Reds at Orioles (September 2, 2014)

The Reds travel to the lovely Camden Yards in Baltimore to begin a series with the American League Central leading Orioles. For the Reds it means another series in an AL park where the club has to find someone who can be listed as a designated hitter. For the Orioles, it’s a chance to increase on their 8.5 game division lead. For me, its a chance to watch the Orioles, a team I’ve never really hated and somewhat liked over the course of my life, play my beloved Reds. I think most of the reason I’ve been partial to the Orioles is their awesome bird hats and the fact Chris Sabo once played for them back in the day.

Regardless of their hats and the fact Spuds played for them, I’ll pull for the Reds and hope the club can salvage a strong finish to this otherwise dismal 2014 campaign. Discuss the game here Reds fans!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 1B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Bruce RF
6. Heisey LF
7. Pena DH
8. Negron 3B
9. Santiago SS
– Latos P


  1. tct says:

    So the reds get a dh spot that they could use to put any of the younger guys that they just called up in and get them a few at bats. And instead, they dh…Bryan Pena? Uh, ok.

    1. Pena’s still a better hitter than all of them at this point. The Reds still aren’t willing to concede the season.

      1. Vicferrari says:

        Pena’s got a .290 obp,, Santiago’s got a better slash line than him, just glad that Tucker’s up because Reds would be in a tough spot if Mes went down now that Soto did not get the call. I realize I should be happy that Jack is not the actual DH- but Ludwick would have made more sense- they better not sign him after not seeing what he has got left

        1. Ludwick is 1 for his last 22. Santiago is playing SS; do you want him to DH too?

          I’d like to see Jack DH either tomorrow or Thursday; he’s 1 for 3 with a HR against Gonzalez and 2 for 3 against Tillman. Sure, SSS, but he should play sometimes; he’s 4 for his last 12 after coming off the DL and being 0 for 14.

      2. tct says:

        They may not admit it publicly, but the Broxton trade seemed to signal that maybe they were finally being realistic. They called up 10 guys, and they are not in a pennant race anymore. It would seem like the smart thing to do would be to get a look at some of these guys to see if they could be in the running for a job next year. You wouldn’t base your decision solely of what they did in September, or at least you shouldn’t, but what point does playing shumaker or Hannahan have at this point. Back to the original point, the extra ab’s probably aren’t going to help a over 30 back up catcher like Pena. But they could really help a young guy like Yorman or Lutz.

        1. In what way? If the young guy hits .100 in 20 Abs, the claim will just be that’s too small a sample size to matter. Did they pass a rule that just because you call a guy up, you have to play him every day?

          At present, the Reds still aren’t out of it; none of the teams on front of them is playing particularly well and if the Reds put together a lengthy winning streak they could close ground quickly. That may be unlikely, but it’s still possible. Maybe they should at least wait until next week’s four game series with the Cardinals at GABP before they start playing players who are highly unlikely to make next year’s squad.

  2. cfd3000 says:

    Lutz? Rodriguez? Barnhart? Free the call ups!

    1. Vicferrari says:

      exactly, do we really need to see Pena- guy has been solid, but if he is not in the field- let one of the others get a shot- might as well have put Cozart as the DH

  3. Eric the Red says:

    What strange compulsion makes the Reds say “well, a guy is back from the DL. Let’s just pretend he’s 100% healthy and bat him in the same spot he was in before.”

    BP didn’t belong in the three hole when he was healthy. By his own admission he’s not nearly completely healthy. He’s batting below .200 since coming back. Yet there he is…

    1. And who in that lineup should bat 3rd if not BP?

      1. George Mirones says:

        The only possible choice might be Negron but your observation “Reds still aren’t willing to concede the season.” is probably the guiding thought process.

        1. We know that Negron doesn’t have very good minor league numbers but was hitting very well for the Reds for a while. However, he’s 2 for his last 20, so his talent level might be catching up.

          I really like the guy as a utility player but a middle of the lineup hitter he isn’t.

      2. Vicferrari says:

        Frazier with Negron 2nd would make the most sense, but it is silly to actually worry about it any more at this point- just accept that you are not going to get line-up optimization until the whole management is gutted and BP is gone- not that I calling for it- just the way things are- expect sacrifice bunts too

        1. Orthodox sabermetric lineup optimization says your two best hitters bat 2 and 4 with 4 having the higher SLG. That’s exactly what Bryan has done.

          The same type of analysis says you shouldn’t base the lineup on SSS but on projected stats. It would be hard to argue that Negron would be projected over the long haul to be a better hitter than BP.

  4. Sparky says:

    I’m rooting and cheering on the REDS tonight. I can’t think of a single lineup configuration that would excite me. Blah Blah Blah…..go reds.

