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Marlins at Reds (August 8, 2014)

It is Hall of Fame weekend in Cincinnati. The Reds will be inducting more of the franchise’s top players into its Hall of Fame tomorrow before the game. Perhaps a good conversation starter for today’s game thread would be discussing which current Reds player(s) will likely be back in a decade or so to join this year’s inductees.

While the ceremony and induction are huge, the games this weekend are more important to the current club. The Reds are still 4 back in the division and 3 back of the Wild Card spot for the post-season while riding their current 3 game winning streak. The Reds took 3 of 4 from the Marlins earlier this month and would love to take 3 games from them again this weekend. Before the Reds can eye sweeping the Fish, they have to take care of game 1 tonight first.

Discuss the game!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bruce RF
3. Frazier 3B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Pena 1B
6. Schumaker LF
7. Negron 2B
8. Cozart SS
9. Leake P

122 thoughts on “Marlins at Reds (August 8, 2014)

    • Mind boggling! You’ve only got 3 outs left and you give away one for free when you’re behind? The things this organization could do if management would join the 21st century.

  1. Tough loss. Marlin defense came up big with the two Stanton grabs and the great play in the 9th by their SS.

    Let’s get them the last two! Go Reds!

      • This Skip hate is tiresome. Unlike most in the lineup, he got a hit tonight and is now 5 for his last 15. Hechvarria robbed him on the play in the 9th; sometimes you tip your cap to the other team.

        • Schumaker, 62 games, 200+ PA, .238/.287/.311. He is what he is, a fill in bench player, weak hitter no power, average base runner, less than average defensively. But Price continues to use him like he’s an all-star. The hate isn’t for him, it’s for the way he’s being used. There are other options, he should only be an emergency starter in LF and occasional starter in the infield.

  2. I agree with Marty, Cozart couldn’t have hit that pitch with an ironing board. Shoulda been a tie game anyway when Cozart came up to bat.

    • I suspect opposing teams may have started figuring out that Reds hitters aren’t interested in taking those pitches.

    • Skip is terrible but even if he wasn’t the bunt is stupid because you’re behind. You’ve only got 3 outs left, and you give one away.

  3. Don’t know why Price didn’t pitch hit Cozart with Pena, or maybe Ludwick. But, Pena is the best choice. You know…or Should know Cozart is Not Going to Get the Job Done! Another 1 run loss by the Reds!

    • Pena left the game with an injury. But how do you allow Hannahan into this game and not Ludwick or Heisey? And you let Cozart end it with those two guys available? Anyone remember the last time Cozart had a game tying or game winning hit late in a game? If so, you have an amazing memory.

  4. I do not understand Price. You have to hit for Cozart, there. That’s not a jab at Cozart, it’s a jab at Price. Heck, I would have hit for Schumaker while there was still less than 2 outs. He had Ludwick, Heisey, and even Lutz available, all bonafide power guys certainly capable of hitting a fly ball. I don’t understand the thought process.

    • All those guys K a lot. Skip was a good choice and hit the ball well; he just got robbed. Cozart was 2 for 3 against Cishek and has been hitting better than Heisey or Lutz lately. Ludwick doesn’t have very good numbers as a PH.

      • Maybe, but Cozart is still Cozart. He’s absolutely TERRIBLE in clutch situations. Career .190 hitter with RISP/2 outs. This year he’s at .211 in those situations, and I honestly don’t remember one instance (in his entire career) in which he’s had a game winning or game tying hit in the 9th inning. He’s absolutely the worst non-pitcher on the team to have at that plate in that sort of situation, while you’ve got a great pinch-hitter twiddling his thumbs on the bench.

        • If by “great pinch hitter” you mean Chris Heisey, he’s 3 for 21 or .143 with RISP and 2 men out this year.

        • Heisey’s bad numbers come from his starts. He’s hitting .310 as a pinch hitter, which I would say makes him a “great pinch hitter” this season, and he’s been a good pinch hitter his entire career, which I would say supports that argument. Cozart has been a bad hitter since about his 40th game in the majors, and a terrible hitter in clutch situations throughout his entire career.

      • I would have hit Ludwick for him, but if you want to look at small sample sizes, since Lutz’s second call-up he is 3 for 7 as a pinch hitter. He is 3 for 10 with 2 doubles and a walk in his last 11 PA. His slash line since his second call up is .238/273/.381, not very impressive, but Schumaker’s line for the season is .238/.287/.311, even less impressive. I don’t have anything against Schumaker, I think he is fine for the role he was signed for but he shouldn’t be given all of these starts and Price shouldn’t be reluctant to hit for him.

