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Pirates at Reds (July 13, 2014)

The Reds and Pirates conclude their series with today’s rubber match at GABP. The first two games have been exciting and I expect nothing short of that in today’s finale. Both teams are looking for a win and the series in order to stick right with the Brewers and Cardinals who are now tied atop the division.

Today’s game concludes the first half of the regular season. We will all get to relax for a few days and enjoy the Homerun Derby, the All-Star game, and a day off. Let’s hope the Reds have some momentum heading into those 3 “off” days.

Discuss the game here Reds fans. Go Reds!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Cozart SS
3. Frazier 3B
4. Heisey LF
5. Bruce RF
6. Mesoraco C
7. Pena 1B
8. Negron 2B
9. Cueto P

447 thoughts on “Pirates at Reds (July 13, 2014)

  1. I have to say this entire series the umpire crew has been very inconsistent with the low strike zone. Gameday is pretty funny to watch when 3-4 balls are virtually on top of each other with each being called something different.

    Not a good series by these umps.

  2. 5 outs that inning, but none of them scored….some errors hurt worse than others

  3. That’s gotta be it for Johnny – very lucky but absolutely no help from Cozart ( however , willing to give Cozart a pass because he has bern absolutely excellent in the field all year )

    • Apparently he’s hurt. Got hit in his left wrist by a pitch the other day and it’s apparently bad enough that he has to have it taped with a special pad to bat but he can’t wear the pad with his glove.

  4. Wow….4-3 I don’t think is going to be enough, Reds HAVE to score another run or two or more.

  5. “I like this match up for Todd Frazier.” — Jeff Brantley seconds before Super Todd homers.

  6. I have been switching between the game and the WC final, so I don’t know how much they’re talking weather. But a LARGE cell of heavy rain just missed north of the stadium — and another is right behind it.

    There could be more intermittent delays, but I don’t get the feeling that there will be any prolonged delays that could end the game. We just might have to stick around for a while.

  7. Really great if they can win going away and just give Chapman the day off, Let Jumbo, Parra and whomever close it out

  8. Okay….Did Frazier read the post here, while on the on deck circle saying we need more runs, because he answered the call with a Home Run. Wow…now we got some breathing room!

  9. Any team would kill for young players like Bruce, Todd, Mes & Billy. What a core.

    • Charlotte I usually agree with your thoughts but Listing Bruce is a stretch due to his consistent inconsistencies at the plate. He was all the ability but he has yet to put together a season of success.

      • I understand but season to season Jay is very consistent. Makes a dynamite 6th hitter, plays hard, runs the bases, and can field with anyone. I agree that we are seeing Frazier and Mes by-pass him as a hitter.

      • Every season he has had is a success, maybe you are saying an MVP type season?

  10. Jumbo has the stuff. Lights out Big Guy.

    Nice pick by Pena.

  11. We need to bring Josh Harrison home, his mom seems like a very nice lady and he should be able to see her a lot more often.

      • Yup and back up at nearly every other position. Great kid as well, I think he would fit in real well. Bucs would be nuts to let him go anywhere.

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