    1. Vicferrari says:

      anything with Yo Rod in it, but I feel your pain too

  5. jas428 says:

    What! The umpire leaves and he didn’t even hit his head?

  6. George Mirones says:

    When they pull the bullpen into the dugout I would think that means more than a 30min delay.

    1. Rain is supposed to stop by 8:30 PM.

  7. sergeant2 says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this series, its not often you get to see a team play that is as well coached as the Baltimore Orioles. Buck Showalter has learned from his past mistakes and has gone on to become one of the best managers in baseball. How awesome would it be to see Showalter wearing a Reds uniform. Hey, I guy can dream can’t he. Still, I’m rooting for the Reds to win. Go Reds!

  8. ToddAlmighty says:

    Reds medical staff strike again! “Oh, Homer Bailey won’t need surgery.”… couple weeks later…

    “Forearm surgery an option for injured Bailey.”

    It’d be funny if it wasn’t so predictably sad.

    1. sergeant2 says:

      If I’m Homer Bailey, I’m calling Dr. James Andrews.

    2. If I am not mistaken it wasn’t till after the 2nd MRI was evaluated by people other than those on the Reds payroll that the topic of surgery came back up.

      1. sergeant2 says:

        If that’s the case, I hope the other players are paying attention.

        1. ohiojimw says:

          I don’t understand the disconnect that seems to go on with diagnosis and prognosis department of the Reds medical staff. On the one side, Kremchek seems to have a very solid national reputation as an actual hands on surgeon; on the other side they seem to fumble or punt the diagnosis several times be before they eventually get to the surgery part.

    3. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a conditioning/use issue. I mean the Reds 3 and the rest of the league a few more.

      Really how snake bitten can a team really be?

  9. sergeant2 says:

    Anything new on the rain delay?

    1. Sheldon says the field looks pretty good and the game is set to resume at 9:20 PM. That seems a bit optimistic but would should have baseball soon.

  10. sergeant2 says:

    WLW is back on the air, Marty says we are a moment or two of getting under way. Go Reds!

  11. BigRedMike says:

    Run into outs

  12. sergeant2 says:

    One hour and forty six minute rain delay.

  13. sergeant2 says:

    Orioles are 51-11 when scoring first this season. Wow!

  14. sergeant2 says:

    Yikes! Latos is less than sharp tonight.

    1. RedAlert says:

      This season can’t end fast enough

      1. RedAlert says:

        Along with all the ineptness of this entire organization top to bottom

  15. jas428 says:

    No homework done by Thorne, Can’t pronounce an all-star or Negron. C’mon man.

  16. sergeant2 says:

    Last thing I want to hear is how the field is to blame for everything bad that’s happening to the Reds. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Orioles.

    1. RedAlert says:

      Exactly -running around bases like arcade baseball game – at will

  17. RedAlert says:

    Put a star on top of Latos – getting lit up like a Christmas tree

  18. sergeant2 says:

    Reds only gave up one run that inning, baby steps. Go Reds!

  19. wildwestlv says:

    Reds already sneaked in the victory for the week, last game. Nothing to see here. E# is 18 & counting.

  20. jas428 says:

    Completely out of zone and the complaining has worked well.

  21. sergeant2 says:

    Marty and Cowboy said the home plate ump is trying to make up for lost time (rain delay) and if the ball is anywhere near the strike zone its going to be called a strike. Time to hack away, if there’s one thing the Reds hitters are good at its hacking away. (unfortunately, without rhyme or reason)

  22. BigRedSaguaro says:

    Bruce will play that game,Sarge

    1. sergeant2 says:

      If Shakespeare wrote a play about the Reds hitters it would be called “Tis Better To Have Swung And Missed, Than To Never Have Swung At All”

      1. BigRedSaguaro says:

        nicely played

      2. RedAlert says:

        That’s a + 100 Sarge !!!! Nice !

  23. Thegaffer says:

    Lets hear some suggestions for who we want to get for Latos in the offseason. From Dodgers I might suggest Van Slyke, from Red Sox I wonder if Betts could play short.

    1. tct says:

      I’m all for shopping the three pitchers, leake, Latos and cueto, to see what you could get, and I would probably trade one of them. Right now though, it just kinda seems like you would be selling low on latos. Cueto, on the other hand is probably at the peak of his value. But if a team thought latos was fully healthy and his velocity was gonna bounce back, then they might like him more than Cueto because he could be easier and cheaper to extend. Will be interesting.

    2. tct says:

      How bout starlin castro. Know he’s popular around here.

      1. George Mirones says:

        His bat would attract a lot of popularity in LF.

      2. RedAlert says:

        I’d like to shop Walt for a used pitcher’s rosin bag

  24. sergeant2 says:

    I was just wondering, is it a common practice for the teams Orthopedic surgeon to always be in the dugout, and to also travel with the team on road games. I’ve seen trainers that run out on the field when a player goes down, but I don’t recall seeing other teams Orthopedic surgeon doing what Doc Hollywood does. Just curious, that’s all.

