Final R H E
  Atlanta Braves (68-61) 3 11 0
  Cincinnati Reds (61-68) 1 2 0
W: Hale (4-4)    L: Parra (0-1)
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With two outs in the eighth inning, Billy Hamilton’s single into centerfield broke up Mike Minor’s no-hitter and knocked in Zack Cozart with the tying run. That was the only hit the Terrible Reds Offense™ managed in the first ten innings.

After Mat Latos navigated eleven Atlanta base runners in six innings, allowing just one run, a quintet of Reds relievers — Jumbo Diaz, Jonathan BroxtonAroldis Chapman, Sam LeCure and Manny Parra — gave the Reds what they have been missing for a week, a solid bullpen. At least for five innings. Diaz struck out all three batters he faced, Chapman struck out four.

Zack Cozart makes all the plays every night. He deserves a Gold Glove in his trophy case.

Manny Parra didn’t have a win or loss this year until tonight.

Chapman pitched two innings, so he’ll be unavailable until Tuesday.

Brandon Phillips went 0-for-5 and is 3 for 21 since returning from the DL.

If the Reds had played .500 ball since the All Star break, they would have the same record as Atlanta.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Why would he be back so soon?

    “Chapman pitched two innings, so he’ll be unavailable until Tuesday.”

    Are you expecting that he will be rested by then or that the Reds will actually be in a game where they need a closer in the next few days….

  2. Highlight of the game was having Joe Morgan in the booth for several innings.

    • Absolutely right, it was a real treat listening to Joe Morgan talking about the great game of baseball. The game of baseball is great thanks to players like Joe Morgan. A Hall Of Fame player in every sense of the word.

    • Joe Morgan was great ! He clearly explained the fundamentals of hitting. Then he said exactly what Hamilton needed to do to steal a base in the 8th – get enough of a lead to draw some throws and pick up an indicator of when Minor is going to the plate vs. when he’s going home – and Hamilton did it as if on cue.

      He would make a great hitting and/or base running coach.

      • Joe Morgan, Barry Larkin, and dare I say Eric Davis would all make great contributions to the art of training big league players. Of course Johnny Bench would be as well but his health would be a challenge at this point.

  3. This team has completely imploded. Only 7 hits within the past 2 games combined, one from a pitcher. I’ve given up watching the games so I stick to this site checking the score every now and then so I don’t waste 3 hours of my time watching this team flop around and flail like a fish out of water

  4. If nothing else maybe at least the opinions of the those who matter are being influenced that this team needs a lot more than JoeyV being the “real JoeyV” to succeed offensively in 2015.

    But of course it isn’t as simple as that even because if the JoeyV they have in 2015 is the 2010 version JoeyV then the compliment they need is a high OBP guy or two, On the other hand if he is the JoeyV limited to being an uber OBP guy with limited slugging then they need a slugger.

    This is why I think it is important that JoeyV plays in September assuming the medical and training guys declare him ready and stick by their stand that he can’t hurt himself any worse by playing. Even two or three weeks of playing time in September for JoeyV could help answer the question of how much power they can expect to get from him. Also, it could help them in developing a baseline of how quickly he is likely to wear down (if at all) and how much rest he might need to be restored.

    • As long as Joey cannot aggravate his injury through normal baseball game activities, I’m also OK with his coming back for a couple of weeks with the Reds after sufficient rehab play. As you say, it would be good to have some idea of where he is, in terms of what to do next year.

      But then again, two weeks back after such a long absence isn’t going to prove much, unless he hits 12 HRs.

    • I really agree with your first 2 paragraphs, and agree with the 3rd, with this caveat: If Joey is still experiencing weakness and/or isn’t in game shape, the final sad weeks of this season may not be an accurate indicator of what he might do next year.

  5. I’m such a sucker that the Reds managed to disappoint me again. I had a feeling they just might win when they were still down only 1-0 and Minor had the no hitter into the 8th. The no hitter was an advantage, in that Minor would be kept in too long and I didn’t feel he could complete the no hitter – his pitch count was getting high and he’s never pitched a complete game.

    When Hamilton ties it up and steals second, I’m thinking here comes the win. Then Frazier hits the ground ball that the 3rd baseman Johnson has to dive for and I think the Reds are going ahead 2-1 because Frazier will beat it out and Hamilton will score on the throw to first. But Frazier is barely thrown out, I’d forgotten that his back is affecting his running.

    Then Hamilton gets his 2nd hit in the 11th and steals 2nd to give Frazer another chance. But at 2-0 they intentionally walk Frazer with BP coming up next. Of course except for Hamilton, no one in the Reds lineup got a hit last night, but batting BP 3rd is a bad idea anyway, because as usual he’s come back from an injury too soon and the other team knows he can’t hit.

    • I would have really liked to have seen Hamilton try to steal 3rd in both instances. Atlanta’s catchers aren’t the best catch and throw guys and BP has been scuffling. To me, it was a good risk to try and get him to 3rd with less than 2 outs.

  6. I did like two of Price’s extra inning moves. The first was pitching Chapman for a second inning, which gave the Reds an extra inning to score. The second was removing Cozart and moving Negron to SS. I love Cozart’s defense but Price anticipated that the game might go on long enough for Negron to get another AB. In terms of scoring a run, it was a better lineup with a hot Negron in it instead of Cozart.

