Fresh off of being swept by the Yankees in New York, the Reds travel to Milwaukee to take on the 1st place (tied) Brewers. Despite losing 3 straight to the Yanks and being in 4th place in the division, the Reds could actually leave Milwaukee ahead of the Brewers and in 1st place in the division if things fell just right over these next 3 days. That just tells you all you need to know about how close this division is from 1st to 4th place.

Mat Latos returns to the mound after walking off injured in his previous start. The Reds can’t afford any bad news in tonight’s start so let’s hope for the best with Mat and the Reds tonight. The Reds have taken care of things against Milwaukee this season and need to keep that trend going tonight. No Bruce in the lineup tonight. Instead, we’ll get Donald Lutz batting in the #5 slot.

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1. Hamilton CF
2. Schumaker RF
3. Frazier 3B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Lutz 1B
6. Heisey LF
7. Santiago 2B
8. Cozart SS
9. Latos P

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. more evidence of the snakebite

  2. Price has had enough.

  3. Mes wants to leave early as well

  4. I like the fire, bout time. Replay showed Mes did not swing.

  5. That was a terrible call by the ump. just terrible.

  6. Lutz just swings at everything. Must be from the Reds school of hitting.

  7. I hate when home plate umpires have so much of an ego that they can’t even check down to the first base ump to see if a guy swung. Why not ask the guy that has a better angle on the thing?

    Just pure ego.

    • If it’s close (which this was), what harm is there in asking the other ump?

  8. I know it’s not the most popular notion, but I miss some of the toe to toe manager/umpire action. Not saying everything needs to be Earl Weaver, but I like some emotion.

  9. That Lutzstache is not good

  10. strikes out on ball 5

  11. Basically a leadoff double spoiled with the middle of the lineup hitting.

  12. The clown behind the plate is challenging Angel Hernandez for the title of worst ump in baseball. A few more nights like this and he’ll get a chance at the title…

  13. Mark Reynolds is a right handed version of Jay Bruce.

  14. Lutz looks like an inexperienced major league player at the plate. But than again he is an inexperienced major league player.

  15. Latos with only 2 strikeouts so far in the 6th inning. That’s not like him either. I’m worried there is something going on with his arm.

    • Yep, low SO is not a good sign. At least he is eating some innings

      • Seems to me that he’s just pitching to contact, trying to conserve pitches.

        • In years past, Latos has had much higher strikeout rates than this year. It seems to be in relation to a drop in fastball velocity. Latos is not a guy that can survive for long without many K’s.

          Pitching to contact is not always a good thing. The Brewers do have 8 hits in 7 innings tonight, including 3 extra-base hits.

  16. Billy Hamilton DING. That is one guy we have waited on, the others need to get going, The Reds during their last good run, were coming back from several runs down. This aint over yet, but so guys have got to catch the ball.

  17. The guy JUST became a full time umpire this year and he’s too good to even ask for the first base umpire’s opinion on a check swing?

    Not to mention he’s not even 2/3rds of the way through his first major league season and he already has ejected 6 people from games this year.

    • Probably a combination of managers attempting to intimidate the new guy, and the new guy wanting to show he won’t be intimidated.

  18. Nice throw by Segura

  19. The dude in front row Amy’s seat took his wig off, I figured it was a guy dressed as a woman.

  20. In the 34 innings of baseball the Reds have played since the AS break, they have scored a grand total of 5 earned runs…. all from solo homers. This has been painful to watch.

    • Painful enough to watch I think I am going to call it a night. Later folks.

  21. Is it my poor memory or is Lantos’s pitch count lower than usual. Seems like gets to 90 + by the fifth sometimes.

  22. Watching the replay on that checked swing, it was not even close. Mes had a legit gripe. Umps these days have too much of an ego to admit that another ump might have had a better view.

    Someone mentioned Angel Hernandez earlier. If he keeps making calls like that, he will be approaching Hernandez territory very soon.

  23. At least the Pirates lost tonight…

  24. The scorers changed their call on the Gennett ‘hit’ eariler. Error by Lutz, as it should be.

  25. Brewers keep starting runners. Aggressive running tonight.

  26. I guess if you keep bouncing the balls to the plate, I’d run too.

  27. Thom talking about Jack coming back and how the Reds need him.

    At this point we have a one-legged 1b, a one-handed 2b, a blind RF, so why not a one-armed utility guy

  28. From the grasping at straws column: If the Reds win, the Cards are in first. If we lose, they are in second. The positive on losing is the WLB’s will be even more upset with us…..I know, but I’m looking for something here…..

  29. Negron!!!!!!!

  30. I know one thing, you have to give Latos credit for hanging tough tonight. Latos has come a long way in being able to maintain an even keel in rough seas.

  31. Good job, Billy. Frustrate this guy.

  32. Hard to believe the Brewers are up by 3 with as much attention he’s paying to Hamilton.

  33. Sheesh! This is frustrating as heck.

  34. When a lot of the Reds hitters miss a pitch, they really, really miss the pitch. Guessing what the next pitch will be at its worst. Still, it ain’t over yet. Go Reds!

  35. Mesoraco swung and missed at ball 4 and ball 5, when a walk would have brought the tying run to the plate.

  36. Billy!!!!

  37. Well, the defense is showing up in the 8th

  38. Let the “Home Run Derby ruined Todd Frazier’s swing” talk begin …

  39. At first glance it didn’t look like BHam hit the wall all that hard, but on the replay he did in fact hit the wall pretty darn hard. Good catch BHam. Go Reds!

  40. C’mon Reds its now or never. Sound the charge. Go Reds!!!

  41. Was Lutz actually going to bunt there?

  42. Man, its so obvious that these players just up from triple A are completely baffled by breaking pitches. Hitting a curve ball has been the roadblock of many a player hoping to make it in the majors.

  43. Another ugly loss. Keep it up and the Reds will be selling in 2 weeks.

  44. Well, some hard hit balls late. Those are as good as hits, right?

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17


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