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Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds  (55-55) 1 6 0
  Miami Marlins (54-56) 2 7
 W: Dunn (9-5)     L: LeCure (1-3)
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The pitching. I mean, that’s the all-year story right? It’s pretty rare that the pitching doesn’t get it done. Homer has been really good since a rough first month or so. I felt like he was kind of just okay tonight, but he still ended up with a good result against a good lineup.

Jumbo Diaz deserves his own line. One and a third with three strikeouts. It means something when you’re the guy they bring out to face Stanton.


The offense. Yada yada yada. You know how it  is. Todd Frazier has really been slumping lately. The Reds need someone to hit. The problems were exemplified in the tenth inning when a Chris Heisey triple plus three strikeouts yielded no runs.

I have been a big Zack Cozart booster at times, but it is really getting bad with the bat.

Sam LeCure has had better nights.

Not So Random Thoughts

I was very excited for replay when the season started, but the more I see of it, the less I like it. They ought to be able to handle it better than this.

Disappointing as this game was, the Reds will go for a series win tomorrow. That would be something, I guess.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but one of the things that makes this team hard to watch isn’t that their kind of average it’s that they’re boring average.  Very little excitement on the roster right now. I pretty much only get really excited for a game when Cueto is pitching. I’m sure that will change sometimes before the end of the season, but right now, snore-o-rama.


Jason has been a fan of the Reds since he was born. He really had no choice in the matter. He has been writing at Redleg Nation for a few years, and also writes and edits at The Hardball Times. His debut novel, When the Sparrow Sings, is available now and concerns baseball, among other things. You can find more information at jasonlinden.com.

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  1. Yucky-yuk-yuk

    • another game the reds would have won if the front office would have traded for some hitters imagine how good the reds pitchers would be if we had any offense

  2. The regulars aren’t hitting. Hamilton/Bruce/Frazier/Mes/Cozart combine to go 1-19 with 1 walk. The backups were 4-12 and PH 1-2.

    • Very difficult to manager a roster when this occurs, serious have to question the extent of Bruce’s injury…I really thought he would bounce back but it keeps getting worse, Frazier and Mesoraco are not ready for prime time, they needed Votto, Bruce, and Phillips to be the stars…so close to having a great season

      • I don’t understand why people keep blaming, or excusing, Bruce’s terribleness on injury. He says he’s physically fine. Is he lying? Is he “toughing it out”? Of does he simply stink?
        If he’s lying and/or toughing it out, he is doing no one any favors. In fact, he is hurting the team. I have no respect for that kind of macho act.
        If he simply stinks, why is he still in the line up?
        Either way, sit him out. Get him some coaching, mental or batting. Send him to L’ville. Do something. As it is he is a liability. A very major liability: worst hitter on the team. Period.

        • I don’t buy the injury excuses, to his credit he doesn’t buy it either. This is just Bruce to the negative extreme. Regular Bruce without the hot streaks. He needs to be taken out of his comfort zone quickly or he WILL end up being Drew Stubbs without the speed.

        • Per that one graphic that gets a lot of play, Bruce leads the majors over the last 5 years in home runs hit off of LH pitching. As a LH batter he probably has more opportunities versus LH pitching but then again he has cashed in versus them often enough in a perceived more difficult match up to have more HR versus them than anybody else. His career OPS counting this disastrous 2/3 of a season in 2014 is .799. I think these are reasons to suspect this year is an aberration and wonder what could be n underlying cause

        • Of course he’s lying, just like Phillips was lying last year. Then in spring training next year Bruce is going to announce he isn’t talking to the local media. Seriously, the guy doesn’t have to tell you if he’s hurt or not. His health is his business.

  3. Ant thoughts on the sacrifice by Cozart, it worked out short tern, but who knows what would have happened. My thought was 1 run was not good enough…but seriously doubt Cozart actually gets on and Billy’s seeing eye single may not have even occurred…also got to seriouslyquestion using a lefty Hannahan with Heisey, Ludwick or even lefty Lutz on the bench.
    This is a bad batting team given the current roster, but I seriously doubt that a player like Gotay or even Soto do not make this team better despite batting righty

  4. A perfect example of the waste of Chapman. Last night he “saves” a 3 run lead. Tonight, with the score tied, he is not available.

    • You are incorrect. He was warming up, but with the this offense who knows how many innings. He would have pitched if it were at home, but away they bat last.

  5. When the Marlins got a runner on third with one out and two left-handed hitters coming to the plate, the perfect pitcher to bring in would have been Aroldis Chapman. He has the best chance of striking out Yelich. Of course, that violates the Closer Rules so even though Chapman had warmed up twice in the game, so was clearly available *in a save situation* he apparently can’t be used when the game is directly on the line otherwise. And of course there wouldn’t have been as much hesitation about it if he hadn’t been used in the 3-run save last night.

