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Braves at Reds (August 22, 2014)

Is it time to throw in the towel?

I’m sure Mat Latos will do everything in his power to get the Reds a needed W. Discuss the game here, Reds fans!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 1B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Bruce RF
6. Ludwick LF
7. Negron 3B
8. Cozart SS
9. Latos P

141 thoughts on “Braves at Reds (August 22, 2014)

  1. Hamilton has made a great catch, has only hit, driven in the only run ….. he needs to get a steal here and score on an errant throw.

  2. Much easier to give standing O when the first hit ties the game.

  3. Threw 2 sliders to Heyward-good bye. Cozart shows his value to the team.

  4. Chapman dominant again. He had to get int a couple dozen doughnuts in Colorado

  5. How awesome is it gonna be to win this thing with only 2 hits? Time for luck to change around this place !

  6. Chapman is on tonight, both with his fastball and slider. Only thrown 12 pitches. Use him in the 10th if needed. Hopefully the Reds end it now.

  7. Mesoraco had a couple of pitches that was tailor made to drive outta the park, but just barely missed em. Go Reds!

  8. Good that Chapman’s pitching a 2nd inning, with the heart of their order coming up. Go for the win tonight, forget about tomorrow.

  9. 31,160 turned out for tonight’s game, 31,160. (its not a titanic struggle, unless Marty says it is, and he’s off tonight) Go Reds!

  10. I didn’t like Frazer playing the no doubles defense against Johnson. What’s the chance he’s going to hit a line drive down the 3rd base line ? Instead a ground ball which would have been an out goes thru for a single, and Johnson steals 2nd anyway.

  11. To say a walk off win would lift the spirits of the team is a major understatement. Oh! and not to mention the downtrodden fans. Go Reds!

  12. Backup catcher bunting for a hit in the 11th with no one on? Things that make you go hmmm.

  13. T. Brennaman and Brantely having a fit that Cozart has been taken out of the game.

    • I hate that too, especially on the radio. On tv, I watch what the OFer is doing.

  14. The Braves catcher is going to need to see a psychiatrist after this game. Suffering from BHam paranoid syndrome.

  15. I sure hope I haven’t missed part of the Simpsons marathon only to see my Reds lose in extra innings. C’mon Reds lets get a win tonight. Go Reds!

  16. Giving up a two run HR in extra innings is beyond mind boggling. The neon lights are bright when you throw a pitch right down Broadway.

  17. Bruce can at times look like a fan out of the stands that was asked to step in the batters box and try their hand at hitting major league pitching.

  18. Really thought the boys would pull it out tonight. How many days till spring training?

    • I did too. A home game, good guys in the bullpen rested, etc. Hamilton set them up for a win twice, but nothing doing.

    • Surprised with the proximity he didn’t call down about the 2nd inning give him plenty of time to get to the park

  19. The Reds avoided being no hit tonight, so there is that. Plus at least it took extra innings for for the Reds to lose the game. That’s about as best I can do in the glass half full, rose colored glasses department.

  20. Oh my my….It’s not that I believe these guys AREN’T trying, it just isn’t their year. Can’t wait until the roster expansion so we can see some other potentials. I’m still a believer in this team, with some tweaking. I can’t wait til 2015 so everyone can start all over again……healthy and with maybe a couple of improvements. I’m a looooong time Reds fan and will be with them next year too.

  21. Good news, the Braves @ Reds game will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 aka FS1. Looking forward to the nation witnessing the Reds teach the Braves a lesson they won’t soon forgethiccup. Go Reds!

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