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Reds and Rockies play two today

The Reds and Rockies are playing a day-night doubleheader in Denver today. The first game begins at 4:10 ET and the second starts at 9:10 ET. The second start is the make-up game for yesterday’s game that was cancelled due to a water main break. Mat Latos will pitch the first game, Dylan Axelrod will start the second.

The doubleheader adds difficulty to the Reds situation this week. First, it could tax the bullpen today just as the Reds head to St. Louis for a crucial three-game series that starts tomorrow.

Second, it poses a problem for who will be the starting pitcher on Thursday, the opening game of an almost equally important four-game series against the Atlanta Braves in Cincinnati. If Dylan Axelrod had pitched yesterday, he would have been on turn to pitch Thursday. But Axelrod and Mat Latos will both pitch today, meaning that if either comes back on Thursday, it would be on short rest.

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  1. I am rooting for another water main break, but they may plan to play it any way because I am sure that the 2nd game line-up will stink well beyond what any water-less restrooms will.

  2. The Rockies did the Reds no favors about rescheduling the game. And on getaway day at that. Luckily its a short flight from Denver to St. Louis. Lets take two today.

    • There are no mutual off days the rest of the way for the Reds and Rockies. There was no choice but to play a DH today.

  3. Updated lineup posted.
    I really don’t like Cozart in the #2 hole…ever.

    1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
    2. Zack Cozart (R) SS
    3. Jay Bruce (L) RF
    4. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
    5. Brayan Pena (S) 1B
    6. Kris Negron (R) 3B
    7. Skip Schumaker (L) 2B
    8. Chris Heisey (R) LF
    9. Mat Latos (R) P

      • That presents a vision of Dusty and Bryan kicking back and sharing a toke before the game. Now that would be way too cool.

        • I get the feeling they sat back and said ‘hey let’s make the worst lineup we can with the players we have, it’ll be hilarious!’

        • Price: “I’ve never thought about it before but you’re totally right. I mean, it’s called the foul pole but if you hit the ball off it, it’s fair.(puffs joint)”I mean, what’s up with that.”
          (Passes joint)
          Baker: ” The first time hank Aaron told me that it blew my mind. We had just blazed an ounce of bahama mama and that foul pole thing messed me up for days. Let me tell you my clogging up the bases theory. Prepare for your mind to be blown!”

        • Price: (trying to act serious, but clearly stoned and on the edge of hysterical laughter)” Hey Dusty, why did you roll this joint so small man? Geez, it’s like a …. toothpick!”

    • Now that’s a sad state of affairs when the LF is hitting 8th. Really, truly sad.

    • I see Bryan Price is back to his Bakeristic ways – Cozart in the 2 hole – are you freaking kidding me !!!???- Price is not as intelligent as he is made up to be – that’s just plain stupid – guess he has learned nothing over the course of the last 122 games or so – why is it that all the rest of us know Cozart has no business batting 2nd yet the manager if the Reds continues to give him ABs there ???

    • I don’t like cozart second either, but honestly if you are going to play these 8 players, I’m not sure it matters. I mean 6 of the 8 position players the reds are starting have an obp under 300. And one of the two that doesn’t is a utility guy who never really hit in the minor leagues and has a 70 pa sample size. As long as you put mesoraco in one of the 3 best spots- 1,2,or 4, and you put bruce in a decent spot because of his track record, then I’m not sure that the rest of it matters. It’s just a sorry state of affairs when your leadoff hitter has an obp under 300 but you can’t really get mad about it because most of the other guys aren’t any better or are even worse than that.

      • Disagree, put Mes behind the guys with the best chance to get on, it would make sense to put those guys at the top, no issues with Hamilton despite his awful OBP for a lead off hitter but why put the guy with the worst OBP batting 2nd

        • You’re right, of course. I’m just saying that all the options are bad and it’s just the degree of badness you’re choosing from. After all, the difference between a 330 obp guy and a 300 obp guy is the same as the difference between a 290 obp guy and a 260 obp guy. If the choice was between the 300 and 330, then I would jump in that argument. But choosing between 260 and 290 just makes me not care that much because it’s so depressing.

        • My impression is that Shumaker, Heisey, or Negron would be a better choice solely based on how below par Cozart is at getting on base, he should never hit above 7th until he develops some consistency

      • Thank you. Was about to post something similar. There is no good lineup. Given this set of players, it doesn’t exist! Including Bruce (this season so far) you have 4 very below average offensive players, 2 slightly below average, 1 rookie hitting way above career minor league norms, the pitcher, and Mesoraco.

    • With Frazier out, how can you justify not playing Ludwick in both games, he absolutely rakes at Coors…
      Speaking of Ludwick, after reviewing his career stats he is a beast when batting 2nd, in 432 PA he has a slash line of .308/.384/.550- thought that was interesting

  4. Has anyone seem whether they are bringing up the 26th man as permitted for the DH (never mind that he is already starting the 2nd game as one of the 25)

    • I wonder if th rule requires the player called up to actually start the game or if it provides some wiggle room to bring someone like Partch up to eat some innings if necessary.

      • If they were smart, they would do this, pitch Partch for 2 or 3 just so they could go into St. Louis with a relatively rested bullpen

        • According to Fay, Partch will be activated for the 2nd game. He also hopes that Frazier will play in game 2; did not want to play him both games of the DH.

          Also, Ondrusek will be activated tomorrow. We’ll have to see what corresponding roster move is made; I’m guessing Contreras goes down for Ondrusek and Barnhart for BP.

  5. I kind of hope they put Frazier on an earlier flight to St. Louis. I’d rather have him get some extra rest for his back and have him available vs the Cardinals, rather than keep him around just in case we have no choice but to play him in the 17th inning of the second game.

  6. What if the 1st game goes a little long, it is not outrageous for games to go 4+ hrs even without extra innings, playing a game with a starting time after 9 EDT is already unfair to the Reds. What are they going to do rush everyone out of the stadium because I know the tickets are only good for 1 game. What was the typical gap in between the old twi-night DH

  7. Apparently, Bryan had a change of mind, probably after the haze cleared. Anyway a new lineup has been posted…

    1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
    2. Kris Negron (R) 3B
    3. Jay Bruce (L) RF
    4. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
    5. Ryan Ludwick (6) LF
    6. Brayan Pena (S) 1B
    7. 7. Skip Schumaker (L) 2B
    8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
    9. Mat Latos (R) P

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