Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (51-49) 3 5 0
Milwaukee Brewers (56-45) 4 6 0
W: F. Rodriguez (4-3) L: LeCure (102)
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–Offensively, not much to see here. Brayan Pena was the only Red with two hits. Jay Bruce hit a run-scoring double.

–Jumbo Diaz is a very good relief pitcher. It is a crying shame that he hasn’t been given a chance to pitch in the big leagues before now (and that’s not just a criticism of the Reds; no one gave him a chance). He was dialing it up there at 97 mph tonight in his scoreless inning of work (striking out two Brewers). One of the good stories about this year’s version of the Reds.

–Ramon Santiago was hit by a pitch with bases loaded to drive in a run. Way to take one for the team, Ramon.

–Jonathan Broxton pitched another scoreless inning. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but he continues to pitch well.

–Skip Schumaker made a nice defensive play to start a double play. That was a positive, I suppose.


–The Reds fought back from 3-1 down, but lost on a walkoff homer by Jonathan Lucroy (his second of the game) off Sam LeCure to lead off the bottom of the ninth.

–The Reds have scored a grand total of 11 runs in this 5-game losing streak. That’s not exactly a stellar performance by the lineup. And there’s little reason to hope for more, with Votto/Phillips injured, and with Walt Jocketty asleep at the wheel in the front office.

–With bases loaded and one out in the seventh inning, Billy Hamilton hit a soft line drive to second base. For some reason, Zack Cozart took off for third. It was a brain cramp that would be unacceptable on the high school level — you freeze on a line drive. But it’s just the latest dumb Reds blunder in a week filled with them.

–Cozart got on base when he was hit in the hand with a pitch. After the inning, he was removed from the game, clearly in pain. X-rays were negative, but the Reds will probably be playing short-handed for the next few days. Again.

–With the game tied in the ninth inning, the Reds sent up Ryan Ludwick, Brayan Pena, Kris Negron, and Ramon Santiago. You can’t make this stuff up. I swear I don’t know how the Reds are still contending in the NL Central, but I love it.

–Negron was on first base after a fielder’s choice in the ninth. Francisco Rodriguez threw over to first in an attempt to pick him off, and the throw bounced and hit Negron in the side of the head. Looked painful, but he stayed in the game. Which was fortunate, because the Reds didn’t have any other infielders. Since Jack Hannahan is nowhere to be found, of course.

Not so random thoughts….

–The Redlegs have lost all five games since the All-Star break, and seven of nine overall — all coming after a five game winning streak that drew the club to within 1.5 games of first place. They are now firmly ensconced in fourth place, 4.5 games behind Milwaukee. Only two games over .500 now.

No reason to give up on a team that is that close to first place, but the last few days haven’t been much fun.

–How many players on this team are going to be injured? This is getting tiresome.

–Other than three pitches, Homer Bailey pitched pretty well, but Milwaukee hit home runs on those three pitches. In the end, Homer threw six innings, surrendering just those three runs on four hits and one walk, striking out five. It wasn’t enough to win, however.

–In a game against the division leaders:

–Chris Garber hit the nail on the head in his twitter feed tonight: this team is the Bad News Bears. Because of injury and inattention from the general manager, they are largely a collection of has-beens and never-was’s. Look at the lineup on the field at the end of the game. Brutal. And Kelly Leak ain’t walking through that door.

Yet, they are still in this race. Somehow. Who knows?

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  1. Jake

    Luxe oh is dangerous, but them again I’m not surprised with that pitch from LeCure. Hope we can get em tomorrow and snap this losing streak

    • shannon bubnick

      to the reds front office you need some hitters how long are you going to stick with some of these guys

  2. RedAlert

    If Rip Van Jokerty don’t get something moving soon , gonna be hard to pass three other teams in front of you – and yea, yea I know he has to have the ok from Mr C and another willing trade partner – but he haS GOT TO GET SOMETHING DONE YESTERDAY

  3. ohiojimw

    Another night another TOOTBLAN. I’m thinking we need an official Reds TOOTBLAN song. I’m nominating the tune from “Listen to the Music” by the Doobie Brothers. “Oh, Oh Whoa, waitin’ for the TOOTBLAN…..” There’s the chorus hook, now somebody come up with a verse 🙂

    • preacherj

      OH, Thanks Jim. Now I’m going to hear that every freakin’ time someone gets on base…..guess it won’t be that often.

    • mikemartz

      Jim, after reading the last 5 game threads maybe we should go with “you’ve lost that loving feeling”?
      This pretty much sums everything up right here…

  4. preacherj

    Jack Hannahan, Jack Billingham, Jack and Diane, whatever…..