    • Nope…because in your case he would have been used 2 innings before when the Marlins were threatening.

    • Furthermore, say Lecure comes in last night with the 3 run lead and gives up a double and a single like he did tonight, then the tying run is at the plate…can’t go to Chapman because he had to put fire out when the game was close….gas can added…ect. You make a decent case …on paper. But I suspect the guys using the closers as they do are doing it for a reason.

      • Any of those uses of Chapman are preferable to holding a three-run lead in the ninth inning. Any. And wouldn’t you rather have had LeCure trying to hold a three-run lead instead of a one-run lead after giving up a double and single?

        The reasons managers follow the Closer Rules are that it reduces second-guessing because everyone else does it, and it rewards their player with an individual statistic.

        If anyone thinks the current use of closers is correct, explain why a team should always use a closer with a three-run lead, but never use a closer with a four-run lead. The difference in win expectancy is 1%.

    • Price has consistently violated the CLOSER rules on the road by bringing Chapman in when the score is still tied. Should have brought him to face Yelich. No doubt he was reluctant to bring Chapman in with it still tied because he’d pitched the last 2 nights.

    • So walk the base loaded so Chapman can face Stanton. That would be interesting.

    • It completely baffles me how he doesn’t get used in more high leverage situations. They have to see the same thing I see from my couch in Florida right? We needed at least one K against the lefty…..Come on Price, help me out here.

  6. As disappointing and aggravating as tonight’s loss was, it was blood pressure lowering that it was mentioned in the recap that the Reds can still win the series with a win tomorrow. I’m with you on being excited when Cueto is in the game, but he’s not the only player in the lineup that brings some excitement to this yawn inducing lineup. I won’t say his name, but his initials are Billy Hamilton. Hey,chin up, the Reds can still win the series. Go Reds!

  7. Pitiful, I mean absolutely pitiful offense. I can only imagine how the pitchers feel, putting in great games day after day only to have a lackluster offense lose it for you. Homer did good tonight, but the offense wasn’t there to give him the W

    • It amazes me how these pitchers keep going out day after day giving us a chance to win by holding the other team under 4 runs and the offense doesn’t show up. Usually the lack of offense shows up in the pitching over time. Not with these guys. What a great group of hurlers we have. Go Reds.

  8. Droll.

  9. I got in off the road from 4 days of connectivity limited to texting “reds” to that mlb number that returns the score, inning, outs, etc. just in time to see Jumbo make that big pitch to send the game to extra innings. Then I had to endure the 10th. Who needs smartphone data connectivity or any form of the internet to follow this sorry offense and its creator, the do nothing GM???

  10. Worst offense ever. 2 things, Chapman should have been brought in to face Yelich and after the PH triple by Heisey and the pitching change by FLA, Price should have called a squeeze for Hamilton on the 1st pitch slider. Your on the road, go for the win. Think outside the box, especially when the offense CAN’T SCORE. What a waste of pitching and defense in 2014. This franchise might be in trouble.

    • I agree especially about the squeeze. I’m thinking of a safety squeeze. While explaining why he didn’t call for a squeeze, Price explained exactly why it was the perfect time for a squeeze: “It just seemed like if he puts the ball in play — even if he ends up at first base and the run doesn’t score, he can still steal a base and be in scoring position within a pitch or two for Jay.”

      As he said, all Hamilton needed to do was put the ball in play. He’s excellent at putting down bunts in fair territory, he’s prone to striking out when he swings away.

    • I’m thinking are in Trouble Might was 3 exits back…

  11. No line drives to the gaps, no line hugging doubles ringing out, no fly balls to the gaps driving in a run, few if any home runs capping a 5 run rally. Yeah folks winning and losing ugly is dull, boring, and frustrating. Needing “instant review” for a rally or to score one run is not what anyone remembers about the team that has won in the past. No question die-hard Reds fans (writers included) are demonstrating the frustration of winning and losing ugly. This is the team we have. Getting Phillps back will not cause a major change. Joey is better off being sent home till March. If a miracle occurs and the ugly Reds offense actually makes it into the play-offs, well, win or lose, it will still be ugly. This club has the month of August to go before we are back in the central division for the rest of the schedule. It will still be ugly but a few more wins might make it smell better.

  12. Anybody out there still think that Zack Cozart’s benefits outweighs his liabilities? How can a guy get this bad with a stick?

    • He’s been watching Paul Janish video!

    • I was really surprised that recently acquired Jake Elmore was sent directly to Louisville. He could improve our offense right now.

      • could be why he was picked up. He is on the 40 man roster right? could be they just want to give him a few games to adjust, but with our roster management who knows?

  13. I’ve noticed that the comments that the Reds are boring to watch are made on a regular basis whenever BP goes on the DL or is just out for a week. Not that it’s the main reason right now, the lack of offense is.

