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Reds at Rockies (August 14, 2014)

The Reds are 60-60. There are 42 games remaining in the season. The club sits 5.5 games back in the division. It’s easy to say the club still has a shot. But with that said, it’s real tough to stay high on this club, fresh off back to back 1-run losses to the Red Sox.

But the club travels to Colorado tonight. Trips in that direction have made or broken the Reds hopes in the past. With the Rockies on tap for 4 starting tonight, and the Cardinals around the corner, it is probably safe to say we are too the make or break point of the season.

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    • Because Pena isn’t starting, because he can’t hit lefties either, which moved Frazier to 1st and Negron to 3rd. That made it a choice between Schumaker and Santiago at 2nd, neither of whom hits lefties.

  1. Cards assisted on a win with a horrible reply review in top of 9th against Padres – further proof that replay is a joke – what these guys are watching in New York is beyond amazing at times

      • The New York crew looking at replays are retired umpires, and they still feel they are members of the umpire fraternity, and are loath to rule against their brother umpires. I think that is the major problem with replays.

  2. Nice play by Schumaker. Can he pitch ? The Rockies broadcasters were saying that he’s played all 9 positions in his career.

  3. I’d like to see Contreras pitch a strong 2nd inning and make a case to be the 5th starter. I say that because the Reds options there are so limited.

  4. Hamilton’s hitting way too many fly balls. Is that partly because of the HRs he was hitting before the All Star break ?

  5. What has happened to Bruce? I’ve never seen him hit this bad. He’s one of our best hitters but he has been in a slump all year

  6. Hitting home runs can be intoxicating for baseball players, and Hamilton being a young player has gotten a little tipsy from the home runs he has hit. But Hamilton has demonstrated that he learns from his mistakes and makes the necessary adjustments to make himself a better player with the more experience he gets. Go Reds!

  7. Too bad Price couldn’t see that there might be a better option prior to Simon proceeding to throw up on himself all over the mound a few innings ago

  8. The bad news is Simon has officially reverted back to a pumpkin. The good news is, given how bad the 2014 Reds offense is, it doesn’t really matter.

  9. Hey, the Reds can still take 3 outta 4 so there is that. Also there were no major base running blunders, nobody getting picked off, no three in a row failed bunt attempts and no swinging at the first pitch after the previous batter was walked on four straight pitches. We’ll get em tomorrow for sure, maybe, you never know. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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