The Reds just tweeted:

I hadn’t seen any reports that Skip Schumaker was injured. Without knowing any details, labrum surgery is serious. Reds infielder Jack Hannahan tore his labrum and played injured throughout the 2013 season. He had off-season surgery and didn’t play for the Reds until July 27. Now, nearly a year later, he still can’t make the throw from third base to first.

Schumaker dislocated his left shoulder in spring training and missed over four weeks of the season. This surgery could easily call into question his ability to start the 2015 season on Opening Day. Schumaker has struggled through a difficult season (.235/.287/.308) with the Reds. He was signed as a free agent to a 2-year contract last off season at $5 million/2 years. Will we learn that Schumaker has been playing hurt all year, possibly explaining his poor season at the plate?

Daniel Corcino will make his first major league start tonight. He’s appeared twice as a reliever, pitching 2.2 innings. He pitched a clean inning against the Cubs, with two strikeouts, on August 26 (his 24th birthday). Then on September 5, in mop-up duty against the Mets, he faced 11 batters, recording five outs, giving up four hits (two home runs) a walk and a HBP.

Mat Latos missed a chance to start the play-in game in Pittsburgh last fall because of a “sore elbow” and ten days later had surgery to remove bone chips that had caused the pain. Latos entered spring training healthy and recovered from the surgery. Right away in spring training, Latos suffered a knee injury that required surgery to repair his meniscus.

When Latos was throwing a rehab start in early April after the knee surgery, he felt a pain in his elbow and was diagnosed with a mild strain of his right flexor mass muscle. The Reds had him sit out for more than two months. His first start for the Reds was on June 14.

Flexor muscle injuries can be mild, moderate or severe. Moderate or severe cases, like those suffered recently by Homer Bailey and last year by Jonathan Broxton, require surgery and six months of recovery. You can learn about that in this recent article about Bailey. We’ll have to watch to see if Latos is headed for a similar surgery.

MIke Maffie wrote about Latos’ 2014 season last Friday.

Check back here for updates.

25 Responses

  1. Michael J Hampton

    Latos has a bone bruise on his elbow? Did I miss something, how did that happen? 40+ years, I’ve never seen a season like this one.

  2. wvredlegs

    I’ve got to wonder that after Dusty Baker got fired last October, if he didn’t gather up some old chicken bones, hire a Haitian witch doctor and put a voodoo hex on the Reds.

  3. George

    Latos needs to go!! Bad attitude and injured to much

    • Drew

      How does he have a “bad” attitude?

      • El Paso Chihuahuahaha

        How about instead of saying he has a “bad attitude”, we all agree that he does tend to lose focus when he doesn’t get calls he thinks he should get or when faced with adversity? The terms hot-head, brash, 5 cent head, etc. leap to mind over bad attitude but I think we all watch him pitch and can identify just when he is about to blow up.

      • musicclown

        He doesn’t had a bad attitude or is he a hot-head, brash, 5 cent head. He’s a competitor!

      • Thegaffer

        Lets not devalue is trade value. Hey other teams GM, “Latos is a durable pitcher with a winning attitude. ” i hope that helps.

      • Vicferrari

        I am with the Gaffer, everyone knows he is the true ace when healthy better sign him for Homer money

  4. George

    I beliee it was some old toothpicks

  5. wvredlegs

    The Reds are going to have to stop by Home Depot and buy a box of #50 or #100 sandpaper to replace all that grit. Just don’t use Big Bob’s charge card there.

  6. Eric the Red

    Didn’t Schumaker pinch hit in a 1-0 ball game last night? How do you go from that to significant shoulder surgery the next day?

    • ToddAlmighty

      He just Grit his teeth through the AB? Lol

    • Vicferrari

      Exactly what occurred to me last night, that move really irritated me enough to comment on it in the game thread, you had Heisey on the bench

  7. gosport474

    I wish Skip all the best with his shoulder, but I also hope he has played his last game as a Red.

  8. musicclown

    My surgery 11 months ago was the rotator cuff tendon held by one strand, shave down the bone and deburr loose debris around the labrum. I missed 5 months of work as a bench electronic technician. Would have been more if I did construction or some handyman work. I was in a sling for 9 weeks which causes your muscles to atrophy. My shoulder always has mild inflammation that can increase just by using it. I’m still hindered using the shoulder as I rotate it. My should still aches, hurt and is stiff from time to time. I’m still improving and just happy to be this far along.

  9. jessecuster44

    Reds crack medical staff have a WAR just below the 3rd base coach. Can em all!

    • greenmtred

      Are you a doctor? I assume such certainty must be based on knowledge.

      • charlottencredsfan

        The Reds have their own MASH unit. The medical staff seems to struggle identifying injuries and more importantly, their severity. Maybe it is bad luck as we all know, too well, the degree that luck plays in baseball. Even so, with multimillion dollar investments on the line, I’d get a new crew.

        I’m with Jesse on this one, whether he and Gaffer are doctors or not.

    • Vicferrari

      But they did such a great job with Junior

  10. Dale Pearl

    Here’s hoping that the Reds invest in a new medical staff, training team, and a third base coach. Three clear areas that the Reds come up last in baseball. Maybe the new hitting coach is used as a scape goat for Price as well? I think Price uses the injury card to prevent a firing so I am thinking that in 2015 there is almost no way we see a huge turn over in management and with the shortage of available GMs out there I am also guessing the Reds stick with Jocketty unless they pull a fast one and hire the Padres discarded GM.

  11. Dale Pearl

    I thought Latos would become our ace, I guess I was wrong. Of course I thought that Steve Avery was the best pitcher out of the young group of Avery,Glavine,Smoltz, Glavine… until they pitched a few seasons together.

    It just goes to show keeping the same pitching rotation together year in and year out is just about impossible. Bailey stays because he is under contract and injured, Simon stays because Price said so. That leaves Cueto, Latos, Leake on the bubble. I am hoping that we can resign Cueto and Leake but I doubt very seriously that the Reds are wiling to throw Kershaw money at Cueto and there will be teams that are willing to do that. If the Reds are out of contention and sitting in third place after the all star game in 2015 look for a huge roster dump, but until then I think we play with the staff as we see it today…. yes even Ryan Ludwick returns because the Reds are a team that is not willing to eat 4.5 million dollars.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Jeez Dale, the Titanic disaster of the 2014 campaign is not over and you already have me depressed about 2015.

      I’m not blaming Walt or Price but I’m beginning to wonder how deep the cancer runs – I’d be mighty tempted to clear the deck. Sometimes it is just better to cut bait and start over with a new management team. This team looks sick to me.

  12. Sunbreakthedawn

    Hard to imagine that 2 years in a row our medical staff waited nearly 6 months to address a torn labrum. That’s the most incriminating thing about all this.
    Latos is too hot headed to hold up long term. Latos on the mound is all fire. At times it is really fun to watch. Makes him look susceptible to burnout. A candle only has so much wick, Latos may have burned through his. We’d be lucky to get significant return for him in a trade.