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  Cincinnati Reds  (43-40) 2 10 2
  San Diego Padres  (37-47) 8 16  0 
 W: Kennedy (6-9)       L: Leake (6-7)
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Mike Leake didn’t have one of his best nights, but he wasn’t awful, either. He was the victim of a bunch of ground ball hits that contributed to the second and third runs the Padres scored. But Leake did give up a home run in the first inning and four doubles. He struck out four and didn’t walk anyone. The Reds were still in it when Leake left, before the rusty bullpen set the game on fire.

The Reds faced good pitching for the second night in a row. Ian Kennedy is having an excellent season. His ERA coming into tonight (4.02) was deceptive based on a high BABIP (.324). His more advanced metrics (xFIP 3.12, SIERA 3.10) told a more accurate story of how well he had pitched. The Reds saw that tonight.

Ramon Santiago (.212/.293/.231) has seemingly been reduced to leaning out over the plate and trying to get hit by a pitch, even on called strike three. In 61 plate appearances, Santiago has exactly one extra base hit. His performance shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s how he’s hit since 2011. Your craptastic bench, Reds fans, courtesy of Walt Jocketty.

Logan Ondrusek made it all the way to the fourth batter he faced before he walked someone. Progress. Of course, he had given up a base hit and home run before that. It’s obvious to any sober observer that Ondrusek has no control over his pitches because he overthrows every one. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise as Logan Ondrusek has been a bad relief pitcher since … forever, really.

It’s a good thing the Reds are still carrying eight pitchers in the bullpen. That way they can go long stretches without pitching and be ineffective when they do appear. Seriously, Ondrusek hadn’t pitched in eight days. Hoover in seven days. Carlos Contreras in ten (!) days. And Manny Parra hadn’t pitched for ELEVEN days. Someone wake up Walt Jocketty and let him know the bullpen crisis has been over for the entire road trip. If the bullpen had been competent tonight, the little ninth inning rally might have meant something.

Meanwhile, the bench is full of gritty stiffs, like Ramon Santiago, Skip Schumaker and Ryan Ludwick, and is one player short.

Joey Votto can’t stop from falling to his knees when he swings and misses because his left leg can’t hold his weight. First of all, even on one leg, he’s a much better hitter than Brayan Peña, so he should continue to play. But he shouldn’t be batting third. Isn’t the #3 hitter supposed to be the best on your team, someone who can hit with power? Votto is obviously no longer that player. There’s no shortage of proper alternatives – either Jay Bruce or Devin Mesoraco.

That Devin Mesoraco, who hit another home run tonight, is batting sixth on this team is absurd and seriously makes me wonder about Bryan Price.

The Brewers and Cardinals lost. Silver lining.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Maybe Joey should be moved, in the lineup. He doesn’t seem to be there, altogether. In fact, management has actually told us he won’t be, this season. Shame Mes is batting so low, but then again, it does keep me coming back, for another inning, after the Reds have gone down 1-2-3, to a mediocre pitcher.

  2. I see your #3 hitter supposed to be the best on your team, and raise you the #4 hitter is someone who is supposed to hit for power and not GIDP, and your #1 hitter is supposed to be a high OBP guy who can take walks.

    • Sigh.

      • Hamilton is a very good lead off hitter, the. Reds are lucky to have him.

    • This just in…a pitcher must throw a batter 4 balls outside the strike zone for the batter to be issued a walk.

      • And that’s why people need to forget about Hamilton walking right now and just take in the fact that he has an OPS of over .700.

        Hamilton is the most unwalkable guy in baseball. Every pitcher knows if they throw this kid four balls, he’s gonna be on third base and so they’re peppering him with strikes. How many times in the last two weeks has Hamilton had 7, 8, even 10 pitch AB’s? Granted none of those AB’s have resulted in walks, but if you watch them, you realize they wouldn’t have had he not swung.

        As the average continues to get better (which it has), pitchers will be less likely to throw him that many strikes. But Hamilton is a top notch lead off hitter in the NL this season … and is a big reason why the Reds were so good in June (because he was so good in June).