  25. RedAlert says:

    Reds Team has absolutely zero discipline at the plate – sucks way worse than last year

  26. sergeant2 says:

    Latos is in a groove now, all the Reds gotta do is score five runs to tie the game. Go Reds!

  27. sergeant2 says:

    On games like this I’m glad its only 10:08 here, instead of 11:08 in Cincinnati aka EST.

  28. jas428 says:

    Reds face 80th Cy Young winner this year.

  29. RedAlert says:

    This is the same Bud Norris that used to get lit up when he was with the Lastros , right ?

  30. sergeant2 says:

    I’ll tell ya one thing, Mesoraco has got some bat speed. Go Reds!

  31. jas428 says:

    Awful plate discipline.

  32. RedAlert says:

    And the embarrassing flailing continues ! – just brutal

    1. RedAlert says:

      Wish they would just play Yourman in right or left the rest of the year to see what he can do – it don’t matter at this point anyway

      1. Jake says:

        We need our hero, Hannahan

    2. sergeant2 says:

      “flailing” +100

  33. wildwestlv says:

    The ONLY reason to keep watching the Reds on my paid, annual MLBTV subscription is to watch them play spoiler to some of these playoff contenders, but they don’t put up much of a fight. Heck, even the Astros are playing the Angels tough, tonight. Oh, well. Boring baseball, though, to say the least.

  34. RedAlert says:

    Glad these guys enjoyed their day off yesterday while almost every other team in mlb played on Labor Day – looks like Price had them ready to play tonight – no carryover from all those hamburgers and hotdogs – looks like a big haze of ETHER has settled in the Reds dugout from that shot they showed a minute ago – definition of lethargy sitting in that dugout

    1. RedAlert says:

      Looked like they wanted to be anywhere but in the ballpark getting paid handsomely to play the game of baseball – makes me sick !

  35. ohiojimw says:

    So on the radio pregame show, Marty asks Price the obligatory when and how much will the call up guys play and of course Price comes back with the book answer about how as long as they are in contention and/ or playing teams in contention they will be playing their regulars pretty much exclusively. Then he went on to give an example of using Bourgeois as a pinch runner or some such as a way he can get value out of the call up guys. Later on in the month if “things change” he finally allows, we might see more of the call ups guys.

    I think what he was really saying was that it wouldn’t be fair to the contending teams for him to try and put a better offensive club on the field.

    1. wildwestlv says:

      Yep. Exactly.

    2. RedAlert says:

      He’s doing them a favor now by continuing to play them – they have quit

        1. preacherj says:

          I can’t stand the whole “Integrity of the game” argument against playing reserves and youngsters once you are out of it. I would think logically crappy teams that are resting beat up starters and let kids play hard, is there really much of a difference? Also, you have to do what’s best for your team, not any other one. Hate the argument regardless of sport.

  36. preacherj says:

    Just have the radio and you guys tonight. This is when I really appreciate Interleague. It gives you a chance to see teams you don’t get a chance to. Baltimore isn’t north enough to be seen often as an AL East team.

  37. sergeant2 says:

    15,021 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 15,021.

  38. RedAlert says:

    Can the reds start getting some ironing boards to put in the batrack – might help them make contact more

    1. RedAlert says:

      More hackers in this lineup than I have ever seen

  39. jas428 says:


  40. preacherj says:

    On the plus side, this doesn’t look like it’s going to be a one run loss.

    1. RedAlert says:

      Not so fast my friend

  41. sergeant2 says:

    The last thing this Reds team needed was another “players manager” I think we’re seeing why Dusty chose Price to be his right hand man. Two peas in a pod.

    1. RedAlert says:

      Without a doubt

  42. preacherj says:

    Whis this Bruce fella? Maybe it CAN be a one run loss.

    1. preacherj says:

      Of course once we dig deep into the pen……

  43. cfd3000 says:

    Bruuuuuce! Haven’t been able to say that nearly enough this year.

  44. RedAlert says:

    Also seeing tonight why Heisey just cannot step up and seize the left field job he has had numerous chances to do so – too inconsistent – like the guy , but too inconsistent

  45. preacherj says:

    Schumaker on deck…….

  46. Jake says:

    Ondrusek? Really?

    1. preacherj says:

      I’m tellin ya’, they are doing whatever they can to avoid a one run loss.

  47. preacherj says:

    Anyone read the story about the Giant’s Susac? His first major league hit was recorded two months before he was called up to the big leagues. Baseball…..

  48. sergeant2 says:

    Nice catch by BP, but the overboard act of nonchalance was a bit much.

  49. sergeant2 says:

    If Santiago can’t do it nobody can. Go Reds! hiccup!

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