what reason told me would happen, to see Joey Votto’s name in that lineup. Bummed but not surprised to see he’s still out. It has truly been a lost season, and I’m saddened that we’re heading to the offseason so soon and on such a low. Please win two more games Sr. Cueto.

  3. charlottencredsfan

    Wish we could get a longer look at YRod. Billy just can’t hit right now.

  4. sergeant2

    Is Kelp even aware the Reds have 2 men on base, stop chatting with Marty and pay attention to the game.

  5. RedAlert

    Billy is simply not the answer at Leadoff for the reds – doesn’t put the ball in play enough

  6. pinson343

    Top 2 hitters in the order have been rally killers tonight.

  7. Steve Mancuso

    They just put HAPPY BIRTHDAY up on the scoreboard in giant letters. I thought it was for me. Turns out it was for some guy named Bob Castellini.

    • RedAlert

      Happy Birthday dude ! – thanks for all the writing you and the other guys do on this blog – very much appreciated by the Nation !

    • sergeant2

      Happy Birthday! Steve. They say with age comes wisdom, well, that’s the rumor anyway. Zing! Hey, look on the bright side, getting older sure beats the alternative. And I’ll join REDALERT in saying thank you for all the time and energy you put into creating Redleg Nation. Go Steve! Go Reds!

  8. sergeant2

    This might be of interest to Reds and Pete Rose fans: This Friday on Animal Planets “Tanked” The Tanked team build an aquarium for Pete Rose.

  9. Michael J Hampton

    You think Cueto is ok with pitching to Mes tonight seeing as of right now his HR is the difference in the game?

  10. sergeant2

    For being one of the Reds best hitters, Frazier sure does have some head scratchingly atrocious at bats.

  11. Michael J Hampton

    I guess you could say the bunt worked this time, at least they executed everything well enough to get the run in, which in this case is a big run.

    • pinson343

      Chapman was nervous. Brantley said it: he knew what was at stake, in terms of Cueto’s chance to win 20.

      • sergeant2

        I think that’s why Chapman kept throwing over to 1st base, he simply wanted to settle his nerves. Smart move on Chapman’s part.

      • pinson343

        I hadn’t thought of that, good point. But his throwing over to first so often was making me more nervous.

  12. sergeant2

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for Mr. Johnny Cueto for winning 19 games and counting. Go Reds!

  13. pinson343

    Wow, that made me nervous. The strike 3 pitches to Ramirez and Braun were perfect – down and in slider, high fastball.

  14. RedAlert

    Tell you what, Cowboy would be a heck of a pitching coach at MLB level – guy is very knowledgeable about it -dude knows what he is talking about

    • pinson343

      Agreed. When listening to him, he tells you exactly what the pitcher needs to do. Against Braun, for example – keep it inside, if over the plate make it high.

      • RedAlert

        I enjoy listening to such points from him – played the game and was a successful pitcher

  15. sergeant2

    I could listen to Brantley talk pitching all day long, doing play by play, not so much.

  16. sergeant2

    Pirates won clinching a wild card spot. Cards and Cubs are tied 3-3 bot. 6th.

  17. sergeant2

    Thirty comments so far on the game thread, and a few are after the game has ended. I wonder if that is an all time low for Redleg Nation game threads.

    • pinson343

      I don’t think so, Sarge, in the early years of RLN the Reds had some bad teams and at this point in the season you could hear the crickets.

  18. Carol

    I think one of the highlights of last night’s game was the gentleman who whistled the National Anthem. He was phenomenal! I’ve never heard that done before. Kudos to him!