The Reds travel back to Pittsburgh for a pivotal series between two teams looking to gain momentum and ground on the teams atop the division. If the Reds win tonight they’ll leapfrog the Pirates in the standings (for now) and positional themselves in 3rd place in the division. While that is important, just stringing together more wins will be the Reds’ main goal if they want to continue inching back into post-season consideration with less than 100 games remaining in the season.

The Reds send their ace to the mound in Johnny Cueto in hopes of capturing the first game of this 3-game tilt. The last time he faced the Pirates was back in April and he was outstanding, going the distance and allowing just 1 run on 3 hits. I’ll take another one of those starts from Mr. Cueto tonight!

Discuss the ball game here Reds fans! Go Reds!!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Ludwick LF
7. Pena C
8. Cozart SS
9. Cueto P

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. LeCure was the right call, he just didn’t get the job done. I still have faith in LeCure.

  2. Sweet.

  3. Why not Broxton here?

  4. I’d have broken something if a Red swung at that pitch in that situation.

    Good job to pull Parra here. Don’t get swayed by the results. Although I only caught a glance, that looked like Ondrusek. Forget the first sentence here if so. I’d have left anyone in before going to him.

  5. Ondrusuck !! – really Bryan !!!!?????

  6. Such a great game till the bullpen gets the call….this game may well slip away, hoping our offense can save the day. Billy has played a really nice game.

  7. Price has a little too much “gotta get him going” in him to my liking. Ondrusek really?

  8. Walt Jocketty has got to get this bullpen some help from somewhere.

  9. Logan Ondrusuck strikes again / who didn’t see that coming – obviously the reds manager – just plain dumb

    • When Logan enters a game it is my cue to exit. He is the opposite of clutch. He is a slushbox (for the mechanics in the house).

  10. Just shocking. Good Lord.

  11. OH, bullpen… how I loathe you…

  12. That’s about right. Where’s Broxton?

  13. Unreal. Once again we give it up with our 2 best pitchers sitting on the bench.

  14. Now Brian Price has a problem … because he’ll have used half his bullpen in one inning; and if this game goes deep; he’s very low on pitchers.

    Cingrani threw two innings last game; not sure if he’s available tonight … Hoover / Broxton / Chapman may be all that’s left.

  15. Another bullpen implosion. When will it ever end?

    • Never as long as Bryan Price is overseeing it !!!!!

      • How do you blame that on Price? I just don’t understand. You can not use Broxton and Chapman every day. He has to use someone else. Would it be better to have Broxton come on in the 7th and then Ondrusek pitch in the 9th? Price has to use the weapons given him.

        • With one out in the 7th and the game on the line, you use Brox and Chap to close it out and then worry about tomorrow…..tomorrow. Now we’re going to burn up our entire bullpen. Does Broxton pitching for 5 outs after not pitching for 4 days (I think) really matter?

          This team seems determined to lose with it’s best players on the bench.

  16. Bryan Price should be fired for continuing to run that clown out there. Just pure idiocy.

  17. Trying hard to lose this game …

  18. If the Reds can get out of the inning with a tie game I’ll be happy at this point.

  19. i have seen this movie before.. (I’ve said this about 10 times this year)

  20. Didn’t they double switch Heisey to start the inning?

    • Yes

    • Yes … but unlikely that anyone but Broxton pitches the 8th. I can’t imagine Ondrusek trots out there if the game is still 5-5 after giving up the game tying hit.

      I don’t quite understand the use of the double switch in this situation. Lecure was slated to pitch a full inning … he wasn’t going to pitch two, so just let Heisey PH in the 8th anyway.

      • That’s my point. It was the perfect situation to bring in Broxton for four outs.

  21. And of course, there goes the lead and Cueto’s win. Probably going to be behind in a second. This is another horrible job of managing the bullpen. Parra was the only person that had success and there is no way he should be pitching to a RH hitter. Awful, awful job.

