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Reds at Cubs (June 25, 2014)

In a very rare occurrence at Wrigely Field, there were no afternoon games played in this series. Not even on today’s getaway day. Cincinnati looks to finish up this 3-game series with a victory and series win tonight before taking flight for the West Coast.

Mat Latos takes the ball for his third start of the season. He allowed no runs, no walks and just two hits in his 2014 debut 11 days ago, but was hit hard for 5 runs in 5.2 innings last weekend against the Blue Jays. In four starts against the Cubs last year, he had a 2.42 ERA including an 8-inning, 9 strikeout gem last August.

The Chicago Cubs are 5-10 this season when opposing starter Edwin Jackson takes the mound: 2-0 against Cincinnati and 3-10 against the rest of the league. Not that Jackson has been particularly impressive against Cincinnati. He has a 4.76 ERA and 1.50 WHIP in his two starts against the Reds. Jackson has been lucky with 8 runs of support in the first game and 9 runs in the second.

While Brandon Phillips returns to today’s lineup, and more importantly to the field to man second base, [EDITOR’S NOTE: Phillips was a late scratch.] Devin Mesoraco and his 5-game homerun streak remains in the cleanup spot. On last night’s broadcast, they stated that Mesoraco’s first four homeruns were the first “consecutive day homerun cycle” in major league history. That unique achievement is: he hit a solo homerun on day 1, a two run blast the second day, followed by a 3-run shot the 3rd day, and the grand slam Monday night.

Jay Bruce inexplicably (sorry, 3-for-17 career against a specific pitcher is not sufficient justification) is dropped to 6th behind #5 hitting Phillips. Bruce is hitting .273/.333/.532 for the month of June. He’s also had an extra base hit in each of the past five games, three doubles and two homeruns, in route to a .368 average and .842 slugging percentage during that span.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
5. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Chris Heisey (R) LF
7. Skip Schumaker (L) 2B
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Mat Latos (R) P

The Reds attempt to win their 4th consecutive series and get back over the .500 mark tonight. Will Devin Mesoraco tie the major league record of 6 consecutive games with a homerun? Will a start against the Cubs get Mat Latos back to pitching like his old self?

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161 thoughts on “Reds at Cubs (June 25, 2014)

  1. Have to say they have little choice with how they go thru the pen in chicago.

  2. That’s what grit does! A squeeze play is either a thing of beauty, or a pile of dung. That, folks, is gorgeous. Gritty play. Gritty player.

  3. Might be the best suicide squeeze these old eyes have ever seen. Way to go Skip.

    • It was really well timed, but it was actually a pretty bad bunt. He popped it up pretty far, gave the Cubs way too much of a chance at catching it and turning 2.

      • It looked like the runner was crossing the plate when the ball was fielded. I’ll stick with my observation.

  4. Really like Mes body language. Looks to be a leader in the making.

  5. So do we see Latos in the 7th at 97 pitches, I vote yes with the bottom of the order coming up

  6. Top of the lineup; we put up another crooked number and this game should be in the bank. Love to see Billy extend that hitting streak right here.

  7. Three fly outs by Billy, that is not his game. Hopefully he will get one more shot at the streak.

  8. Great start from Latos. Good pitch efficiency the last two innings to stretch it through 7.

  9. WAs Mes out looking for women on the street last nite? And if so what kind, nice girl, streetwalker ?? Announcers go,far off the rails at times

  10. Heisey looks really bad. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Reds non-tender him this year. He’s getting too expensive for what he brings to the table.

  11. Realizing that Chapman will never start.. is there any precedent for grooming a guy to be your 2 inning closer? I think that would be a good way to salvage a lot of value out of what we have left of his contract. You get all the advantages of not starting (can pitch full strength, guys only see you one time through the order) with less worry about stressing the arm (would top out around 120-140 innings a season).

    I know, never happen but I think it would be fun.

    • Doubt if you see him on back to back days too often, notice how he pitched Friday?

      • I noticed how he pitched all the other times he’s pitched more than a single day in a row, which was great. I don’t know where people get this idea that he has a weak arm or can’t work 3 days in a row. He’s done it many times with pretty good results. He also used to come in for more than one inning back when he was just a reliever and not “the closer” a couple years back.

        • I thought he was saying Chapman wouldn’t be able to pitch back-to-back games very often if he was a 2 inning closer.

          I agree somewhat. It’d be difficult to manage over the course of a full season, although Broxton would be an okay backup on the days Chapman can’t pitch. It makes more sense to start doing it down the stretch.

        • Exactly my point CP, he pitched 2 innings Thursday in a day game and could not get out of the ninth the next night, small sample size, but instead of being unconventional with your closer, get another one, start Chapman every 5th day until he pitches like Cingranni

  12. I’m a fan of the game of baseball, so that being said I hope the Cubs can tie the game so BHam can get another at bat and continue his streak. (Hah! just kidding, but I heard similar nonsense when the Reds were getting no hit)

    • Most of the posters with their nonsense do not get it and seem to enjoy being ridiculous and the sarcasm goes over their heads

  13. Awesome win for the Reds, actually a very big and important win for the Reds. The Reds have worked hard to improve their fortunes lately with the team being at full strength to turn around and lose the series to the Cubs, and begin the long road trip on a sour note. Tip of the cap to Schumaker for the game he had tonight. It goes without saying that Latos is looking strong and on his game. The Reds surge now heads west to lay waste to the Giants. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  14. If Price were really trying to get Heisey going again, and I am not sure he is, then Heisey’s best matchup was against Samardzija. But, no excuses, Heisey is struggling. More importantly, the Reds win.

  15. Weird: the Reds will have opened a series twice, this year, with a team coming off a no-hitter. What are the odds?

    Great games by Latos, Bruce, Schu & Votto.

    First bad game by Billy in a while. Psst Hammy, the Reds do not need you for power, they need you to get on base.

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