The Reds attempt to snap a four-game losing streak tonight in Milwaukee. They have fallen to 3.5 games behind the Brewers and are in fourth place in the division. Game time is 8:10 p.m. Weather forecast doesn’t matter because of the roof.

Homer Bailey takes the mound for the fourth time this season against the Brewers. Most recently, two starts ago, he went eight innings but lost a 1-0 duel with Matt Garza who limited the Reds to two hits while striking out nine.

Bailey’s foe tonight is not Garza, it’s Jimmy Nelson, a 24-year-old rookie making his third start of the year for the Brewers. He’s considered the top prospect in Milwaukee’s system. Keep in mind that every organization has to have a top prospect, no matter how good he may be. Nelson is rated B by John Sickles and a possible #3 or #4 starter. He’s ranked the #63 prospect by MLB and their report on him says that scouts remain split on Nelson, who is viewed by some as a possible reliever. Nelson is a ground ball pitcher with a may-reach 96-mph fastball (average: 93.1) and a power slider. On July 12, Nelson was utterly rocked by the light-hitting Cardinals.

DL News: The Reds placed Logan Ondrusek on the DL with a strained right shoulder, retroactive to July 13 (Mark Sheldon). RHP Curtis Partch was called up from Louisville.

Devin Mesoraco is sitting out this game, for the second time since the All-Star break. Price was asked about it and said the Reds needed a really good start from Bailey. “We need a really good start,” Price said. “Homer threw really well in San Francisco against the Giants when he threw to Pena. Over the course of their careers together, Homer will throw a lot to Devin. Devin has scuffled a little bit at the plate. I think a day off isn’t the worst thing and putting those two together is good as well.” (Mark Sheldon) Hmm. Mesoraco caught Bailey’s great start against *the Brewers* two weeks ago.

Skip Schumaker (.255/.303/.340) is batting second.

The way Ryan Ludwick has looked against hard-throwing pitchers lately, I’m not sure about the match-up with Nelson.

Todd Frazier is back at first base which means Ramon Santiago is playing third, weakening the Reds at both positions defensively.

Have I mentioned the condition of the roster lately? #wegotjackforthat

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Skip Schumaker (L) 2B
3. Todd Frazier (R) 1B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
6. Brayan Pena (S) C
7. Zack Cozart (R) SS
8. Ramon Santiago (S) 3B
9. Homer Bailey (R) P

Go Reds!


Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Heisey hit that ball right on the nose.

  2. We’ll take it. Now it’s time for Billy Ball.

  3. Good person to hit it to. Davis throws like Damon.

  4. Yeah baby, We’ll take that run. Nice RBI at bat by Heisey. Go Reds!

  5. Hamilton needs a good AB here. Look for a walk if it’s there. Keep the line moving.

  6. Can’t waste this chance

    The Reds lead baseball with 50 TOOTBLANs this year (tied with the Rockies) – and they have incredible balance among the team base running blunder leaders: .

  8. With that said we are due for some goodness to fall our way

  9. That rally ended quickly.

  10. Wow, I can’t believe Dale called that TOOTBLAN. How does that happen so much on this team. Ugh.

    • Actually i was looking up the definition and after discovering that it = the Reds that I should share with my good friends at redlegnation

  11. Outstanding base running again


    • TOTal LACK OF CONCENTRATION- REDS SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT AGAIN – just gets real old after a while – stuff they reach in LITTLe league – grown men can’t apply it – amazing

  13. Billy hit that ball pretty well. Just right at the 2B. Heisey’s ball was hit hard, too. Cozart shouldn’t have been running on it, though.

  14. Nobody runs the bases like the Cincinnati Reds

  15. Sometimes you hit ’em hard and get nothing to show for it. That’s baseball.

  16. Cincinnati TOOTBLANS.

    • I don’t know how you can watch that play in real time and blame Cozart.

      • Yeah, he was far off second at the start of the play. Not really much of a chance to get back.

  17. Now Cozart

  18. Reds gonna Red.

  19. It’s Negron time. He’s getting the game winning hit.

  20. This team has a serious dearth of mental toughness.

    • You can’t blame Cozart for that. That was terrible luck all around.

      • Huh? Baseball 101 says you’re supposed to make sure a line drive goes through before taking off.

      • That was terrible. He can’t take off on that. It was bad baserunning

        • Any baserunner in the league would have been running on that contact. It looked like a sure single to CF. Wouldn’t have been physically possible to get back in time to beat a tag even if he froze on contact.

      • You head back toward 2nd until you see where it winds up, and if it goes through you’ve got bases loaded, 1 out, and your #2 hitter at the plate. You do NOT get thrown out at second there.

        • Go watch that play again in real time. The tag was on at 2B in less than a second after the ball came off the bat.

        • How does the shortstop get there before Cozart?

