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134 thoughts on “Reds at Rockies (August 17) Game 2

  1. The pen is quiet. Looks like more Contreras. Guess it really doesn’t matter right now.,

  2. They keep showing that crazy, dorky looking Rockies fan doing all his crazy gyrations when the Rockies score or make a good play. I think its safe to say he ain’t exactly a chick magnet, as a matter of fact it seems nobody wants to be anywhere in the same vicinity as he is.

  3. There was a reference on Twitter that Castellini is in Denver for the series? I wonder if he’s making ‘that face’ again …

  4. Hope Parra can get it done here. But then again, he may have caught whatever the rest of the bullpen has

  5. This team has flat out quit on Bryan Price – had to get that last comment in – this team along with the entire Reds upper management is an absolute embarrassment

    • I don’t blame Price that much. The roster with the injuries is what it is. Walt did *nothing* to improve the team this offseason, besides blowing money on guys with questionable value.

  6. Jeff Pico to Parra: “Look, it’s up to you how the heck long you are out here. We’d like to get to St. Louis before game time.”

      • Right, their starter’s child was being born. And without the Rox being able to plan anything, we still only won by one run with our ace on the mound. unreal.

  7. This team has went from a feeling that they have a good shot at winning every day earlier this season to the exact opposite. (and twice today.) Crazy.

  8. One almost has to wonder if he’s suddenly developed a bad case of masochism after staying awake to watch Meltdown Two after the debacle that was Meltdown One earlier in the day. I’m pretty sure I’m safe from the dysfunction, though, as there is nothing whatsoever enjoyable about the torture this Reds’ team has put its fans through today.

  9. Axelrod gave us a chance with 7 strong innings, then it was the bull pen that keeps on giving, and giving and giving. Got swept by the worst team in baseball. Beyond embarrassing! The Cardinals will certainly continue this team’s trip to the wood shed. Will the Cubs catch us for fourth place?

  10. Its not about injuries, its about a team adrift at Sea without a rudder. Its about a team going through the motions, its about a team where there is no accountability, its about having a manager that still wants to be “one of the guys”. Its about having a front office that all too often takes the easy route of doing nothing, even when doing something is imperative for the team to compete for a championship.

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