Steve has already announced the big news regarding tonight’s lineup versus the Cubs…Jay Bruce is starting at 1B. That conversation and debate has been on-going for a few hours now. In other news, the Reds will be sending 4 players to the All-Star game.

But right now let’s focus on the Chicago Cubs. The Reds and Cubs begin a 4-day, 5 game series with one another beginning tonight in Cincinnati. I’ll have the luxury of being at Thursday’s series finale where I hope to see the Reds go for the sweep. Not much else I can say about the Cubs, so I’ll defer to this oldie but goody from Mr. Marty. Just a reminder: Cubs gonna Cub.

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. With a game this close, don’t put in Parra/Ondrusek or Hoover

  2. I’ll be glad when this doubleheader is over tomorrow. It seems like the Reds are managing their roster and bullpen out of irrational fear of it. Just can’t imagine why the bullpen wasn’t up and in last inning. They haven’t been used at all the past two weeks.

    • Exactly what I was thinking, I guess when the bench is what it is your forgoe pinch hitting strategies and rely in the comfort that you got 5 guys that pitch mop up duty

  3. Brewers just scored 2 also. Now down 1. A series of bad decisions there starting with Ludwick’s inexplicable bunt.

  4. I’m afraid he was out. Dang it.

  5. Price is a genius. He is just getting us ready for the nailbiters down the stretch and in the playoffs. A 3 run lead doesn’t properly prepare his team.

    • I know one thing, I’m glad I saved use of the old defibrillator till after the All-Star game. Cause I have a feeling its going to be getting a lot of use in the second half. But as always, Go Reds!

    • Dang you, Jay Bruce for ruining the plan. You’re sitting tomorrow. Ryan, can you play first?

  6. Bet the Reds have lost 99.9% of replays this year –

  7. I have been a Reds fan for a long long time. And I always will be. But Bryan Price angers me more than anyone who has ever worn the uniform. Just bizarre decision-making on a consistent basis. If this team survives him it will be a miracle.

  8. Rizzo, the Reds Killer again.

  9. I had hoped that Bryan Price would be an improvement over Dusty Baker. But more and more, it seems like he is not all that different from his predecessor.

    Foolish decision not to pinch-hit for Leake in the 6th. Just plain dumb to allow him to pitch to Parra.

    • I suspect he didn’t pinch hit for Leake because the bench is so short, which shows what a bind the Reds have put themselves in. With Rizzo up with 2 outs, the perfect situation for a LOOGY. Parra had warmed up. Why is he on the roster ?

      This was a won game, and the Reds let the Cubs back in it.

  10. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce

  11. BRUCE!!!

  12. BRUUUUUUUCEEEE!!!!! How about that first baseman??

  13. Bruce hits another homer off of a left handed pitcher. Amazing. Poor Marty.

  14. You know those left handed pitchers have to be terrified of Bruce

  15. Wow. It’s nice to see our first basemen pull the ball with power again!

  16. It’s déjà vu all over again!

  17. BRUCE !!!! He just kills lefties.

  18. Two days in a row Bruce has homered against the other team’s lefty specialist.

  19. Bruuuuuce!!! Pulling Price’s tail out of the fire again!

  20. Having seen many negative posts about Price here, I FINALY agree. Bruce at first 1 run lost, no PH for Leake maybe a1 run, leaving leake in 2 runs. This should be a blowout, but its close.

    • So many couch managers…how us it that none have jobs in pro baseball? Price knows what he is doing…he has what few here have…actual professional experience.

  21. BRUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!

  22. BP walk, Bruce HR yet again.

  23. Makes you wonder if Price called all of the bullpen shots the last few years. I like Price’s lineups better than Dusty’s

  24. What a majestic swing that was. Jay Bruce hit that ball 423 feet. As the late great Bob Shreve would say “that’s a fur piece” Go Reds!

  25. Wow….Bruce again with the HR as Phillips walks again. Same as yesterday. Hopefully we see the consistent Bruce throughout this month. I wonder if I can request the Cubs please trade Rizzo to some American League Contender, so he doesn’t have to be a Reds Killer anymore.

  26. Brantley: It’s hard to get it by that big fella’ (Broxton fielding).

  27. Nice job by Brox.

  28. Nice inning JBrox

  29. Ya gotta love ” Big Sequoia” Broxton. The man comes in and takes care of bidness.

  30. I understand the frustration with Price, but I would venture to say that if a vote was conducted the day after the season ended last year between Dusty and Price to manage the team this year, Price would have gotten 95% of the votes on this site. He has managed one half of one season. The Reds are over .500 and possibly within 5 games of the lead. This, with a decimated lineup. You heard all of the Nasty Boys talking about the Reds’ injuries setting them back. It just reinforces the fact that baseball is not a game for the impatient. The seasons are long, the games are long. There is a long way to go. Chill on the absolutes and the hyperbole. I’m sure some of the nervous nellies on this site would have had Eisenhower fired by 11:00 a.m on D-Day.

