Have you ever played golf? If so, have you ever had a decent round going, but then suddenly a hook out of bounds and 3 in the pond completely ruin your round. You then find yourself just hacking away on the last few holes with the sole purpose of getting off the course and back home. Ever done that? Well, the Reds season is really starting to feel like that round of golf. A round I put together from time to time.

At the same time, I am a competitor. Sometimes a few bad holes ruin the round but you still want to try and birdie a few down the stretch to prove that you’re still decent despite what the overall score says. Reds, I need you to birdie a few holes! In fact, I would really like for you to birdie 4 holes straight and sweep the Braves! As I’ve mentioned far too often in game threads when the Braves are being played, I have too many friends who are Braves fans! While the Reds’ chances of making the playoffs died with the hook out of bounds (Colorado) and those shots in the pond (St. Louis), you can still salvage my interest by giving me some bragging rights over my friends.

If you didn’t understand this game thread, I’m sorry. Just discuss the game here and root the Reds on to victory!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Bruce RF
5. Mesoraco C
6. Pena 1B
7. Santiago SS
8. Schumaker LF
9. Holmberg P

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. I’m new here but have followed the blog for a long time. I posted this on Mark Sheldon’s blog and felt compelled to post it here because I get discouraged at all the negativity surrounding Joey Votto. This isn’t directed at RLN as most fans here are understanding of Votto’s plight. This is just meant for Reds country in general terms.

    This is from Joey’s press conference in April 2012 after he signed his extension:

    “I always try to do my best. I know that doesn’t mean very much to the average fan or media member but my only goal in my career is to be the best player I can be. That’s all I’ve ever really tried to do. I can’t promise you anything going forward, I can’t promise health, I can’t promise production or anything like that but I can promise you I’m gonna try and do my best.”

    I believe Joey is doing and has done everything he has promised. I appreciate his intensity and look forward to seeing him back on the field. I would argue that the glimpses we have seen of his character demonstrate his commitment to his craft, this team, and this city. Our stadium would sell-out nightly if the fans’ commitment matched his.

    Go Reds!

    • Hopefully it’s obvious but this is in response to Votto’s comments about his injury prior to tonight’s game. Just thought I’d add that if you haven’t read it already.

  2. Chris I liked your analogy or metaphor or whatever it was.
    For me it is bowling and “bowling out” (1st-5th) at 100+ to hit the wall with a split or a missed singleton cover etc, and the next thing I know I need a mark and big count just to break 175-180 but then sometimes, it falls into place and I finish with a turkey or hambone down the stretch and still get that 200+ Let’s hope that’s what the Reds can do.

    • Having never played golf in my life or been bowling since 1959 I am lost in this trip down memory lane.

  3. Not that it really matters anymore, but I don’t get why BP isn’t batting 5th (or 6th) with Bruce and Mesoraco moved up a spot.

  4. What’s Price gonna do tonite when no Hoover comes out of the bullpen when called ?

  5. i’m curious why the angels and sox is my regional coverage game in florida on mlb network instead of the braves. does regional coverage mean whatever region the mlb network wants?

    • Are you even remotely in Braves country? My experience is MLB Network will stay completely away from your entire national region if there’s any question of conflict (i.e., living in Las Vegas, San Francisco games are blacked out, or switched out, even though SF is about 600 miles from LV).

  6. Whew. Holmberg was sweating more than Richard Nixon, when he gave his farewell speech to his staff.

  7. Not too bad a 1st inning for Holmberg, especially after his last start.

  8. That could have just as easily happened to ANY of our starters. Keep your chin up, Holmberg.

  9. Holmberg gives up the gopher ball. Hope that isn’t the flavor tonight.

  10. Little League WS in a rain delay, so I’m stuck watching this a little longer.

  11. Nice play by Schumaker or maybe not quite.

  12. Gritty effort but Ludwick would have had it.

  13. Looks like Left handed Hoover at least waits to his 3rd inning to flame out

  14. Holmberg had Simmons struck out and didn’t get the call. The 1-2 breaking ball was squarely in the center of the strike zone and the ump missed it.