        Hit safely now in 18/19 I think? Can’t complain.

        • Billy’s numbers since April 15th: .309/.337.440 with a 115 wRC+. With his speed maybe not the best lead-off hitter but surely among the elite. Stay aggresive Billy because whatever your doing is working.

          My mid-season prediction for Billy: .315/.340/.425 with > 70 SBs and this is contingent on his health.

      • True. But said batter must not swing at a ball outside the strike zone to be entitled to a walk.

        • Sometimes you have to protect the plate. Votto (last year) took alot of backward K’s when he trusted his eye over the umps. Getting on base is the goal, several different roads to get there.

        • Billy is actually swinging at less pitches than the league average.

        • Haven’t checked but could it be that he’s swinging at less overall pitches b/c he’s swinging early in the count?

          Don’t get me wrong. I love the adjustments he’s making at the plate so far in his early career and he seems to be making himself a tough out. But eventually, the league will adjust and find his week spots. When he doesn’t get as much to hit, will he become more selective in response?

        • I haven’t seen weak spots. Someone did a study and he is hitting fastball, curves and change ups at nearly identical averages. I would suggest watching to see how much BHam adjusts to pitchers rather then vice versa, especially when it relates to SBs.

          The two base hits last night were very interesting: a hard drag bunt single right on the 1 st base line and a hard hit double on the 3rd base line. Talk about spreading the field. His spray chart is just about perfect for the type of hitter he is.

    • This talk about Hamilton not walking enough is getting tiresome. Obviously the “book” is don’t walk him. Make him hit the ball to get on. Why would you pitch carefully to someone who has marginal power and attempts to bunt all the time? Come on.

      • I’m not as worried about the lack of Hamilton walks (yet) as others are. Mostly because I think that’s something he can develop quickly once he gets a better hold on major league pitching. He’s walked at the minor league level.

        That said, let’s not exonerate him based on assertions about the way pitchers are handling him. He sees a pretty normal number of first-pitch strikes and overall pitches inside the zone. His pitch profile is closest to Zack Cozart’s in terms of those numbers. His contact rate is super-high. Partly, that’s because he has a relatively high percentage of bunt attempts, which is pretty easy contact. The other is that he’s not swinging for power, he’s slapping at it a lot of times (nothing wrong with that) and that makes it easier for contact. With higher contact rates, you get fewer walks.

  3. Steve are you shaking your fist at the sky. The reporters that cover the Reds won’t ask about the line up or Votto’s performance. If Votto plays tomorrow Price needs to answer that question when anyone with one eye and a hearing aid can tell JV needs to be off.
    Oh well there is all ways tomorrow.

  4. What Richard Nixon could have done with Cincinnati press.

  5. Jim Day asking about emotions? Why was Leake in trouble? 7-3 road trip is positive. Really great interview. Those are real tough questions. Not a mention about Ondru’s performance or Votto’s errors and obvious problems.

  6. It would appear that this team is either really good or “craptastic”. Reds need to trade for a first basemen and put Joey on the Bench as our pinch hitter until his “quad” heals. If you believe believe the issue with Joey Votto is his quadriceps you are on dope.

    • I’m not an expert on sports injuries. But I have a friend who is one. And he says that Votto’s performance and the Reds comments about his injury are entirely consistent with a quad strain. The key thing to understand about that injury is that it’s not one of pain, it’s one of strength. Basically, the quad muscle turns to mush from overuse. The only way for it to fully heal is months of rest. It’s actually simple to diagnose. You have the athlete sit down and hold out his sore leg. If you can push it down with just a little pressure, you’re likely dealing with a quad strain.
      Dale, when you make such a strong claim about his injury, are you basing that on any expertise or knowledge of the injury, or are you just recklessly popping off?

      • When Votto was initially diagnosed, Bryan Price’s comments were all about strength. When he said Votto wouldn’t be 100% all year, that’s because of the nature of this injury. When Votto went on the DL, the issue (contrary to Paul Daugherty’s uninformed article) wasn’t about pain tolerance, it was seeing if Votto’s leg could recover some strength, which apparently it did, at least for a while.