    (As far as next year goes, I don’t know if Negron will stay hot.)

    Thom Brennaman and Brantley were freaked out about Cozart’s being removed from the game.

    • At the very least, Negron has proven that there’s nothing Schumaker does for this team that Negron can’t do better……..except pitch.

    • I thought the substitution for Cozart could become a seminal moment in the evolution of the team. Cozart is turning out to be Juan Castro (from the Reds past) and any number of guys like Castro except that Cozart managed to fall into the starting job. Everyone who reads here knows by now I strongly feel there is a more satisfactory balance of offense and defense which in the end would yield an over all more positive outcome for the Reds; so, I’ll leave it at that.

  7. I just want to be clear on something. Joey is a limited offensive threat if he has a high OBP due to gaining 200 walks in a season by pitchers pitching around him. Someone needs to be batting in front of Votto getting on base as well. Someone needs to be able to hit pretty good behind the guy as well. Votto cannot win alone. He will be most effective with a 30 to 40 homer kind of a ball eater batting directly behind him in the lineup.

    • Not too many of those anymore. There’s only 5 people in all of MLB right now with at least 30 HR. Two of them are DH. Only one of the five play in the NL.

      Last year there were only 3 people with at least 30 HR in the NL. The Reds have one of them (Bruce).

  8. Well, a possible silver lining is that the reds now have the 12th worst record in baseball. They are only a game in front of the Mets and padres, who are tied for tenth, and a game and a half in front of the white Sox who are in ninth. So, if they keep playing this bad there’s a decent chance that they will have a top ten pick. Those are protected, so if there’s a free agent who was offered the qualifying offer and declined it, the reds could sign him without giving up the first rounder. The reds probably won’t be active in the FA market, but there are some bargains to be had there sometimes. The top 5 free agents are almost always overpaid, but the guys who are good enough to get the QO, but not good enough that teams want to give up their first rounder, sometimes see their market disappear. Cruz and Drew last year and Kyle Lohse they year before for example. Not that those guys are great, but they signed pretty reasonable deals.

    • That is kind of what I am hoping for. That we can crack the boards on a top ten pick. The Reds can do plenty with the rest of this season to prepare for a stellar 2015

    • I’m starting to believe these Reds are capable of the accomplishment.

      • It been a while since I dared look at the standings because I don’t want to know how close the Cubs are to the Reds. I can see a young eager Cubs team in September playing their way by a Reds team just running out the string.

        And that might be the metric which in the end decides whether Price returns as manager for 2015.

    • Did not know you were against trading players

      The Reds do not have a lot of depth at pitching and 3 of the current starters will be free agents after next year. The plan for injuries to starters this year has been Simon, a old reliever and ?

      Frazier and Mesaroco have been better than expected, bruce worse. Hamilton will improve, need to raise the OBP. Phillips and Cozart are good defense no hit players. Ludwick/LF is awful

      Improving the bullpen might be the best plan for next year with the Reds being so good defensively

      • The down side to Frazier and Meso is that like Bruce they are very mercurial. The Reds might need to take a deep breath and do like the A’s (Cespedes) or Cards (Craig and Freese) and trade one this trio to improve the team overall.

        • A’s were trading from a strength. IMO; Frazier, Mes, Bruce & Hamilton are the core of this team’s future.

  9. If I were Walt, I’d do everything in my power to unload a couple contracts before the waiver deadline. Broxton would be first, followed by Schumaker and Ludwick.

    Another idea, wouldn’t now be the right time to sell high on Bryan Pena? He’d be an incredibly valuable bat off the bench in a playoff scenario for a contending team.

    In any event, this would allow you to bring up Lutz and see what he could do over an entire month in LF for 1B.

    • Because Peña is already signed for next season, I think if the Reds see themselves as legitimate contenders in 2015, they hold onto to him for just the reason you cite would him a hot commodity right now.

    • Unloading Schu and Ludwick: Hard to disagree with that, but it’s also hard to imagine who would want them and what of value they’d give in return. Not so sure about Broxton–the bullpen seems to have holes, and you could characterize this as a bounce-back season for him. And Pena…I believe that he’s shown himself to have much more value to the Reds, in a number of ways, than anything they could reasonably expect in return.

      • Trade Broxton and replenish the bullpen with 3 guys who will give you 90% or more of the production at the same cost, this making the whole unit more productive and eliminating the needs of Ondrusuck or Hoover

  10. Trade chapman is best bet,,,,

  11. The Play-by-play call was more entertaining than the game last night. Listening to Joe Morgan was the best part. He was spot on while Hamilton was on base. When Negron was switched for Cozart, TB read the list of past SS that BP has played with as double play partners. I’d forgotten at least five of those names and one Lopez?, TB says: I don’t remember him? Now that’s quality Reds broadcasting.

  12. At least it wasn’t another one run loss.

  13. Except for Hamilton and Mesoraco, I don’t see anybody on this team that the Reds couldn’t part with.

  14. Meso and Hamilton are the only untouchables at this time.

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