    • Yup. One of the worst ball/strike calls I’ve seen all year. Along with the “clear” evidence reversing the Schumaker catch, the umps have really hurt the Reds tonight. With the amount of bad luck we’re having, it would take a magical World Series run to balance the karma books this season.

  15. Holmberg is getting squeezed big time right now. Sure looked like some good pitches to Freeman that didn’t get called.

  16. Did I hear the “Tomahawk Chop” at GABP when the bases were loaded up?

  17. Oh, boy. Maybe Mesoraco just isn’t the catcher for Holmberg.

  18. Sure is a drag to see our Reds team continue to take a beating like this.

  19. Looks like the crowd is smaller than some of those 12:30 Wednesday games

  20. I’m only checking gameday on mnlb.com and looking at the comments here, so no live action. But I feel for Holmberg. He doesn’t appear to be ML ready, but the organization is throwing him to the wolves because there is no one else to turn to.

  21. He could be getting squeezed or he just isn’t major league material,yet

  22. Remember when some of you were carrying on about the Homer contract? Looks pretty cheap right now.

  23. “throwing him to the wolves because there is no one else to turn to”. Just like Bataan, Wake Island, and Corregidor.

  24. Someone should feel some real shame for tossing this kid out there like this,but I’m sure he won’t

    • That’s why Bob C. didn’t elect to spend another inning in the booth w/ Thom & the Cowboy. This is bad night for a fundraiser.

      • Yeah I was gonna burn up a little of my long distance time to throw a bid in, just decided to save more maybe donate later for a new LF

  25. Holmberg throwing batting practice out there

  26. Hope they aren’t booing him,not his fault he out there. He probably the only who knows he’s not ready

  27. I thought it could not get any worse, this is downright awkward

  28. Any reason why Axelrod is not pitching tonight, instead of this Holmberg guy??

  29. i’ve seen seasons go south before, but this one’s gone south on a nuclear powered rocket ship. we need to replace price with virgil from dante’s inferno.

  30. Posted earlier:
    08/21/2014 at 6:27 pm
    And the final score is Falcons 21 and the Reds 3, Oops, sorry about that, mixed up the sports.

    Maybe I did get it right. 🙂

  31. So, Schumaker missed a catch* that Heisey would have had and Ludwick probably would have had to open the floodgates, then grounds into a DP. He’s got a very gritty expression on his face, though.

    (*=He broke late, then was slow, then probably trapped the ball but I didn’t think there was enough evidence to overturn it. So he probably missed the catch he should have made easily, although I think we got hosed by MLB on the replay. Tough night.)

  32. Whoever said it couldn’t get worse didn’t know we would begin the night with the Holmberg-Villareal handicap match against ATL

  33. So far the Hanigan for Holmberg deal looks a bit shaky.

  34. FOX Sports Ohio should just turn the entire broadcast over to Jim Day & the phone lines. Possible Angels no-no by Matt Shoemaker in the works, against Boston?

  35. Probably the best place for Holmberg to be, he has got a clubhouse full of pitcher coming off unsuccessful outing. Imagine the wisdom that can given to a shelled rookie, hopefully they put his locker right next to Hoover so he can take him under his wing

  36. CHI 6/ PHI 4 in LLWS. Bottom 2nd, 1 out.

  37. Normally I would say “better late than never” but after logging on and seeing the score, I should have used the old sick day excuse of having projectile vomiting along with explosive diarrhea. Oh well I’m here so: Go Reds!

  38. Hey, Joe “Little Joe” Morgan is in the booth, so the nights not all bad. Go Reds!

  39. Gritty effort, by Schu, there, to try to barehand the rebound.

  40. Why can’t we have manager-to-pitcher/mound visit audio like they have on the LLWS, in MLB? Isn’t this the age of reality TV?

    • Reds pitching coach would always say the same thing “are you *expletive deleted* serious …?

  41. I’m surprised Marty’s off with it being a home game. I’m a Marty fan and I make no apologies about it. Go Reds!

    • Marty alright just old and cranky,like old folks supposed to be right ?

      • The nostalgia of listening to Marty is worth putting up with a little crankiness, for me anyway. Besides like you said old and cranky comes with the territory when you start getting “up there” as they say.