        • I don’t think Hamilton hit that ball as hard as many think – look at it closely again – it kinda looped into Weeks’ glove

        • They were breaking in opposite directions. SS moves towards 2B on contact, runner moves towards 3B. Again, watch it in real time. Off the bat that looks like a sure thing single. The SS has no other job but to cover 2B on that play while Cozart is trying to score from second on a single. That was not a TOOTBLAN. It was bad luck.

        • Exactly

        • Runner isn’t supposed to be heading to third without knowing if the ball is going to be caught, and the shortstop isn’t heading to second until he knows where the ball is heading.

    • I just love the people on the internet who hide behind anonymous user names accusing people they have never met of not having mental toughness. I think that’s called irony in literature.

      • I’m so glad we have a rule about talking about the game and not the posters.

        • Where’s your mental toughness?

        • Weren’t you the one who just recently said it’s illegal to post comments about other people and not the Reds? Talk about IRONY. Do I now have permission to criticize you and ignore the game?

      • If Cozart decides he wants to challenge me to a public debate, I’ll be glad to accept.

        • He’s been busy trying to keep playing baseball with broken fingers.

        • I guess that’s what mental toughness is? Running the bases with painful fingers?

  21. And now Cozart comes out, presumably with an injured right hand. Sheesh.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if he has a broken finger or two. Couldn’t get a great look, but it appeared his index finger and second finger were turning purple. I’m not a doctor, but that’s not a good sign.

  22. Coulda and shoulda been better, but it definitely could have been worse. The good news is we got us a new ballgame. 3-3 bot. 7th. Go Reds! Go Jumbo!

  23. At least we tied it up and Bailey had a solid outing minus the first.

  24. JUmbo KO.

  25. Jumbo easily dispatched Overbay.

    • Charlotte you thinking jumbo could replace Broxtons role if we a trade chapman and make broxton closer or b we trade broxton and move jumbo to setup role?

      • I do. Easily.

        • Dale because of the size of Broxton’s contract, I believe $9M in 2015, I think you have to seriously consider dealing Jonathan. I would not trade Chapman. What do you think?

        • Is his weight a long term issue? That and his old rookie age?

        • More concerned about weight. I believe Broxton is older than Diaz. Man, we could put that $9M to good use. My guess is that Jumbo would get MLB minimum ~$500K.

          • Both are 30. Diaz a couple months older. Yes, Diaz would play for league minimum. Yes, we should be shopping Broxton for a hitter.

      • Trade Chapman? Why nor trade Broxton for Trout while we are being irrational

        • I wouldnt trade chapman unless his contract was or becomes an issue. I think with broxtons past health issues that we should at least consider a trade with brox…. If it is to an american league team and most definitely not within the division.

  26. Jumbo in the 7th, has a nice sound to it.

  27. In the close up of Jumbo he just looks happy to be out there.

  28. I like Jumbo Diaz.

  29. Good inning for Jumbo. Nice play by Negron at 3B.

  30. The Reds base running blunders is an ongoing problem, do the coaches not address the issue, or do they think its beneath the players to dare lecture them on proper base running.

  31. Is it really possible to throw an 89 mph changeup? Isnt that really just another fastball with the juice removed?

  32. The putting of Logan O on the DL for shoulder stiffness, I wonder he has had it for awhile and is just now saying something? Still haven’t heard any news about Tony C with his shoulder stiffness.

  33. Hey, how’s it goin?

  34. Do the Reds have an award for the most gritty strikeouts in a season? Because Skip is bearing down on that record.

  35. Jay Bruce has no clue at the plate.

  36. Imagine that, Bruce strikes out on a ball in the dirt.

  37. There is no way Zack Duke is as good as he made himself look against our guys.

  38. Wow – this is why last inning chance hurt – reds hitters can’t even out the ball in play now-3 brutal ABs – Jay Bruce remains clueless at the plate

    • Bruce, who doubled in a Reds run in this game, didn’t look any worse than Frazier did against Duke. And it’s easier for a RH hitter to face Duke’s slop.

    • It is Zach Duke, what was that team that let him get away last year?

  39. Zach Duke, would have been good to keep him.

  40. Curious if jumbo gets another inning to work. That last one was so easy i would think so.

  41. Sit down hotdog !

  42. Don’t understand why they took out Diaz. He only threw 14 pitches and completely overmatched the Brewers that inning. Let him go two.

  43. Keith Law posted on his updated Top 5 minor league systems. Cubs are #1, Pirates are #5.

  44. Dang it Brox, throw strikes.

  45. Throw strikes !!!!!

  46. Fall behind Weeks 3-0, now fall behind Braun too. Not a recipe for success.

  47. We took out Jumbo so Broxton could come in and do this?

  48. Got PED boy out !!!

  49. Thank you, Braun.

  50. Beautiful ko of steroid boy.

  51. Braun never moved his bat off his shoulder.

  52. Brox has thrown 7 balls and 7 strikes. Somehow he has 2 K’s and no walks.

  53. FoxTrax showed that pitch to SO Braun was right on the outside corner.

  54. X-Rays on Cozart’s hand were negative according to Jon Fay

  55. Can Ramirez tuck his shirt tail in – noticed it last at bat – sloppy looking

  56. Broxton really is a marvel. Basically just relies on a well-placed fastball. That’s it. Batters know it’s coming. He moves it all around. Not afraid to pitch from behind.