    • nice

    • Too many good points, too bad half the posters read it as blah, blah, blah

    • I complained about Price tonight, in terms of leaving in Leake to pitch to Rizzo. I vented. Do I want Dusty back ? No. Do I want a different manager ? No.
      Should Price be fired ? That would be nuts.

  31. santiago is STILL trying to hit it to that fan

  32. most remarkable: Santiago 2 BB’s, Phillips a BB….in one game!

    • Actually more remarkable that Billy took a walk. That happens a lot less frequently than BP.

      • Give it a rest. The kid is learning. The walks will start coming more frequently. Pitchers are challenging him as they should. He’s a rookie. That’s what you do until rookies prove it dangerous to do so. BHam will start getting pitched different if he keeps it up.

  33. Ok what is Chris Heisey doing on this roster if Zack Cozart is pinch hitting instead of him? When was the last time Heisey had an AB?

    • To be fair, I think Cozart was probably heading in for the 9th as a defensive replacement. (Not saying Heisey couldn’t do the same for RF, but maybe Price was looking to keep the powder dry.)

      • If Cozart was available to play today there’s no excuse for running out the lineup Price did. But that aside, I still can’t remember the last time Heisey had an AB.

  34. Billy Billy Billy!!!!! Oh baby!

  35. Luddy runs as fast as the dead

  36. Hamilton the RBI machine !!!

  37. BHamming it tonite

  38. 5-7 with bases loaded according to Cowboy……awesome, slidin’ Billy!

  39. Billy is 5-7 with 10 rbi’s with the bases juiced.

  40. Well Billy Hamilton sure looks like your ROTY right now. Wow this kid is exceeding everyone’s expectations and then some…

    • Over here>>

      • Hey Charlotte, I am pretty new at following the Reds and see that Billy Hamilton is only 23 years old. Shouldn’t he be in the minors, maybe at AAA to get a little more experience under his belt? And I am concerned, is he going to be able to hit major league pitching consistently? And I see where he has only played CF for a year or two – wouldn’t a little more time in the minors help him?

        • It was mighty lonely being a BHam believer in early April. Most of these guys still have no idea what we have hear. Tidbit: Per Schu, Billy is the first one at the park before every game.

  41. Frazier just missed that one, darn.

  42. Billy just keeps adding to that slugging percentage. Go Billy go!

  43. When BHam turns on the after burners whoosh!!!! your thinking what the heck was that.

  44. gives Chappy one more night off, too

  45. Why walk when you can do that?

    • Because when he’s not doing that it would be nice if he could still get on base.

      • Yep, that’s my only knock on Billy is his OBP. If he gets it up north of .330 and keeps it there he’ll be all kinds of incredible.

      • walking requires the pitcher to throw balls….I read this in the rules

      • He gets pitched plenty of balls, the problem is he gets himself down in the count early with bunt attempts or taking strikes or fouling balls off. Then he gets defensive in his approach, etc.

        • You guys really complaining about BHam? A young rookie doing more than he is asked or more than we imagined? Dude has been money with runners on base too. He’s getting many RBI’s.

        • So taking strikes is contributing to his walks? Interesting theory. The right answer: you have to get at least four balls in an AB to walk – very simple. I’d like you to point out the next AB where you think he should have walked. Fair enough?

        • “lack of walks” that is.

  46. Billy The Kid strikes again !!!

  47. This Cub has no control what so ever.

  48. Nice game, good start to the series.

  49. And this one belongs to the Cincinnati Billy Hamilton’s. Timely hitting makes watching your team win tons of fun. Lets get two wins tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  50. Nice to see some runs on the board. Lots of contributions today. Great win. Go Reds!!!

  51. Another big win for the Reds. With their solid pitching and awakened offense, the Reds are going to be tough to beat.

  52. More than 26,500 showed up for tonight’s titanic struggle, more than 26,500. (as said by the famer post game)

  53. Interesting developments/tidbits in MLB world.
    1. Arroyo needs Tommy John.
    2. Schoenfield over at Sweetspot thinks Reds might fallout of NL central race if JV is limited rest of the season because of his injuries. According to Price, he is going to be limited and we are seeing it.

    I just have a feeling we will find a way to stay in the hunt till the end.

    • I like your positive mindset, and I too think the Reds will stay in the hunt till the very end. Of course there’s always going to be the nattering nabobs of negativity that seem to live to criticize the team they claim to be a fan of. Go Reds!

  54. Bryan Price REALLY needs to read the brilliant “death by bunting” article that appeared on this blog last year. That was an amazing piece of work that completely changed how I viewed the bunt, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why a “smart” guy like Price can’t figure out that bunting is nothing more than giving the opponent an out that this horrific offense can ill afford to do.

  55. acquire Vogt from Oakland

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