      • “old and cranky,like old folks supposed to be right ?”
        I know that I have earned it and own it, it drives my 4 kids crazy. parental revenge!!

  42. this kind of collapse could get even a rookie manger fired

  43. I’ve been flipping back & forth between the Reds, LLWS & Shoemaker’s possible no-no. Needless to say, I’m narrowing it down to just two channels.

  44. kid from illinois is throwing smoke…a la danny almonte….did anybody check this kids birth certificate?

  45. Let me see if I have this straight. When I turned on the game it was 7-0 Braves. Holmberg had somehow managed to increase his ERA even though he started the game at 16.something. And the only Bats hit was by a relief pitcher who had exactly one career at bat before tonight. Man, this Louisville team is struggling. When is the Reds game on?

    • The last game the Reds played was the weekend before the All-Star break.

  46. Of course it’s foul

  47. I guess I’m sadistic, because I want the MLB network to switch off this no hitter back to the Reds game

  48. Great AB by Hamilton. Looks completely lost

  49. Not at all on the topic of tonight’s game, but I was wondering about something. What do you guys think of the possibility of trading Latos or Cueto to the Angels? I know they would have to clear waivers and all that, but the Angels are obviously going to be desperate for a front line starter after the Richards injury. I’m sure we could get a great haul. I’m thinking maybe a Kole Calhoun, C.J. Cron, Grant Green and a pitching prospect type of package. Just a thought.

  50. When does the Reds game start?

  51. We’ve hit 5 HRs tonite,all foul of course

  52. Who in the H?!L scouted Holmberg and thought he was worth trading for! His scouting report i found on google said at the time of the trade that he was a fly ball pitcher who had questionable control, a below average fastball and had some rough outings in Arizona last. That reds scout should be fired. I dont miss Hanigan but he’s the worst reds pitcher I have seen since Scott Scudder.

    • Somebody needs to be on the AAA roster, maybe that’s what the Reds wanted with no thought of this happening.

      • Hanigan was worth more than minor league roster filler. I guess I am glad the reds didnt make a deadline deal given the state of their scouting.

    • Wasn’t Scott Scudder one of the “Crown Jewels”

      • Maybe a “Crown Jewel” of ENRON in 2001

      • Scudder pitched over 100 innings 3 times in his career. Had 2 shutout innings in the post season. he and Holmberg are not on the same planet.

        • It is obvious that it is true , the shame is that neither one is on this planet.

      • Yeah, Whitey Herzog said he would trade ant player on his roster for Scudder. Clearly we should have made that trade. Career ERA 4.80 and Whip 1.55 in a pitcher friendly era.

    • It was mentioned on Reds radio that it was bench coach Jay Bell and pitching coach Jeff Pico that came from Arizona and raved about Holmberg.

    • Good question. What was the Reds plan coming into the season when a starter was out due to injury?

      There seems to be no depth in this organization

    • Love the Scudder reference. And since there is really nothing to care about with the rest of this Reds game, I started wondering, since 1989 (Scudder’s 1st year with the Reds) who have been the Reds worst starting pitchers? Personally I think Milton, no not our friend we see too often in game recaps, Eric Milton. But when you get as bad as Milton or Scudder I might be splitting hairs.

      But since 1989 for Reds starters with at least 200 IP (in their Reds career) the worst Reds pitcher has to be one of these; Milton, Acevedo, Villone, Dempster, Neagle, or Scudder.

      • What ever happened to Jack Armstrong ?

        • Never mind found what I was looking for

        • Armstrong was one of the better starters we’ve had since 89 (hard to believe right?). But what did happen to him. I just remember him getting injured and never returning to the game.

        • @ Michael Howes ..he blew out his rotator cuff after/during a stint with Tx. Then he started breeding ball players apparently

  53. Looks like our new gameplan is to blow the game early so we can give out bullpen a rest from doing it

  54. I wonder if any of the Reds so called “Crown Jewels” from back in the day ever panned out, as far as having a career in MLB.

    • Willie Green, no. John Roper, no. Who else?

    • I thought Paul Householder was supposed to be the next Mickey Mantle, got rid of Foster, Collins, and Griffey to make room for him and Clint Hurdle

    • The answer is obviously yes. But oddly VERY few of the Reds 1st round picks panned out.