    • MLB Gameday showed he mixed in a few sliders, too. 7 of his 19 pitches, to be exact.

  57. Brox has pretty good velocity tonight. Hit 94-96 on several pitches.

  58. I made the mistake of listening to Thom on the reds broadcast, what is talking about? I need to go back to listening to the out of town broadcast.

    • Brewers TV is up there with the Cardinals and White Sox as the worst

  59. Agree Cozart is fine, as an 8 hitter.

    • Bingo. Shortstop is the one position on the team where you can tolerate a guy who is weak offensively but is great on defense. Just leave him in the 8-hole and be happy with him.

  60. Pena is spraying them all over the place.

  61. I would have to say that if Price is willing to tell Ludwick he is now an official platoon player that he should be telling Cozart the same thing. Zack plays tremendous defense no doubt but his batting skills are diminishing with experience. Santiago has looked good on offense so maybe he should get playing time at short more often since we how Negron on the roster.

  62. I heart Pena. Really.

  63. Pirates 12 dodgers 7 Final
    Rays 6 Cards 2 top of 8th

  64. I’ve developed an almost irrational faith in Pena.

  65. I would love to see a Negron homer here

  66. Somebody really, really needs to step up for the Reds right about now. Go Reds!

  67. Isn’t it, uh, special when I almost look forward to: Pena, Negron, Santiago?

  68. He has a tree in his mouth.

  69. Boy oh boy.

  70. Negron hurt on the bounce? Really?

  71. This is just getting rediculous

  72. We need to sacrifice a goat or something. This injury luck is getting a bit outrageous.

  73. This is ridiculous.

  74. Ouch! I bet he heard the doorbell ring on that. Looks like he’s ok thankfully.

  75. Swung at pitch in the dirt again

  76. Reds gonna have enough players to get through July ?

  77. I guess a big positive here is that the Reds are hanging tough with a team that is so banged up and playing so many back ups.

  78. LeCure? Don’t have much faith in him right now. Lucroy could end it with one swing.

  79. LuCroy always scares the mess out of me.

  80. That hurt.

  81. is there anyone on this board that didn’t see that coming from a mile away. Le Sam with the 85mph fastball right across the plate.

  82. Damn it to hell

  83. We lose the game with a guy throwing 87 mph fastballs up there to an All-Star.

    But doesn’t Chapman look awful nice sitting over there in the dugout?

  84. Team is snakebite – way to start the second half – just pitiful – another one in the 1 run loss column

  85. This doesn’t happen if Price had been willing to let Jumbo or Broxton go multiple innings, or if he had let Chapman pitch despite it not being a save situation.

  86. So what else is new.

  87. Of all the Brewers to beat the Reds I’m not surprised it was Lucroy, that guy is a termite to the Reds wooden house. Dang it, dang it and dang it.

  88. So that happened…

  89. Reds getting ready to turn into sellers – making it easy on Walt

  90. Brewers hit 4 solo home runs tonight.

  91. Injuries look like they are taking their toll. This team continues to play hard and I tip my hat to them. Nice to see Homer bounce back from a tough 1st inning. Nothing else to say – day game tomorrow.

  92. I saw where Rizzo hit 2 homers tonight against San Diego, giving him 25 on the year. Bet the Padres are loving that trade right about now, huh?

  93. Not sure why Chapman sitting over there in the bullpen?? I know the Reds are banged up, but they are making simple mistakes for a team that is shorthanded, cannot afford to make mistakes….Heisey misplaying two fly balls last night. Frazier not scoring on the double by Bruce, Ludwick striking out with runners on 1st and 2nd and One out. Cozart taking off and being doubled off second by the Hamilton line drive. Also on Price, Why not let Jumbo pitch 2 innings? Why not let Broxton pitch 2 innings? Reds starting pitching are going to keep the Reds in some ballgames, but I see them losing alot of 1 run games, because of the above mistakes and an inconsistent Bruce and Ludwick not worth anything now.

  94. Now gotta depend on Leake to avoid throwing batting practice tomorrow – wish I felt more confident about it

  95. In the last 5 games the offense has delivered 2.2 runs per game. The pitching staff has allowed 4.6 runs per game. This will be the second time through for the starters starting tomorrow. Looks like we will know more by the end of July than we want to. One bat won’t fix this offense unless the current bats hit.

  96. Is it just me, or does tonight’s game thread have more glitches than the Reds lineup. For example the same two comments have been at the bottom of the thread for the past hour even though I have refreshed the page many times.

  97. It’s time for Milton to make an appearance

  98. Is it just me or does lucroy win it on a walk off almost once every series, we play the brew crew?

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Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky's Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve's thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.


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