I’ll try not to post a jinx on the club tonight like I did last night by guaranteeing a win. Odds are by the time this game thread posts the country will either be celebrating a USA World Cup victory or weeping over defeat. I feel dirty watching as much soccer as I have this week so I need a good showing by the Reds tonight to cleanse my sports soul.

Whatever happens in the soccer, I do know the Reds play the Padres tonight. I like the Reds chances, whatever its worth.

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Mesoraco C
7. Schumaker LF
8. Cozart SS
9. Leake P

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Sorry – Ondrusuck is brutal and does not need to be in this bullpen – should have been gone 2 years ago – but Price us more brutal for brining him in in a 2 run game in the 7th

  2. I woke back up for this? Logan Ondrusek needs to be on the next bus to anywhere. I’m sick of hearing his name.

  3. Ack. Rinse, repeat.

  4. …and Hoover is no better. I can’t believe the Reds have given up 15 hits to a lousy club like the Padres.

  5. this team doesn’t handle winning well.

  6. Just don’t know if Ondrusek and Hoover are going to work out.

  7. Well, rarely do the names “Ramon Santiago” & “Logan Ondrusek” get mention in a Reds, come-from-behind-win, byline.

  8. The Padres have been HISTORICALLY bad.

    • Playing like a first place team everytime,they play the reds .. Petco the reds have had trouble winning at ever since the arron harang game where he pitched 4 innings in relief

  9. This team has lot concentration tonight. Call it a game and come back tomorrow to try and salvage a win.

  10. Nice play Joey. Boy oh boy.

  11. Two errors on the same play for Joey V. Fitting tonight.

    • He needs to be on the DL. He is not helping this team. He has no power and now even his OBP doesn’t help because he can’t run AT ALL. Never mind his defense, which has been atrocious for a year and a half now.

  12. How in the world is Ondrusek still a pitcher? Get rid of him! Absolutely terrible

  13. Throw a tent around this circus – Bryan Price is the ringmaster – bullpen follies in full effect

  14. them late nights at the fine SD cabarets catching up to the boys lol

  15. Votto can’t be defended anymore. I am at the game and that was the worst play I have seen in person. He is not good at $1million yet alone $20 million. Reds are losing to a horrible baseball team in a half empty stadium

  16. Where’s Bill Bray when you need him?

  17. 7-1 Padres just gonna make the Reds comeback win even more improbable. Go Reds!

  18. Time to cut your loses uncle walt.. release , trade or whatever you gotta do.. Get rid or ondrusek, parra and hoover!

    igliasis needs to be in cincy after the all star break.

    Good job price lol.., could of went to jumbo or contreas this inning.. pathetic.. we sweep the giants.. then were gonna get swept by the friars…

  19. Yet again how can the Reds justify a spot on the 25 man roster for Ondrusuck or Santiago. There are literally hundreds of AAAA types who could fill their roles much more efficiently.

  20. This is a season high for hits for the Pads. And Hoover is still pitching.

  21. Nice AB by BP.

  22. One positive thing: the game threads are much funnier during a game like this.

  23. Not one freaking pitch to BP was in the strike zone and he’s called out on strikes. Good gosh, this ump must be ready to go home.

  24. Another quality AB by a Red.

  25. Striking out on a bad ball in the dirt? I’ve seen that movie with this guy. C’mon.

  26. Bruce swings worse than Votto, and on two legs

  27. Something new this year.

    The Reds in seasons past fed on teams below .500 and struggled with teams over .500

    This year it is reversed.

    Over .500 – 27 – 22

    Under .500 – 16 – 17 (soon to be 18)

    It it worth noting..Milwaukee is 29 – 13 vs teams under .500 so the Reds have had a much tougher schedule to date.