      The Reds Crown Jewel #1 pick that panned out all the way to the HOF is obvious. Barry Larkin. Nolan, Carbo, Bruce (minus this season), Dan Wilson and Austin Kearns all had careers.

      But the list of failed Reds #1 picks is VERY long. Scudder, Wayne Simpson, Mike Miley, Brandon Larson, Motolla, Nitkowski, Pat Watkins, Moseley, Sowers, Boxberger, Stillwell and on and on. And almost all of these players at some point in the minors were considered “Crown Jewels”

      Oddly the Reds have had better luck with 2nd round picks. Oh fewer ever made it to the bigs but the ones that did have more higher quality success. Bench, Votto, Dunn, Sabo, and Tomko for example.

      then it things thin out in later rounds but the Reds have had a few scores in the lower rounds. Danny Tartabull (3rd round), Paul O’Neill (4th round), Jeff Russell (5th round), Hal McRae (6th round!), one of my favorites Reggie Sanders (7th round, 180th overall pick) and the best Reds low round pick ever! Eric Davis (8th round, 200th overall pick). After Davis I have to apologize to Charlie Leibrandt, Jeff Montgomery, and Tom Browning who were all 9th round picks. And one that people often forget. The Reds drafted Trevor Hoffman in the 11th round.

  55. Good to see Chappy come in when he can’t walk away a huge lead

  56. Ondrusek really must enjoy mopping up after this vomit….makes him look like Goose Gossage

  57. Logan’s ERA looked minuscule compared to the clunkers that proceeded him

  58. Now how does that work, say the Reds come back to win the game (hey, I already said I was delusional) would Chapman get the win?

  59. A whole new level of grit!

  60. Schu bringing some grit to the mound. He actually hits like a pitcher.

  61. Its officially paper bag on head time for Cincinnati Reds fans.

    • Like the bag scene from Django ? Cuz that was hilarious

      • Have yet to see that movie, but want to.

      • Ok I’m confused. Are the bags on or off?

        • If you have been following the team fairly closely lately, the question would answer itself. But yes the bags are on. Schmaker pitched tonight and if moved to the bullpen would be an upgrade. The Reds lost Tuesday nights game by a walkoff HBP. Be sure to cut the eye holes out before, I repeat before you put the bag on your head.

        • I say this time we go without the bags, next time we use them

    • I’d hold off on that thought for a couple more games. Why? Because the Reds are only, what? 5.5 games out of last place. If the Reds finish behind the Cubs it’s absolutely paper bag on head time. Where Saints fans back in oh the early 80s? the 1st fans to start going to professional sports games with bags on their heads? When the Saints were so bad they were referred to as the Aints? I don’t remember other fans for other teams doing that before those awful Saints teams. Maybe they started doing that in the 70s? I can’t remember.

    • If it is, I claim all exclusive rights to put the 2015 ASG logo on all paper bags (w/ a Sharpie, of course).

  62. So who throws harder Schumaker or Lecure?

  63. I think the story of the game is that Skip Schmaker hit 90 on the radar gun. Go Reds!

  64. Schumaker can be added to Walts long list of overpaid bullpen arms

  65. So, I got distracted: Did it get any WORSE?

    • Yes, the most optimistic thing is that you have to hold out hope that the Reds will go back to blowing games late. I predict 2 more wins by Labor Day

  66. You know it’s been a bad night when one of the positives is: Schumaker pitched effectively.

  67. 20,243 showed for tonight’s game. (the struggle ain’t titanic unless Marty says it is, and he’s off tonight.)

  68. If I am the Braves manager I would be worried that the scoring stopped when the Reds brought in Logan O.

  69. Don’t go over to the Enquirer. Votto’s playing the “victimized-by-the-fan base card”. It really CAN get worse.

  70. We should get a turn-around tomorrow night with Latos on the mound.

  71. Votto isn’t the type to play the “victimized by the fan base card”. More than likely he was asked a loaded question and his answer was taken out of context.

  72. Apparently there is a glitch in on the website as far as showing that a recap has been posted. The space where it should show the title of the recap is blank, even though a recap has been posted.

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