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Reds at Padres (July 2, 2014)

This road trip started out so great, but the last two losses in San Diego have put a damper on how it will conclude. The Reds can still salvage a very good trip out west with a win tonight, just too bad it won’t be as good as it could have been had the Reds managed to take care of business against the lowly Padres.

If the Padres want to sweep the Reds today, they’ll have to do it against Johnny Cueto. You may have beaten the Reds in the first two games, Padres, but good luck against Mr. Cueto today!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Santiago 3B
3. Frazier 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Heisey LF
7. Pena C
8. Cozart SS
9. Cueto P

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    • Didn’t realize someone could change teams so often in one year. Seems like he’s pitching against the Reds an awful lot.. and always under pseudonyms.

  1. If we lose today, is it time for the fire-sale again? Perhaps we should see where this team is at the deadline and decide right around there if they should buy, sell, or only make a few minor moves?

    As for today’s game, Ross is really dealing. Yes some of it is the Reds offense is having a tough time of it in general, but Ross is filthy today. No-hit kind of stuff and it’s showing.

      • It is hard to have a “sale” when what your selling (other than starting pitching and 4 position players (Bruce, Brazier, Mes, and Billy) are considered damaged goods.

        • I think Broxton, Chapman, and Leake could all have some value. Of course I wouldn’t mind keeping Leake but what could the Reds get in return as far as prospects? As far as position players and selling, I don’t see there being much interest in anyone aside from the four guys you mention above. Those are 4 guys I’d rather not move.

  2. this blows.. sweep Giants and then get swept by Padres… did Reds just take Padres for granted? terrible. it’s not like we are in 1st place by 10 games. even after Giants, we were 6 1/2 out… long way to go if we just took Padres for granted. I don’t know that, but we are playing like it.. (and Padres’ pitching is really good too).

  3. today’s lineup is perfect for a no hitter… Santiago, Pena, Cozart, Cueto…. automatic outs right there…. what a terrible time to lose ground… and due to San Diego

  4. Tired of this impotent offense. Time for Pena and Heisey to earn their keep and get a rally started.

  5. It has been reported that the Reds have traded Jair Jurrjens to Colorado for 1B Harold Riggins. Riggins had 192 K’s in 118 games at A+ ball in 2013 and 79 K’s in 58 games at AA this year. He’ll fit right in with the Reds hitters.

      • He’s 24 I believe I read. I really don’t understand why the Reds even have Soto and then trade for this guy? Maybe Soto gets a promotion and Riggins gets promoted to triple a. Every time I see his name I’m gonna be reminded of Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights.

      • He had 192 Ks in A+ last year…. 118 games/413 AB, 192 Ks. So in a full MLB season of 600-ish AB, that’d be 279 Ks. Of course that’s not accounting for the fact he’d probably be worse against major league pitching than A+ pitching, when A+ CALL League is considered a hitter friendly one.

      • “..for a 24-year-old Double-A first baseman named Harold Riggins who isn’t considered a prospect.”

        Not even isn’t considered a top prospect… just isn’t considered a prospect.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a MLB player miss a bag going around the bases then be called out on the appeal. Crazy.

  7. This is about the worst lineup Price can put together.. of course, we have NO bench, so he has no choice when Votto and Mes aren’t in the game…

    Pena, Heisy as a starter, Santiago, Cueto (not his fault), and mostly Cozart… That’s not going to do it.

    Of course, normally against a bad team, it might be OK but we are about to be swept against SD… after sweeping Giants…

    That’s Jekyl and Hyde at best

  8. 1/2 way in to the year, I think we will have a chance at 2nd wild card, but that’s about it.. thank God for the WC system… at least 1 game playoff, Cueto might get us into the real playoff round…

    we have Nationals, Dodgers or SF (whoever doesn’t get the division), St Louis, and Pirates all competing…

    need healthier Votto, and need some TRADES…. we have no bench

    • I don’t think any major trades are forthcoming and I’m not sure who you’d try to get for a reasonable deal anyway. This team is not bad, just has a few holes (like every other team). They can compete if they stay healthy (like every other team).

      • being 2 game above 500 is mediocre.. i guess you can say competing… sure… we r still better than Cubs on record… apparently not better than SD .. if one is happy w/ just competitive, i guess Reds would be that team

  9. This lineup is a dumpster fire. He should be ashamed of himself. People paid money to watch this game.

  10. More important to let Johnny go another inning and leave the unworked bullpen unworked then to try and win.

    The Cincinnati Way.

    • Um, isn’t avoiding the horrible bullpen the higher-percentage move to win this game? Not that it matters since we’re unlikely to score 3 runs at this rate, but just saying.

    • Cueto hasn’t given up a run since the 1st. He’s at 79 pitches. He’s an ace. What team WOULD take him out? He’ll probably go another 2 innings, 3 if one of the first two is particularly quick.

