Red Sox at Reds (August 12, 2014)

The Reds welcome the Red Sox into Great American Ball Park for another interleague series. The Reds were able to win the last two interleague games that were in GABP and will look to continue that winning streak tonight against Boston.

These series always scare me. No, not the outcome of the game but the fact that the Red Sox are in town. The Red Sox have a large following of fans. I’m afraid that as I watch the game tonight I’ll hear a lot of cheers from the opposing team’s crowd inside the stadium. I really hope I am wrong and Cincinnati fans pack the place. With that said, I have some friends here in Virginia making the 4-hour trip to Cincinnati to watch these games. They are Red Sox fans! Here’s to hoping them a safe, and disappointing ride home!

Discuss the game here Reds fans! Go Reds!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bruce RF
3. Frazier 3B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Pena 1B
6. Heisey LF
7. Santiago 2B
8. Cozart SS
9. Latos P


  1. No surprises in the lineup; Negron has fallen into a prolonged slump and Santiago went 2 for 3 Sunday. Ludwick is 0-5 lifetime against Kelly plus looked awful Sunday. I would have preferred Skip 5 for 18 in his last 5 starts to Heisey 3 for 26 in his last 6 but 3 for 5 coming off the bench in that period but that’s a minor quibble. Chris seems to get a lot of rope.

    1. pinson343 says:

      Heisey get a lot of rope because he plays good defense and he’s got more power than Schumaker. Of course he often hangs himself with that rope. I like him as a pinch hitter.

    2. ToddAlmighty says:

      Why use Skip’s last 5 starts and Heisey’s last 6? If you took Skip to 6 starts he’d be 5-21. If you took Heisey to 5 starts he’d be 3-20.

      But for some reason you decided to go 5 for Skip and 6 for Heisey. Go equal for both at least. 5-18, 3-20 if you’re talking the last 5 starts. Of course that doesn’t support your narrative.

      Skip Schumaker has been worth -1.0 WAR this season. That means he’s been worth a full win less than a *replacement* level player.

      Heisey’s August: .294/.333/.471 with plus defense.
      Schumaker’s August: .238/.292/.238 with awful defense.

      Regardless of how you try to skew it by excluding PHs and making Heisey’s sample size be just big enough to look awful and Schumaker’s small enough to be good, the fact remains Heisey is a better baseball players than Skip. Skip has no defense, no power, no speed, and no business starting baseball games.

      1. ToddAlmighty says:

        But hey, at least he has grit.

        1. Eric the Red says:

          That’s one of the more amazing/depressing things: Schumaker has also been lousy at gritty things like driving in a runner from 3B with less than 2 outs or moving a runner over.

      2. How doesn’t the last 5 starts “support my narrative”? .278 is still a bit better than .150. And we won’t mention how Heisey managed to get himself picked off as the tying run in the 9th on Saturday.

        Heisey’s August is only good because he was 3 for 5 as a non-starter. In his three starts, he’s 2 for 12.

        I’m more interested in how a player is performing NOW than what he did in April or May. Heisey has been given ample chances to start but he consistently fails to hit at all.

        The team needs offense which Skip has a better chance of providing than “no-hit” Heisey. But you guys have some bias against Skip (I guess because he used to play for the Cardinals) so you’d prefer that someone plays who can’t hit when he starts. At this point, I’d say Heisey is a pretty good non-tender candidate for next year; why pay $2 million for someone who you can’t start?

        1. Kurt Frost says:

          5 games is NOTHING. You are making yourself look silly by even trying to make this argument.

        2. Thegaffer says:

          There is only one way to evaluate Skip, carreer numbers. They are frankly horrible. How he is a major leaguer is beyond me.

        3. docmike says:

          Do you have any concept of sample size? You cannot seriously be saying Negron is in a “prolonged” slump that has lasted a grand total of 3 games. And saying Skip should be playing because of how he has hit in his last 5 starts.

          Surely you must recognize that just because Santiago went 2 for 3 on Sunday, doesn’t mean he is “on fire”, or something of that nature.

      3. docmike says:

        Excellent post, ToddAlmighty.

  2. pinson343 says:

    Considering that the Reds are without BP and Votto, this is their A lineup. I’d say the same thing if Ludwick were in the lineup, Ludwick vs. Heisey is a wash right now.

    The Red Sox lineup is surprisingly full of holes, but regardless I don’t expect them to be quiet on offense.

    1. drew says:

      Um reporrs Bailey has some arm stiffness and is heing bumped from his start tomorrow to friday in Colorado. ..hmmm

    2. I guess if we keep saying something it must come true.

      Heisey hasn’t hit as a starter all year and isn’t doing it now.

