So, the Reds are experiencing some technical difficulties thus far in the second half of the baseball season. To honor that, we decided to experience a few difficulties early in the podcast, as well. Please accept our apologies — we’ll get it ironed out — but you know you still want to listen to all the Reds discussion on this week’s RNR. This is our cross to bear. We love the ol’ Redlegs, no matter what.

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4 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    If Simon is traded, who makes the 10 or so starts left for that spot in the rotation? Weng, Francis and Jurgens are all gone (although maybe Jurgens could be brought back from being DFAed by the Rockies). Seems to me that leaves Holgrom. Handing him that spot in the rotation is sends all the wrong messages to the team and the public.

      • ohiojimw

        This year? Next year, yeah have a look at it but I think not this season.

      • jonrox

        Yup. Star him and let him go as long as he can. Reds have 8 relievers so it’s not like they don’t have bodies to finish the games