The Indians and the Reds travel south to resume their series with one another with the next two games being in Great American Ball Park. This probably helps the Reds chances as it removes a hitter from Cleveland’s lineup and prevents the Reds from watching someone DH that doesn’t deserve to do so.

The Reds have managed to play .500 ball (6-6) over their last 12 games which has allowed the club to stay within breathing distance of division leading Milwaukee. The Reds have 7 straight at home and 14 of their next 21 in Cincinnati. I know time is beginning to run low and the Reds offense is still rather weak, but I keep telling myself if this team can just catch lightning in a bottle for a 2 week span, things could get really interesting. Now is just a good a time as any to catch that lightning.

Discuss the game here, Reds fans!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bruce RF
3. Frazier 3B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Pena 1B
6. Heisey LF
7. Negron 2B
8. Cozart SS
9. Latos P

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Right now would be a great time for one of Jay Bruce’s super streak.(knock on wood)

  2. I’m glad Negron is getting some playing time.

  3. I think this is the best lineup we can field right now.

  4. Tonight’s pitchers;
    Cleveland Indians Danny Salazar
    Throws right, bats left, age 24
    This guy could be big trouble for the Reds. Throws hard (94-97) and keeps the ball low.
    In 2013 Salazar posted a 3.12 ERA with 65 strikeouts in 52 innings across 10 starts for the Tribe.
    2014; Salazar posted a 5.53 ERA with a 1.62 WHIP in his first eight starts, leading to a trip back to Triple-A in May to improve mechanics.
    Last 3 Starts since 7/22/14 return from AAA
    W 3
    IP 18
    AVG. IN per Start 6.0
    WHIP 1.28
    ERA 2.00
    Hits 17
    HR 0
    ER 4
    BB 6
    SO 17

    Matt Latos last 4 starts
    W1 L2
    IP 25
    AVG. IN per Start 6-1/3
    WHIP 1.16
    ERA 3.96
    Hits 19
    HR 2
    ER 11
    BB 10
    SO 19

  5. It is up to Latos to keep cool and focus on getting batters out, and not give up fat pitches because he is upset about something.

    • That would be Latos in a nutshell.

    • Matt’s pretty well the last few games; he settled down nicely to get through 7 innings against Milwaukee when the defense collapsed on him, had one bad inning against the Nats and pitched a strong 7 innings against the Marlins. Indians are much better at home than on the road so the Reds should be able to get this one though they probably won’t score a ton off Salazar.

      I’m thinking 4-2 Reds.

  6. If I expected perfection I wouldn’t be a fan of this years team. The Indians helped out a lot last night. A win is a win and yes I will take’em no matter how they happen. πŸ™‚

  7. Big rollout event for the 2015 All Star game taking place now before the game. Video. Introducing the five Reds All Stars.

  8. I’m sitting across the aisle again from the guy who looks like William Shatner.

    • That one should be sooooo easy, and I am drawing a complete blank. I hate myself for it.

  9. Nice back up by Negron; if Brantley had ran rather than jogged he might have beat it out though.

  10. This guy can chuck it, may be a tough night for reds batters.

  11. Reds making Salazar work.

  12. Cozart is on a tear

  13. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Free Cozart.

  14. Funny thing, on a day that Redleg Nation posts an article on the abysmal offense of Zach Cozart, he decides to answer the call.

  15. Wow, Zack!!

  16. Now Matt needs to have a quick 1,2,3 inning.

  17. Santiago/Cozart: the new bash brothers.

  18. Fay says he was told it wasn’t the Reds who claimed Byrd. Hope it wasn’t the Pirates or the Cardinals – with Cutch out a least a few weeks the Bucs could move Polanco to CF and stick Byrd in RF. And the Cards could play Byrd while Taveras is struggling.

  19. I wonder if Hamilton will ever take four pitches in a single at-bat.

  20. Uh oh.

  21. Come on Matt, get’em.

  22. Nice play. Good job Mat.

  23. That was really good pitching – and Latos looks like he is having fun out there.

  24. Nice play by Pena and then some clutch pitching by Latos.

    A few more runs would be nice.

  25. Really like this Negron “kid.”

  26. Cozart and Negron WOW!

  27. Kris “the Babe” Negron is doing some business tonight. Go Reds!

  28. Negron! Small sample size I know, but I like this guy.

  29. Matt needs to start closing this one out right now.

  30. Any request to free Negron Preach? I’m on oboard

  31. Matt have a blister?

  32. I don’t know where Negron’s power is coming from, but I’ll take it. He’s never hit more than 11 in a full season in the minors (2010), averaged about 1 HR every 66 PA.