  28. not much coaching takes place in this organization it seems

  29. More than likely Mancuso had the recap written when Ondrusek took the mound, he just needs to run the spell check.

  30. Reds blow game 3 tomorrow the 4-hour flight home is going to feel like 24. Abysmal effort.

  31. Price just continues to do an absolute horrible job of managing this bullpen – not sure if it has improved a whole lot since the season started – just mind boggling –

  32. There’s a couple of free Jumbo Jacks, from Jack-In-The-Box, coming to all Padre fans tonight, provided they pay for the full-size drink.

    • Sorry. That promotion was for the Diamondbacks, another awful MLB team. I think the Padres offer free Taco Bell tacos whenever they score more than 3 runs in a game. Something like that.

  33. There is no way that clown hat the pitcher is wearing can’t be distracting to hitters. Hard to believe that is the best designed safety hat they could come up with. I’m betting the lowest bidder got the job to design the new safety cap for pitchers.

  34. Hey, season high hits for the Pads. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  35. lets see if the Pads can get to 20

  36. maybe hit for the cycle

  37. Totally embarrassing effort all around – from the Manager to the players

  38. Base hit, wild pitch, walk.

  39. they need to take Jumbo and Contreras and put them somewhere with Chapman and Broxton far away from the rest of that disaster of a bullpen so their disease doesn’t spread

  40. 20,312 showed up for tonight’s titanic struggle, 20,312.

    • Which, coincidentally, is how many hits the Padres have tonight.

    • seems they added a number wrong somewhere in that total. maybe they mistook it for all the Pads hits.LOL

  41. By what definition is Ondrusek a relief pitcher?

  42. Giants 5, Cards 0. Final.

    • So there’s that. Not like this mediocrity of a team is going to win anything though.

  43. Gonna be interesting to see if the Reds mail it in during their last at bat.

  44. San Diego scoring 8 runs is a sign of the apocalypse, isn’t it?

  45. So far the Reds have 12 hits in two games.

  46. well look at that we can score

  47. Let’s keep batting Mes 6th Price – brilliant !

  48. right Heisey wasn’t gonna allow any rally to continue on his watch

  49. 410 ft. HR by Mesoraco.

  50. Cozart has 2 hits tonight . Why pinch hit for him? Another brilliant move by our genius manager.

  51. Todd going deep here

  52. Luddy going deep here

  53. horrible call

  54. Another “Kick In The Pants” game. At least the Blue Jays are a legit team, though. Face palm all around. Embarrassing. Let’s hope JC’s run support, tomorrow, wasn’t all spent in the 9th, tonight.

  55. 2-4 would’ve looked a lot better if that abomination of a pitcher named Ondrusek didn’t leave the bullpen

  56. we gonna mess up and bring in Street

  57. todd probably out

  58. of course

  59. Reds probably gonna lose this reply – replay has gone against them all year

  60. Good thing Price didn’t concede & throw in, say Ondrusek, or follow up with, like, Hoover.

  61. I missed any views of the replay, out or safe what say ye Reds fans.

  62. Having Ondrusek pitch a meaningful inning, and PHing for Cozart, who was 2-3. Pretty sweet by this manager.

    So.. does this just go to show how badly the Giants are playing lately? Sweep the Giants in a 4 game series, proceed to lose a series to the freaking Padres who were 12 games below .500 before this series.

  63. glad I didn’t watch this one.

  64. A trip to the wood shed courtesy of the worst hitting team in the NL…..epic fail….and could have been even worse… they were 3-14 with RISP.
    Mes needs to bat 4th, Phillips and Bruce need to go down in the order, especially Bruce, he’s been an easier out than Cozart lately…..

    • Including today, Bruce is hitting .333/.357/.481 over the last 7 days,

  65. I know tonight’s loss was disappointing, but this west coast road trip could have been much, much worse. Last night it wasn’t Padres 1 – Reds 0 it was more like Petco Park 1 – Reds 0. In almost any other park the Reds would have won that game. No excuse for tonight’s loss, the Reds gotta bounce back and win tomorrows game to limit the damage. Adios Amigos. Go Reds!

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