  14. I’m about as big a Hamilton defender as there is (next to Dale), but the AB with Heisey on 3rd and one out in the 10th was just horrible. I hope as he grows and matures, he will get better at putting the ball in play in those situations. The Bruce AB with two outs was nearly as bad and he doesn’t have being a rookie to fall back on.

    • Hamilton drove in the only run! He is actually the best reds hitter with runners on. But yes, he needed to make contact.

      • I agree 100%, just thought the AB in the 10th was particularly ugly in a particularly big situation.

    • MLB avg for getting the run in from 3rd with less than 2 outs is 51%,
      Billy’s avg: 61%

      • I’m with you. Please don’t misinterpret this comment at anti-Billy. It’s not….just an observation about what I saw as the biggest moment of the game.

        Just yesterday I had comments deleted for defending Billy, so I’m certainly in the pro-Hamilton camp.

        • Your comments weren’t deleted for defending Billy Hamilton, and you know it. If that was the case, why are there dozens of pro-Billy comments here every day that aren’t deleted? Your comments were deleted because you were attacking other people here. That’s a violation of the site guidelines. And if you keep it up, I’m going to get tired of editing and deleting one-by-one. You may not agree with the site guidelines that prohibit personal attacks and require people to talk about the Reds instead of each other. But those are the rules and you aren’t exempt. Please keep your comments directed at the Reds and not other people here.

        • Sheesh!

  15. I called both the squeeze and for bringing Chapman in to pitch the ninth. It made no sense to have LeCure pitch to Yelich when Chapman had already warmed up.

    With Heisey at third and one out, you have your second fastest guy on and a decent bunter at the plate. This screamed safety squeeze. Even if they get the guy at the plate, you have Hamilton at first. The thing was, it probably would have created confusion by the Marlins and you might have scored the run and had Hamilton on.

    This team is brutal.

  16. Squeeze with Hamilton in the 10th, would have been better choice…yeah-yeah hindsights 20/20…but the REDS have been Horrible in X-innings all season (3-7) to be exact…

  17. I agree on Cozart. Three for his last 27. All singles. No HR, no Doubles, on Triples, no RBI and no Walks. Scored ONE run. Now hitting .219! Yes sir, that’s gettin’ it done.

    Just because I must: Hannahan: worthless!

  18. I have to agree with your assessment of just how boring the Reds have become. I certainly can’t speak for others here, but its has become a little “Ho hum” in a bad way. That being said, I’ll be Ho Huming again today.

    • I find that increasingly I am still interested in the result but don’t really mind if I miss watching or listening to it happen.

      • I feel the same way. I follow it on Gameday. It give me a chance to do other things during the game.

  19. Time to seriously consider if Jay would be better served at AAA getting his confidence/swing back or DL’d if not right physically. Hamilton is struggling mightily but Bruce is clueless or hurt, embarrassing to watch.

    • “DL’d if not right physically.”
      That would require a pro-active approach on the part of management (both field and executive). Somebody needs to look Jay in the eyes and find out what is wrong
      before any action is taken. Given that Reds ballplayers have a tendency to “play with pain” even if they are useless at the plate, it would be a mistake not to push the issue with Bruce given the abnormal results that are being displayed. Have the MRI, x-rays, or whatever to clear up any possible none skill issues that may exist so that a realistic approach and solution can be determined.

    • Bruce is in a bad way, to be sure. But I doubt sending a major league player down to AAA will help his confidence.

  20. It certainly is exasperating to watch this team, especially lately. Good pitching wasted by a punchless lineup, and then to see the first person to pinch hit last night with runners on…..Hannahan…. it is hard to process the thinking behind that. Aside from the lack of offense and the carousel of first baseman, leading to several errors, we have the seemingly never ending TOOTBLANS. Slumps are a part of baseball, and every team has them. But when an entire team slumps…you have to wonder. At some point maybe Price has to review his coaching position choices (especially 3B).

    I realize Walt had a great run as GM of St. Louis, but there is a reason they moved on. While I appreciate some of the moves Walt has made, I really think new era of baseball has passed him by. I believe a more progressive, forward thinking GM could really help the lethargic state of this team.
    I personally haven’t been impressed with any of his bench constructions in recent years. I hope in the future we can do better than picking up ex Cardinals off the scrap heap, or settling for players like Hannahan.

    Like most of you I will be tuning in to cheer them on, and hoping to see a series win.
    Go Reds!

  21. Cozart is a problem. He can’t hit. We traded DIDI, bad bad decision. DFA Hannahan and Skip. Call up Navarro and Soto.

    Hamilton, Navarro, Frazier, Mesoraco, Bruce, Soto, Heisey, Santiago

    • Agree on Navarro, would like to see Felix Perez get a shot in Cincy, think he has earned it.

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