Joey Votto is Perfect

Good news on Joey Votto

Bryan Price says that strength tests have shown Joey Votto has made “significant progress” and that the Reds expect him back this year.

If you’re following Votto’s injury closely enough, you know that strength (not soreness) is the key indicator. So this is a really good *early* sign that Votto’s recent course of treatment may have worked.

For more details on Votto’s injury and treatment, read my post from yesterday: Votto’s injury, adding insult.

13 thoughts on “Good news on Joey Votto

  1. I hope he is healthy and they aren’t risking further injury. We really need a healthy Votto next year. I guess I keep going back to Junior’s injury and how they kept bringing him back too soon and he would reinjure it making it worse each time.

    • That was the problem with Junior – he kept coming back too soon, sometimes way too soon. A lot of people don’t recognize that.

      His injury problems were worsened by management (including sometimes the field manager, I could give a couple of examples), and by his own impatience.

      I think current management is being smarter about it, I don’t believe he will be rushed back.

  2. It’s hard to process good news for the Reds this year (there’s been so little of it).

    Nonetheless, I think that the likelihood that JV will be playing in games down the stretch is excellent based on both the possibility the Reds will still be in the running for at least a Wild Card and to see where Joey is at physically and mentally.

  3. Good news would be at varying degrees. Why not report Votto expected to live 40 -50 years despite injury. I thought it was a given that he would be back this season if you ignore the pessimistic speculation.
    Good news would have benn Votto expected to do a rehab assignment by end of August, not a few weeks after labor day. What does this mean, we see Votto on the filed bu Sept 20th

  4. Some random thoughts about the news about JV.

    On 8/16 Cincinnati Reds placed RHP Homer Bailey on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to August 8/14. Strained flexor mass in his right elbow

    On 8/16 the Cincinnati Reds transferred 1B Joey Votto from the 15-day disabled list to the 60-day disabled list. Distal left quadriceps strain

    On 8/16 the Cincinnati Reds selected the contract of Dylan Axelrod from Louisville Bats.

    Joey went on the disabled list on 7/8/14 so doesn’t todays move that mean he isn’t eligible to play till after 9/8/14.

    The 60 day DL move eliminated the need to make any 40 man roster change to bring up Axelrod.
    My understanding is that after 9/1/14 there will be no roster limitations.
    Looks like when Brandon is ready it will be somebody from the 25 man roster will go back to AAA. The same for Logan O.

    Any thoughts?.

    • Once Joey comes off the 60 day DL, does that mean that someone on the 40 gets the ax regardless of it being Sept, he just would not need to necessarily replace someone on the current MLB roster. BP is needed, Ondrusek is not- maybe send down Hoover.
      I am in favor of gibing Contreras a chance at the starting job, but if there ever was a chance that screamed Chapman should start this is it. The bullpen is probably pitching as best as it ever has all season, adding Simon to that mix would drop it off too much, possibly Cingrani if he is ever going to pitch again this season.

  5. The DL is retroactive to the last game the player appeared in, not when he was placed on the DL. In Joey’s case that was July 6th so he’s eligible to return on September 4th though it’s unlikely he’d be back that soon based on the statement recently that JV won’t be able to do “baseball activities” for two weeks.

    The rosters are expanded so that you can have 40 players on the active roster. No one ever goes that high AFAIK.

    When BP is ready, the assumption is that Barnhart, who was called up when Pena missed a few games because of his hamstring problems, will be sent down. Don’t know who they will send down if Ondrusek is ready before September 1st (as seems likely); I suppose Contreras would be the most likely candidate.

    • If rehab is part of the 60 day DL then if there is any rehab JV would need to be in AAA/AA or somewhere by at least 8/24 unless he goes to AZ fall league after 9/1/14

    • Given how Contreras has pitched they are not going to send him down before 1 Sept just turn around and bring him back on 1 Sept. because this would make him ineligible for any possible playoff duties. Barring any other injuries that would open a slot it is more likely they simply won’t bring Ondrusek back until 1 September then both Ondrusek and Contreras will be playoff eligible.

      The Reds also have the two guys (Sean Marshall and Trevor Bell) on the 60 man disabled list who they will be able to use as cutouts to bring in two other guys should the Reds qualify for the playoffs. To be substituted for one of these guys a player must be in the Reds org NLT midnight 31 August.

      • While they could hold Ondrusek in the minors until September 1st, I doubt they will. Contreras has been used sparingly; until Thursday he hadn’t pitched since August 4th and had given up runs in three straight appearances before then. I don’t they regard him as more playoff ready than Ondrusek at this point.

        • I think he is being paired with Simon to eat innings. Simon and he are like tag team starters the rest of the season.

  6. I don’t believe there is any requirement of a rehab stint and don’t think JV will have one.

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