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Reds at Pirates (August 30, 2014)

And just like that, my optimism is gone again. I felt a Reds sweep of the Pirates might be enough to give them a sliver of hope at making the post-season but the collapse last night may be the final nail in the coffin. Obviously anything can happen, but it would take a small miracle at this point for the Reds to be playing into deep October.

In honesty, if you had to choose, would you bet on the Reds finishing 3rd in the division or last in the division? Oh this game of baseball messes with your emotions.

Discuss today’s early evening game in Pittsburgh here Reds fans. Hopefully pre-All-Star break Alfredo Simon returns to the mound. He was a little better than post-All-Star break Simon.

33 thoughts on “Reds at Pirates (August 30, 2014)

  1. This lineup says a lot about the 2014 season.

    Playing LF and hitting…8th…

    1.Hamilton, CF
    2.Frazier, 3B
    3.Phillips, 2B
    4.Mesoraco, C
    5.Pena, 1B
    6.Bruce, RF
    7.Cozart, SS
    8.Schumaker, LF
    9.Simon, P

    • Just irritating to see that player- who is just not a MLB OFer with minimal power constantly in this line-up doing nothing- I would rather see Negron, Heisey or even Ludwick- bring up someone from AAA Lutz, whomever

    • He should have been put there months ago. At this point I doubt Price will end his man-crush on Bruce. Besides, what’s the point? It’s way too late to make a difference.
      It’s OK to humiliate others by sitting them down, batting them down, or sending them down. Bruce, on the other hand, evidently needs the coddling. Fragile ego, I’m guessing.

      • I know I will hear differently but with a “fragile” Bruce I guess I would confront him on very basic terms and just really tear him apart so that he would feel thankful that he was still allowed in the club-house. Sometimes this clears the mind and allows real improvement to occur. Based on my experience’s (not with ballplayers) I have had quite a few come to me after awhile and some real improvement, and say something to the affect of Thank you. Being truthful, maintaining high standards and realistic expectations of performance eliminates sleepless nights. I had too many other real issues to deal with other than dealing with someone’s hurt feelings. But as they say different strokes for different folks.

        • What good would “tearing him apart” do. Judging by how quick he got his rehab in after his injury, it doesn’t appear that he is lazy. This isn’t football or basketball where yelling at guys to play harder and getting them fired up can work wonders. Baseball is much more mental game. You need to be relaxed and have a clear mind to hit. Bruce’s confidence is probably shot as it is and the manager going nuts on him wouldn’t help that.

      • No player in the NL hit more home runs over the last 3 seasons, 2011-2013,than Jay Bruce. He put up 14 WAR from 2010-2013. He is a former first round pick and was once the top prospect in all of baseball. He is 27 years old. He has been awful this year. But no team in baseball would give up on a guy like that after one bad season, especially one in which he had an injury requiring surgery. Besides, who do the reds have that could conceivably be better going forward. Power is becoming more and more scarce in baseball, and you can’t give up on a guy who hit 30 or more homers in the previous three seasons just because of a down year. It happens sometimes. If it happens against next year, then we can talk. But jumping on the get rid of Bruce bandwagon is just absurd right now.

        • I didn’t say get rid of him, I didn’t say give up on him, I didn’t say he hadn’t produced in the past, those thoughts are your words not mine. Your concept of a “come to Jesus” meeting must be based on an academic view or too many movies, It is always about the players mind and Jays needs to be jump started.

  2. Small sample success against Worley for both Heisey and Ludwick, so start Schu! Got to justify the free agent money wasted.

  3. Glad to see Cozart was hustling and still on first after that popup – there is the tyoe of crap that losing teams do though – and teams with NO ACCOUNTABILITY

  4. OK, is Ludwick injured? Is Heisey Injured? Is Price insane? I’m sure that somewhere there is a Schumaker apologist that can explain how you let him hit there.

  5. Bruce looks very very bad. I think the Reds have GIVEN UP this year. Another one run loss coming soon AGAIN!

  6. Bizarre how many times Mesoraco has been hit by a pitch. Missed part of the year, and is a majority but still part time catcher to boot and he’s leading the team with 10 HBP. Next highest is Cozart with 7 in over 100 more AB.

    Also, 20 CS is far too much. Hamilton is still below the 3:1 SB to CS ratio for effectiveness. 72.6% isn’t exactly mind blowing.

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