  5. CTRedsFan

    Hannahan’s being “nowhere to be found” is probably a positive.

    • RedsfanPa

      Absolutely! We have enough players who will go 0-4 with at least 3 K’s. But Walt says fear not…. “We got Jack for that”.

  6. RedAlert

    Man you can tell people losing interest when a Brewers homer finds room to post after a loss like this – tryin’ to rub a little salt in the wound r ya ?

  7. wildwestlv

    I’m sure Mike Leake will stop the bleeding tomorrow, Reds will tee off of Kyle Lohse and then they’ll sweep the Washington Nationals. You heard it here, first.

    • pinson343

      I love your prediction. I fully expect the Reds to lose today, but every time I’ve felt that way this season, they’ve won, so who knows. And Leake is very capable of shutting down a team which is almost entirely RHed hitters (in particular with Gennett out).

  8. 666wolverine

    July cannot end fast enough!!!

  9. sergeant2

    Being that Price is new on the job its obvious that for now in tough situations he is making decisions based on the mentoring from his former boss. But I guess its only natural for the person replacing his old boss to initially follow in the old bosses footsteps until they have the confidence to make their own path. Sooner rather than later Price better gain the confidence to be his own man, and manage the team his own way or his career as a manager in MLB will be short lived.

    • ebailey1216

      Price has actually done an excellent job managing this team. Everyone knew the offense was the problem, and Jocketty failed to address this in the off season. Remember when he said the team was not interested in Cruz when they should have signed him and he was an excellent fit for this team, a right handed power bat. Management has let down Cincinnati.

      • Mutaman

        You’re complaining because Walt didn’t pony up ten million to sign a PEDs using DH. I don’t think so.

      • Drew

        A) Who cares if he used PED’s
        B) He is playing the field for the O’s isn’t he?

      • Eric the Red

        I definitely do. And one of the more nauseating things last night was listening to Chris Welsh defend Lyin’ Ryan Braun’s character assassination of the guy who took his sample. (THOM! doesn’t seem to have much problem with Braun getting caught using PEDs DURING THE PLAYOFFS, but even he seemed upset at Braun’s behavior in calling out the guy who was doing his job. Welsh didn’t have a problem because “people shouldn’t be mad at Braun for doing what his lawyer came up with.”)

      • lwblogger2

        Yes, I’m not proud he’s on my O’s, but I’m glad he’s on my O’s… Does that make sense? Cruz has started 50 games at DH and 48 in the OF. He has cooled off quite a bit after a monster start. He’s not as brutal in the OF as I thought he’d be but I’ve caught fewer O’s games this year than I have in years past.

    • RedinInd

      I’m of the opinion that Bryan Price, having spent 14 years in major league dugouts and bullpens before becoming the Reds manager, actually does know what he’s doing. Yes, some of his moves have been headscratchers, but I don’t think Bryan really has had any, “What would Dusty do?” moments. Fourteen years coaching under four different managers in the big leagues — Bryan’s been around enough to be his own man and to know how the game is played. And he knows better (than at least I do) which players at his disposal are probably more able to do their job on any particular day. Whether we agree or not.

    • tct

      There you go again acting like you know what’s going on in the clubhouse and in the player’s and manager’s minds. I don’t see why so many people try to make up these theories using armchair psychology to show why the reds are losing when there are so many obvious, objective reasons right in front of them.
      Here’s an example: last year the trio of Votto, Bruce, and Phillips combined for a little over 12 WAR. In 2012 it was over 11 WAR, and in 2010 it was over 15 WAR. This year those three have given them 2 WAR.
      The reds are struggling right now but it’s not because they aren’t trying or because price secretly wants to be Dusty Baker and has lost his confidence. It’s not because of lack of leadership or bad chemistry because these same guys won 90 games last year and 97 the year before. There are plenty of obvious, fact based reasons to look at instead of making up things that you know nothing about, like the mood of the clubhouse.

      • pinson343

        It really is that simple, but I guess we feel a need to vent about other less important (or imagined) things.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Great points.

        Bottom line: We don’t have the horses and adding one isn’t going to make much difference.

      • preacherj

        I’m not so sure. With this rotation keeping us in games, one consistent bat might just change the course of things. Of course, I’m not talking about simply re-arranging deck chairs here.

  10. sergeant2

    After getting that vent out of the way (venting does not equal validity) the truth is I would be shocked if the Reds didn’t fight and scratch and end up contending to win the division or a wild card spot. Hot streaks, cold streaks, trades and injuries will factors to be reckoned with before the season ends. Plus the Reds have an Ace up their sleeve, whats that Ace? A healthy starting rotation at seasons end.