  3. Skip men on 3rd less than two outs:

    .462/.400/.692 16PAs, 13 ABs, 12 RBIs.

    Heisey same situation:

    .222/.250/.556 12 PAs, 9AB, 7 RBIs

    1. Sparky says:

      I love how these threads always start with an argument on who sucks the least. LOL!

    2. mwvohio says:

      I’m not sure what your 13 and 9 AB stats are supposed to show us.

      1. Kurt Frost says:

        9 at bats?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        1. Kevin J. Brown says:

          I was responding to Eric the Red’s post:

          That’s one of the more amazing/depressing things: Schumaker has also been lousy at gritty things like driving in a runner from 3B with less than 2 outs or moving a runner over.

          Actually he’s been quite good in the first situation. Don’t know where to find stats for the latter.

        2. charlottencredsfan says:

          You’re ruining the narrative.

    3. docmike says:

      Do you seriously think that how someone has performed in a 9 at-bat sample is in any way predictive of how they’ll do in the future?

  4. Admittedly Skip hasn’t had a good year but here’s some other stats which might be relevant when you want to score some runs:


    Heisey: .152/.196/.261
    Skip: 229/.291/.333

    Men on Base:

    Heisey: .167/.215/.278
    Skip .237/.294/.316

    It’s not even close.

    1. Vicferrari says:

      I think Sparky will agree Shu sucks much less

    2. mwvohio says:

      So much grit.

      1. charlottencredsfan says:

        Don’t recommend spending much time defending either of them.

    3. tct says:

      This has gone past silly to the point of parody now.” Hey, skip is 10-20 with 3 homers on Thursdays in August against right handed pitchers under 30. That means he’s so much better than Heisey because heisey is 0-12 against lefties named Ramon or Jose”
      Dude if you can’t see that Heisey is a much more useful player than skippy then I don’t know what to tell you.

      1. docmike says:

        I think he seriously believes it…

  5. hof13 says:

    It sucks that we have to talk about who sucks.

  6. mwvohio says:

    4 pitch walk to Billy. Wow. How bad is this pitcher?

  7. hof13 says:

    Surprised he went on a 3-0 count – pretty much guaranteed Kelly was going to throw a fastball which makes it harder to steal.

  8. mwvohio says:

    So does this mean he’s going to have to throw strikes to Frazier and Mez? I like that plan.

  9. mwvohio says:

    Yeah baby! Frazier with another crazy reach swing.

  10. mwvohio says:

    Mez!!! Continues to amaze.

  11. mwvohio says:

    Well that was brutal. First pitch swing against a guy who has thrown more balls than strikes this inning.

  12. hof13 says:

    Heisey got lucky. That 2nd ball was a clear strike.

    1. hof13 says:

      Ump didn’t miss it the next time. A couple of bad ABs there at the end but I’ll take the 2 runs.

  13. Sparky says:

    The Shu would have swung and missed that pitch instead of just watching it go by…LOL

    1. ToddAlmighty says:

      But he would have done it in a gritty way.

  14. Thegaffer says:

    Latos sucks . . . . At bat.

  15. Jeff Morris says:

    Not sure with a wild pitcher on the mound, Pena decides to swing at the first pitch and ground into a double play? Why not take a strike and “work” the at bat. Let the pitcher work a little….

    1. Thought the same thing… strike zone is pretty tight tonight as well.

      1. Kevin J. Brown says:

        Heisey didn’t think so.

  16. Steve Mancuso says:

    Lots of Red Sox fans here.

    1. Kurt Frost says:

      Red Sox fans are the worst.

  17. Glad Latos got out of that before his pitch count got way out of hand.

  18. Kevin J. Brown says:

    Good job by Latos there after his brain lock in not even looking at the pitcher on 2B. Overpowered Big Papi and got Cespedes on a routine fly ball.

  19. mwvohio says:

    Kelly won’t last long at this rate.

  20. jas428 says:

    Good read by Bruce on bases.

  21. hof13 says:

    Pena has seen 2 strikes and has 2 weak ground outs. Not a good game so far.

    1. Kevin J. Brown says:

      Let the nitpicking start ……………………………….

      The guy’s a hacker; let him hack.

    2. Sure doesn’t help with a bad hamstring either…

      1. Kevin J. Brown says:

        He looked OK running to the bag on the ground out where he waved off Latos. Just hasn’t make good contact in his ABs. Be nice if he could continue his hitting streak.