    • All of Price’s decisions, except perhaps PHing Hannahan, were justified based on the numbers. Sometimes you press the right buttons and it still doesn’t work. IF Hechevarria doesn’t make a great play on Skip’s ground ball up the middle, the Reds have it tied with men on 1B and 3B. That’s baseball. Expecting the team to go 162-0 is a bit unreasonable.

      • Chis Heisey is hitting .310 as a pinch hitter. Ludwick is hitting .343 with RISP/2 outs. Cozart is a .190 career hitter with RISP/2 outs, and I can’t remember a time when he’s had a game-winning hit. The numbers don’t support it and common sense doesn’t support it.

        • You did a lot of cherry picking. Heisey is terrible with RISP and 2 out and Ludwick is bad as a PH. Cozart’s been hotter than both of them.

          A decision to PH for Cozart would have been defensible; a decision not to have was also defensible. Acting like Price is an idiot for the decision he made is ridiculous. And not a single person posted BEFORE the at bat.

        • I was busy beforehand. You’ll notice I hadn’t posted anything at all for several innings. If it makes you feel better, I promise you, hand to God, on my mother’s grave, wiling to bet everything I own, that if I were managing this game it would not have ended with Cozart at the plate, nor would Hannahan have been involved in any way until I’d exhausted every other option. I don’t really care if you believe me or not, but there’s nothing you can say that makes it defensible to let a bad hitter end the game when you’ve got better hitters on the bench. Cozart was “hot” YESTERDAY. Today he had been 0-3, which is more in line with his usual numbers, which suggests he’s back to being his usual self. He’s never been the sort of player that gets game-winning hits even when he’s been “hot.” He just doesn’t handle those situations well at all, and I could have told you that an hour before he struck out.

      • And PERHAPS pinch hitting a guy with no power and no hits this season, who was a bad hitter all of last season even when he was healthy, wasn’t justified by the numbers? Perhaps?! What numbers could possibly even make this a question mark? Hannahan is putting up big numbers in batting practice?

        • I realize that the party line is now Hannahan can’t ever get a hit because he has started slowly (after missing 4 months of the season) but batting him there was reasonable. He had worked a walk in his last start and almost got one there.

        • It’s reasonable if you don’t have better hitters to choose from. But Price did, so it isn’t reasonable. “He worked a walk in his last start” because the pitcher didn’t throw strikes. Is that really because he was scared of Hannahan’s mighty bat, or maybe just because he had terrible control? I think probably the latter, and I think it’s pretty silly to assume Hannahan has some sort of magic ability to make it happen again. If the guy could walk at will, he’d probably be a starter.

      • Who on this site says anything about them going 162-0 Kevin ?-seems to me that you are the one insinuating that all of Price’s decisions in this game were justified with the exception of Habahan AB – you 100 % sure of that ? You also seem stuck on the point that skip was the right choice – maybe he was and the SS dd make a nice play – however , it’s not like he hit a rocket and maybe it’s a moot point IF HE HITS IT BEYOND THE INFIELD – you can say all you want , after a while some of these numerous one run loses are a direct result of bad managerial strategy

  5. This loss would have been less painful if the Reds would have went down quietly at 2-0. Why Mesoraco didn’t go on contact is beyond me, it was the bottom of the 9th there was no more sand left in the hourglass. Oh well, ya gotta like the way the team kept battling to the end. Hopefully the Reds felt they were so close to winning the game they could taste it, and will come out tomorrow more determined than ever to win. We’ll get em tomorrow, no doubt about it. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • We’ve had so many guys thrown out at home that it seems that they decided to play that conservative with 1 out. The ball was hit up the middle and if the pitcher fields it, Meso is a dead duck. However, I think Meso probably should have went when he saw the Marlin SS dive; it would have been a very difficult play for Hechevarria to get up and make an accurate throw home in those circumstances. But you have only a split second to make those decisions in a baseball game so I’m not going to be too hard on him.

      • I don’t mean to be hard on Mesoraco, shoot, Mesoraco is quickly becoming my favorite Reds player. If there’s another player on the team that always hustles like Mesoraco does, I don’t know who that player is. You’re right, it was a split second decision, but I just think he should have been off at the crack of the bat. I also realize that’s easy for me to say from the comfort of my couch. We’ll get em tomorrow is all that matters. Go Reds!

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