    • pinson343

      Glad to see you bounce back so quickly, Sarge. With Mes and Chapman both being saved for extra innings or just for another day, I did some private venting of my own.

  11. chrislosolivos

    Apparently I missed something . . . Mes is hurt, sick, benched for being an offensive threat? What happened?

    • Jake

      A sore throat. No, Price liked the matchup of Pena and Bailey in SF so he went with it again

    • pinson343

      Mes not even used as a pinch hitter in last night’s loss or the walkoff loss to the Yankees. Price has been saving him for extra innings ?

  12. pinson343

    With the Reds offense, I don’t know if it makes much sense to second guess Price, but I was VERY disappointed to not see Chapman come in to strike out Lucroy and take the bottom of the 9th from there. Chapman has struck him out every time he’s faced him, except for Lucroy’s walkoff HR off Chapman in August 2013.

    After that HR, Lucroy had a big mouth, saying “It was easy to look for Chapman’s fastball and slow my bat down for the slider.” The one time Chapman faced Lucroy this season, his first pitch was near his chin, and then he struck him out with a slider.

  13. pinson343

    Lucroy hit the walk off on an 87 mph fastball. All 3 of LeCure’s pitches to him were fastballs. This loss reminds me in one way of the loss to the Pirates on 2 late solo HRs by McCutcheon. (Yes his were later in the game).

  14. vared

    Great point/reminder about how long it took to call up Diaz. How many games did this team lose in the spring and early summer due to ineffective relief pitching while Diaz was lights out at AAA? What a shame.

  15. brmreturns

    Price has done a good job with the MASH unit he has been given. However, he and Jocketty have both said (yesterday? days are starting to run together….) they plan to stay with 13 pitchers to ‘provide protection’.

    So you have 2 starters on the DL (2 subs), one position that has been a black hole since pre-Y2K scare (merry-go-round platoon), and 1 starter that has battled injury and isn’t performing to capabilities this year. So, the Reds already weak/thin replacement options in the field are on the team. Now, Cozart is day-to-day and Negron gets hit in the neck/ear sliding back on a pick-off attempt. So, they will likely be playing with a 3 man bench today, if you can call it that. Soto, Lutz, and Heisey/Ludwick probably have the Brewers’ pen scared to death to enter the game.

    Any thought on USING the bullpen today and letting Leake cover SS? Can’t be any worse, can it?

  16. Kyle Farmer

    “How many players on this team are going to be injured? This is getting tiresome.” And yet it’s Walt Jocketty’s fault that a mid-market team can’t field two competitive lineups (one injured and one healthy). Nobody would have given the Reds a chance based on the injuries they’ve had. Seems like Jocketty has done a pretty good job considering the situation.

    I sure hope we don’t throw away prospects at a one year rental. But I guess we should expect Jocketty to get Stanton for a mid-range prospect. Being a GM must be really easy.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Great point.

      At this point, smart money would have to be on being sellers. IMO, WJ has done a really good job with the perceived resources he has available. Hopefully we can add a couple of good prospects before the deadline.

  17. Drew

    We are now 8 days out from the normal trading deadline as trades can happen after that date, they are just a little more tricky to get done. Right now we are without Bruce, Votto, Phillips and it looks now like Cozart. We have a black hole in LF and a rookie in CF. That leaves us with Frazier and Mez to lead this team…Can we all agree that while the talent is there when all healthy and producing, it is NOT happening this season. So instead of making a worthless deal that is not going to thrust us into contention for a WS this year, look to what we need to do to make us better starting in 2015.

    • jessecuster44

      I’ll agree that if moves had been made in April and May – proactive moves – then few people would be discussing looking to 2015 right now.

      • greenmtred

        I doubt that it’s the first time you’ve been asked whom the Reds should have traded to make themselves surething contenders this year, but I’m asking now. Trades are not simple–to get a really good, helpful player, you almost always have to give up something of value, and in doing so, probably create a weakness you didn’t have before–or reduce your chances of being relevant in years to come. I’m not opposed in principle to trades, but the idea that it is WJ’s laziness, inattention or secret desire to hamstring the Reds that is responsible for the current mess seems to me to be an oversimplification.

      • jessecuster44

        Leake. Cingrani(good trade piece back in April) Chapman. Simon (ultimate sell high candidate)

        I won’t say Walt is lazy, but the organization has this timid and indecisive philosophy in regard to making in season improvements. Most of us saw the thin bench and weak offense before the season started.

