The Reds are 60-60. There are 42 games remaining in the season. The club sits 5.5 games back in the division. It’s easy to say the club still has a shot. But with that said, it’s real tough to stay high on this club, fresh off back to back 1-run losses to the Red Sox.

But the club travels to Colorado tonight. Trips in that direction have made or broken the Reds hopes in the past. With the Rockies on tap for 4 starting tonight, and the Cardinals around the corner, it is probably safe to say we are too the make or break point of the season.

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. 6 out; Brew Crew won today.

    I agree that the chances of making a run probably rest on winning 5 of the next 7 games on the road. Hard to be optimistic about that given recent performances but this squad has been resilient.

  2. Fay is saying it is likely Dylan Axelrod will start Saturday because “Been good recently at AAA. Has big league experience.”

    in 2013 pitching for the White Sox, Axelrod was in 30 games starting 20 and was 4-11 with a 5.68 ERA. He gave up 170 hits and 24 HRs in 128.1 IP.

    The thought the possessor of that “major league experience” tossing in Coors Field gives me the willies. I’d rather try to get Contreras through 5 and patch together the rest.

  3. Even without Tulo, CarGo, or Cuddyer, I cringe at the thought of what this lineup will do to Afredo Simon at Coors Field.

  4. I have just been informed by the Rockies broadcast team that Brandon Phillips is the key to our offense. You learn something new every day.

  5. Nothing to back it up but the team seems to play well when George Grande is doing play-by-play.

  6. 8 pitches.

  7. Billy looks like he’s completely out of gas.

  8. Way to work those counts guys / Pitiful

  9. Drew Stubbs is hitting .289?

  10. Throw Stubbs sliders – guaranteed strikeout

  11. Billy really plays shallow. I know he gets away with it everywhere else due to his speed but you wonder whether it’s smart in Coors Field the way the ball carries there along with the big distances to the wall.

  12. Hey, let’s swing at the first pitch and hit a slow roller to first. Great plan!

  13. three straight hits for Cozart. And we clear the lineup for next inning.

  14. Nice. Good job Zack.

  15. Other than Negron hacking at the first pitch, there have been some outstanding at bats this inning. Well done…

  16. Interesting, Schu advances runner to 3b Cozart singles in the run with 2 outs.

  17. Good inning. Reds should be able to score some runs this series.

  18. This one wont be wrapped up until the wee hours, as its taking a long time. Probably lots of long innings and pitching changes later too.

  19. GG says that one was looped into center.

  20. Frazier with another garbage AB – dude has struggled mightily since the break

  21. Fay shot down my Contreras starting Saturday idea and the Reds haven’t used him at all since August 4. So it’s probably Axelrod.

    Should the Reds be bold and try Lorenzen? He’s pitched well in AA and is a bonafide prospect. Axelrod is just filler based on what he did last year.

    • They don’t know the meaning of the word “bold”

      • It be tough asking Lorenzen to make his major league debut (without any AAA experience) in Coors Field. But I’d rather roll the dice with him rather than Axelrod who doesn’t seem to be a legitimate prospect.

    • It would burn one of his options and force them to put him on the 40 man before he is really ready. If he was ready and they were a little bit more in the race, then maybe. But I can’t see them doing that in this situation.

  22. Frazier looking mighty “Leakish” out there – throwing a good round of batting practice

  23. This could be a long game.

  24. Wish the runner would have tried for home, cause Bruce would have nailed him. Go Reds!

  25. He ain’t got it again tonight – bullpen please

  26. Simon’s pitches are up. This is a recipe for disaster.

  27. Tie game, gonna be knock down drag out good old good one. Go Reds!

  28. Simon did a decent job getting off of it with only 1 run. Helps to have Bruce’s and Billy’s arms out there.

  29. Wow this guys takes a long time between pitches.

  30. Would someone please feed Scott from Scott’s into a wood chipper.

  31. Please get him out before this game gets completely out of reach – stupid mistake – seen enough of him

  32. It wasn’t the best of throws, but Cozart should have caught that ball. IMHP

  33. Man.. 3 hits against an over 4 ERA pitcher in a ballpark that makes even Drew Freaking Stubbs looks like a .354/.381/.632 hitting future HoFer or something.

    Come on now Reds offense, have some self respect.

  34. Alfredo Simon has officially come back to earth with a resounding thud

  35. Leave him in there Bryan until the game is completely out of reach –

  36. Hopefully, management realizes we are DONE, and still has time to dump players before Aug 31.

  37. Gotta love a “clogging up the bases” reference Welsh.

  38. Frustrating year. Surprisingly similar to the end of last year. Not seeing a big difference from Dusty, which is even more disappointing. Maybe next year…..when Dusty’s contact comes off the books.