  22. Parra just made a RH look terrible and he takes him out and brings in a worse pitcher. Bryan Price deserves a lot of criticism. LeCure started the fire, but Price threw some kindling on it just for the heck of it.

  23. And there it is…. wow…. the bullpen has successfully lost a 3 run lead in the blink of an eye….. just unreal…. sigh….

  24. Did anyone think Ondrusek would hold the lead?

  25. Once again, our relievers show how pathetic they are. Should be ashamed to call themselves pitchers. And what’s worse is they aren’t calling up jumbo Diaz from Louisville

  26. why does Price continue to bring out Ondrusek in key moments of key games? my god man…

  27. Logan again with his straight, 89 mph pitch down the middle. Tied up.

  28. This bull pen mostly needs to be FIRED… (I know it is not practical.. just good to say it)… You are FIRED…. as Donald Trump used to say.. you wonder why we are 2 games under 500 even in middle of June.

  29. The game can be on the line before the 9th!

  30. If Ondrusek is on the 25 man roster come tomorrow then Jocketty deserves to be fired along with Price. This is absolutely unacceptable. Booooooo. Booooooo.

  31. Please, Please get rid of Logan Ondrusuck. He is a true liability going on three years now. Trade him and get some value in return. I’m sure if the Cards picked him up, he would turn into an All-Star in less than a year.

  32. Lecure hasn’t been the same secure Lecure either lately. He isn’t the same this year. Hoover works like my 15 year old Hoover Vacuum… Parra is inconsistent… Middle relief sux

  33. Bryan Price’s nightly house of bullpen horrors – mostly of his own doing – please refer to the definition of insanity Mr. Price – you obviously don’t know the meaning

    • I’m no Price fan, but I don’t see how it’s mostly on him when all of the middle relief guys are consistently horrible.

      • Try using one of your 2 good relievers before the ninth. These modern managers only want to put the set up men or closers to face the bottom of the order with no one on.

      • Then don’t use your middle relievers. Broxton and Chapman both fresh tonight. Either of them could easily have gone 2. The man is just flat incompetent.

  34. While I understand that Bryan Price is a rookie manager faced with godawful middle relief pitching, I remain far from impressed by the job he is doing so far.

  35. I am so unbelievably sick of Bryan Price.

    • WJ needs to make a change with what he has to work with. I’m not a big Price fan, but he’s not a miracle worker. There”s not just one bad guy in the pen – it’s essentially all of the middle guys.

  36. At least they gave up the lead with their past guys on the mound.

  37. 23,565 showed up for tonight’s titanic struggle, 23,565.

  38. Logan coming back out for the 8th?

    • i’d hate to think that, but the “book” might say that we can’t use broxton-chapman since we don’t have the lead?

    • Realistically, I think he has to. If Price goes to Broxton now; he leaves himself with possibly just two pitchers in the Pen … and we all know Chapman doesn’t pitch in tie games on the road.

      Broxton completes the 8th, then Hoover would have to go the rest of the way until Cincy takes the lead. That’s an awfully unlikely scenario.

    • He has to. We’ve got nobody for extras because of Price’s idiocy.

      • Cingrani?

        • He pitched 2 innings yesterday. I’m unsure how realistic it’d be for him to pitch back-to-back games given that he’s a bullpen newb.

        • Whoops, that was Sunday. Maybe, they’d probably prefer not to use him unless absolutely necessary.

  39. Everybody seems to be giving Lecure a pass. I know he’s been great in past but this is the second time he depleted our bullpen to start a series. Something’s wrong. Perhaps send him down and bring up Jumbo.

    • You can’t do that for two reasons … LeCure is out of options so another team would take him immediately and Jumbo isn’t on the 40 man roster, so someone would have to go.

      That’s not happening.

  40. Is that all Ondrusek can do is walk guys?

  41. Boy oh boy.

  42. Reds are going to live or die…make that die with Ondrusek.

  43. Game over. This is a crime. What a sham. Ondrusuck pitching the 7th and blowing it and then getting rewarding him by letting him pitch the 8th. Hooray for accountability.