        And the Reds ARE contending. But they won’t get over the to with what they have.

      • jessecuster44

        And I’d rather win now than have a chance at being “relevant” in 2018.

      • Kyle Farmer

        Who was on the market in April and May? For crying out loud, Walt Jocketty is not the Godfather.

      • jessecuster44

        Pirates got Ike Davis back in April. They made a deal to try and improve their team. Not really a great example, but there are players on the market early in the season.

        Given the reds pitching staff, the fact that said staff will not remain intact after this season, and the offensive deficiencies staring the reds in the face, I wanted Walt to go to teams and make an offer they could not refuse. WIN NOW. prospects are prospects and the future isn’t guaranteed.

      • Kyle Farmer

        Ike Davis? Come on. I thought we were talking about people who could help the club. Sure, I guess we could trade for a couple replacement level guys.

    • Grand Salami

      I love this team, they will continue to compete. The sell options seems like a wiser one than the buy option. Will one bat be enough? Will the starting pitching continue to be the backbone?

  18. jessecuster44

    Last year, it was people making excuses for Dusty. This year, excuses are being made for Walt. Yes, a GM’s job is hard. But for two years now, the Reds have tried to compete without a quality bench or a power bat in LF.

    It’s clear the Reds are losing games due to a lack of depth and a lack of offense. Yet nothing has been done to remedy this situation. It’s maddening.

    How can Walt be absolved of blame here? As much as he should be praised for putting together a terrific starting rotation and stellar group of fielders, that’s not the whole job.

    You can use injuries as an excuse, or cry poverty as an excuse – but winning organizations don’t use excuses.

    • Kyle Farmer

      Mid market teams do not have deep benches. If they do, then their starters suck.

      Walt did address LF. He resigned Ryan Ludwick in a move that darn near everybody agreed with at the time with the caveat that it might be a slight overpay. Ludwick goes out and tears up his shoulder on Opening Day. I guess you can blame Jocketty for that, but I do not believe it’s his fault.

      So, we can have nice things but there’s no way we can have two of everything as long as this club is in Cincy and not SoCal. No club could withstand the injury devastation that has hit the Reds……winning or not.

      • jessecuster44

        And what did Walt do after Ludwick got hurt? walt waited four months for Ludwick to return, and hoped he would be the acquisition at the trade deadline to jump start the offense. That timid, wait and see action is what I blame Walt for.

        And despite the injury devastation, the Reds are still in contention, without ANY moves made to bring in players from the outside. you bring in one bat, and that could be enough to carry the team until JV and BP are healthy.

      • Kyle Farmer

        My entire point is that as a mid-market team you don’t get a second chance. Ludwick getting hurt screwed the team. There isn’t enough margin for error to go out and replace him. It’s the world we accept as Reds fans.

        The one thing the GM cannot control and that cannot be overcome is injuries. If you want to root for a team that can simply buy another all-star then you have to root for the Yankees, Angels, or Dodgers.

        What move do people want? Again, I do NOT want prospects traded for rentals. It’s not a sustainable model for a club in our market.

      • vegastypo

        My biggest gripe about the Ludwick deal was the guarantee of $4.5 million for next season if the Reds don’t keep him. You shouldn’t pay a guy that much money to leave. And I doubt the Reds will cut him loose, so more of the same in left field next year at something like double that amount?

        Not blaming Ludwick for getting hurt, but I really believe Walt could have found somebody to help in left field during last season, rather than assume that Ludwick would be adequate when he returned. Overall, Walt’s track record of in-season acquisitions is poor, hoping something can be done this season, but won’t exactly hold my breath. Neither you nor I know whether he has been rebuffed by ownership on in-season moves, whether has tried to make deals but couldn’t make anything work, or simply has not tried.

      • jessecuster44

        Last year I wanted a prospect traded for a rental – in April. Once you commit to “All in,” you don’t throw up your hands and change approach when one player gets hurt for most of the season. You grit your teeth and reload. One more player won’t destroy payroll. The Reds could have done this, and they could have traded for a bat already this year.

        They are choosing to wait, or to not trade at all – which is fine if you want to be “relevant” – but perhaps not fine if you want to win a pennant. The window is shutting, and I lack faith that Cingrani, Stephenson or Winker will be big time players.

  19. KYP

    No way this team can contend for a pennant. At our absolute best, we back into the wild card game and get sent home by someone’s ace. Therefore, we should sell at the deadline and build a better team for the next few years.

