Mat Latos makes his season debut tonight! Latos has had a great career already, and his addition to the rotation tonight makes the Reds fully healthy* and ready to run off a long winning streak!!

The only thing standing in his way is Yovani Gallardo and the Milwaukee Brewers. Gallardo is coming off seven innings of shutout baseball in Pittsburgh earlier this week. However, the last time the Reds faced Gallardo, they scored four times in six innings and won the game.

Today’s Lineup:

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
5. Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Brayan Pena (S) C
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Mat Latos (R) P

Hopefully, you live in a television market that will show this FOX game of the week. It appears on the schedule in the Cincinnati (19) and Indianapolis (59) television markets. Whether you are able to watch or are forced to audio only, stop by and discuss the game here.

Go Reds!

*To make room for Latos in the rotation, Sean Marshall was placed on the DL today with a left shoulder strain. Tony Cingrani remains with the major league club and will pitch out of the bullpen.

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  1. Should point out that Bud Selig’s umpires did a job keeping Bud Selig’s team right in the game. Latos struck out Gennett twice and the calls against Votto were horrible.

  2. Hey I know there are a few other Vegas dudes on this board… where are you guys located? I am about half a block from Cashman Field… we should hang out during dollar beer night over there (thursdays)…

    • We’d see more offense and better middle relief, that’s for sure! I’d take Wally Backman about now, as manager, too.

      • ok let me know… then… I will wear my Griffey jersey (only reds gear I got left).

        • Lol. Are you like me and catch a lot of these Angels games, out here? Their 9th inning implosion against the Braves, right now, is almost so bad as to make one Reds fan forget about tonight, by comparison.

        • I haven’t followed anyone but our Redlegs… The first TV I watched was when they played the Diamondbacks last road trip.

  3. Price had a what just happened look on his face.

  4. JJ. Hoover should not be on a MLB roster

  5. Just stay in the dugout, Price. No need to go out and defend your hitters. *snark*

    If the Cardinals were getting hosed this bad, they’d be throwing a complete fit.

  6. Hoover and Ondrusek are ok as middle relievers who pitch when you are behind… they should not be in games holding slim leads, that much is for certain…but Broxton and Chappy have been over used lately.

  7. 45,007 in attendance tonight. (not a titanic struggle unless Marty says it is)

  8. On a brighter note…Front Row Amy was standing the whole 9th inning.

  9. Any Reds starter, realistically, is going to have to go a complete 7, if not 8 innings, with absolutely no margin for error. You have to wonder if Ondrusek, Parra & Hoover are even throwing strikes in their warmups. Is it like, whoever’s catching them in the bullpen, is like, “Alright. Good enough.”

  10. Bad umpires, steroids, and a horrific bullpen lead to Reds loss.

    • That’s about as good a summary as we’ll get for this game. Would simply add β€œthe only human being over the age of 14 who goes by ‘Scooter'” to the list.

  11. Kelch said he wondered if Price would second guess taking Latos out of the game.

  12. Nothing says big game like sending up Roger Bernadina as your last out.

  13. No Milton, please. Just Price.

  14. I’d like to see the stats for Called K’s and Swinging K’s for a pitcher becuz these umps now-a-days are so inconsistent with the Strike zone it’s Pathetic…

  15. If you count Cingrani (or Marshall), more than half of Reds relievers have an ERA over 4. In what other “contending” organization is this acceptable? Accountability my a**.

  16. Not saying he should be drilled or anything, but Scooter Gennett needs to be knocked on his a$$ first time up tomorrow. Or, maybe it’s just me.

  17. If Price had left Latos in to pitch, and he gave up the lead; we’d all be here saying why didn’t Price go to the bullpen after the long 6th inning.

    The decision was made, and it’s not as simply as saying it was right or wrong. Latos hasn’t pitched all season, his first start, so I’m A-OK with having him come out in the 6th. It’s the job of the bull-pen to record 9 outs, and tonight, they only recorded 6. FAIL.

    But seeing as Homer and Mike have been pretty lousy, Simon is on borrowed time and Matt is just starting to get in legs under him; I suspect we’ll be relying on this bullpen for a lot of innings in the future. Unless Walt makes a change (which we all know he will not), this is going to haunt for a long long time.

    • The only thing Walt is changing is his address. He won’t be around next year. And I hope he takes Bryan Price with him.

    • Agree. It’s not Price’s fault that he has only two reliable arms (hopefully three if LeCure can get back to normal) in the pen. Changes need to be made personnel wise down there. Do what you did, you’ll get what you got.

  18. The Good: Billy Hamilton – Single, Walk and Home run. Matt latos was sensational. 6 innings, 2 hits, 0 walks.
    The Bad – joey Votto. Had a hit but struck out 3 times looking. Swing the freakin bat!
    Todd Frazier – 0-4 with 3 Ks. Todd looked lost at the plate tonight.
    The ugly – The Reds middle relievers. If there is a worse bullpen in baseball (not counting Broxton and Chapman), i don’t know who that would be. How many games has the bullpen cost the Reds this year?

    With Broxton and Chapman not available, the Reds were basically sunk unless latos could pitch a complete game.


  20. well Logan O and JJ Boom Boom Hoover did another fantastic job of costing the Reds another huge game and chance to climb out of this season’s bad start. Thank you Again MR. Price. Latos was pitching and holding down a huge 1-0 game along with great defense behind him. Now we got to go get the rubber game with Mr. Leake.

  21. This sorry O has costs us a bunch of games and will continue to do so this yr.

  22. This is the team they have. No help in AA or AAA and unless The Reds are willing to part with a starter named Cueto, Bailey, or Latos there will be no big bat available. They have no room for a bad night, errors, or brainless play. They need to be 99% all the time and they aren’t that talented. Long, long summer.
    Last thought, that look of wonderment on Brice’s face was he finally saw front row Amy. πŸ™‚

  23. Opps sorry meant to spell Price’s face

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