Johnny Cueto, you’re our only hope! The Reds look to prevent a sweep at the hands of the Yankees this afternoon by sending their ace to the bump. The Reds poor play in interleague games continues for another series as the club has already dropped 2 against the Yankees. The Reds could really use a win to build a little momentum heading into the team’s next series against Milwaukee.

Discuss the game, Reds fans! Please, Go Reds!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Zach Cozart goes to the plate and pops out…

  2. Chapman in…Odd. I just don’t trust our offense to score in any one inning.

  3. I think they should’ve tried to squeeze another inning out of Brox here. With our anemic offense, this game could go several innings before we score again. May have needed Brox, Jumbo, and Chapman to all go 2 innings today.

  4. let’s hope Chappy’s delay tactic works on throwing the yanks off rhythm.

  5. I really don’t understand why Ryan Ludwick gets so much flak. The dude is basically hitting his career norms on the season albeit with a slight drop in power. What were people expecting from him?

    He’s no offensive superstar, but he’s not supposed to be. He’s a filler player who isn’t a blackholes. Teams need players like that.

    So tell me again, why is Ludwick so universally reviled?

    • Been asking the same thing in recent weeks. He’s not QUITE at his career norms, but he’s one of the few hitters in the lineup with a wRC+ over 100. There is a lot of bad feelings about Ludwick around here for some reason. Like it’s his fault he hurt his shoulder last year.

    • Unrealistic expectations, inability of fans to face facts about Bruce till recently, and many think he makes too much money for his output.

  6. Happy we won’t have to see Ellsbury again the rest of this year…Sheesh.

  7. Ain’t got a good feeling about this – another bleeder thru the hole – geeze

  8. Chapman’s going to blow this. I can feel it. He’s not throwing strikes and Hernandez won’t do him any favors.

  9. all fastballs ……….

  10. Broomed by the stupid yanks

  11. Well if anyone can strike out 2 more guys in a row…

  12. Whew, there’s one.

  13. Did they learn that from the Cubs?

  14. Well a fitting end to a train wreck of a series. Don’t miss BP even a little bit!

  15. That’s Bruce’s ball – WHST IS HE DOING !!!!!!

    • What in the world are you talking about. The ball landed 4 feet in the outfield grass … Frazier was there with 4 seconds left, and then just ran away from it for some reason.

      Frazier to blame there; only Frazier (well, maybe the person that put a 3B at 1B).

    • 10 feet off the infield dirt. That was BP’s ball all the way. But don’t worry one guy missed for his HOF defense doesn’t mean very much or make little difference.

  16. what just happened, looked like it should have been a pop out on gameday

  17. Sorry, Jay Bruce has to come all the way in to catch that. Too tough of a catch for Frazier.

    • FRAZIER had to go 10 feet behind him, Bruce had to come in 100 feet to get it.

      Frazier was there while the ball was still rising. Look where the ball falls for God’s sake …

    • schumaker cannot go back very well on pop ups, that is why he plays so deep when he is in the outfield. with the infield drawn in, i fear that was bruce or nobody. whatever happened to the outfielder going for it until he is called off? Or maybe he was called off? Or maybe he feared a collision with frazier???

  18. just like atlanta, and in a different sense, just like san diego

  19. That is literally the worst possible idea I can imagine. Talk about selling low.

    • I don’t really care. Jay Bruce’s act has grown very thin with me. He’s not a good hitter, he has no leadership qualities whatsoever and now he can’t play defense. Dump him for a bag of balls for all I care.

      • Sure glad you’re not the GM. Yes, let’s give up Bruce for nothing.

      • If you seriously wanted to make a trade, you need to trade someone who has enough trade value to bring back a good return. Someone who is having a career year and is perhaps playing above their head right now.

        That is certainly not Jay Bruce at this point.

  20. Six feet from infield and it is Bruce’s ball?

    • Infield was in, OUTFIELD was in. Bruce was there and stopped. Frazier has to catch the ball over his head, Bruce is coming in. Could Frazier have caught it? Yes. Could Schu have caught it? yes. It was still an easier catch for Bruce.

      • Bruce should have made the catch. He’s the guy coming in on the ball.

        • I’m sorry, the ball landed four feet from the infield dirt. I’ve never seen a single outfielder ever catch a ball that landed that close to the infield.

          Frazier’s ball every single time. He was literally standing on the spot where the ball fell, then ran 30 feet right.

        • No one took charge, it looked to me. No mans land, no man other then BP on this club. BP would have been waving those arms so you could feel the breeze in your living room.


  22. BP catches that ball 99.99% of the time.

    • and probably makes it look easy about 95 percent of the time

      • His value to this team is so underestimated by many.

        • i’m among the many who have railed about his place in the batting order, but he’s the Ozzie Smith of 2Bs, and it’s gonna be a long five weeks without his glove.

        • It sure is Charlotte – we are now chasing the Pittsburg Pirates as well – another 1 run disaster

        • Santiago is hitting better than BP and not from the clean up spot. Still, we miss BPs defense, no doubt.

        • It would be like finding a needle in a haystack to locate any RLNers that believe BP should bat any higher then 6th. His defense is unparalleled for 2nd baseman.

  23. Can’t wait to see what kind of excuses our ingenious new manager has for this abomination of a baseball game.

  24. This switching people around on defense is a MAJOR problem. The specific issue here is the infielders were in, to prevent a groundball.

  25. The pop up is not a big a deal as Chapman failing to pay attention to a runner and then throwing a slider in the dirt to allow Ellsbury to third…that sealed their fate in my opinion. This is also a reason he will never be a good starting pitcher. He doesn’t handle runners well and he becomes a one pitch pitcher with runners on base.