    • big5ed

      What exactly do the Reds have to offer? They don’t really have any contracts that anybody wants to take on, except probably Chapman. But even with Chapman, the smart teams have figured out that closers are overpaid, and he may not bring much in return.

      I suppose they could dump one of the starters other than Bailey, but my view is that they could work out a more sensible deal in the off-season, if they still wanted to trade one of the starters. Assuming that Votto and Phillips are back next year, which is unfortunately a bit of a stretch, then they should contend next year; if so, then there is no rush now to make a trade.

      • Drew

        I offer Chapman and Broxton and Simon and whomever of the three SP (Cueto/Latos or Leake) I feel I won’t be able to ink to a long term deal. Personally I would pick Cueto as I believe his career will be the shortest of the three. I would also offer up Bruce, see what I might get in return, not saying I would deal him, but I sure whould take offers. That is where I would start.

      • vegastypo

        Why is it a “stretch” to assume that Votto and Phillips are back next year?

    • RiverCity Redleg

      Who do you sell that won’t weaken our team for 2015?

      • charlottencredsfan

        Ludwick & Schu. I think these guys return at least marginal prospects. IMO, getting the payroll dollars down and acquiring young talent should be job A. How much would we miss Ludwick next year and a guy like Schu should be available should be available before the 2015 season.

      • vegastypo

        You think somebody would take’s Ludwick’s contract? I’m in favor, would like to see it happen.

      • charlottencredsfan

        .727 OPS? I think the chances are better than they are not.

      • sultanofswaff

        I absolutely deal Chapman. The WhiteSox have done very well for themselves flipping their league average closers and getting cost controlled position players in return. The Reds could do better than that while shifting Cingrani/Contreras/Cuban kid we just signed/Diaz to closer. I’d insist on a cost controlled middle infielder and begin the process of shopping Phillips, eating a bit of salary if need be.

        The goal is to rebalance the payroll away from the bullpen and aging veterans and shift that money toward core guys like Mesoraco/Hamilton/Cueto.

      • charlottencredsfan

        IMO, you could be no ore right.

        Cueto is the puzzler. If they were offered a haul, I’d be very tempted. Without question, he is the best pitcher on the staff and among the elite in MLB. Just worry about JC’s durability. Everything else about this guy is money: stuff, toughness, composure, etc. I love me some Johnny Cueto, what a pitcher.

      • Kyle Farmer

        I hate it, but you’re right. Chappy is the best trade prospect.

        I think Phillips has to agree to any trade at this point.

  20. big5ed

    Ludwick had another key whiff in the fourth inning, with runners at second and third and one out. I don’t see any excuse for him to play, other than in limited situations against non-power pitchers. In another six weeks, the rosters expand, and it won’t then be a deadly sin to have him on the roster, but he is over the hill and not coming back.

    It seems as if Bailey’s mistakes always, and I mean ALWAYS, get crushed. He looked great otherwise, but he slides into mediocrity just by a small number of bad mistakes.

    I would play Negron and Lutz at 2B and 1B, and let everybody else stay in the natural position (and Ludwick’s natural position is the bench). I expect that Cozart, who also cannot hit major league pitching, will be sidelined for a day or two, so I don’t see any downside to giving Negron a few starts in a row. He isn’t Stan Musial, but he at least seems to have an idea how to have a professional at-bat. And Lutz has some natural ability, but he needs regular play to show it.

    I would like to see some video of Mesoraco from earlier this season, because it appears to me that he is swinging way harder than he was when he was hot. Frankly, both Mes and Bruce need to talk some hitting with Pete Rose.

  21. zippy

    Last night Steve M. attacked me because I claimed this team lacks mental toughness after watching Cozart make the team’s 8 millionth mental mistake. And yet, in the blog’s own summary this very same incident is called “a brain cramp that would be unacceptable on the high school level” and “the latest dumb blunder.” I’m not suggesting everyone who writes for Redleg Nation needs to agree 100%, but maybe you guys should take a meeting and decide which kinds of comments merit a personal attack and which don’t?

    • Steve Mancuso

      1. There’s a big difference between saying a player had a “brain cramp” or they make “dumb mistakes” and saying they don’t have “mental toughness.” The difference is between the words “cramp” and “mistake” – implying out of the norm – and saying they lack a mental quality inherently. One is an attack on fundamental character. You can disagree that there is a difference, but that’s the way I see it.

