Who is having fun? I know I am. The Reds are on a roll lately and last night’s come from behind win was very fun to watch. Although I have to admit, it was a toss up as to which was more entertaining: Watching the Reds win or the Cubs implode.

The Reds look for their 4th straight win in this series with a win in Cincinnati tonight. As I mentioned before game 1 of the series, I’m making the 4 hour journey to Cincinnati tonight and will be at GABP for Thursday’s finale so I’ll be pulling hard for a Reds win tonight to set up the possible sweep tomorrow day. Well, pulling as hard as I can while I dance with the Groo Grux King*.

Discuss the game here Reds fans! Go Reds!

1. CF Billy Hamilton (S) – .280/.312/.417
2. LF Skip Schumaker (L) – .254/.293/.333
3. 2B Brandon Phillips (R) – .269/.305/.390
4. RF Jay Bruce (L) – .233/.313/.424
5. C Devin Mesoraco (R) – .313/.376/.620
6. 1B Brayan Pena (S) – .260/.293/.387
7. 3B Ramon Santiago (S) – .231/.315/.262
8. SS Zack Cozart (R) – .237/.282/.310
9. SP Alfredo Simon (R) – .139/.162/.167

*I’ll be enjoying my other favorite activity tonight other than watching Reds baseball. Subtle hint as to where I’ll be tonight while the Reds play.

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Parra throwing strikes with his slider. At least, Schierholtz thought they were strikes, good enough.

  2. All Simon is going to do is pull out ML pitcher’s salaries with comparable numbers in 2014 and show what they are being paid. You don’t find pitchers with his numbers making $5M or $6M – not in the major leagues.

    • I don’t think you understand how arbitration works.

      • A few big name starting pitchers are set to see arbitration, namely David Price, Jeff Samardzija, Max Scherzer, Justin Masterson and Homer Bailey. Incidentally, all five have been in trade rumors this winter and only Scherzer appears to be completely off the table. Travis Wood and Ivan Nova are also coming off strong platform years, although they don’t belong in the same conversation.

    • That’s not the way arbitration works. Comparison is to other arbitration players. Still 1/2 year to go, too.

      • What did Masterson get? And if you don’t think Simon will want more – then I have a bridge to sell you.

        • Simon makes $1.5 million this year. Bet you can’t find an example of a $9 million raise in arbitration. Masterson’s raise was about $4 million. Simon still has a half year left. His underlying stats were not comparable to Simon’s. If you think arbitration awards are based on pitcher wins and losses and ERAs, you probably also think the Marlins would trade Stanton for a relief pitcher and a 34-year-old journeyman starter with a one-year track record.

      • Sorry Steve, you are correct – its driven by the market. So a pitcher with an ERA under 3.00 and with 16-18 wins in a season – $5 or $6 million – will not quite get there.

      • http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=3732

        Just for the record this is from baseball prospectus. It is long and legal but it is a worthwhile read.

  3. He’s right. The process is pretty rigid. He’ll get about $5 million.

  4. Boy does Ludwick ever look done. I know he’s put together a couple decent stretches this year to keep his numbers respectable but I will not miss him.

  5. I don’t know why this organization is wasting Billy’s time and energy having him bat right handed. I know switch hitters are valuable, but there are only so many hours in the day. Just focus on his left handed batting.

    • Right handed is his natural side. Hope Billy is okay.

      • I don’t care what he played in little league, he’s clearly a better hitter now from the left hand side by a WIDE margin. I don’t think we’ll see him bat from the right hand side for much longer.

    • The Reds organization had Hamilton become a switch hitter. He struggled batting LHed until this year. He has more pop batting RHed, but of course doesn’t see as many LHed pitchers.

      • I would leave him be. He is getting better and better from the right side. Of course, he is getting better and better period.

        • Yes I think his only problem from the right side is not getting as many ABs. Scouts still say his right side is his “stronger” side – he can hit the ball father and harder from that side.

  6. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Saturdays game will be a sellout. (BHam bobblehead night.) Go Reds!

    • I would like one.

    • Already announced. SRO tickets went on sale today. Still a few single tickets left. Billy’s popular, but most of the Saturday bobblehead games sell out.

      • As quickly as this bobblehead game?

        • Middle of summer, school out, Saturday night, Pirates in town, bobblehead – there’s about ten other guys on the team at least whose bobble would sell out. I don’t mean to play down BH popularity, but Chapman, Votto, Frazier, Bruce etc. would all be sold out.

  7. Reds tv broadcasters think Hamilton tweaked his ankle a bit on the attempted steal, as suggested above on this thread.

