The Reds and Cubs are scheduled to play two today in Cincinnati. I do not live in the Cincinnati area so I’m not able to check, but the weather report for Cincinnati does not look very optimistic for baseball today. So there is a good chance that the sky will be the talk of the day yet again at Great American Ball Park.

Johnny Cueto will take the mound in game 1 of the double dip. He’ll be facing former Reds starter Travis Wood. If the weather will cooperate, I like the Reds chances in game 1. Especially if Hamilton drives in 4 RBI again today and Bruce keeps hitting 2 run homers.

Discuss Game 1 here Reds fans.

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 1B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Bruce RF
5. Mesoraco C
6. Heisey LF
7. Santiago 3B
8. Cozart SS
9. Cueto P

Edit: Prior to the game, Joey Votto was placed on the Disabled List and Brayan Pena was actived from paternity leave.

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Tuned in WGN just in time to see the Cubs go back to back, nice to see the Reds answer back right quick. Go Reds!

  2. Santiago and Heisey, you gotta love it!

  3. Santiago is batting 11-for-34 at GABP this season.

  4. I was hoping we could burn through their bullpen this first game, then I looked at their active roster and saw that they entered today with 10 (!) relievers in the pen. Obviously that will change when they call up the starters for Wednesday and Thursday, but still. That’s a lot of arms to use.

    That said, Schlitter is one of their better relievers, so I’m glad to see him going now instead of tonight.

  5. A couple rib-eye steaks out there for Hamilton.

  6. Still a nice inning. Got a run back, chased Wood early, turned the lineup over.

  7. from ctrent, game 2

    Hamilton 8, Frazier 5, Phillips 4, Bruce 3, Ludwick 7, Schumaker 9, Cozart 6, Barnhart 2, Holmberg 1

  8. Ok, well even though he didn’t get it done that time, he’s really been impressing me lately.

  9. Man, even when Hamilton makes outs, with runners on he seems to turn it up a notch.

  10. Cueto now at 83 pitches through six. He should have another couple innings in him, now working with a 2-run lead.

  11. Can’t ask for better contact from Hamilton than that. Blah.

  12. This ump is really squeezing Cueto.

  13. Oof…Would have been a tough play but Santiago should have gotten 1 there.

  14. Ummmmm… You may want to talk to Cueto.

  15. Okay just got home from work, made a sandwich, grabbed a cold drink and tuned into the game.. can someone give me a quick recap? How do the lowly Cubs have 2 runs off Cueto?

  16. It’ll be really disappointing if Cueto can’t go 7 innings here.

  17. Ouch! Santiago did not play that ball well at all, matter of fact it looked plain ugly.

  18. the always-fearful seventh inning ….

  19. He really could use a GDP here.

  20. Sheesh…

  21. And that will do it for Cueto… This isn’t good.

  22. Shame. Not a great outing from Cueto.

    • Hopefully, can still be a good one if Parra can find a way to wiggle out.

      These exact situations lead to Reds doubts.

  23. Cueto not a good as usual today.
    Get a DP right here and get Johnny a win.

  24. Wow, never would have figured Cueto wouldn’t make it through 7 innings.

  25. I would swap the run for a fly ball out here.

  26. 1 down. Nice one Parra.

  27. Nice K there by Parra. Come on bullpen!

  28. Yes! Big strikeout!

  29. There ain’t no freaking way Brian Price can be even contemplating bring Logan Ondrusuck in is there !!!

    • Yep, to face Castro if it gets that far..> Let’s hope it doesn’t.

      • Doesn’t Ondru have really good numbers against Castro in the past? At least it seems like it…

        • Don’t know… I don’t really trust a small sample though and it would have to be a small sample.

        • Not saying it’s anything predictive, just that it seems like I remember him getting Castro almost every time they meet.

  30. There’s one

  31. Clutch from Parra!

  32. Hmm, Cubs not pinch-hitting the RH lake for Sweeney. I’ll take it.

  33. Great job by Parra! Didn’t look rusty at all.

  34. If Johnny wins the CY this year he owes Parra a steak dinner for that one.

    • There is zero chance Johnny wins the CY. Reds pitchers are doomed to always be runners up. Right now Kershaw and Wainwright battling for award….Johnny just a after thought at this point.

  35. Great work by Parra!!

  36. Nice to have Manny back. Great job!

  37. Piece of cake. Nice job Mr. Parra. Go Reds!

  38. or JJ “Homerun” Hoover!

  39. Let Parra go back out for the 8th? Salvage some more of the pen for tonight?

    • Rizzo leading off, with lefties Valbuena and Schierholtz due up 3rd and 4th in the inning. So yeah, I would.

    • With Rizzo coming up, I’d keep him out there for one.

  40. Now need to do some damage to the guy with the ERA up around 5.

  41. Frazier’s having a really hard time picking up those breaking balls. He’s getting fooled bad.

    • You can always tell Frazier is slumping when he can’t lay off the low and away junk.

  42. There’s that inside curveball Bruce can’t hit to save his life…

  43. This game is making me so uncomfortable. I will be glad when it’s over and the Reds have another W.

    • I know what you mean. Usually you figure if you stake Cueto to a 3-run lead in the first, it should be smooth sailing, but this game makes me uneasy.

  44. Aroldis should be pitching now to the hear of the order.

    • Yep… Have to go all in to win the first game, then worry about the next game later.

    • Probably but then “who pitches the 9th?” … Managers just don’t use their “closers” like that, right or wrong… Thus Jumbo will work to Castro.

      • You have to do whatever it takes to win this first game. Do that, and you’re playing with house money tonight.

