The 39-38 Cincinnati Reds begin a four-game series tonight in San Francisco against the 46-32 Giants. Although the Giants boast the 2nd best record in the National League and the 3rd best record in all of baseball, they have not been playing well lately. Since winning two out of three games in Cincinnati on June 3-5, the Giants have gone 7-11 and have been outscored 85-67. Steve’s excellent series preview details all you need to know about this current Giants roster.

The Reds haven’t lost a series since playing the Giants in Great American Ballpark on June 3-5. They are 12-7 in the 19 games since June 5th and have outscored their opponents 100 to 80.

The Reds need to keep winning to catch up to their NL Central opponents. As well as the Reds have played this month, they still have gained just one game on the Cardinals and actually lost a half game on the Brewers this month. The NL Central June win-loss record through June 25:
MIL: 15-9
STL: 13-10
CIN: 14-9
PIT: 14-9
CHC: 12-11

Mike Leake allowed 5 runs over 5 innings in his June start against San Francisco. He’s coming off a great 8-inning, 1-run performance against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Ryan Vogelsong‘s only quality start in his last five games was against Cincinnati. He allowed 7 hits and just two runs over 6.1 innings. However, in those five games including the Cincinnati start, Vogelsong has a 5.97 ERA.

At the outset of this series, the Reds bullpen appears to be well rested. The table below summarizes reliever pitch counts over the past 5 days. Only Aroldis Chapman and Jonathan Broxton have had multiple appearances. Manny Parra last pitched on June 19th and June 20th.

Pitcher Total Pitches June 25 June 24 June 23 June 22 June 21
Chapman 38 20 18
LeCure 31 31
Broxton 25 11 14
Diaz 15 15
Hoover 11 11
Ondrusek 10 10
Contreras 9 9
Parra 0

AAA Louisville has placed Tony Cingrani on the 7-day DL with a “left shoulder strain.” Depending on the severity of the injury, this could jeopardize his chances of being the Reds 6th starter for the doubleheader against the Cubs in two weeks.

As of press time, Brandon Phillips is penciled into the starting lineup, batting 5th. Jay Bruce, who has had at least one extra base hit in six consecutive games and is hitting .284/.341/.556 for the month of June, is hitting 6th.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
5. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
6. Jay Bruce (L) RF
7. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Mike Leake (R) P

Although the Giants have been losing a lot lately, this series looks to have a lot of close pitching matchups. Hopefully the Reds have caught them at the right time and can return the favor of beating the Giants in their own ballpark.

If you’re a night owl, stay up with us and discuss the game here. The game is on Fox Sports Ohio and NBC Bay Area in corresponding local markets, and listed as one of two possible games shown nationally on the MLB Network.


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  1. There ya go, preach… PANIK!

    • PANIK!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for pointing it out. Just realized my basement if flooded. Then I remembered, I don’t own a house now. Renting is a good feeling tonight. Just shut off the light, texted the landlord, and listening to the game. Glad I didn’t go all night without a Panik-attack.

  2. Bucs and Brewers win again. Man this division is brutal. Best in baseball.

  3. Take em downtown Leake.

  4. Need two more runs, let mike swing away. Make’em earn the out.

  5. Ouch!! Got him on the tip of his toe.

  6. Wonder if he can get his shoe on tomorrow?

  7. Did you see these pitchers numbers prior to this inning? Caught up to them big time tonight.

  8. With two strikes, try a butcher boy???

  9. Sure looks different from a half inning ago.

  10. Terrible billy

    • Love the kid and he will be a great player but he has looked like a rookie the last 5 games or so.

      3 runs ought to win the game though.

  11. be happy for what we got, I guess … wanted a few more there, though

  12. Shades of Dusty. I get having Leake try and bunt. Leake blew it by attempting to bunt on a guy not throwing strikes. He kept poking at non-strike pitches. Lame. Now, once that out was wasted WHY have Billy waste an out????????? Why????? So reminiscent of Dusty. Even the Giants announcers are questioning the strategy.

  13. Now Mike needs to get a 1,2,3 inning Then Contreras . Lets see if the Kid can put more pressure on our 3 guys in the bullpen (JJ, Ondro, and Sam)

  14. I suppose I could nit pick, if I was looking for nits to pick, but I ain’t. I’m looking for the Reds to score runs and win the game. They scored some runs, and are winning the game. I’m a happy camper. Go Reds!

  15. Leake is an absolute luxury for a #5 starter

  16. uh-oh

  17. Welcome to the big leagues. Heck of a first hit.

  18. Thank you Crawford for giving us a free out.

  19. You ain’t gettin’ that by Leake Crawford – too good of an athlete

  20. Nice come back Mikey.

  21. 10 K’s. Yahoooo!