        • So if he has an issue with his leg that can only be cured by rest then why are the Reds risking their massive salary man while playing injured? If he has a quad injury, knee injury, or otherwise isn’t he risking either injuring his other leg by favoring his stronger leg? Isn’t he also risking a hip injury buy limping? Also if he is limping he is most definitely risking a back alignment issue.

      • No one was more critical, early and often, of the way the Reds handled Votto’s knee injury two years ago than I was. But from what I’ve been told, this injury is playing out exactly like a quad strain would. And even though it’s the same leg and close to the knee, the chances are that it’s completely unrelated to his previous injury — unless Votto overworked the quad because he was trying to prevent another knee injury. Quad strains aren’t like ankle sprains, where you hurt it by twisting. It’s an issue of overwork.

        • Okay. Fair enough. Should he still be batting where he’s at, in the lineup?

        • Its interesting that this is only debated and questioned here in Red nation. I have been listening to the San Fran announcers (just a couple games, I’m still good with George G.) and now the Padres anouncers and reading national media. Its a quad strain and Votto is toughing it out. Period. End of story. Not a lot of talk of line ups. That being said. Its simple, Mes batting 3rd with the Toddfather 4th and all the Reds problems will be solved.

      • I have had knee issues for several years Steve. Mine are structural and cause me intense amounts of pain. I wish I had a quad injury. Recklessly popping off? That is kind of funny coming from you Steve. Reread your own post. A person would think that you were once a GM or a manager and knew how to run a major league baseball organization. Obviously you know more than Price or Jocketty so when you type it isn’t “recklessly popping off.”

    • Another post about trading for something that would be a rental. Who do you think is available and at what cost? Votto is not the problem here, it is the bullpen. He was not the problem in the winning streak and the team hits better with him in the lineup. What would be the Reds’ record be if the bullpen had not blown up so much? I think this team is a little road weary, nothing more.

      • Kendrys Morales was available for the longest time, I know other posters mentioned him. Career obp of .331, hit 23 Hr’s last year.

  7. Last night and tonight the TV guys mentioned that the media were the ones creating all the furor about Votto’s quad and that JV will not discuss it at all. When They interviewed Walt during a game he only said that the bullpen has had a rough spot but seems to be better lately.

    • The bullpen has been real good lately since they have not pitched, Broxton great coming out of the pen in the 8th, Chapman coming out in the 9th, and the rest of them are best coming out after the game is over congratulating all the player son the field for the nice win

  8. Gonna be a long year if the Votto we see now continues for all of 2014. Reds cannot win the division or make a postseason run with Votto at 50% Our bench is horrific. Santiago is awful. Walt needs to quit with the Ludwick/Parra/Schumaker/Hannahan type signings.

    • Has Jay Bruce been any better?

      • Than the guys he just listed? I think you know the answer to that. The Reds (and any other MLB team) will gladly take a guy who is above average in the field and at the plate thank you very much.

      • Did you miss June?

    • Ludwick and Schumaker have been quite serviceable this year, Parra, last year. Hannahan, is a mistake obviously. People do make mistakes sometimes. I say again that this team plays better with Votto in the lineup than when he is not.

  9. Just got back from the game. At Petco Park, you can get pretty close to the pitchers warming up. I did chit chat with Mesoraco a little. He said the current road trip was long, and the Reds will be glad to get back home, which made sense, of course. I told him, “Good Job on Hitting, and also Why doesn’t Price bat you 3rd or 4th? It makes no sense to me?” He just smiled a little.

  10. Amazing how this team went from the 27 Yankees to the worst team ever in two days. Do you folks overreact much? Don’t get too high when you win, don’t get too down when you lose.

    • Right, it’s baseball. Bad teams beat good teams every night. The Reds still have the same starting rotation they had in SF. The Padres play almost .500 at home and it was easy to see coming into this series that they’d have some seriously good pitching going. Tomorrow’s starter, Tyson Ross, is yet another of their starters with more Ks than hits allowed.

