This game thread is a little different. No team to pull for. No second guessing managerial decisions. No missed opportunities, errors, or runners out at home. This game thread is for one purpose: Discuss Todd Frazier’s efforts in the homerun derby.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge homerun derby fan. It seems to last way too long and listening to the constant “back back back” calls makes my ears bleed. But my kids love it and it has been a while since I’ve had a Reds player to watch and pull for. So yes, I’ll tune in tonight and root like a little kid for Mr. Frazier to advance and hopefully win it.

Discuss the Derby here Todd Frazier fans! Go Todd Frazier!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Stupid all star break… means no major league sports today or Wednesday…


    good luck SuperTodd. not sure you can mess up that swing

  2. Frazier’s going 500ft.

  3. I think Tulo made a huge mistake in not also selecting Mesoraco for the contest. No one in the NL has a better HR rate through the 1st half of the season than Mesoraco.

    12.9 AB/HR for Mesoraco
    14.0 AB/HR for Gattis
    14.7 AB/HR for Tulo
    16.8 AB/HR for Stanton
    17.2 AB/HR for Rizzo
    19.0 AB/HR for Frazier
    19.4 AB/HR for Upton
    20.0 AB/HR for Byrd
    20.8 AB.HR for Cutch
    21.7 AB/HR for Alvarez
    21.7 AB/HR for Davis
    22.1 AB/HR for Desmond
    22.3 AB/HR for Goldschimdt
    22.4 AB/HR for Ozuna
    23.6 AB/HR for Howard

    • He made a teammate selection, not a best player selection for the final one.

      Morneau was in the NL Final Vote to try to make the All Star team. He lost to Rizzo, so Tulo chose his buddy for the final spot of the Derby so he could come to the All Star game.

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  5. Go Super Todd, Go!

  6. I hope it hasn’t started yet.

  7. I’m hoping that Todd reprises his no-hand homer at least once.

  8. If ESPN offered an English version of the broadcast without Chris Berman it would out-rate the original 100 to 1.

  9. And no, there is no truth to the rumor I read on Twitter that David Holmberg will be pitching to Super Todd.

  10. I would say I’ve heard enough bout Jeter, but I could have said that a decade ago. Same for Berman

  11. Will he even hit one?

  12. Not exactly failure to launch but was a dud of a round.

  13. Be tough to advance with only 2 HR

  14. That was too quick.

  15. Joey Bats putting on a show in the first round. Too bad Frazier couldn’t get 3 or 4. Tough to see how he gets to swing again.

  16. ESPN can sure drag this out lol

  17. Not quite out of it yet after Puig’s 0fer

  18. It’s going to be a swing off! Haha get ’em Todd!

  19. Jeffrey Griffith of Houston, TX bought a shirt!

  20. Here goes Todd again.

  21. Todd gets another chance. C’mon!

  22. Atta boy Todd!

  23. Go Supertodd!

  24. Frazier moves on after getting back up off the mat!

  25. Are they moving these walls around?

  26. Got him going now!

  27. Nice round Todd!

  28. Great seeing Simon and Cueto cheering for Todd

  29. Win or lose that was fun to watch from Todd. Looks like he and his brother are having fun and Simon/Mez/Cueto are going bonkers over there cheering him on, love seeing it.

  30. Todd vs Giancarlo …should be interesting. Hopefully Todd has it figured out from round 1

  31. Oh man, now I have to stay up longer and watch round 2. Stupid rain delay.

  32. Gonna be tough to get past Stanton but good luck Todd!

  33. Is it just me or is this going to be much more interesting next year? Target doesn’t seem nearly as batter friendly.

  34. Wish I woulda found this earlier.

    Todd’s the only guy to go oppo so far! Boom!

  35. Welp, 1 ain’t gonna do it against Stanton.

  36. Nothing against Todd’s brother but he’s by far the worst of the pitchers out there tonight haha. Oh well, was fun to watch.

    • Did they ever say if Todd’s brother had played competitive ball? I agree, he seemed to not be putting it in good spots.

  37. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Stanton hits more than 1. But great showing Todd! Looking forward to seeing him represent the Reds tomorrow.

  38. I dislike they have the homers distance listed as “actual distance traveled” rather than ignoring the stands like everyone does all year long. Stanton’s 510 ft blast from Rd1 is listed as 422 ft. It almost went out of the park.

  39. Are you kidding me? Is the Toddfather still in this?



    • It would appear so. I’m not sure how the rest of America feels about this but nice to see a Red taking the spotlight.

  42. lol. un-be-lievable haha

    The Reds are winning the pennant lol

  43. Todd looked gassed. I’m pulling for him, but getting past Bautista or Cespedes seems tough. Although, we said that about Giancarlo.

  44. Next years HR Derby should be interesting in our little sand box

  45. Its cool, but I would rather Todd not be in the finals. Enough already, these guys need to play tomarrow.

  46. Let Cespedes wear him self out in the AL finals.

    Toddfather wins 4-3

  47. Honestly, I never thought there could be a worse announcer/play by play combo than Thom/Welch. Its like listening to a baboon and a gorilla talk!

    • And they wonder why no one watches this, its long and the announcers are barely awake. I think they should just do a baseball version of WIPEOUT, would be much more entertaining.

  48. Cespedes looks like he is in a groove, going to be tough for Frazier…but he is also the MAN OF DESTINY so who knows!

  49. Berman … OHHHH MAN THIS IS ALL THE WAY TO…. the second deck like everyone else’s lol

  50. Prove em wrong Todd….they are hating on you

  51. Not sure what they put in Cespedes’s Wheaties but it’s something potent.

  52. Simon is having the most fun today evening. That’s what this event is about.

  53. Well he was in the finals! Nice work Todd! Surely they’ll go down to 5 or even 3 outs in derby pretty soon

  54. A valiant effort by Todd. Way to make us proud Frazier!

  55. Atta boy, Toddy Ballgame! Proud to call you a Red!

  56. Any one know what Jim Bowden meant when he tweeted ” Great American Ballpark will not be the same next year.” ??? I don’t know what that means ???

    • I GOT IT !!!!!! The all-star games there next year & he meant many more HR’s.

  57. Frazier still won. I mean come on.. dude hits a HR and a rainbow appears. Game. Set. Match.

  58. I’m not sure if anyone else heard it the way i did, but Chris Berman totally lowballed Todd Frazier on his HR numbers so far this year. Berman said that Cespedes had like 30 HR while Frazier only had 10. He was way off if heard the telecast correctly. In fact the numbers are almost flipped around. Frazier actually has 19 and Cespedes has 14. Frazier IMO is the better player this year if you go off OPS. Did anyone else catch those comments made on TV, or am i imagining things.

    • Berman talks and I shut my ears off, so you’re on your own there. Hah

    • he was referring to HR’s hit in the derby tonight

    • You certainly imagined it. He was talking about the event, not season totals. They actually gave Todd some pretty decent love throughout the evening. Todd was at a disadvantage never being at that park before.

  59. I was just happy to seek the arrogant punk from LA perform an o-fer and not advance. Good to see Todd smile as he backed into the finals. Giancarlo just couldn’t connect in the NL final and it looked like he and Todd had a good laugh over it.

    • We even struggle with slow junkballers in batting practice

    • But ESPN still showed FOUR of his “misses” in their highlights this morning, while other guys that actually hit home runs weren’t featured at all. The way they build and drive certain personalities is ridiculous.

  60. Love me some SuperTodd, but was there ever something more pointless than the Homerun Derby. I think not.

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