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Marlins at Reds (August 8, 2014)

It is Hall of Fame weekend in Cincinnati. The Reds will be inducting more of the franchise’s top players into its Hall of Fame tomorrow before the game. Perhaps a good conversation starter for today’s game thread would be discussing which current Reds player(s) will likely be back in a decade or so to join this year’s inductees.

While the ceremony and induction are huge, the games this weekend are more important to the current club. The Reds are still 4 back in the division and 3 back of the Wild Card spot for the post-season while riding their current 3 game winning streak. The Reds took 3 of 4 from the Marlins earlier this month and would love to take 3 games from them again this weekend. Before the Reds can eye sweeping the Fish, they have to take care of game 1 tonight first.

Discuss the game!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bruce RF
3. Frazier 3B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Pena 1B
6. Schumaker LF
7. Negron 2B
8. Cozart SS
9. Leake P

122 thoughts on “Marlins at Reds (August 8, 2014)

  1. I’d like to see anyone but Bruce in the 2-hole. Yes, even Cozart. If Negron keeps a hot bat, I think you could give him a shot there.

  2. I am fine with Bruce in the 2 hole. Love to see him go the other way.

    Get him on a roll and then move him back down.

    I would never put Mesoraco in the 2 hole, nor would I put Billy Hamilton in the 2 hole

  3. Not sure there is a “good spot” in the lineup for a sub-.200 guy. I would like to see Bruce down there in Cozzy land, 7th or 8th,.

  4. Yesterday, with no strikes, Bruce fouled off a pitch when Hamilton had second base stolen easily. If he isn’t confident enough to take even one strike in that situation, he shouldn’t be hitting second. The sole reason for hitting Hamilton at the top is his ability to steal bases. If #2 won’t let him do that, then we might as well have a slower guy with a higher OBP (which is almost everyone in the starting lineup) leading off. I’d like to believe Price has tried to communicate this to Bruce after last night, but I’m a bit of a dreamer sometimes.

    • I disagree, the reason Bruce is there is to get fastballs with Billy on base. The fact he fouled it off is the problem, not the swinging at it. Billy needs to not get picked off.

      • If you’re better off with a 0-0 count and a runner on first than you are with a 0-1 count and a runner on second, then you’re the wrong guy to be hitting #2.

  5. I’d like to see Gritty anywhere but in the lineup. Ludwick has been hitting the ball well and is actually better defensively than Schumaker.
    At least Hannahan has been pushed to the very rear of the bench.

    • We don’t need a DH right now, so obviously it’s a lot harder to find a spot for Hannahan’s lack of power and .000 average. Reds ought to trade him to an AL team where his talents could be better utilized.

    • No, Lutz is at the very rear of the bench, which is a shame because the young guy should be playing somewhere, even at AAA. Price prefers grit and jack to giving the young guy any playing time.

  6. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict this game will have at least 90% fewer loopers than last night’s.

  7. I really just don’t understand how a person can get picked off as many times as Hamilton has. Once it’s happened for the zillionth time, don’t you say to yourself “If there’s one thing that will NOT happen to me tonight…”

  8. I really like Negron’s approach at the plate. Not sure where this is coming from but I hope it lasts.

  9. Ron Oester was a solid player, but I’m not sure he’s Reds HOF worthy. Congrats to him nonethless

  10. Pena is riding a 12 game hitting streak. Anyone suprised? Just hope he’s ok.

    • What a blow it would be if he had to spend time on the DL. Our best hitter over the last month.

      Reds aren’t doing much with Eovaldi again.

  11. I swear by Pitch FX, this ump does not do Leake any favors. He isn’t calling strikes on the corners, even with half the ball is in the strike zone.

  12. Man, Hamilton is killing me with all these caught stealing. So many pickoffs too. 70% SB rate won’t do it when you’re incapable of walking.

    • OMG…its his first season. about we just relax and allow the kid to grow and learn.

      • He’s not growing and learning though. He’s getting worse as the season goes on. Last 30 days he’s at 6 stolen bases/5 caught stealing. That’s really bad.

        They (the coaches) either need to fix whatever’s wrong or shut down/limit his base stealing. Maybe he just needs a break because he’s getting tired from a full MLB season. Either way, can’t keep giving away free outs when his OBP is already below .300

  13. Man, this guy is tough on us but pretty bad against the rest of the league.

  14. Why was Leake left in the game? Loads the bases with a double, walk, and HBP, was in the 90s in pitch count, tied game. Highly rested bullpen.

    Leake should have been pulled before that sac fly happened.

    • I trust Leake in that situation a lot more than LeCure or the rest of the back of the bullpen.

  15. Wonder if they’ll PH for Leake down 1-0. Think I would; he’s already at 103 pitches.

    • Mes should have moved up in front of the plate, the ball hit the runner, so all he had to do was catch it, and McGee is out.

      • Probably worried about blocking. Who knows what is and isn’t against the rules these days.

  16. Very frustrating game. Good performance by Leake but the offense hasn’t been able to get anything going against a pitcher with a very mediocre record.

  17. Reds not hitting again. I hope Walt is paying attention. It was 1 run for Marlins, now 2 runs. See how important a Big Bat can change the course of a game. Now Reds have 2 runs to get to tie the score. Wonder how good Stanton’s defense is overall?

  18. Reds gotta do some business right quick. Shirley they can manufacture a couple of runs to tie this baby up. Tie it up and its a new ballgame. Go Reds!

  19. Oh man, Jack is getting close. He almost came close to not swinging and missing three times in one AB…. or not.

  20. Any reason Ludwick or Pena can’t PH. Of all people to bring up to the plate, you have the Jack H??

    • Pena started and left the game with an injury. I guess they are still hoping Hannahan can get something going.

  21. 8 shutout innings from Nathan “Cy Young” Eovaldi who came into this game with a 4.22 ERA.

    I liked this whole baseball thing a lot more a few days ago when the Reds were scoring runs.

  22. Hoover has looked good, but him against Stanton makes me very nervous.

  23. Very impressive; maybe JJ has turned a corner.

    Cishek is hittable and we have Frazier and Meso to start the 9th. Still have a shot.

  24. How bout Hoover, he’s looking good tonight. Gotta give credit when credit is due. Its do or time now. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Go Reds!

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