  8. An observation:
    The Reds season turned around as soon as Tony Cingrani (still my fav) went back to AAA.

    A non ginxing question:
    Have we ever swept a 5 game series??

  9. Indians Avoid Arbitration With Justin Masterson
    By Steve Adams [February 18, 2014 at 1:32pm CDT]
    1:32pm: Masterson receives a $9.7625MM salary, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, placing him slightly below the midpoint between his figure and the club’s figure.

    1:25pm: The Indians and Justin Masterson have reached an agreement on a one-year deal to avoid an arbitration hearing, according to MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian (on Twitter).

    Masterson told Bastian within the past hour that he and the Indians were “really close” on a one-year deal to avoid arbitration. The right-hander posted a 3.45 ERA in 193 innings with 9.1 K/9, 3.5 BB/9 and a 58 percent ground-ball rate that led all qualified big league starters. He filed for an $11.8MM salary while the Indians filed at $8.05MM, as can be seen in MLBTR’s Arbitration Tracker.

    In 2013 Masterson was 14-10 3.45 – and Simon is actually doing better. $10M is about the mid-point sir. Sounds about right.

    • W-L and ERA aren’t the best measures, James. By all mathematical rigor, Simon is outperforming (read: lucky) where he should be. Usually that means a regression is in order (see Jeff Locke from last year).

      • So you think Simon’s going to have a drop off the 2nd half of the season? Haven’t we been expecting his demise since mid May? Seems Simon’s still going strong.

    • Masterson made $6 million last year. You don’t jump from $1.5 million to $10 million. Once again, you’re dead wrong. Just give it up.

      • Sir, did you read the article – he is making almost $10M this year – 2014 based on his production in 2013. You may want to check that out to become better informed. Thanks.

      • He filed for an $11.8MM salary while the Indians filed at $8.05MM, as can be seen in MLBTR’s Arbitration Tracker.

        • You don’t jump from Simon’s current salary to ($1.5) to $10. A bump of a couple million is the norm. Hence Masterson from $6 to $10.

        • You really do have no idea what you’re talking about here, James.

  10. You know your team is playing well when we are arguing about arbitration numbers in July. The luxuries of success!

    • Everybody is getting a little too Cocky, a game losing streak will bring all fire Price postings, just wait- enjoy it while it last because there will be slumps losing 5 of 7, the trick is to gain more ground after your slump

      • Well BHam and BP coming out of the game probably redirects the conversation.

  11. Phillies leading the Brewers 3-1.

  12. Damn!!!!!!!!!!! No, no. no!!!

  13. Uh oh.

  14. My oh my. Will the injury bug never stop biting? What a year.

  15. Not good, not good at all.

  16. Sure hope BP is ok.

  17. Hope you’re okay BP.

  18. Well, Toddy Ballgame not getting the night off after all.

  19. X-Ray time. Fingers crossed.

  20. Well fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

  21. First thing I thought of when I saw that play was Bruce when he broke his wrist.

  22. If Phillips is hurt, what are the resulting roster moves? Negron called up – I don’t think hes on the 40 man any longer…. may have to look at a FA pickup? SoftJ available?

    • Bottom line, we’re screwed if he is out for any length. If he “and” Billy are out? Oh my.

      • What happened to Hamilton?

        • Jammed his foot into the bag when he was thrown out on the steal attempt in the first inning.

        • But he stayed in the game and legged out a triple that was almost a HR?

        • I know. Welsh was speculating that it must have swelled up. Not real concerned but with BP going down…………….

  23. Looked safe.

  24. Close close. Don’t know.

  25. About time we won a challenge (or in this case the opposition lost the challenge).

  26. I thought he was safe. Heel was on the bag before ball got into the back of the glove… but hey, I am not going to complain too much!

  27. If Phillips is hurt, Schu plays 2nd and Heisey/Ludwick plays left. If Hamilton is out for any time, well, I won’t even think about that.

  28. The Reds were going so well.

  29. What??? no HR from Bruce off a lefty?? He needs days off…hehe

  30. Felt some bad karma after BP’s departure. It looked like Pena could have caught Castro’s foul pop up but a fan got in his way (without reaching over). Then Castro looked like he beat Cozart’s throw. Would have been tying tun at the plate.

  31. No strikeouts tonight. First time since 1997, apparently. Jinx.

  32. Will someone else lend me a hand and inform James that Simon is not getting a $9 million arbitration raise?

  33. Your future Reds Lineup:

    Schumaker, CF
    Hannahan, 1B
    Frazier, 3B
    Bruce, RF
    Mesoraco C
    Ludwick, LF
    Santiago, 2B
    Cozart, SS

    Or even better.. imagine when Mesoraco gets a day off. Replace Mesoraco with Pena and switch him with Ludwick.

