Nation, vote for Todd and Devin, now

Online voting for the All-Star game lineups continues through next Thursday, July 3 at midnight.

Redleg Nation, let’s move the needle for Todd Frazier and Devin Mesoraco. Go to this page where you can vote 25 times per email address. The first time you vote may take a minute or two to figure out who you want to vote for (beside Todd and Devin, of course). But once you cast your first vote, the page reboots and asks if you want to vote again with the same choices. It takes about two minutes to vote 25 times.

If you have multiple email addresses, or gmail, you can for each address or iteration of an address. For example on gmail, you can vote for and and and etc.

If Jack Bauer can fly a sophisticated laser-guided drone missile into a narrow river without any training, you can do this.

After you vote, come back here and post the number of times you voted for Todd and Devin in the comments section for this post. It encourages others to vote if you do that. Great opportunity for you lurkers to make your first comment.

Currently, Frazier is not in the top five among National League third baseman. This situation must not be allowed to stand. None of those third basemen is having anywhere near as good of a season as Super Todd. But I’m not going to waste my time preaching to the Frazier Choir. Please, just go vote.

OBVIOUSLY, vote for other Reds as you see fit.


  1. Steve Mancuso says:

    I’ve voted 25 times and working on more right now.

    1. wkuchad says:

      Isn’t Brandon Phillips in the top 5 on NL 2nd basemen voting?

      1. Steve Mancuso says:

        He may be, if you want to vote for BP, go for it. Just vote for Todd and Devin, too. They deserve it.

        1. wkuchad says:

          Ha, not sure ‘deserve’ is a good way to describe the election process, but I agree they both do! I will also be voting for Brandon because he’s a Red and the closest in votes to starting (though I know he won’t catch Utley). I hate that a Red won’t be starting the All-Star game.

  2. L.A. Red says:

    Steve your link is busted. Can you repost in the comment section. Thanks.

    1. Steve Mancuso says:

      Should be fixed now. If not, just go to and the link to the ballot is right at the top where it says VOTE NOW.

  3. Steve Mancuso says:

    100 more votes for Todd and Devin.

  4. Michael Smith says:


  5. Eric the Red says:

    35. Please use your outfield votes however you want, but tactical voting to help keep Braun out is a Good Thing.

  6. aktrainer says:

    35! For some reason, since I was already logged in it let me vote 35 times with one email.

    1. wkuchad says:

      It lets you vote 35 times if you use your MLB login.

  7. Steve Mancuso says:

    125 more votes, 250 total for Todd and Devin.

    1. wkuchad says:

      sure I can’t convince you to put this much effort towards Phillips too 🙂

      1. Steve Mancuso says:

        I’m not a big homer when it comes to AS voting. I’m not voting for Votto or Bruce this year, either. I’m sure plenty of Reds fans will vote for BP along with Todd and Devin.

        1. Kyle Farmer says:

          I used to be a big homer in All-Star voting, but now that home field advantage in the WS is based on the game, I vote for the best NL team that can be put together. That way game seven will be at GABP……see, I’m still a bit of a homer!

  8. Shchi Cossack says:

    Last night during the game, the conversation turned to the home run hitting contest and Tulo being named catain of the NL home run squad. Of course, Frazier figured heavily in the discussion, but I didn’t hear Mesoraco’s name mentioned once by the Reds announcers. If I’m Tulo and I’m serious about winning the home run contest, I draft Mesoraco and his 13 HR in 146 AB, then add the other home run hitters (and Frazier also gets drafted).

    1. wkuchad says:

      curious, can you participate in the home run derby if you’re not part of the all-star team?

    2. Steve Mancuso says:

      Here’s the idiotic thing about the Home Run Derby (or should I say, another new idiotic thing). The new format makes the concept of a Captain and having the Captain choose the others from the league stupid. Under the new schedule, the NL players compete against themselves until the finals, which is one-on-one, and same with the AL. It’s not really NL against AL anymore. So why would a Captain pick other good HR hitters when they’ll be competing against HIM, not the other league? So stupid. And it’s going to be even longer this year. Too much Chris Berman.

      1. zaglamir says:

        Aww… the automatic filter doesn’t allow you to type the word: “back” 20 times and then post it.

  9. Brad says:

    I’ve voted over 100 times. didn’t know you could use different forms of the gmail account so that’s what I am doing now

  10. mwvohio says:

    135 votes for Devin, Todd and Billy. OF is really crowded in the NL.. I went Cutch, Gomez (can’t stand him but I like to watch him play) and Billy.. because I want to see Billy do something ridiculous even though statistically you could make an argument for a lot of other guys.

    1. Steve Mancuso says:

      The NL OF is crazy crowded. You left off Stanton and Puig. But McCutchen and Gomez are certainly deserving.

      1. mwvohio says:

        That’s my big problem with the all-star thing, I just do not have the time to watch everyone and I haven’t gotten to see much of Puig or Stanton. I run into the same issue trying to cast AL votes. We did play against the Dodgers some but in those games Puig just didn’t excite me much. I thought we handled him pretty well (could be remembering it wrong) and I don’t remember anything crazy on defense. Whereas Gomez makes me just shake my head with those thefts he committed versus Votto and Cutch is a guy I love to watch hit.

  11. PETEROSE_HOF_NOW says:

    I would never vote for Gomez or Puig.

  12. Eric the Red says:

    Personally, I don’t want Frazier or Mes in the HR derby. Having guys named All Stars and playing in that game is one thing, but wasting energy in the Derby is another.

    1. Steve Mancuso says:

      I totally agree with this. Wasted energy and I’ve heard some former participants say it screwed up their swings for a while.

  13. Sam Howard says:

    35 —> Heisey write-in total +35.

    1. the next janish says:

      Heisey +25 more and fifty for everyone else not named Ludwick. I hope Cozart and Heisey appreciate it.

  14. CincyTWW says:

    This is funny i opened up RLN right after opening up the allstar ballot on

  15. GeauxReds says:


  16. Kyle Farmer says:

    50 votes for the Toddfather and Mes the Destroyer (and Billy the Kid…I couldn’t help myself)

  17. jdx19 says:

    Bah! The same web censor that makes me reload RLN after every time I post is blocking the voting! Darn gov’t safeguards. 😉

  18. Spencer says:

    i voted 50 times Mes and the Toddfather

  19. Steve Mancuso says:

    75 more votes. Vote while watching the World Cup.

  20. Mike Ferris says:

    I hope people are actually entering the verification code 35x….and not just voting once, thinking it will count for 35 ballots….you must enter the verification code for each ballot.

  21. jerseyredleg says:

    long time lurker first time poster. 70 for Todd and Devin

  22. Chris says:

    25 for both!

  23. hamiltonred says:

    25 for Dat dude, Hot Mez and the Toddfather.

  24. Steve Mancuso says:

    50 more votes.

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