      2. I wasn’t attacking you per se, since I don’t even know who you are. The broader point I was making was that I find it ironic when commenters on the internet choose anonymity and attack professional baseball players or other people (who they’ve never met) as lacking mental attributes. It’s the juxtaposition of the anonymity and accusations about mental toughness that caught my eye. It wasn’t a personal attack. Chad has always insisted that writers here use their full real names because it promotes accountability. I agree with that policy.

      3. See, my point about anonymity, notice how Chad Dotson wrote under his name.

      4. Yes, the editors at Redleg Nation don’t see every play the same way. If we “took a meeting” it would be the first one.

      • Zippy

        A) I must say, I don’t see any irony in a private person maintaining a level of anonymity while pointing out that a professional baseball team (all members of which are public figures by choice) lacks mental toughness. You might want to stop and think about that for a moment. Are you prepared to publish your cell number in this forum? Address? Tell us where your kids go to school? Reveal your bank account info and social security number? I sure hope not. And yet, I don’t take your desire to maintain a level of personal privacy as any indication of YOUR mental toughness. I take it as a sign of wisdom and internet savvy.

        B) Sorry, but I fail to see any real difference between “making a series of dumb blunders” and “lacking mental toughness.” As I see it, by DEFINITION mentally tough people make very few dumb blunders. That’s what I think it means to be mentally tough. (You could have asked this last night, but chose instead to dwell on what you perceive as irony.) Everyone makes a mistake from time to time, yes, because we’re all human. But when it becomes the norm to expect at least one dumb blunder essentially every single day, I say that team lacks mental toughness. I mean, at some point the term has absolutely no meaning whatsoever if an individually is permitted to make dumb decision after dumb decision after dumb decision but still can’t be labeled “lacking mental toughness” because it suggests a character flaw. By your definition, I think it would be “unfair” to suggest any player in the history of major league baseball has lacked mental toughness, as they all managed to get MOST things right, which is how, after all, they reached the major leagues. So is that your standard? If a player is on a major league roster, it’s unreasonable to suggest he lacks mental toughness no matter how many mental errors he makes?

      • Zippy

        I see I made at least one typo in that last comment. More irony!

      • jessecuster44

        Steve, you’ve made the point about mental toughness many times. To be a major leaguer, you need mental toughness, and every Red has this.

        frustration comes from the high number of mental mistakes that players on this roster commit, at very inopportune times. This pattern seemed to manifest itself last year. So, they aren’t dumb, they just seem to be doing dumb things too often.

      • Kyle Farmer

        Agree with you 100%. Making a error does not mean a player lacks mental toughness.

      • Michael J Hampton

        I agree Steve. That is one of my pet peeves about Internet forums. The anonymity sometimes brings out the worst in people. They hide behind that anonymity and make comments about the character or intelligence of people that they would never make to their face. Some people seem to think that because ball players are public figures it is ok to take any kind of shot at them while they hide behind their Internet personas.

        Now, I’m not calling out anybody on this site, although it has gotten pretty negative on here the last few days. I’m a big UK basketball fan and belong to a forum or two for them. When they play poorly, like most of last season, some of their “fans” get really nasty with their comments about those kids, and they are just kids, 18 and 19 years old. I would hate to see this site degenerate into that kind of a forum. I don’t know if Reds players read comments from here, but I know the UK players read some of the comments, or were at least aware of them.

        It got to where I wasn’t enjoying basketball because of all the nastiness I was reading in the forums. I’m a junkie for my sports teams and I want to read everything I can about them, but, I finally wised up and realized no one was making me go there and read that stuff and I took a break from it. I started enjoying the games again and they even turned their season around and made a nice run in the NCAA.

        That’s why I like sites that promote logging in with a Facebook or some similar account. That puts your name out there and at least establishes some measure of accountability. If people know who you are, maybe you think twice before posting something disparaging about someone’s character or intelligence.

      • Zippy

        If there were some way to communicate directly with the members of this team, I would GLADLY say to their faces “this team lacks mental toughness.” I would absolutely welcome that conversation. Can we make it happen? Please? I’m not the least bit concerned about BP yelling at me or making fun of me on Twitter. I’ve endured far worse than that. What I don’t welcome is opening myself up to whomever happens to stumble upon my comment. Some might call it “hiding,” but unless you’re prepared to post your social security number and other personal information with every comment you make, I would think you can understand the preference to maintain a degree of internet privacy while still wishing to comment on the Reds’ mental toughness (or lack thereof). These two things have nothing to do with each other — at least in my case. My name gives you access to my address, business address, family members’ names, and scads of other personal information that I don’t happen to wish to share with everyone who might read this blog. Does that really mean I’m in no position to judge the team’s mental toughness, or does it mean I’ve had enough bad experiences (including harassing phone calls and threats on my life) to know it’s often prudent to avoid giving away more information than necessary on the internet?

