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Phillies at Reds (June 8, 2014)

The Reds and Phillies square off for the deciding game of their three-game series. Homer Bailey faces rookie David Buchanan. See the details of the pitching match-up here.

VOTTO UPDATE: Reds first baseman, Joey Votto is batting second (foreshadowing?) for the Louisville Bats today (1:05 p.m.). Here’s a photo of Joey taking batting practice this afternoon. We’ve dispatched Richard Fitch to Pawtucket for the coverage and eagerly await his first-hand report.

LATOS UPDATE: Reds manager Bryan Price told reporters (CTR) this afternoon that Mat Latos will pitch in Pawtucket tomorrow and if he hits his pitch count and feels good he’ll join the Reds rotation for his next game. Latos could be in line to pitch next Saturday in Milwaukee against the first-place Brewers. No announcement yet as to who will move to bullpen – Cingrani or Simon – or both (wink).

LINEUP: The Reds lineup once again today features Skip Schumaker in left field. I know we’re not supposed to complain about the line-up because the batting order doesn’t make much difference. But it sure feels wrong to have Todd Frazier (.279/.348/.521) batting sixth while Schumaker (.234/.280/.312) bats second and DatDude (.268/.302/.394) bats third. Maybe it’s Bryan Price’s tribute to former manager Dusty Baker’s indifference to the #2 spot in the order and his Sunday Special lineup. Thought we were past that, seriously. Donald Lutz gets a rare start at first base and bats seventh.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Skip Schumaker (L) LF
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
6. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
7. Donald Lutz (L) 1B
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Homer Bailey (R) P

It should be another beautiful June day for baseball. Forecast is 70º and 17% chance of rain. Discuss the game here and GO REDS!

185 thoughts on “Phillies at Reds (June 8, 2014)

  1. I hope Schumacher takes care of this Hamilton smiling after his home run problem.

  2. The short porch they built for Junior to break the home run record just helped Hamilton out, as it has countless others.

    That strike three call against Schumaker was a foot out of the strike zone.

  3. Nice inning.

    Hope Homers treats it like the game is tied. No freebies.

  4. Runs came with the Cozart, Bailey, and Hamilton part of the order. Thankfully our #2 and #3 hitters put an end to those shenanigans.

  5. Nice inning despite the bad calls. Hold ’em there Homer…need a goose egg this inning

  6. Forgive me if I missed this elsewhere, but is Pena dinged up? I don’t recall him being in the line-up the last few days (minus the Cueto start).

  7. I must have been dreaming…….a 4 run rally by the bottom third of the line up and the lead off man. Nice job.

  8. Nice adjustments made by some of the Reds hitters,…waiting on the bevy of breaking pitches.

  9. Homer is batting .217 and has an OBP of .250.

    97 gas from Homer. Here comes the late inning mph surge.

  10. Homer is dealing. Strikes out Byrd with a 97 mph fastball and makes Ruiz look bad.

    • Its not April- what exactly happened in Spring training- is there some room for optimism in Homer actually putting up decent ace like stats

  11. I wonder if the umpire has to answer for some of these horrible strike calls.

  12. Back to back starts vs. the DBacks and Phillies hopefully is a cure for Bailey.

  13. Regardless of how good of a 7th homer has, do you let him bat next inning if he is at around 100 pitches?

  14. Nice, Rollins makes me nervous, and didn’t want Utley up as the tying run.

  15. I think you bring in Parra for some redemption with Utley and Howard due up, Broxton probably needs a day off so he can be available for the Dodgers series. Be nice if they open it up so Ondrusek can get some work in.

  16. Leaving Homer in for another inning, when he’s gone 7 on 108 pitches? Hmm…

      • Especially with 2 lefties coming up- he knows Homer and I saw a quote from Homer the other day he thought 100 pitches was a ridiculous limit to put on pitchers that back in the day pitchers threw every 4 days- complete games at 140 to 150 pitches. He thinks the rise in Tommy John surgery is due to rise in video game popularity.

  17. Not sure I agree with sending HB out with 100+ pitches and Philies middle of the order due up. But hopefully it works out .

  18. Homer batting in the bottom of the 7th, with Utley and Howard, coming up, shows a lack of confidence in Parra. And that Price wants to rest Broxton today if possible.

      • Right I saw it. But a 3 run lead is not that much with Utley, Howard and Byrd coming up. Parra will get plenty of chances for redemption. The main things is that Price knew Homer was still strong.