  22. That’s right. It’s no time for Panik. NIce comeback K.

  23. OK, let’s get a few more here !!!!!!!!!

  24. He might not be done yet, but if he is, that is back to back great performances from Leake. He was huge in the Toronto game after the blown lead and has been awesome tonight. Glad the Reds got some runs last inning.

  25. get the bull pen up and put Mikey on a 1 batter at a time leash.

  26. Leake at 95 pitches. Do you give him the 8th? I do.

  27. the ground just shook

  28. Has Joey lost his mind? Two AB’s in a row he’s swung at ball four.

    • What I was going to ask, thought Gameday had it wrong, looks like he swung several balls in the previous 2 AB’s as well, hopefully he gets it straightened out

  29. Mes is due for a dinger. Go Reds!

  30. I don’t think Votto has batted .260 this late into a season ever at any level including tee ball league.

  31. Mes is jumping at the ball

  32. 41,156 showed up for tonight’s titanic struggle, 41,156.

  33. Again Phillip’s comes back strong after some time off.

  34. Price needs to have his bullpen ready now !!!

  35. Why send Brandon there? He’s not exactly BHam.TOOTBLAN!!!!!!!!

  36. Man, that was a killer. Two feet from a HR to dead center. Cost the Reds two runs.

    Bruce on fire, however.

  37. LA 1, STL 0 in the 9th. They need to get straight on BP’s lack of speed. With 2-outs not a major blunder, but boy-oh-boy.

  38. Guess you gotta try that with 2 outs

  39. The Reds must lead the league in ALMOST scoring.

  40. Phillips should’ve stated at third. Didn’t look like Buster tagged him

  41. I can’t see that being overturned but if there is any doubt, use your challenge there. Potential payoff is massive in this instance.

  42. 3 outs at the plate the last 2 nights. Are we back to this again?

  43. It took two good throws to get him. Makes sense to try.

  44. Who is up in the bull pen?

  45. Have the bullpen sitting on go Price

  46. Cards lose to Dodgers 1-0 so that’s some good news.

  47. 11 K’s. What was his previous high? 8?

  48. not sure i want leake facing pence-posey-sandoval again

  49. I’m pulling a double tomorrow. I really, really should be in bed.

  50. Cowboy says Phillips still limping. Trying to score from first probably wasn’t the move.

    • From replay it looked like he was hobbling coming into third, not the smartest nights by the team, but hopefully Leak’s performance makes it moot

  51. regardless of his place in the batting order, that guy can pick it at second base

  52. 12 k’S wow.

  53. Unbelievable. I thought the 1-2 pitch was a strike. Leake just puts his head down and strikes out Pence on the next pitch. One of the most impressive games of his career.

  54. Oh Leaker!

  55. wow that was one gutsy call by Price to send him out there and Leake is just in the zone what can you say? Maybe our best pitcher right now.

  56. Gladly eating a little crow about not wanting Leake to face Pence. Even against a depleted San Fran lineup, a very nice job tonight …

  57. Make’s you want to see him come back out for the 9th, what’s Leake Career high for pitches and K’s…from the numbers appears he is throwing harder than Latos last night

  58. When you look at what Leake brings to the park in the way of stuff and compare him to Bailey makes me wonder about Bailey.

  59. Pitching order as of now:

    1. Cueto
    2. Simon
    3. Leake
    4. Bailey
    5. Latos

    As Latos finds his groove, i expect him to surpass Leake and Simon.

    • If leake can get on track regularly he could be the best pitcher. We he learns that striking batters out is the way to go He will be unstoppable. Possibly a no-hitter. He just doesnt play that card to often.

  60. Bruce is suddenly not that far from his regular numbers. .240/.331/.424. Still has some slugging to make up but he is getting there. His walk rate seems to be going back down a bit, but still right around 10% for June.

  61. Aroldis time.

  62. Not how you want Chapman to start this thing out.

  63. Tomorrow do we see Broxton or Diaz attempting to save the ninth?

    • Hopefully up by about 8 and won’t need a closer.

    • I would like to vote for not Diaz, no reason Chapman cannot go 3 days in a row, I am pretty sure he has been effective 4 straight days only 10 pitches tonite- thanks Giants

  64. Buster gives me that same queezy feeling that Will Clark always have me when he came to bat. I feared Clark more than Bonds. Same with Posey.

  65. Sweet. That ball was ripped. Big win, 2 over for the first time.

  66. Whew. Chappy was hit hard. Fortunately they found leather. Go Reds!!!

    • Struck out a pretty good hitter, hopefully too hurt to damage and only had to throw 10 pitches

  67. Ok folks. Gotta get some shut-eye. Well played game tonight. Go Reds!

  68. Wow, a game of nerves to the very end …

  69. Can’t sweep unless you win the first game of the series, and the Reds did that. The Tsunami known as the “Reds Surge” continues on its path of destruction for any team that lays in its path. Beware the “Reds Surge” Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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