Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds (66-71) 3 7 0
  Pittsburgh Pirates (71-65) 2 9 0
W: Cueto (16-8)    L: Hughes (6-5)     S: Chapman (29)
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Psst … the Cincinnati Reds won a 1-run game.

The Reds were held hitless in the first three innings of each game this series. If that feels vaguely familiar, that’s because you may be subconsciously feeling the recent series against Atlanta, where they were also held hitless in the first three innings in all four games. The Reds haven’t scored a run in the first inning since Sunday, Aug 17 in the second game of the Stubbs Revenge double-header. Reds lost that game 10-5.

Billy Hamilton’s seventh-inning stolen base was his 54th of the season, tying the Reds all-time record for rookies held by Bob Bescher in 1909. Safe bet he’ll break it, eh?

In the bottom of the eighth, Kristopher Negron made an amazing, impossible over-the-head full-out diving catch (video) on Ike Davis. It was a big moment, there were two outs and runners on second and third. It was another play of great effort for Negron this year.

Chris Heisey accounted for all three Reds runs with two homers today, his sixth and seventh (video) of the year. Ramon Santiago had a hit and a walk as did Ryan Ludwick.

Johnny Cueto gave up two solo home runs, including one to Josh Harrison (from my high school) on the first pitch of the game. He gave up nine hits and one walk in eight innings. His six strikeouts gave him a career-high 205 for the season. Cueto could have as many as five more starts this season. He went over 200 innings pitched for the year and has an excellent chance of setting a career-high in that category.

Coming into today’s game, Aroldis Chapman had pitched 4.1 innings against the Pirates. Chapman had faced 15 batters and struck out 12. Today, Chapman faced three Pirates and struck out two.

The Reds traded Jonathan Broxton to the Milwaukee Brewers. You can read a discussion of it here.


Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Reds won but the Broxton Dump is the real news. Brewers actually claimed him! Cannot believe Walt got anyone back in trade. Was there really a chance we would not let him go for nothing? The salary dump is enough!

    • The Brewers took his whole contract and apparently agreed to trade 2 players who have a good shot to make it to the major leagues. Shows how desperate they are for relief pitching. This time WJ’s patience paid off.

  2. Hey, the Reds new right fielder looks pretty good!

    • Do you really think Negron is a better player than Bruce? I think Negron is going to make the bench stronger but given enough ABs, he’s going to be the player we saw in the minors. He is a really, really nice utility guy. Jay Bruce, although having an epically bad season, has a much better MLB and MiLB track-record. I am going to bank on Bruce being the better player going forward.

  3. It appears Big Bob has given Walt the go ahead to rework the Reds for 2015.

  4. Steve, the boxscore links yesterday’s game. That’s a kinda cruel joke.

  5. Negron almost made an equally amazing, impossible over-the-head full-out diving catchspectacular play earlier in the game but came up about six inches short. Negron should have a place on the 2015 25-man roster locked down.

    • Negron’s catch very possibly saved the game for the Reds. I hope to seeing him get a lot of playing time at 3rd base in September.

  6. Heisey shows why while he may not be a great every day starter if the Reds had a fully productive OF, he has no business sitting while Ludwick and Schumaker start.

    Fun Fact: Heisey hit as many HR today as Jack Hannahan has in his last 153 games he’s appeared in.

    Also like what Negron is doing with his chances to play. I like him as a backup infielder much more than Santiago/Hannahan/Schumaker.

    • You made the statement I was going to make about Heisey. He is best suited to be a reserve OFer and hopefully that will be his role in 2015. A good PHer, defensive replacement. etc. But as far as September 2014 goes, his power and defense and speed put him way ahead of Ludwick and Schumaker. Start him almost every day and see how he does.

      At 3rd base, keep playing Negron a lot. I wouldn’t play Santiago there at all. He’s been OK as a backup at SS (better than the Red have had for a while) but has problems at 3rd base.

    • Why put the the glass ceiling of “back up” on Negron at this point? The team won 97 games in 2012, 90 last year and will have to hustle to get to even 80 this season. Over the last two seasons, it will have been a .500 team.
      The starting rotation and closer’s spot look solid moving into next season; but beyond them just about every spot on the field should be open for somebody to come in and play their way into an everyday job (or conversely somebody to play their way out of a starting job). The likelihood is that barring trades and/ or FA signings, most of the incumbents will prevail but they need to know the team has other alternatives.

