Must reading on Votto’s health

John Fay just published an excellent up-to-date account of Joey Votto’s health situation. I encourage everyone to read all of it. It includes plenty of important information, but if you’re looking for a firm conclusion, Fay’s right, there isn’t an honest one to be found.

So the Votto question which affects the original question – do the Reds have a puncher’s chance to win the Central? – it is so complicated to the point that it’s unanswerable.

The article includes a long and informative section on the platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injections Votto is undergoing this time around:

“PRP is very successful at replacing this unhealthy tissue with healthy tissue and restoring function and allowing return to normal physical activities. PRP offers no quick pain relief and has no pain relieving properties. Pain gradually subsides as the injured tissue repairs itself. This can take weeks or months, but when successful, the effect is lasting.

“Most patients will need 2-3 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart and most people will not feel any relief until a few weeks after the second treatment and that relief is gradual and sometimes like a roller coaster ride in that there will often be a few pain free days mixed in with a day or so of resolving soreness.”

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  1. Honestly, I think we should let Votto sit out for the rest of the year and get him back to 100% for next year

  2. Does it even matter? Votto will be injury plagued the rest of his career whether he plays this year or not. The Reds are stuck with a terrible contract on a player who will produce very little the next 8 years. I am so frustrated that they made this foolish signing.

    • Foolish signing? The guy was one of the best players in baseball when the contract was signed, and he was still young.

      • Too early, certainly, to call it a foolish signing, but the implied point about long-term contracts is still well-taken. Votto playing out his career as a totally one-dimensional player is a plausible scenario, given how long it has been since he was 100%, whatever that is.

    • While you are in the future can you get me the next 8 winners of the Derby, the Super Bowl, and the NCAA Brackets?

    • Yes, I am so frustrated the Reds forgot to consult their crystal ball before they signed Votto to that contract. If they had, they would have easily known about Votto’s future knee injury and subsequent problems with that knee.

      Silly Reds!

  3. I”m not going to speculate I have my own theories and opinions but that isn’t going to help Joey Votto get back to this team. Want to see Mr. Votto healthy and 110% for 2015. He is only going to hurt this team long term if he attempts to come back early. If a team ever needed a 30HR 120RBI .330 Average .450 OBP kind of a guy it would be this one.

    • “If a team ever needed a 30HR 120RBI .330 Average .450 OBP kind of a guy it would be this one.” Come on Dale you know better.
      That Joey Votto isn’t the Votto that will be back for the Reds. To hold out for that JV is like waiting for Rose to get in the Hall of Fame or buying a Lotto ticket to get rent money.

      • Have to agree. Don’t think Votto will ever hit 30 HR’s again, but the slugging will still be there because his line drive swing produces a lot of doubles in the gap. And that Votto is still fine with me.

  4. Votto was the worst signing this franchise could of made. A small market team cannot afford to pay ONE PLAYER 225 M. We could have went out and sign BOTH Abreu and Puig for 100 M and STILL had 125 M for Cueto or Latos.

    • Yep. They thought they were signing the next Pujols, but instead they might end up with Seasn Casey.

    • Yes, they can afford it.

      I like how you throw out Abreu and Puig. Gambling on unknown, possibly volatile Cuban defectors isn’t really something a small-market team should do either (pitchers are different, before you start shouting “Chapman!”). And there’s no evidence to suggest Puig or Abreu would pick Cincy over LA or Chicago. There were free agents, right?

      Bottom line, 200+M for Votto was a “safer” signing than 65M or so for Puig or Abreu. Disagree if you want, but you’d be wrong.

      • Averaging WAR estimates by FanGraphs and Baseball-Reference, since Votto has signed his contract, he has put up seasons of 5.75 WAR (2012), 6.25 WAR (2013) and 1.5 WAR (2014). Using a conservative figure of $6 million/WAR that teams pay in the free agent market, Votto has “earned” $81 million in WAR while being actually paid $38.5 million in cash.

        Even *this season* if Votto doesn’t play another game, he’s earned $9 million in value while being paid $12 million.

  5. Injuries happen. I’d think Votto coming back depends on his health straight up. I think he would probably like to get some at bats before the season is done. I could see him and Brandon Phillips at least try to get back to put 10-12 games in the book to see some live pitching before the end of the year would be something they would want as players.

    I think a playoff shot is done. They could be a spoiler and win 85-87 games maybe, but that’s about it I think.

    September comes they should try some new guys, even though they don’t have many close in the minors.

  6. These commenters proclaiming that Votto will ‘never’ return to form are the same ones saying Johnny Cueto was ‘done’ after his injuries of the last two seasons. Even worse are the people saying that they knew the Reds shouldn’t have signed Votto long-term. Go jump off a bridge!

  7. AMEN. If they read the article, which meshes with what I have learned is that it takes time, but it rebuilds the damaged tissue. The bottom line is that Votto should be fine next season and I would expect a full recovery. Though I am no doctor, I think he would be foolish to come back for 10 games unless he is totally pain free and there is something to play for still. Phillips may be back in a couple of weeks, but do not hold out hope about Votto.

  8. I do believe we have a chance to get on a roll,and i would take 80%…90% of Votto over anyone else on our 40.I dont see anyone running away from division and our pitching is as good as anyones in N.L.

  9. If Votto feels healthy and the doctors agree I see no reason not to put him back in there this season. The Reds are still in this thing and the window of competitiveness isn’t getting any bigger.

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