      But if the Reds win behind Cueto tomorrow, it completes an excellent 7-3 road trip.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I would like to put the posts from Sunday night side by side with these posts and compare. We are only talking a difference of two games.

      • True, true. But their reactions are fitting for the erratic play of this team. Afterall, they just played a historically successful series in SF (first 4 game sweep in over 40 years) and then proceed to lose 2 to the one of the worst offensive teams of all time (by an 8-2 count in game 2 no less). I’d be suffering some whiplash too.

    • I’ll say it again, Big time Reds fans here, So the happy meter is very high after a couple wins and very very low after the losses. This is very common on these types of blogs. Just good fans sounding off to other good fans. I try to keep that perceptive when here.

      • Yeah, especially during game threads. It’s all knee jerk reaction and excessive fandom at work. Not a bad thing, but a thing.

  11. It may be fatigue, but Reds not playing well right now. Bruce looks bat at the plate, he is taking the first pitch for a strike, then fouling the next pitch, then he is set up for the 3rd pitch which is a curve or slider in the dirt, which he strikes out. He knew he would strike out in the first inning when the Reds had runners on 1st and 2nd and 2 outs. Outside of a hit, Phillips looked bat at the plate as well. Padres pitchers (at least in these last two games), get their first pitch offspeed pitch over for a strike. Starts and Relief Pitchers throw strikes, contrary to the Reds bullpen, which throws alot of balls. Reds got a rally going and then on a bang bang play at 2nd base, upon review, Frazier was called out. It was very very close, and looked like a tie to me in looking at the scoreboard replay. Padres hitters found the holes on their singles through the infield against Leake. Reds hitters hit right at the Padres fielders. Heisey pitchhit in the 9th? Why? Cozart is swinging the bat well right now, and though he hit it hard, Heisey ground into a double play. Shumauker is hitting the ball hard right now…I play him in RF tommorrow and give Bruce a rest. I told the couple beside me when Ondrusek came in, that there would be trouble and the Padres would score a couple runs if not more. I was right. They ask me, how I knew that would happen. I told them that Ondrusek usually does give up a run or two, and walks one to two people when he comes in. That is his history. If he throws good and gives up no runs, its usually the exception, not the rule.

    • Bruce is hitting .333/.357/.481 the last 7 days That’s including game 2 of this series that they just lost where he went 0-4.

      • Sure over the last seven games. But on the year he hasn’t been very good either.

        • Bruce has had to go through Spring Training again and so has done what he usually does early in the season. Not hit well. What he has done lately, is exactly what should be looked at to determine how he is doing. He has raised his average , is hitting to LF, is running freely; what do you want from him?

        • Yeah, he’s just terrible His overall slash-line isn’t so good at: .237/.325/.407 but it still produces an OPS+ of 103. So, even in a year where he’s struggled, he’s having a slightly above-average offensive season based on his OBP + SLG. He’s had OPS of .814, .841, and .807 the last 3 years and battled a knee-injury early this season. I tend to think he’ll have a stronger second-half based on his age and past performance. His last 28 days, covering 26 games suggests that I’m probably right as he’s gone: .281/.336 /.510 for an .846 OPS. Maybe you can write it off as a “hot streak” if you don’t like him but I think by the end of the year you’ll see a pretty solid overall performance.

  12. I said before this series started I wouldnt be shocked if the Reds got swept due to amount of time on the road over the past month it finishing out on the west coast against some good pitching and a let down after the SF sweep. Add into that the level of performance of Votto and his inability going forward I think this is going to be a .500 team. I think you shut Votto down for the year and either try to add a first basemen via trade or get by with what you have as continual play of votto isnt smart long term for this franchise.

  13. “the bench is full of gritty stiffs, like Ramon Santiago, Skip Schumaker and Ryan Ludwick…” Chris Heisey is a starter now ? That would be worse than the bench.

