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Reds at Pirates (June 18, 2014)

The Reds can climb back to the .500 mark with a win tonight against the Pirates. At this point in the season, it would be a nice baby step start to getting back into the division hunt.

Alfredo Simon will look to win his 10th game of the season with a victory tonight. Simon has been way better than anyone expected him to be to this point and I’m willing to bet the ranch no one had him projected to win 10 games this season, let alone by mid-June.

Discuss the game here Reds fans!!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Mesoraco C
7. Schumaker LF
8. Cozart SS
9. Simon P

223 thoughts on “Reds at Pirates (June 18, 2014)

  1. I hope Simon can keep it together after that long half inning- need 6 and hopefully let Hoover and Cingrani get some work- maybe emerge as the 7th inning guy if Lecure cannot bounce back

  2. Ya know, I’m maybe thinking the catcher didn’t help his cause when he did a complete rollover on that Mesoraco play at the plate. Only a collision at the plate would cause that, and the only way a collision happens is if your blocking the plate. Just a theory on my part.

    • What? Geez, I am missing some good stuff. Trying to catch the videos at work.

  3. All I can think of is, “WOW!” Talking about the home plate call. I’m a Reds fan, but I would be very ticked off if I was a Pirate right now.

    There has got to be some kind of “consideration” given. I mean, even with the Constitution, there are responsibilities for each right given to us. I mean, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can yell fire in a crowded theatre. “Can’t block the plate” I can understand. But, we are talking about avoiding the big collision, not a little lovetap on the big toe.

    I do like the idea of the rule. But, that was ridiculous IMO. I do believe “a rule” is needed. And, until a better rule is written, I can live with this one. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be implemented like that.

    Goes to show you, given how one man makes his argument, he could get his way. Whatever Price said to make his argument, it must have been pretty shrewd on his part. Job well done, Price.

    I have to mention it; would the previous manager have been out there for us on that play?

    • That’s the crazy thing.. Price didn’t make any argument at all. None. Umps chose to review that on their own.

      • Price did go out to say something. But it wasn’t his challenge, it was an umpire review

        • Umps can still decide to review based on what someone was to say. It’s just like a court case. It is the jury’s decision. But, what makes a jury decide one way or the other? How the lawyer’s present their case.

    • Well, Price did say something to them before they reviewed it. And, the umps didn’t seem like they were going to review it before Price said something. So, one would have to think Price said something that got them to decide to review it.

  4. I like 9-1 Reds too… I bashed Schumaker starting today instead of Ludwick but he’s coming through nicely. I love it when a Reds player that I poo-pooed makes me eat crow.

  5. I think we can drive to the game from Cincy and still make it there before it’s over.

  6. Glad to see Simon doing what supposed to do with a lead… keeping the stress level low.

  7. Ok, I have to say that was a very, very nice throw by Hamilton… Now, did Mes block the plate? Sorry but if Martin was blocking it, Mes was blocking it. Still HATE the rule. Especially if they rule Mes was blocking the plate too.

  8. Marty just gave a stat that said challenges are overturned 45 percent of the time.

  9. Looks like he was safe. Got his hand in there. Good overturn… As for Hamilton’s arm, his arm strength is about average for an OF. What is nice is his release. He unloads like an infielder. If he can throw to the right spots and if he can throw accurately, his arm is a plus arm in CF… That last throw was pretty darn good even if it didn’t get the runner.

    • I disagree…I think the arm is above average….not a canon like Bruce…but Plus still

      • The new metric Richrad has talked about this will solve any mystery. I actually think he has a + arm and would not be shocked if it’s ++. Not Clemente but pretty awesome.

        • The 360 technology will definitely help determine those sorts of things. How fast is that ball really going. For the record, there are a lot of folks who agree with you guys that Hamilton has a plus arm. I think what really makes it plus though is his release more than his actual strength. He is a very good defender out there and although I’m not seeing a cannon from him, I’d never say he didn’t have enough arm. It’s a decent arm with a very nice release and certainly is good enough.

  10. With the success of Chapman, Puig, Darvish, Tanaka, Cespedes, Abreu, and now Polanco….the Reds shouldn’t invest in normal free agents but go after the Cubans/Japanese/foreign players.

  11. Wainright, Greinke, and Simon with 9 wins. Simon should be the first to 10. Wow.

  12. If you can’t through tonight’s game without having the defibrillator close at hand, its not the defib you need but a psychiatrist. Go Reds!

    • It’s pretty darn good. LF is the only below average spot and most spots are above average. I’m sure the Reds’ pitchers appreciate it.

      • Votto is a below average first baseman. Sorry gonna call it like I see it. He doesn’t have the range to ever be more than mediocre defensively.

        • Liptonian, I could be wrong but I’m fairly certain Votto won that Gold Glove in the past while Dale is describing the Votto of the present. I heard that Babe Ruth was an amazing batter back in his day but I imagine his corpse wouldn’t swing too well at the present time.

        • He really needs to stop trying for to field ground balls to the side. He does make some good scoops on crappy throws though.

    • Like that idea, but think Hoover needs some work, plus would like Tony to be used regularly, he is not a mop up guy to me

      • I agree, but he’s the one that can go 3 innings and he needs the work too.

    • Is Simon really going to pitch the 7th, seriously going to send him out at 100+ and remove Latos under 90

  13. Was speaking about Hamilton above and I think now is a good time to give Hamilton the rest of the day off. I mean after this AB. Get some ice on that hand… Though, sure didn’t look like it was bothering him much there.

    • After the inning, I’m with you. Same with BP. Get a breather when you can, especially with a day game tomorrow.

      • Yep. Bp has been notably better with rest. Seems like a couple of innings off might do him good.

  14. I remember when Hoover was in the conversation as being the Reds closer if need be. What in the heck has happened to Hoover.

  15. Hamilton now at .295 from the left side of the plate, which is not his natural side.

  16. Don’t look now (or, go ahead and look now). But, if this keep up tonight, the Reds not only will even their record up for the season, but they will be 2.5 games out of the WC spot.

  17. What is Bryan Price doing? 100+ pitches after 6; 8 run lead and Cingrani for three innings.

    Why is he pushing Simon so far when he doesn’t have to?

    • I have no idea. Unless he was smelling the rain delay and a probably called game, therefore not having to use the pen at all.

  18. Rivercity Redleg’s idea is sounding better and better about Cingrani and the 3 inning save.

  19. 111 pitches now and counting from your converted reliever. I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

  20. Off to MLB Network and folding laundry for me. You all have a fantastic night.

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