      • This is bad when you can only go 3 deep into your pen with any confidence. The Reds have not been exposed because they do not have leads consistently and can pitch Broxton and Chapman without really being overworked.
        The starting pitching has been decent enough to get them to the 7th if the line-up can score, if this line-up starts creating lead situations and Broxton may need Lecure to take the 8th a few nights it is going to be a tough call if your starter is struggling in the 6th

        • Yep. Another reason that Latos’ return will be important. Then with either Cingrani or Simon, the Reds will be 4 deep “with confidence” in the pen.

    • Steve, I’m sure what I’m about to say is due to a faulty memory but if I recall the starts following those high-count outings were not among his best. Can you confirm or nullify this notion?

      • Mixed bag. Couple of shutouts, couple of ok games, couple of bad games (using runs as a criteria, didn’t want to take the time to look at anything more deep than that).

  19. Throwing 97 mph fastballs in the 8th inning, I love it how in a good start Homer gets stronger late in the game.

  20. Price stuck with his horse, got 3 lefties out in the 8th…not bad for an over-paid that has no mental toughness, remember this next time you complain about Prices moves

  21. What could possibly be the reason to choose Skip Schumaker to bat second?

  22. What a game by Homer. I know the Phillies aren’t exactly world-beaters but 1 run in 8 innings against anyone is getting it done.

  23. Another great use of Aroldis Chapman. One inning. A game the Reds are ahead by three runs. Bottom of the Phillies order. Sigh. What a waste.

    • It’s gotten to the point where I just don’t care about the situation. I just appreciate getting to watch him pitch. The more that happens the better. That changeup is disgusting.

      • You’re right about his changeup but he was getting swings and misses today with the slider,

    • Just curious if he is not starting, would you have used him any differently this season. I imagine your venting that it would be to make your Pulp Fiction a reality?

      • Not much. Of course I’d make him a starter. I would have in 2011. If he’s going to be a reliever, the closer role is fine, although there are some situations of high leverage that don’t meet the traditional criteria for when to use a closer. Chapman should be used in the most difficult spots. He’s by far the best pitcher in the bullpen.

        • Thought he wants to be a closer. Shouldn’t that be the end of the never-ending complaining?

          • No. Players should play where they help the team the most. Not where they want to play. It’s a never-ending mistake, why shouldn’t there be never-ending complaining?

    • Question I would like an opinion on, how much of a difference would a Cingrani-Broxton combo be in comparison to a Broxton- Chapman 8th/9th end of game situation currently- because I assume Chapman could be twice as effective as Cingrani in his starts

      • Very hard to say, but if I were the Reds manager I’d tell Chapman (when the time comes) that he’s starting in 2015 and go with Cingrani-Broxton as the back end of the bullpen. Cingrani closed in college and is well-suited for that role. As a starter, so far this year he’s had trouble getting thru the 6th inning.

  24. Chapman struck out all 3 with a slider ! And a good idea with Ruiz, who is a very good fastball hitter who was geared up for one.

  25. Homer Bailey seems to be able to throw better pitches 90+ pitches than he is in the first 25-30 pitches. Lot of power pitchers have that problem, it takes them a while to get going. It’s a big reason the Unit and Nolan Ryan walked so many people. They were not that good early, but once they got into a groove, they shut it down. Homer while of course not to that level (although I think it possible) is a similar pitcher style wise.

    I’d love to see the Reds perhaps start stretching Chapman out. I’d basically have him set up twice a week to try to go for a 2-3 inning save. They get up a run early with the back part of the rotation going in the 5th or 6th, you bring in Aroldis and let him go the rest of the way and try to make the 1 run stick. They need to get aggressive with the good part of the pen on some days and try to nasty boys out that last 3 innings. Use the pen to close out games.

    Tony Cingrani is going to be on an innings hold for the season. I could see having him miss 1 or 2 starts, perhaps using them in a long man setup like above for a few weeks. Then flip flop him and Simon in the pen. I’d say Cingrani goes to the pen for maybe 4 start turns. Perhaps you have Simon setup at date to cover for Cingrani’s first start, so maybe he only goes 5 (80-95 pitches) to ease him back in. SImon then comes in for a couple innings to get them to the back part of the pen.

  26. ” It’s a never-ending mistake, why shouldn’t there be never-ending complaining?”

    Cause its boring!

    • Not to everyone, I would love to see Chapman go against a line-up 3 or 4 times through, just to know if he is better than Cingrani right now, I would think he would be about 2 ER a game better and Tony is probably best suited for bullpen duty

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