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Reds shopping Mat Latos?

Jayson Stark of ESPN tweets that the Reds aren’t buying (not a huge surprise) but that they are also “dangling” Mat Latos to other teams.

To catch up on current events in the NL Central:

The Cardinals have traded for SP John Lackey, sending pitcher Joe Kelly and OF/1B Allan Craig to Boston.

The Brewers have traded for OF Gerardo Parra, sending two minor league prospects to the Diamondbacks.

177 thoughts on “Reds shopping Mat Latos?

  1. WJ is a senior GM and he refuses to make a deal or take any chances. I just don’t buy that “DEALS” are not out there to be made. He either sucks or is being hamstrung by BC.

    • Take a chance? OMG he traded 4 of our rather upper level prospects for Matt Latos, he traded for a one year rental on Choo. With little to no inside information as to what Walt offered in deals today or was offered to claim he refuses or won’t take chances is a farce…

      • that was two years ago. When you go through two deadlines and an entire offseason without improving your team, it’s fair for the fans to ask what’s up.

    • as bad as the hitting is and we do nothing at the trade deadline is shameful .The front office needs to wake the hell up or resign if our hitting was average we would be in first place keep wasting good pitching night after night .

    • To hold this view you either must feel that, a) WJ is incompetent or, b) he is intentionally torpedoing the Reds. The first alternative, given his career, seems easy to dismiss. The second, appealing to conspiracy theorists, perhaps, is ludicrous. He shouldn’t make a deal for the sake of making a deal, and it seems likely that the band-aids he could have gotten would have cost too much without seriously improving our chances of going deep into the postseason.

  2. Not surprised Walt did nothing but I am ticked as hell. I don’t understand why he couldn’t get a deal done again. I’m not advocating making a bad deal, but you can’t tell me you couldn’t have negotiated a fair price for some of our players which won’t be helping us much longer.

  3. Contending teams that made trades to improve their 2014 teams:


    Selling teams that made deals planning for the future:

    Red Sox

    Teams just looking to get better and made a deal:


    How can the Reds not fit into one of those categories?

      • Notable absences (and some less excusable than the Reds):

        White Sox

        They Rays were most comparable to the Reds. They didn’t recognize they were sellers until late. They were decisive and made a big move that set them up for the immediate future. Latos (nor Cueto) could have commanded that return but I am jealous something similar didn’t occur.

  4. Looks like all the moves have been made. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

  5. Yankees are designating Brian Roberts. Maybe the Reds should make a claim on him. 85 OPS+ so he fits the profile of the Reds’ offense. He always struck me as PED user during the glory days. Slugged .450-.500 out of the blue for three years and then went back to .350 just as quickly.

    • Don’t think he was using PEDs… I follow the O’s very closely. Roberts had horrible injury luck and then just missed too much time.

      • Then I would take his defense over Shu’s and his offense over Santiago’s. If Negron isn’t going to play regularly then I’d prefer Roberts.

  6. The fact that nothing was done doesn’t bother me because honestly, we don’t have much of a chance if we do get the WC. Do we need a big bat in LF? Absolutely, but I believe we should chase that in the off season and be ready for next year

    • THis. A move for the sake of a move is senseless. The Reds have little to offer without giving up on next year or buying this year. Neither would have been a smart decision.

      • Except, sadly, these were the same front office moves made last year. Which is to say, no moves. Apparently makes no difference whether we’re in the race or not.

        • Getting the injured guys back will likely be the equivalent of a blockbuster trade without having to give anything up.

  7. Once we win 15 out of the next 20, we’ll be glad we didn’t sell today.

  8. Reds lineup posted… Pena catching for Cueto. No Mes. Jack playing 1B.

    Hamilton CF
    Negron 2B
    Frazier 3B
    Ludwick LF
    Pena C
    Heisey RF
    Hannahan 1B
    Cozart SS
    Cueto P

  9. I’m ready to move on from the trade deadline talk Continuing to talk about it is depressing — like watching video, over and over of being shot down when asking for a date. It is what it is – bring on the game thread.

    • After watching him get completely over-powered last night on 3 low-90s fastballs, I’m sick thinking that he’s hitting 4th.

  10. Ok, a very brief summary of my final thoughts on the Reds inaction at the trade deadline:

    I am happy that they didn’t pay for someone like Byrd. I am also glad they didn’t trade an A- or B+ prospect and another lower prospect for Zobrist. I just think this sort of deal wouldn’t have been enough to put them over the hump.

    I am happy they didn’t trade starting pitching. Simon is the only one I may have moved and I wouldn’t have given him up for peanuts. He is a nice #5 starter.

    I am disappointed that the Reds didn’t move Broxton’s contract and likely get a decent return as Broxton is pitching well. I’d be stunned if teams didn’t call about him. They could have probably gotten a B prospect at least out of him and gotten $9-million off the books for next season.

  11. Ok, so I’m a Jay Bruce fan. I have always thought it possible that the knee may be one of the reasons that he was struggling at the plate but what about the death of his Grandfather? I mean if his grandfather was sick and that’s been on his mind, that can really be a tough. I don’t know the circumstances and it’s none of my business but I’ve been trying to figure out why my favorite Red has had such a tough year at the plate and there could be another factor to consider. I just hope he regroups and has a much better year next season.

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