        If we were to somehow come back to lose this one, then it puts an awful lot of pressure on Holmberg to try and salvage a split.

        • I don’t disagree. I just don’t think that’s how most managers play it. We are in an age of rather strict bullpen roles.

  45. Well thanks for that Parra.

  46. Dang… Can’t walk him. At least he missed with the fastball.

  47. From 0-2 to a walk. Yeesh.

  48. Here comes Jumbo to save the day. Go Reds!

  49. i really hope we send down a reliever after today, and I really hope it isn’t Jumbo. My vote would be for Hoover.

  50. Jumbo throwing 99. Wow.

  51. Nasty nasty pitch there, wow.

  52. I’m liking me some Jumbo lately.

  53. JJ Hoover and Logan Ondrusek are completely forgotten.
    Ain’t that nice!

  54. Jumbo might as well stay up here. Let Logan be a Bat.

  55. Come on, Jumbo. One more.

  56. Nice play by Mes.

  57. Brantley is very impressed with Diaz’s ability to throw the slider when he wants to. Says it shows he’s much more comfortable now.

  58. Reds could be 3.5 games out after tonight, if things go well. Who’d a thunk it.

  59. Back-to-back 3-2 sliders… I normally would hate that but hey, it worked! Nice job by Diaz.

    • Remember that on the Schierholtz scouting report! Guy can’t lay off sliders at the bottom of the zone . . .

      I hope Diaz feels well enough to run out there for another inning

  60. Just have Gamecast today, but it looked as if Jumbo was really keeping the ball on the outer edge of the zone to Scheurholz quite nicely. Looked like he painted the edge.

  61. Jack Hanahan is on rehab in Dayton tonight..huh.

  62. Chapman warming up. Broxton should be available for tonight, right?

    • But honest to goodness, if there is any guy in the bullpen that can’t be counted on to get the last 3 hitters in the Cubs line-up out (PH not withstanding) with a two run lead, what are they doing there? A great time to use Logan so Chapman can go as needed in the night cap.

      • Which I realize contradicts my earlier post about using Chapman in the 8th, but that was based on the estimation it was the most important and most likely inning for the Cubs to score.

        • I would almost like to see another inning out of the AAA closer, Diaz.

      • Are you saying that this is not a Chapman situation, agree with the 8th, but can a pitcher not pitch an inning in both games?

        • Sure, they can throw in each game… but then there are three more games to deal with, so if you’re going to save a bullet, I’m picking Chapman before anyone else if I can help it.

    • He did pitch yesterday and Sunday, but I would like to think he could give us an inning sometime today.

  63. Heisey getting it done today.

  64. Very nice day for Heisey today.

  65. Call me crazy, but I have seen a significant improvement in the Cubbies this year really across the board. Granted, their SP will take a step back but they are stocking up some talent. This division could be outright nuts next year. No more wildcards, I fear.

  66. Man, was it just me, or did Heisey look like he was loafing it there?

  67. What has gotten into Ramon Santiago?

    And another iffy call from our #B coach…Still, great relay.

  68. Didn’t look like Heisey was running full speed?

    • I don’t think there’s any way he was beating that throw unless he was running on the pitch.

  69. Poop.

  70. So, who had Chris Heisey and Ramon Santiago combining for 6 hits today?

  71. Free Santiago!!!!!!

    • lol… He can give Super Todd a breather tonight if he wants to hit like that. Pena at first, Tucker behind the dish.

  72. Zack Cozart hasn’t made decent contact aaaaall day. Hopefully saving it up for tonight.

  73. Worth a shot given we were at the bottom of the order.

    • I may have sent him there too, considering the bottom of the order up.

  74. Hopefully Chapman’s leg is feeling better.

    • The velocity is there. He is only throwing junk to Wellington and struck him out.

  75. Careful here. According to Gamecast, this guy LOVES them in the dirt.

  76. santiago on base 6 times in two games, heisey 3 hits …..go buy a lottery ticket!

  77. Took a perfect relay. But, Heisey should have stolen second then it would have been an easy run.

  78. Chapman has been fantastic this year, so there’s really nothing to complain about. If I have one critique it’s that while his change up is good to have, I think he features it a little too much.

    That hit he just gave up was on a 90mph pitch, which is just giving the hitter a gift.

  79. 1K for Chappy!

    • I wish he was that cheap, 3M for Chappy!
      (sarcasm, I knew what you meant)

  80. It’s crazy to me that Chapman is now facing guys like this and not throwing fastballs.

    • Olt can hit anybody’s fastball… I think that’s why you saw all junk and the only fastball was up and out of the zone.

      • I don’t believe that anyone can hit a well located 102 MPH fastball at will. You’re basically saying that Chapman should have pitched around a guy hitting .147 on the year. I say that’s playing scared and asking for trouble (in the form of walks).

    • He is hitting 100. They must now these guys are cheating.

  81. Ball 4 was Strike 3. This game can’t be over soon enough!!!

  82. Chapman just walked the guy on 6 pitches, one of which was a fastball. How can a guy like Chapman be afraid to throw his fastball? He was dominant the last few years with nothing but the fastball.

  83. 17,371 turned out for today’s titanic struggle, 17,371.

  84. Get this game over with!

  85. 102 to end it… Went right after Sweeney pretty much.

  86. Good start, see you gents for the nightcap.

  87. Wooooooo!!!!!

  88. Cozart’s power turns on out of nowhere tonight. He’s going yard. Put the pressure on the Brewers boys!

  89. What does it say that we had NO ONE to bother calling up when Votto clearly was not available the last 3 days.

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