  14. 10 hits and only 2 runs to show for it, that’s disappointing. Hopefully we can beat em tomorrow, I can’t imagine getting swept by one of the worst teams in baseball after sweeping the Giants

  15. If we can get a gem by Cueto tommorrow, and maybe win something like 2-0 or 3-1, that will be a 7-3 road trip. I think anytime will take that. I set pretty close to first base and saw the error that Votto made or two errors that Votto made on the same play on the grounder to first. I think alot of it, may be the pain in his knee or leg, is causing his concentration to not be all there, thus he is not sure handed. He still is battling. In the two games I watched, I am impressed with how the Padres, at least at home, with their starters and relievers, throw strikes and get ahead of hitters, especially throwing their offspeed pitches for strikes. The relievers also throw strikes, Reds Relievers….take note of this!

    • Votto was bad in the field last year too. He has become a below average first baseman defensively.

  16. “I think this is going to be a .500 team.”

    Not with these starters. Not if they stay healthy. As good as the 2012 team except hamilton instead of stubbs. And Votto was MIA a good part of that year too.

  17. You cannot win them all that is for sure. SD has owned us for a few years now. Maybe it’s because a bunch of padre players used to be in the reds farm system. Maybe they all have an ax to grind. I’m a huge Votto fan as most on here have guessed by know but I say set him down now til the end of the AS break and then re-evaluate the quad issue. It’s best for all parties involved I feel. This injury is affecting Votto mentally now and enough is enough already.

  18. Sorry to mention it but its time for Bruce to wake-up, out of this funk he’s been in this season, 0-8, with 3 K’s on 27 pitches in the last 2 games isn’t gonna cut it…he’s had a game here and there were he’s come to life but its getting old…Consistence

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but all hitters are streaky to an extent. Bruce may be a little more so than others. Maybe this is something I should research since most people who don’t like him cite his streakiness and his strikeouts as reasons he stinks. All I see, is at the end of the year, he’s well above average offensively by OPS+ and RC+, and he plays above-average to very-good defense in RF. That going along with a club-friendly contract and the fact that he’s just a really, really good guy who works hard at his craft, makes me wonder how someone can think he’s a problem with the team.

  19. “Seriously, Ondrusek hadn’t pitched in eight days. Hoover in seven days. Carlos Contreras in ten (!) days. And Manny Parra hadn’t pitched for ELEVEN days.”

    Makes you wonder how the Reds had such a good run doesn’t it???
    Obviously the key to winning is not letting these guys pitch.

    • And yet the Reds are STILL running out there with an extra reliever and a short bench.

      • Which makes sense. Because we will soon be playing teams that can hit, not teams that can’t hit in cavernous ballparks. And not having a Bernadina-type player available is not holding us back. Add to that the fact that this year both catchers are available on any given night and we actually have just as long a bench as last year.

        • Actually, it makes ZERO sense. NOT throwing a pitcher for 3+ days is just as (if not not moreso) detrimental than USING him for 3+ days. The performance you will receive from him is most likely not going to be his best stuff. By not pitching THREE relievers in over a week, you have essentially played with only 21 players. Price has mentioned, more than once, that he is hesitant and less likely to use his last bench player in late/close games.

          I get the want/need initially due to the stretch where we had virtually no one available in the bullpen for a couple of games. However, the Reds are doing basically the same thing with offensive substitutions.

    • A point that I wish I’d made.

      • BRMR: it makes LOTS of sense (see, I know where the caps lock key is, too.) We had no way of knowing the starters would pitch as well as they did in the last game of the Jays series until now. We had to cover the cracks in the bullpen. Now that we’re about to face better hitting teams again, we’re much more likely to need the bullpen, and we don’t miss Bernadina. Or Lutz. Who is more likely to help win us a game in the next few days: Soto or an extra reliever? And as I said, last year only one catcher per game could be used unless the first catcher had a broken leg, so with 2 catchers available we’re just as deep as we were last year.

  20. Special shout-out to Jason Linden for the KOD (Kiss Of Death) before the series, with the headline : “Now for an Easy Team”

  21. Ondrusek… why oh why is he still on the team? Who cares if nobody else will take him, eat his salary and move on already.