  22. I wish Chris Heisey could learn to hit something other than a fastball. He might have a full time job if he did.

  23. hof13 says:

    Heisey is doing his best to make Ludwick look good

  24. Sparky says:

    I feel bad for Heisey, He just looks like hes really guessing, and guessing badly. He could use a bit of grit!

  25. Santiago works a walk and Cozart swings at the first pitch and hits into a dp… Wow.

    1. Kevin J. Brown says:

      Why take a strike? If he got a hit would you have complained about him swinging at the first pitch?

      1. hof13 says:

        Not all strikes are the same. In that kind of situation, he should be looking for a specific pitch in a specific area. Otherwise, let it go. Usually in that situation, the batter will hit the ball hard. It may be an out but it will be scalded. Cozart’s ball wasn’t hit that hard. That’s why I have a problem with it.

  26. hof13 says:

    Reds batters make my head hurt.

  27. sergeant2 says:

    Good old reliable Cozart aka the double play kid.

  28. Kevin J. Brown says:

    Love to see opponents hitting ground balls at GABP.

  29. preacherj says:

    Another 1,2,3 by Mat. Looking good.

  30. Kevin J. Brown says:

    If all I was doing was reading the posts here rather than watching the game, I’d think we were losing by 10 runs.

    1. preacherj says:

      Ondrusek’s in?

  31. preacherj says:

    Buccos are up early, and Tigers are struggling, but I sure would rather draw the Sox than Detroit in Interleague.

    1. hof13 says:

      Aren’t the Tigers the “natural rivals” of the Pirates.

      1. preacherj says:

        Yes, I think you are right. Detroit and Pittsburgh….of course.

  32. charlottencredsfan says:

    What a huge disappointment, Hamilton has disappeared in the second half.

  33. preacherj says:

    Big K Papi.

  34. sergeant2 says:

    Latos made Big Poppy look bad on that strikeout swing. Go Reds!

    1. sergeant2 says:

      Oh! I see its spelled Papi. I did not know that.

      1. preacherj says:

        The ‘L’ in RLN is for LEARNIN’

        1. sergeant2 says:

          Well, I sure got learned, and that’s something that can’t be taught.

  35. AARON D says:

    So does anyone know the Front Office plan?

    Are we just waiting around for BP and Votto? Waiting until September and the inter-division games to make a push? Or just standing pat and let the chips fall where they may?

    1. tct says:

      I think the front office plan is the same plan for when you see a grizzly bear in the woods: Stand still, no sudden moves, and hope for the best.

      1. AARON D says:

        Ha! It just feels like someone is asleep at the wheel. maybe I’m just anxious and see an obvious opportunity here.

    2. preacherj says:

      “So does anyone know the Front Office plan?”

      For some reason, I just thought about the damage control creedo we used in the submarine service:
      “When in trouble, when in doubt: Run in circles, scream and shout.”

  36. preacherj says:

    That was played well off that wall and a strong throw.

  37. MesosBat says:

    Looks like johnny bench gave Devin some sound advice last week…

    1. preacherj says:

      Use Krylon to prevent rust?

      1. MesosBat says:

        Don’t eat the Blue Emu…

      2. sergeant2 says:

        Hah! good one.

        1. sergeant2 says:

          The Krylon one that is.

        2. hof13 says:

          No runs, no drips, no errors.

  38. George Mirones says:

    This could be the game if Latos gives in

  39. preacherj says:

    Weren’t they supposed to bunt after the double? Don’t they read the rules in Boston?

    1. Vicferrari says:

      Just curious, is bunting the tie run into scoring position ever a good idea, I thought if you were the home team it is borderline given the batter

  40. preacherj says:

    Jumbo throwing in the pen.

  41. Latos better shut this inning down if he wants a chance for the win. The Reds bats have run out of RBI’s since the 1st.

  42. preacherj says:

    That was a very, very loud out.

  43. sergeant2 says:

    Just a lonnnngggg out. Whew! though.

  44. preacherj says:

    Mat, please look at the runner on second once in a while.

  45. sergeant2 says:

    Nice job Matt, love seeing that fire. Go Reds!

  46. Kevin J. Brown says:

    That was fun ……………………

    A few extra runs would be nice.

  47. preacherj says:

    Broxton up now.

  48. sergeant2 says:

    I just noticed that Marty hasn’t taken any innings off the way they always take turns going solo.

    1. hof13 says:

      Is he doing the game with Doug Flynn? He didn’t take innings off when paired with him earlier this year. Side note, I like Flynn doing the game.

  49. preacherj says:

    Sox going to the pen, do we stay with Grit here or take the Grit down?

  50. preacherj says:

    With the 1 run game we will probably let the Grit do his thing.

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