  44. Unreal. Pigs can fly

  45. that was … unpredictable

  46. Pitching like that to McCutchen is why Ondrusek is on the roster

    • His 3 year record of inconsistency is why he should be shipped out, never to return.

      • I agree with that. Didn’t mean he should be on the roster, just that he tantalizes at times with good stuff.

  47. Miracles never cease.

  48. Ondru got it done. Not clean but he did it.

  49. Ondrusek some how…smoke and mirrors…gets out of it. Sarge, you got that defib ready?

  50. Bryan Price might be the most inept and inefficient manager of a bullpen I have ever seen –

  51. whew, i don’t believe what i just saw

  52. Perhaps a confidence builder for Logan or more fool’s gold?

  53. Well, Hoover is up next for his two innings; unless Cincy takes the lead. Very simply …

    Hoover for 2 / Broxton for 2 / Chapman for 2. After that, I don’t have any idea. Hopefully, this game ends the Reds way in 14 or less!

  54. This is better than a soap opera. Drama and more drama. All we need now is a fight

  55. well that was dicey….. let’s get some runs please!

  56. TODDFATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. SUPER TODD!!!!

  58. Todd

  59. How much longer is Walt Jocketty going to let the bullpen blow up leads and turn wins into losses?? This cannot continue.
    I’ve been telling you all LeCure has an arm issue. He is throwing cookies up to the plate. He needs a stint on the DL to really rest his arm. It needs more than a few days rest. He’s gutting it out, but he just isn’t getting it done now. I give up on Ondrusek. Back to Louisvile.
    Now Jocketty needs to get busy and acquire two reliable relievers to shore up this pen. The longer he waits the more chances this bullpen will have to give away leads. The time is now for Jocketty to act. Not talk. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words, and this team needs some action from its GM. Not more talk.

  60. Downtown goes Frazier.

  61. Jersey

  62. Todd potentially bailed Price out – what a bomb !!!

  63. Frazier baby!!!! The Toddfather!!

  64. Todd saves Price!

  65. Not certain I like the bunt there. Let’s put it away Jay!!!!!!!!!

  66. And Todd tried to stop his swing on that homer. Go Reds!

  67. Chapman Time

  68. I don’t get it… if it’s good enough to try once for Bruce, keep trying it. All 3-4 times he’s attempted a bunt this year he’s given up, even though the defense hasn’t moved. Waste of a strike unless you’re goign to actually keep trying. Either he needs to stop altogether or keep doing it, assuming he’s capable.

  69. I hope Bruce didn’t tweek a hammy. Fingers crossed.

  70. What’s wrong with Bruce?

  71. There’s 1

  72. Can you imagine looking at a 100 mph fastball, and than the next pitch is a 87 mph change up. Wow! is all I can say. Go Reds!

  73. Need a DP…

  74. Josh Harrison with 4 hits – gonna snow tomorrow

  75. Never easy, but I’ll take it. Wow.

  76. Piece of cake.

    Go Reds!!!!!

  77. HA …. That’s not the result in Cincinnati but I’ll take it!

  78. This Bull Pen certainly makes things interesting. Good win!

  79. Oh. My. That was hard to watch.

  80. Ok, my heart is stopped. I guess it is good that I am going in for surgery in the morning!

  81. Nice catch Heisey – Bryan Price off the hook – still doesn’t excuse the stupid bullpen decisions he made tonight !!!

  82. We survived to get the win. Brewers losing 3-1. Let’s hope we pick up a game.

  83. Never a dull moment, just dull decisions!

  84. It’s an absolute crime that Ondrusek gets credited with a win tonight. It should go to Cueto. Useless stat.

  85. Good win for the good guys. I certainly hope Ondrusek is packing his bags for Louisville.

  86. Opening the series with a win is huge, you can’t sweep if you don’t win the first game of the series. Lets get em again tomorrow, but with a little less drama please. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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