  33. New pitcher coming in.

  34. Whatever is wrong with Latos’ hand seemed to really bother him that inning though I’m sure he wanted to finish the 5th to qualify for the win. Wonder if they’ll give the last 4 IP to the bullpen which had a day off yesterday.

  35. Hamilton goes 2-0 then decides he must swing. I’m starting to wonder if an opposing pitcher could even walk him intentionally.

    • He is pressing and Im not sure why. There has been plenty of hitting up and down the lineup tonight and last night but Hamilton cant let it develop. Weird.

  36. I would get somebody up in the bullpen just in case.

  37. I hope Brandon is watching

  38. Wow!!! Whatta play by Cozart. That ball took a funky high hop and Cozart was able to react to it while airborne. Not bad, not bad a-tall. Go Reds!

  39. Let’s see what Latos does in the 7th

  40. The Santiago/Negron/Cozart/Pena offensive juggernaut is unstoppable.

  41. Pretty good crowd at the old ball orchard tonight. (I use the phrase “ball orchard” in remembrance of the “ol’ left hander” Joe Nuxhall. Go Reds!

  42. If you told me the top four in the order would be a collective 1-12 through six innings then I’d ask how much are we losing by. Boy baseball sure can be funny.

  43. Mat keeping on keeping on.

  44. 3 hitter through 7 for Latos.

  45. Negron, Cozart, Latos due up. #heartoftheorder

  46. First career 3 hit game for Negron.

  47. As bad as he’s been I wonder if the Indians would unload Swisher and chip in on his contract. Change of scenery may do the trick and he’d replace Lutz or Hannahan which would still be an upgrade . . .

    I could see him clearing waivers.

  48. Good thing to come home to

  49. The thing that I like about Negron is that he puts the ball in play most of the time

  50. Zack needs more articles written about him

    • What in the wide world of sports is going on?! Break this dynamic duo up before they conquer the universe!

  51. ….I’m still angry I don’t have decent response for Steve’s William Shatner comment earlier. Now it would just be pressing.

  52. All the RBI’s are owned by the bottom third.

  53. I would be willing to bet Negron is on the bench tomorrow for gritty grittenstein.

  54. Scrabble is up throwing in the Indians’ pen.

  55. Gallardo may be hurt or something. 66 pitches in 2 and 2/3 and just walked Volglesong on 4 pitches.

    • Nevermind but he is at almost 75 pitches through three innings the Giants should break this one open . . .

  56. Its the alphabet soup pitcher.

  57. Todd!!!! 2 point conversion added. 8-0.

  58. Quick, move Frazier down in the order. He’s driving in runs!

  59. Reds scoring all these runs, sign of the apocalypse ?

  60. I guess Jumbo couldn’t prevent that run from scoring.

  61. Time to give Latos the rest of the night off. It’s great to see him improving with every start!

    • He observably ran out of gas in the 7th. They wanted to pull him, he declined but every pitch over #100 looked more Onrusek than Latos.

      • For the record. Latos touched 95 on the run scoring double. He was gigged for his last AB and trying to throw it by the hitter. But 5 straight, straight as an arrow fastballs will yield a hit more often than not.

  62. Anyone notice how both below average offensive SS have lit up the opposition this series?

  63. Great 7 innings.

  64. Matt finally had that bad inning, but hopefully the bullpen can hold a 5 run lead with 4 outs to go.

  65. Just no reason to have Latos still out there at that point anyway. Made no sense even if he got through it.

  66. Jumbo weighs in at 278 llbs, down from 340 llbs.

  67. took it out of hoover range at least

  68. 33,863 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 33,863.

  69. No cycle again tonight … just not sure I can watch this team.

  70. Games like tonight rekindle the enjoyment of rooting for the Cincinnati Redlegs. Same goes for following the game thread. Go Reds!

  71. Safe enough for Sam I guess

  72. I think that should be an error.

  73. Good enough. That two in a row. A start.

  74. Avalanche of runs , good feeling

  75. I will be a very happy Reds fan if I see the same lineup tomorrow. Will that be the case?

    • Amen. I wouldn’t mind seeing this lineup rolled out each night until we get a dull performance from players.

      • Yup. Although Luddy for Hi-C since Chris didn’t flash like all the other bench players/defensive specialists tonight.

  76. Just a great win tonight. What a game for Cozart and Negron! Go Reds!!

  77. Another big win for the Reds with good pitching and timely hitting. Nice to see almost 34,000 in the ballpark on a Wednesday night.

  78. I’m loving the positive vibes tonight. Go Reds!

  79. Like a lot of us have been saying, play the rookies, maybe they will surprise.

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