  22. I think the Reds need to bite the bullet and put Votto on the disabled list until the quad is MUCH better, If that is until Labor Day, so be it. He is altering his swing, which is going to lead to a back injury, or a hip or knee injury, which could beomce chronic and hurt him for the rest of his career And he isn’t playing injured well enough, and likely cannot play well enough, for him to suck it up and continue to play.

    They probably need to find a filler 1B/LF rental to use for the rest of the year. Adam Dunn? Chase Headley? Garret Jones? Josh Willingham? There probably isn’t a lot out there, but the other option would be using a variation of Ludwick, Schumacher, Heisey and the catchers there, but none of them have really done it before. (I for the life of me don’t understand why Heisey hasn’t learned every position on the field besides middle infield.)

    It’s what Lee Elia would call “a disheartening . . . situation.”

    • I second the motion. Just made a similar comment on the “Contrarianism” thread. Shut Votto down. I do have some personal experience with a weak / strained quad. Saw the too orthopod in Atlanta, went through months of PT and got back to full strength (for me, still no match for JV). Time and rehab. Starting now please.

  23. This Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde offense is frustrating. The last two games they’ve looked more like a Heckel and Jeckyl offense.
    Walt Jocketty is on top of it though. He has two-year offers out to Corey Patterson, Grady Sizemore, and Jim Edmonds, is trying to trade Votto for Albert Pujols, and is trying to coax Matt Carpenter out of retirement. There is even an offer for Pete Kozma for the bench.
    Walt Jocketty’s calvary is on the way. (Big sigh).

  24. Vottos injury does cause a set of choices, all of them bad.

    Not hitting with enough power for ideal 3-5 hitter, not able to push the leg (running wise) to be 1-2 where his OBP would be most useful, and still too good of a hitter to be 6-8. A real Catch-22 of choices.

    second behind hamilton would be the best of bad lot right now, with mesoraco, bruce, and Frazier in some order behind that.

  25. Votto is not the problem. Santiago is not the problem. The middle relief is the problem, which should be obvious.

    We’ve played 15 out of 18 on the road (thanks MLB! That’s fair…) so it’s no surprise the team looks a little tired. Another wonderful MLB scheduling note: the Brewers have two off days this week before their showdown with the Reds.

    • I’m sorry but Votto is “A” problem, not the only problem but a key problem. We have millions and years rapped up in this guy. HE SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING. We are not a WS contender this year, so get him off the field and into the rehab room for the rest of this season so come 2015 we hopefully have a 100% Votto.

  26. Here’s the biggest problem the Reds have (and it has been the same for a while) – management over-values their own players. Most teams are that way. Trades cannot happen if you are expecting a greater return than the market dictates. Rumors running around the scouting circles a few years back (2011 & 12) that there were multiple teams on hand to watch Heisey. Reds were asking for a mid-rotation starter/ML ready SP prospect. Obviously, no other team was willing to part with that in return. Of course, at that time, the Reds couldn’t afford to part with him because there weren’t any BHam’s in the pipeline.

  27. Here’s my Lineup:
    1. Hamilton
    2. Votto
    3. Frazier
    4. Bruce
    5. Mesoraco
    6. Phillips
    7. Cozart
    8. Schumaker/Ludwick/Heisey/Josh Willingham??

    • If Price is serious about keeping his job, he needs to move BP down in the order. We can quibble over the 6th, 7th and 8th spots but 1 through 5 looks great to me.

      • “If Price is serious about keeping his job”? Are you serious? You’d have to be crazy to think Price is doing a bad job, or that the test of his future prospects is moving BP down.

        I’d move BP down. (More precisely, I’d move Mes up). But I haven’t managed elite professional athletes, much less elite professional athletes with guaranteed contracts. I haven’t had to think about, for instance, making a move that might backfire if Votto is then forced to the DL and I have to move BP back up, but BP is sulking. Plus, Price is probably a lot less concerned with the precise order of his top 6, and much more concerned with his bullpen. If he’s losing sleep, it’s bullpen, then Votto’s health, then probably getting his exhausted team to stay focused and hungry until the All Star break, then a lot of other stuff, then the order of his 4-6 hitters.

