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Red Sox at Reds (August 12, 2014)

The Reds welcome the Red Sox into Great American Ball Park for another interleague series. The Reds were able to win the last two interleague games that were in GABP and will look to continue that winning streak tonight against Boston.

These series always scare me. No, not the outcome of the game but the fact that the Red Sox are in town. The Red Sox have a large following of fans. I’m afraid that as I watch the game tonight I’ll hear a lot of cheers from the opposing team’s crowd inside the stadium. I really hope I am wrong and Cincinnati fans pack the place. With that said, I have some friends here in Virginia making the 4-hour trip to Cincinnati to watch these games. They are Red Sox fans! Here’s to hoping them a safe, and disappointing ride home!

Discuss the game here Reds fans! Go Reds!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bruce RF
3. Frazier 3B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Pena 1B
6. Heisey LF
7. Santiago 2B
8. Cozart SS
9. Latos P

182 thoughts on “Red Sox at Reds (August 12, 2014)

  1. Marlins up 3-0 in the bottom of the 8th. Could be a golden opportunity to pick up ground on the Cardinals.

  2. I am fine with bringing Broxton into the 8th, but if someone gets on Chapman needs to be summoned to face Ortiz.

    • But it is not the 9th, why use such a radical strategy so late in the season with playoff spots on the line

  3. I’ll tell ya one thing, there’s not another player in the lineup that can match the gritty look on their face that Skippy Schumaker has. Go Reds!

  4. Doug Flynn comparing Padroia (excuse the spelling) to Pete Rose in any way, fashion or from makes my stomach feel queasy.

    • I’ve been told I’m in no position to suggest this team lacks mental toughness, but it’s hard to understand how a team with mental toughness will consistently do the dumbest possible thing they can possibly do.

      • Because the decision to intentionally walk a batter or not comes from the dugout.

        If you’re saying it’s because Broxton gave up a home run, that wasn’t because of a lack of “mental toughness”. It’s because it was a bad pitch.

        • I’m confident that if Broxton doesn’t want to throw a strike, he doesn’t have to. The smart thing to do in that situation, or any situation like it, is to not throw a hittable pitch and see if he’ll bit. If not, you go after the much weaker hitter. I don’t understand how it could possibly make sense to throw anything near the strike zone when you’ve got an open base, two outs, and a significantly less dangerous hitter next.

        • It doesn’t mean Broxton isn’t “mentally tough” though. It means he made a bad pitch.

        • All Cespedes can do is hit fastballs. All Broxton can do is throw fastballs. It’s a matter of you getting beat on your 2nd best pitch vs. him beating you with your best pitch with a base open. He challenged Ortiz and won, challenged Cespedes and lost.

    • Yeah, I probably would have rather face Nava with 2 on than Cespedes with 1 on. Oh well, too late now.

    • I only watch the Reds, and I watch religiously…but I can’t understand how many situational baseball blunders they make. You don’t intentionally walk cespedes there, but you sure as heck don’t even come close to the possibility of a mistake pitch that will likely cost you the game with this offense. If you put cespedes on and Nava beats you, then so be it. But to let him beat you is just mind boggling.

  5. Thats why closer in 9th and set up man in the 8th inning is stupid. The only dangerous hitters are faced by the weaker of the 2, just by the book BS. Chapman would now will face 3 guys hitting around .200 in 9th.

  6. This team has the lowest baseball IQ I have ever seen.
    They do the things that defy explanation.
    Another in a series of face plant moments.
    Why do you pitch to Cespedes with 1B open?
    I don’t want to hear that the pitch wasn’t where you wanted it.
    You throw a purpose pitch up and in, you follow it with a curve ball that starts at the head again but breaks over the plate or away.
    Not cheese down the middle.
    Dumb baseball.

  7. 44 games left and no sign of pulling out the season. Raise your hand if you think this team can go 30-14 down the stretch because that is what it’s going to take to get into the playoffs.

  8. Mesoraco was probably the Reds last best hope. But it ain’t over yet, the Reds can still win this thing. Go Reds!

  9. Not walking Cespedes is a failure on Bryan Price’s part. You don’t give Broxton the chance to make a mistake pitch in that situation. Take the bat out of Cespedes’ hands and make Daniel Nava beat you.

    • Although what I really would have done is bring in Chapman to face Ortiz and Cespedes. That’s what your “closer” should be there for.

    • Oh gee, you mean Bryan Price made another mistake late in a close game. Color me shocked. Worst manager in baseball with perhaps Fredi Gonzalez being the exception. I can’t believe the Reds fired Dusty and handed the keys to this clown.

  10. Reds get two runs in their first 4 ABs with a golden opportunity for more. Not exactly how I hoped this would turn out against a bad Red Sox team.

  11. I would bet that not one Reds hitter is aware that pitcher closing the game out for Boston has only walked 7 hitters all season.

  12. Yet again we lose a one-run game with Cozart making the last out and other hitters available. Price seems to lack even a basic understanding of offensive baseball strategy.

    • Yep. Like I said above, worst manager in baseball. He has zero feel for how to handle late-inning situations in close games.

    • Hate to say it , but it ain’t even surprising any more / has shown the same tendencies all year and there is no doubt it has cost some wins , no doubt

  13. Does anyone recall Cozart getting a hit in a situation like that at any point in his career? Has he ever had a game-winning or game-tying hit in the 9th? I assume it’s happened, but I honestly don’t remember it.

    • Reds have to find a better option before next season at short – Cozart is wizard with glove but the invisible man with a bat – just pitiful – brutal – tired of the popups , Double play to short or 3rd – this his act is old

  14. What’s interesting is that I recall seeing posts here mentioning that several of Broxtons saber numbers were the result of being a bit lucky this year and they were due to change… They might be right.

    • I think you might be jumping the gun a bit. Broxton has been nothing short of amazing this season. Even the best of the best relievers would have outings where they would give up runs. Lets give Broxton a few more outings before concluding he’s just been lucky.

  15. Not sure again…..why Cozart up and Ludwick not PH?? Wonder if Ludwick is injured or something? Maybe the Reds are getting ready to trade him?

      • That’s what I heard. So you let a terrible hitter make the last out while a decent hitter sits on deck on the off chance the terrible hitter reaches base. It makes NO sense. You hit Ludwick for Cozart, and if he reaches base you hit someone else in that spot. But at least give Ludwick a CHANCE to hit a double or home run before the game ends. Then if Ludwick reaches you’ve still got non-pitchers available, and any of them have at LEAST as much chance as Cozart. Price seems to be going out of his way to make it as hard as possible to score.

  16. I have to think the Reds lead the league in not having back to back walks. How many times have we seen a Reds hitter get walked on 4 or 5 pitches, and than the next hitter swings at the first pitch, and more often than not that first pitch would have been a ball if the hitter had not swung at the pitch.

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