    • No doubt Chapman was a big part of it.

    • He got a pop-up, he did his job. Sliders in the dirt happen all the time and that is something we will occasionally have to live with if if you have Chappy pitching. Not catching a 60-foot pop-up, in the infield, is not something that happens all the time.

      • He really should have walked Ellsbury, the count was 3-2 and he threw ball four but got lucky Ellsbury fouled it off. So our premier closer came in, tried to walk the lead off batter, instead gave up a single… completely failed to hold the runner on, he stole 2B on Chapman’s indifference, Pena couldn’t even make a throw… then he wild pitched Ellsbury to 3B… they didn’t lose because of a pop up. They lost because their “closer” couldn’t hang in a tie game. My memory isn’t perfect, but Chapman has lost a number of games where he has been brought in in a non-save situation. For all his elite strike out numbers, Chapman wins and loses about the same as his peers and blows probably more than average when compared to elite closers. They should consider trading him in the off season.

        • No closers are perfect, he gave his team a chance and they blew it. I’m not married to AC but this wasn’t on him. I appreciate you have a different POV, no problem.

        • I agree the ball needed to be caught… and yes maybe Chapman could have struck out the next batter and escaped without damage… the players out of position is not helping matters. This was a bad time to face the Yankees at home… they are an old team, they got a nice break and came out firing on all cylinders with Jeter playing role of the clubhouse leader having just been honored at the ASG. Reds go with Leake in the opener which set a bad tone. Reds need to regroup and find their Mojo for the Brewers series.

        • That we are simpatico. Great thing about baseball is there is a game tomorrow. One thing you have to say about this team they don’t wilt when facing adversity.

          Go Reds!

  26. If Chapman doesn’t wild pitch the runner to third, forcing the infielders in, that ball is caught.

  27. nationals blew save in 9th, brewers tied the game

  28. Once again, the luck gods seem to look the other way. Yankees get a little grounder for a hit to start the inning, then a strikeout, then a popup. Yet they score and win.

    Not saying the Reds deserved the win today, but it’s not like the Yankees played any better.

    • there was no luck..Chapman didn’t hold the runner at first, the stolen base was a gift.. then he wild pitched him to third base. The base hit was lucky but it could have easily been a base on balls as Elssbury fouled off ball 4 before the seeing eye grounder.

      • The base hit was luck. If that grounder is another couple feet in a different direction, it’s a routine out.

        Now, I’m not absolving Chapman of all responsibility. It is on him that allowed that single to become a triple. But if the Reds had better luck, the wild pitch is just a harmless ball, and they are playing in extra innings right now.

  29. swinging at slop, poor defense, or should that have been lazy and inattentive ‘defense,’ our daily baserunning blunder (that could have cost us the game), makes for a sad recap. This game would embarrass even Milton.

  30. All it takes is a 3-game sweep to bring out the “fire sale” folks…

    Trade Bruce! Trade Bailey! Fire Price! Blow up the team!

    • I think the sweep in Milwaukee will do that for everyone.

    • Nope. I’ve been saying it all year. And I still believe it would be the best course of action.

      • If you’re going to do it, then go all out. But don’t trade guys who are having bad seasons, who won’t bring back anything in return. Start by trading Johnny Cueto, then go from there.

        • I agree absolutely. Anyone not named Frazier, Hamilton or Mesoraco would be on the table.

        • Theoretically, anyone would be on the table for the right return. But guys like Frazier, Hamilton, and Mesoraco, who are relative bargains for the amount of production they provide, would have to bring back a huge bounty to be traded.

    • They didn’t look like a team that will play well in the playoffs. Playing at Yankee Stadium is similiar to playoff atmosphere..Reds looked outmatched and inexperienced. Leake will not be dependable for a playoff game, the offense will disappear facing solid pitching and if guys are playing out of position even the good defense will falter. On top of that, Chapman is over-rated as an elite closer because he can’t hold runners on base… if he doesn’t strike out the side he is forced to become a real pitcher, and that is something he is not very good at as we witnessed today with runner moving from first to 3B without a ball being hit in play. The team is fun to watch sometimes but I think we our fooling ourselves if we think this team can make post season noise.

      • They look like a team that is missing 2 of their top starters in the infield. Anyone who expected this team to go into Yankee Stadium and do any more than take 1 of 3 was fooling themselves. They got swept, yeah, but they easily could have won 2 of the 3 games.

        Even still, this team which has been absolutely decimated by injuries all year, is still sitting at 51-47, 4 games over .500. Yet some would call the team a “train wreck”.

        • My point is the series was a train wreck certainly not the team. Price is playing the hand was dealt very well. But it behind them and the rest of the season starts tomorrow night. That is all there is. NYC is not even a distant memory now. No crying in baseball.

        • Not directed to you, Charlotte. I’ve never seen you be fatalistic about the team like some do.

          I can see your point about the series being a train wreck. Any time you get swept, it is really painful. But we were not that far away from taking 1 or even 2 out of the 3 games. A little more offense and this team could do a lot.

  31. TF taking 100% responsibility for the blown pop-up. Certainly not the case but it makes him a leader in my eyes.

    • what did he say about it?

      • He got turned around and miss-judged it. Frazier would be last guy I would let off this roster. He is a man.

    • Frazier seems like he could easily be the team’s leader for the forseeable future. Neither Votto nor Phillips have the temperament to be a team leader. Bruce, maybe, but he hasn’t shown that ability yet. Frazier would be a good choice.

  32. Caveman just won it for the Nats

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