  39. Yea I know it – I’ve watched it all year – what have you been looking at ?

  40. Well, I certainly foresaw Simon’s less-than-stellar outing tonight. His luck has left him, and has been gone since the break.

    But I thought the offense would do better. On pace for 7-8 hits, not very good in this park.

  41. The Simon train has crashed and blowed up

  42. Don’t bother Bryan –

    • Could see this coming a mile away yet left him in there until game out of reach – not surprising though – fully expected it – par for the course –

  43. Right now it seems the Reds have only 2 of 5 starters you can now expect a decent pitched game out of.

  44. The good thing is that the Reds front office made contingency plans in case Simon ran out of gas at some point during the season. Contingency plans, Hah!

    • I believe Cingrani was the contingency plan. Problem is that Tony and his sore shoulder may not pitch again this year. Story of the Reds’ season.

  45. The HP ump must figure this game is over for all intents and purposes, and wants to get back to the hotel to order room service.

  46. Simon had a good run – regression can be painful

    Was Simon the 6 th starter coming into the season? What was the plan when 1 of the 5 starters went on the DL?

    • I’ve been as critical of Walt as anybody, but there are very few teams that have a decent number 7 or number 8 starter. The reds do have starting pitching depth in the farm, but it’s all at AA or A ball. I think not being able to find a decent hitter to play first base when votto went down is a much bigger deal. But hopefully the front office will realize that depth is important and they need to build the farm back up.

    • Yes he was first in line when Latos went down. Cingrani was number 5.

  47. Agree with what someone posted last night – the Reds players and this manager deserve each other

  48. 410 ft. HR for Ludwick.

  49. Now the missed ball 4 call on Mes hurts even more. Ludwick is making a great case for a trade to Colorado tonight.

  50. This game is far from over, the Reds can still win this game. Hiccup!

  51. skip is starting against a lefty because?

    • Because Pena isn’t starting, because he can’t hit lefties either, which moved Frazier to 1st and Negron to 3rd. That made it a choice between Schumaker and Santiago at 2nd, neither of whom hits lefties.

  52. I’m pulling for Hoover to pitch a couple of scoreless innings…

  53. Whoever said this was going to be a long game hit the nail on the head.

  54. Scrub pitcher making our batters look like fools

  55. Is it just me or has Buckner’s strike zone got more ridiculous as the game has progressed (not that it matters at this point)?

  56. Cards assisted on a win with a horrible reply review in top of 9th against Padres – further proof that replay is a joke – what these guys are watching in New York is beyond amazing at times

  57. That was a highlight play that Schumaker just made.

  58. Look at the gritty catch

  59. Nice play by Schumaker. Can he pitch ? The Rockies broadcasters were saying that he’s played all 9 positions in his career.

  60. Contreras is struggling with his location

  61. Time for the Reds to do some business. Go Reds!

  62. Rally time!

  63. I’d like to see Contreras pitch a strong 2nd inning and make a case to be the 5th starter. I say that because the Reds options there are so limited.

  64. Is Billy trying to take Cozart’s FLY BALL championship belt away ?

  65. Worst think that Billy has done is hit a couple homers …

  66. Hamilton’s hitting way too many fly balls. Is that partly because of the HRs he was hitting before the All Star break ?

  67. What has happened to Bruce? I’ve never seen him hit this bad. He’s one of our best hitters but he has been in a slump all year

  68. Really bad AB by Frazier.

  69. Hitting home runs can be intoxicating for baseball players, and Hamilton being a young player has gotten a little tipsy from the home runs he has hit. But Hamilton has demonstrated that he learns from his mistakes and makes the necessary adjustments to make himself a better player with the more experience he gets. Go Reds!

  70. Contreras wants the job…

  71. Too bad Price couldn’t see that there might be a better option prior to Simon proceeding to throw up on himself all over the mound a few innings ago

  72. 4 straight Ks by Contreras. Let the kid start.

  73. The bad news is Simon has officially reverted back to a pumpkin. The good news is, given how bad the 2014 Reds offense is, it doesn’t really matter.

  74. 32,538 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 32,538.

  75. How many times does Skip adjust his gloves in a single AB?

  76. Game-ending DP. Fitting.

  77. Really sad to have watched this.

  78. And there it is – another loss – to the team with the worst record in MLB – this team has quit

  79. Simon looked sad on the mound… Contreras looked focused…

  80. Hey, the Reds can still take 3 outta 4 so there is that. Also there were no major base running blunders, nobody getting picked off, no three in a row failed bunt attempts and no swinging at the first pitch after the previous batter was walked on four straight pitches. We’ll get em tomorrow for sure, maybe, you never know. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17


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