    • So may be this isn’t so far fetched

      George Mirones says:

      07/09/2014 at 9:11 pm

      Tomorrows line up could include Rolen, Casey, Hatcher, and Rose and the cubs might have a chance

  34. What happened to Hamilton?

    • It looked like he tweaked his ankle when caught stealing. But he looked healthy on his triple.

  35. Cubs Bullpen picked a good night to shut down the Reds

  36. Mes in a funk tonight.

  37. Price making darn sure they take this game. Can’t say that I blame him.

  38. 32,810 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 32,810.

  39. Chapman gave up a single to Lake on a breaking pitch last night. Nothing but gas with him tonight.

  40. Hamilton was grabbiing his hammy in his last AB

  41. BP: Sprained thumb, xrays negative.

    • Could play as soon as tomorrow. Great day for Homer’s third no-no.

  42. X-Ray negative on BP. Strained right thumb. Per Marty.

  43. Hamilton tightness in hamstring. Doubt he goes tomorrow.

  44. BP has a sprained left thumb. BHam had tightness in his hamstring.

  45. BP sprained thumb

  46. Did they just say that Brandon’s wrist is ‘strained’ – if so a few days rest will help. Nothing broken.

    • Not necessarily. If he has a torn ligament and needs surgery, this could be bad. Think Bryce Harper or Josh Hamilton. Hope not. Go Reds!

  47. The Cubs announcers “get it,” regarding Chapman and the starter v closer debate.

  48. Any report on Billy?

  49. K the side!

  50. 6-1 after the San Diego debacle. That’ll do, Redlegs. That’ll do.

    • 8-1 before it and after blowing the big lead against toronto, team can bounce back, It is like they somehow they manage to get by or that they are ACTUALLY managed

  51. Great game. Hope we can field a team tomorrow afternoon.

  52. We win!!!! Hoooooray!

  53. With those two injuries, I think they may have to make a roster move and send a pitcher down just so they can have a bat on the bench.

    • Leake is available to pinch hit and Jack is almost ready,no need to do anything

  54. Can you imagine not having Chapman to nail down the win in playoff game, no thanks.

    • All star closers have had problems with closing out playoff games.

      • Chapman has a league average save conversion rate over his career.

        • He’s not the same pitcher now so the previous seasons mean very little now.

        • League average closers don’t do so well in playoff situations. How to predict how will do well ? Look at meaningful statistics, like you do with starting pitchers. League average closers don’t strike out 2 batters an inning.

        • His conversion rate is over 90% this season and both blown saves were 1 run leads.

    • Or they win every game by 4 and he never sees the field.

  55. So I’m guessing that Contreras goes to Louisville and the Reds bring up a bat for tomorrow. Probably Soto. Otherwise it’s a very empty bench.

  56. Chapman not fooling around tonight. Yesterday Lake hit a single and Olt walked off him. I think he takes those things personally. Blew away Lake with fastballs and on 3-2 challenged Olt with a fastball right down the pipe, didn’t want to walk him again.

  57. Good win for the Reds, but lets hope BP and BHam’s injuries are minor and they are quick to return to the lineup. Lets sweep em tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  58. My final note; Bruce and Phillip’s had hits in crucial inning. Reds win!

  59. The Reds might be in line to pick up 3 1/2 games on 1st place in 3 days. Totally cool.

    • 4-1 Phillies in the 9th

      • Man, what a collapse by the Brewers. They could either be hearing footsteps or simply trying to find themselves – either way – the Reds benefit. Predicted on a site that the Reds would be 2 1/2 games out at the All Star break. Man, didn’t think it would happen this quick. GO REDS !!

  60. Good thing the Reds had Chapman around to close the door. They only had a 97.3 percent chance of willing starting the ninth. Not just anyone could rack up those three-run saves. What a waste.

  61. Mike Maffie wonders if Jay Bruce will be playing second base tomorrow night. My theory is Bruce will play both first and second.

    • I watched my dad play shortstop and third in a softball game one night. Nothing got by him. My dad was the white Hamilton in his day. Sad thing is he can still outrun me at 65.

  62. Alfredo Simon. What to say about Alfredo. Dear sirs, this guy is a pitcher; when I watched him in Baltimore, he was a thrower and not a good one at that. He is a very,very good pitcher and Bryan Price had a big hand in that evolution. It is not luck or an accident, he is who he is. He has been a very effective pitcher for 2-1/2 seasons now. The argument should end, we should expect this type of effort every time he toes the rubber. I’m awed by this young man.

    Here is to you Alfredo Simon. Thanks!

  63. test

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