      • It’s the 6th inning of a game you are trailing. You have a bullpen that has not been worked in weeks.

        If you want to win this game, you don’t sacrifice an out simply to let Johnny keep pitching. Kudos to him if he doesn’t give up any more runs but you need at least 3 runs to keep this game alive. You can’t do that when you’re in the field, only when you’re AB.

        It’s a dumb move that Price has made over and over and over again.

        • Could not disagree more. Cueto is dealing, just mowing down the other team. Bringing in mediocre relievers in exchange for 1 pinch hitter (who are followed keep in mind, by Hamilton and.. wait for it.. Santiago!) seems like a very bad idea.

  11. Mes out – Day game after night game… Tough on catchers… Cueto prefers throwing to Pena. I don’t like it but whatever.
    Votto out – Everyone and their brother/sister/mother/grandfather said he needed a day off and right now.
    Ludwick out – Ok, maybe I’d prefer him out there over Heisey but considering the huge OF, I think this is a wash today.

    I guess the question is, should Price have ignored resting Mes and Votto and included them in an “A” lineup? Would it be making a big difference right now?

    • I just think the initial shock is seeing Santiago in the 2 hole, then the complaining starts from there. Realistically you’re right though, the downfall of our team all year has been zero depth, and B lineups show that.

    • Mes is 26 and an off day tomorrow. He needs to play when the alternative is a fiery abortion of a lineup.

  12. I’m going on the 4th and hope to see Mes and Votto in the lineup against the Brewers. Perhaps that was part of the reasoning? Each win is a full game in the standings over a division opponent, especially one that’s ahead of you.

    • BP is mostly guessing as a hitter over the last 2 years. He’s always been more of a guesser than a reactionary hitter, especially early in the count. As he gets older, he’s going to need to continue to guess more because he won’t have the bat-speed and quick hands needed to react as a pitch comes in.

    • He can’t tell it’s a slider till he’s already swinging is why he swings. Same problem with Bruce in all those swings at balls in the dirt.

    • Also, just to point it out.. he can in fact hit a slider. He blasted Romo’s slider into the left field stands against the Giants in the 9th the other night.

    • And 5h in the NL AS voting for 3B… It’s ridiculous. Even by the old fashioned avg/hr/rbi line he’s having the best year of any 3B in the NL. Plays good defense too.

      • I guess we don’t stuff the ballots as well in Cincy as other cities. Of course there was one year back in the day, that we stuffed them too well and the commissioner overrode the vote!

        • Times have changed. Most of the votes now come from much more casual fans than back in the day because it’s so easy to vote. Nothing wrong with that but it definitely favors the bigger cities by an absurd margin.

  13. 3 outs left for the Reds. Not a good way to end what could have been an excellent road trip. I guess the positive is that the road trip was still a 6-4 journey and the Brewers lost again. After the sweep of the Giants though, I know Reds’ fans had high hopes for a 9-1 or 8-2 trip.

  14. Well looks like we have faced Cy Young 3 games in a row….or at least our line up made it look that way. What is that , 29 strikeouts in 3 games and counting? Santiago needs to go, there has to be a better option. (Sigh)

  15. Top of the lineup and Mes available as a PH. Hope Santiago doesn’t get the opportunity to make another out.

  16. 2 freakin runs in 3 games, you just can’t put a positive spin on this.

  17. Why does Santiago have a MLB contract? Look as his career stats. Mind boggling that he is allowed to bat with guys like Mes an Schu on the bench in the 9th inning when we can pick up a game on Toronto. I don’t get it.

  18. I mean pick up a game on the Brewers who lost to Toronto again. Wasted chances in SD.

  19. Honestly, Price mailed this one in and the team just followed his lead. Just not a real big fan of the Skipper.

  20. Votto should take notes from the ball girl down 1st base line. 2 sots down there…good fielding position IN FRONT OF THE BALL

  21. Over the course of the last three days, the Brewers were idle, lost, and lost. There’s a chance to pick up 2.5 games in three days. And we get nothin’.

  22. Glad Santiago in the 2 hole meant he could go 0-4 instead of 0-3 like the rest of the team. Seriously how hard would it be for Mes to learn 1st on the fly? If Roger Bernandina was able to get a start this year after NEVER playing an mlb or minor league game at 1st, I think I take my potential slight drop off in defense with getting my best or second best bat in the lineup, plus not weakening the D at 3rd by moving Super Todd across the diamond. This outside the box thinking is why this organization will never get beyond the good but not great threshold with the current brain trust on the field and more importantly upstairs.

  23. Looking at this roster makes me wonder if Walt is still on the Cardinals payroll … smart club those Cards: let an incompetent GM join the enemy so he can take them down from within.

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