      • zippy

        Let’s assume for the moment my name is Sally Zipperman and I’ve just finished my freshman year at Walnut Hills. Or let’s assume it’s Joey Votto. Or John Fay. Or Barack Saddam Assaf. Is it really ironic that I would prefer to go by Zippy when I’m criticizing the Reds?

  22. sultanofswaff

    For me, the biggest crime in this whole mess is the lack of playing time for Mesoraco. It’s lunacy to only play him 2/3 of the time. Without him in the lineup and no thanks to Bruce, we only have two legitimate threats—Frazier and Hamilton.

    To that end, you gotta feel for Todd Frazier. It’s practically written on his face every time he comes to the plate that he feels like he has to come through because no one around him can hit a lick. No one can perform with that kind of pressure.

    I read Votto had a second injection of platelet rich plasma. A period of rest is required afterward before he can resume rehab. We’ll be lucky to see him by September 1.

    • preacherj

      I’m beginning to think I need to start taking injections of platelet rich plasma prior to watching these games.

      • Kyle Farmer

        Best comment of the thread! I was going to take the night off and watch a softball game on another network with my daughter, but it was rained out. Darn it!

    • Drew

      And to what level of health might he be then…70% or 80% at best? Again he needs to be shut down for the season and rest and thus there is no question come 2015 he is 100%.

    • Bruno

      I recall an interview with Mesoraco where they asked him about the pounding he was taking behind the plate.He responded with…..That’s why I NEED so many days off. I dont think you will ever see him be an effective player playing in 140—150 games.

  23. WVRedlegs

    There have been alot of players hitting the DL in the last week that may have been on the trade market. Further reducing Jocketty’s chances of getting a significant bat. I don’t think anything positive gets done before the deadline from Jocketty.
    Then the horror will really set in. Castellini will give Jocketty a new two-year contract saying that they haven’t finished the job yet of bringing that Championship to the Reds. Another two years of offensive mediocrity is what we have to look forward to with Jocketty as GM. Little offensively will be changed (Ludwick, Heisey, Schumaker, Santiago and Hannahan still on the roster) and Jocketty will oversee the transition in the starting rotation at the end of 2015 and into 2016 as his job #1. The new GM after the 2016 season will have to deal with any offensive transformation as the contracts of Bruce and Phillips will be closing out and Frazier, Mesoraco, Cozart become free agents and the arrival of top prospects all merge together and will be factors in the roster construction.

    • jessecuster44

      I fully believe Big Bob axes Walt after this season, if the Reds lack of offense continues.

      • Drew

        Not a chance, there has been way to many injuries. Walt has been limited in getting help due to large contracts approved by bob to Phillips and Votto and such. Walt is Bob’s guy from the St. Louis days, Walt ain’t going anywhere unless he decides it’s time to step away.

      • jessecuster44

        It’s time. Winners do not blame injuries – they overcome them. The Reds have needed ONE more bat in the lineup since April 2012. The fact that Walt couldn’t find it tells me his time is up.

      • lwblogger2

        Gotta disagree Drew. I would be quite surprised if Jocketty is resigned assuming the Reds fall short of the playoffs. I’d be even more surprised if he was resigned after a sub-.500 season. Honestly, I see WJ not resigning, and going ahead with retirement.

    • sultanofswaff

      Yeah, I don’t like one bit how next year is shaping up to be a world series or bust kind of season, what with all our pitchers in the final year of their deals. I think that sets us up for a trade deadline panic-y overpay or selloff. I’m not a big fan of high stakes poker like that. It might be smarter to begin the transition process now. I fully expect the Reds to be right at .500 a week from now, around 6 games out of first………and keep in mind the second place teams in the other NL divisions are ~10 games over .500. Simply put, if we don’t win the division we likely won’t get a wild card. That’s a lot to make up with 55+ games left.

      Let’s face it, it’s getting late early.

      • jessecuster44

        last year and this year should have been the WS or bust seasons, but good grief, let’s be “relevant” in the future. Ugh.

  24. Eric the Red

    I read where Homer thought the homeruns were on “pretty decent pitches.” The one to Lucroy, maybe, but the ones to Braun and Ramirez–the ones that left us playing catchup all game–looked pretty fat to me.

    It also looked to me like Cozart was a dead duck even if he froze when the ball was hit. He had a pretty good secondary lead.