  28. Ondrusek is being offered up to BAL for Steve Pearce and to LAD for Scott Van Slyke. Both are OF that have played some 1B. Jocketty may have to sweeten that pot somewhat.

    • This is for real?? Van Slyke? If Walt pulls this off, he is my GM of the year. Where did you find this?? This would be a huge deal for the Reds and we unload Ondrusek.

      • After reviewing Pearce’s stats, he would work too. Tell me this is for real. Votto must be in pretty bad shape, probably worse than we imagine. It would be great if JV could mainly pinch-hit until the stretch run in September. This trade would also breath new life into the team. Maybe Walt read Steve’s recap?

        • Its going to take more than Ondrusek to get a backup like one of those two. More likely Hoover and a mid-level prospect.
          Both LAD and BALT need bullpen help. Maybe Christiani could be added in and that creates a space in AAA for the new Cuban. But I wouldn’t trade just for a band-aid solution for part of this year or to finish out the year. If they make a trade, it should be for someone that could compete for the starting LF position when Votto returns and next year, or who could at least help the bench this year and next year too. That’ll take more than just Ondrusek.

        • Throwing in Hoover might actaully be a more advantageous trade for the Reds.

      • I agree Charlottencredsfan… I would trade Ondrusek for Van Slyke straight up any day and twice on Sundays.

  29. A win today would cure a lot of ills. A loss, not so much. Go Johnny go!

  30. I too was at last night’s game, but I had a two-hour drive home and went straight to bed!

    It was my 2nd time at Petco. Bought a $15 ticket in front row of the second deck along the LF line. It was “Taco Tuesday,” with $1 street-style tacos. I read some brutal reviews beforehand, but they just made me more curious to try them — and honestly, they weren’t that bad. $4 filled me up for the night.

    Not sure how you get 10 hits — including a HR! — and only score 2 runs. Glad I got to see Devin hit a ‘Raco, though. If only he was batting 4th…

    Leake was getting hit left and right, but he does that a lot. I’m always surprised at how he can give up so many hits on so few pitches. In retrospect, I wish they’d have let him try to finish the 6th, get that B.S. “quality start” and then let Parra pitch the 7th — but who knows, maybe Parra would have imploded too if required to throw more than one pitch.

    It was not fun to be reminded of the bullpen suckage. Guessing Carlos gets a one-way ticket back to AAA soon…but who gets called up? Perez looks like he’s hitting well, but he’s hurt. Lutz hasn’t done well. How can we not have a single worthy bat in the minors?

  31. Price might be throwing in the towel for game 3:

    BHam – cf
    Santiago – 3b
    Frazier – 1b
    Phillips – 2b
    Bruce – rf
    Heisey – lf
    Pena – c
    Cozart – ss
    Cueto – p

    Here’s hoping Johnny pitches a shut-out because this lineup has more holes then Swiss cheese.

    • That’s not throwing in the towel. That’s not letting Mes catch a day game after a night game, so the backup first baseman is catching. I don’t agree, it’s just that this was predictable. From the outside looking in, I’d have let Mes catch Cueto again and put Peña at first. In fact, if I wanted to get Santiago a game I’d have been OK sitting Frazier–even with Votto out–so long as Mes was in the game. Frazier looks like he needs a day off more than Mesoraco.

      • Yes, sorry when Santiago is batting 2nd it is not a well thought out line-up. Anyone in today’s lineup would be better batting 2nd. More like a Dusty Baker line-up. I’m not sold on Price yet. Check with me when the season is over. Continuing to bat guys with limited power in the 3rd and 4th holes is just not smart. Just my opinion of course, as some people might like that kind of thing.

    • If this has to be the lineup, I’d sure switch Santiago and Cozart.

  32. BP OBP is 300. Good thing he doesn’t care about it.

  33. Sometimes an analogy helps: constantly fretting about Votto is like worrying about a worn tire when the engine won’t start.

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