      • I put the glass ceiling over Negron based on his MiLB track-record and his age. I really, really like the guy but I don’t see an MLB starter who is going to produce at even an average level offensively, over 500+ MLB plate appearances. I see a guy who can really help a team off the bench and a guy who is really easy for fans to root for.

  7. It was great to see Chris Heisey turn so quickly on 2 inside pitches. That was the Chris Heisey of 2010-2011. At that time he was striking out a lot on outside breaking pitches, so he started looking outside and going to RF. Started doing that too much, so much that he stopped hitting for power and as of last year pitchers were pitching him inside.

    I hope he can find a balance. I’d like to see HR Heisey until he has 2 strikes on him, then he can look for the breaking pitch outside.

  8. After Heisey’s first HR, you could see Cueto shift into a different gear. When he can smell a win, he’s especially tough.

    • Exactly, once Cueto was back even again, he wasn’t going to be denied. In contrast, Lariano got snitty and seemed to lose focus even if the Reds paltry offense couldn’t close the deal on him.

  9. I don’t generally make batting order comments, but PLEASE stop batting BP 3rd. It’s a rally killer.

  10. I find myself in complete agreement with George Grande. Negron’s catch was indeed “nifty”.

  11. Echoing others, I’d like to see more of Negron. I remember hearing that in the minors, they were giving him some work in the outfield, too. Could make him a real asset, although if the Reds keep Heisey, and they’re stuck with Schumaker and Ludwick, they’d also need Santiago or someone else as a backup shortstop. Could that be Negron, too?

    • Negron can play OF defense much better than Schumaker or Ludwick and his OF defense includes playing CF. Negron can play IF defense better than Hannahan, Schumaker and Santiago and his IF defense includes playing SS.

      • Thanks for that, Cossack. It does open the door to much speculation about what’s on Walt’s mind for next year …

  12. Chris Heisey has more HR (3) in his last 8 AB than Skip Schumaker has in the last 390 days (2).

  13. OK, I just saw Negron’s catch. Before that, I was already wanting to see more of him over the next month, but wow! More, please.

    • They should find out just what Negron can do at SS. How much if anything would be given away on defense with him there. With the incumbent becoming arb eligible, there could be a nice chunk of change to be saved for the same or even better offense if the defensive fall off wouldn’t be significant.

  14. Moved my son back to Messiah College this afternoon, so I missed the game live. Figured yesterday Price had Ludwick and Heisey going today, but wish Heisey was getting a few more starts. If I knew when he was starting, I’d be at Camden Yards with my Redleg Nation tee shirt!! Steamy, stormy weather over the next few days. Grit award belongs to Cueto today and Negron STILL deserved to make the team out of spring training where he earned his keep. He gets the late season grit award for escaping the early season hole he was in and not wallowing in the AAA assignment.

  15. Based on Steve’s numbers in the game recap, Chapman has struck out 14 of the 18 Pittsburgh batters he has faced in 2014. For some unknown reason, Chapman is allowed to throw sliders and changeups to Pittsburgh batters. I guess his hamstring is better.

  16. It is bittersweet to be reading Twitter and MLBTR to follow the moves of the contenders to shore up their rosters as the midnight hour for player post season eligibility closes in.

    I read that this year, the entire 40 man MLB rosters as of Midnight 31 August will be playoff eligible versus the 25 man active roster and personnel on the MLB DL.

    It seems to me there may be a bit more 40 man roster juggling going on tonight than on 31 August in past years and I guessing the the new eligibility rules are at least in part responsible.

  17. On the Broxton trade/salary dump thread, I said above that I like the move.
    I like Broxton too and wish him well. He helped the Reds win the division late in the 2012 season, when he even closed for a while, and the first half of 2014, when he and Chapman were the only two strong relievers in the bullpen and closed out some 1 run leads over the final two innings.

    I prefer the Brewers to the Cardinals and Pirates, I hope he’s able to help them, except when they play the Reds.

    • I echo that. Broxton did a nice job for the Reds for the most part. He got hurt and missed some time but got himself back to where he needed to be. I wish him well except for when he’s facing Reds’ hitters.

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Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky's Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve's thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.


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