    The luck monster must be hungry. Our mistakes carom off the guy’s foot and into the dugout for a run; their mistakes carom off our guys’ fingers and head and leave us with hardly anyone to play in the infield today.

    As for Price’s luck: he tries his closer on the road in a tie game and loses. He tries not using his closer in a tie game on the road and loses. I expect to see Schumaker on the mound the next time we have this situation, just to see if we can get a different result.

    • sultanofswaff

      Am I the only one who thought Latos should’ve gotten dirty and dove for the ball to prevent it from going in the dugout 2 nights ago? A pretty easy play had he been in that mindset.

      • Eric the Red

        He tried to get it with his foot, which looked pretty awkward. I don’t think he could have gotten it using any body part, and given his back issue and the fact the dugout and a metal railing were right there I’m glad he didn’t try to do anything heroic. One run is not worth Latos leaving a start early or missing a few more starts.

      • Drew

        I never…ever want to see my SP diving for anything.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Yeah, the pitches to Braun and Ramirez were right there. Lucroy hit a tough pitch. He’d made four tough pitches to Braun (and pitch #4 was awfully close to a called third strike) but the fifth pitch was up and out over the plate, right in Braun’s wheelhouse.

      It was a strange performance in other ways. According to the batted-ball data, Homer didn’t give up a line drive. He gave up four fly balls, three of them for home runs. That’s really unlucky, even if two of them were in the middle of the plate.

  25. rpbncb

    Reds hitting sucks. I,m so tired of seeing these guys strike out time after time. Come on….this is the majors!!! I know there’s going to be strikeouts but this is ridiculous. Who is our batting instructor or is there one? This team has no passion for the game. We suck let’s be honest.

    • Drew

      How do you know they have no passion? As for the strikeouts, it’s part of the game, we have changed hitting instructors and it’s about the same.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I have seen zero signs of a lack of passion from the squad. At times last year? You bet.

        The current roster is bereft of talent. That’s it and some people should start accepting this fact. It is very hard to accept because we want to believe if Price would do this, the players would play with more passion, if Walt could make a trade. etc, all would be well. I don’t see it that way.

        We are blessed with a core of god players and that is pretty darn nice when considering the future.

      • Michael J Hampton

        That’s pretty much the way I see it. I’m along for the ride. I want to see what they can do, realizing that the roster is severly depleted and there is no quick fix for that. I don’t think there is a magic bullet available that would make everything all right if Jocketty would just pull the trigger. There might be a patch out there that would help, but even if there is, it may not be enough to put them over the edge. All they can do is hang in there and do the best they can and see how it plays out.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, I get really frustrated when I hear fans say a team lacks passion or that they don’t want to win. Most athletes that play at a very high level are ultra-competitive. In general, they hate losing. There are of course some exceptions but you don’t have many of those guys on one team. Overall, the guys on the team want to win and hate losing. In baseball, one loss is one loss and you can’t get too far down after a loss or too high after a win. A losing streak however, is a frustrating thing. These guys want to do just about anything to pull out of it. You can bank on it. They aren’t happy with losing. Ask a player what he wants most and 9 times out of 10 he’ll say “A championship”

  26. preacherj

    “We are blessed with a core of god players”
    Problem is, Thor has a hard time hitting a curve.

  27. WVRedlegs

    I am really liking the idea of WJ going after a Marlins OF. No, not Stanton. That can be ruled out. But sending 4 top-10 prospects for OF Christian Yelich would be huge. I’d be McLuvin it to see Yelich at the top of the Reds batting order hitting #2 behind BHam. Yelich is right now what we envision Phillip Ervin to be in a year or two. If the Reds can do it with 4 top-10 prospects without including Stephenson, Winker and Lorenzen, it would be a huge win. Ervin, Yorman Rodriguez, Travieso, and Moscot is giving up a haul, but would be worth it. Yelich could do for the offense what Latos did for the starting rotation, help solidify it.

    • lwblogger2

      I like the idea of getting Yelich but there is almost no way I’d do it for the package you’re offering. Ervin hurt his wrist and isn’t quite right. He’s a couple or three years away. Rodriguez is a couple years away and quite frankly, I don’t think he’s going to be a particularly good MLBer. Travieso I’d take in a package but he’s 2 years out. I like Moscot too… I’d want a Winkler (hurt), or Stephenson in there. If I was moving Yelich, I could get a Winkler/Stephenson kind of player from another team, plus 2 or 3 “B” prospects.

  28. chrislosolivos

    An offered profundity: Not playing Mes is like a leaky canteen in the Sahara–the season is expiring by the game and our greatest resource is being wasted. This season is driving me to drink!