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Trade deadline inaction open thread

If the Reds actually do something before today’s non-waiver trade deadline at 4 p.m. ET, we’ll post a new thread. For now, use this as an open thread to discuss rumors, missed opportunities and your ideas for what general manager Walt Jocketty should do today. Check back here for updates as the day goes on.

In case you missed them, here are posts we’ve already published on the trade deadline: Start by reading Jocketty’s comments from a radio interview he conducted in happier times, known as ten days ago; Tony Liao catalogued Jocketty’s past trades with the Reds and found a few common threads; Mike Maffie wrote about trading starting pitchers and how that relates to the Reds; a week ago I wrote that the Reds should focus on 2015 with a limited sell posture; and Richard Fitch wrote that fans should be cautious about second-guessing Jocketty’s actions (or inaction).

In terms of moves that have already been made, remember that the Reds acquired pitcher Rasiel Iglesias, the highly touted Cuban defector. And per Jocketty, your anxiety about Joey Votto’s absence should be allayed by the much-anticipated return of Jack Hannahan. #wegotjackforthat

Speaking of rumors and limited selling, late last night it broke that the Reds had made Ryan Ludwick “available” (Bob Nightengale, USA Today). The 36-year-old left fielder is hitting .261/.326/.394 for the Reds. Ludwick is owed the remainder of his $7.5 million salary for this year and a $4.5 million buy-out next season. Don’t get your hopes up for anything in return other than partial salary relief.

Keep in mind as today progresses:

• There’s nothing inconsistent with the Reds both selling and buying today, as either could improve the franchise. Even as the Reds look to dump Ludwick’s salary, they might trade for his replacement. The Reds could trade peak Jonathan Broxton while trading for a less-well paid set-up reliever. The interesting aspect will be whether the moves are focused on 2014, 2015 or beyond.

• After today, the Reds can still make trades, but the players have to first pass through waivers by the other 29 teams. Pitchers with big contracts like Broxton might pass through waivers. But players with extremely team-friendly salaries, like Alfredo Simon, surely wouldn’t. The Reds could also shop Broxton and Simon in the off-season, although their value is highest right now.

• There haven’t been any hints that the Reds are about to do something major, but a defining characteristic of Jocketty’s regime has been maintaining silence before big deals (Latos, Marshall, Choo).

Here’s hoping that Jocketty can figure out a trade – that another team would accept – that would improve the Reds.

218 thoughts on “Trade deadline inaction open thread

  1. Wow, Reds do nothing.
    Jocketty will have a presser explaining that he just didn’t see a fit. Gotta hold on to those precious prospects for dear life. Wouldn’t want to lose one. He might have to make an adjustment to the 40 man roster. We can’t have that.

    • I’m stunned. If ever a team needed a shake up it was this one. Whether it was buy or sell, something had to happen the team has been sleep walking since the ASB and has a plethora of injuries. Walt is truly an inept GM when you consider his inactivity last year as well with the handling of Byrd. Unbelievable.

    • “We’ll eventually get Luddy and Cueto back and it’ll be like— oh, excuse me, that was my 2013 speech. 2014… oh, here we are… We’ll eventually get Brandon and Joey back and it’ll be like trading for two All-Stars without having to give up anything. So we were happy waiting for what we already have.” – My imagination’s picture of Walt’s trade deadline interview.

  2. David Price to the Tigers; at least he didn’t land in the NL Central. Nick Franklin to Tampa.

  3. I just dont understand not making a move. Worst position to be in, big picture, is stuck in mid pack. Your better off pushing for the playoffs or reloading prospects. Doing neither is accepting mediocrity.

  4. Yeah i am a bit confused as to why we couldnt make a single deal to improve this team long term. Are the Reds players that bad that nobody wants them?

  5. I have not read the thread but I’ve been waiting for the Reds to make some moves. I think the best moves would be to trade Broxton, Lecure, Simon(!!! sell high), Phillips, and Ludwick (I doubt anyone would want him). But I’ll bet we could get some nice pieces for Broxton, Simon and/or Phillips.

  6. Anybody overpaid will clear waivers so something could still happen in August. Doubt any of the starting pitchers would clear but maybe a smaller deal still gets done.

  7. I have been a Jocketty apologist many times on this site. I guess I won’t be anymore.

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