The Reds attempt to snap a three-game losing streak, as they host the Philadelphia Phillies this afternoon at Great American Ballpark. As Steve summarized in the series pitching match-ups, Alfredo Simon squares off against right-hander Roberto Hernandez.

I’m getting really worried here. The Reds have lost all three game threads that I started this week. If they keep this up, Steve is going to fire me! Please Reds… you HAVE to win this one!!

INJURY NOTES: Mark Sheldon tweeted earlier this afternoon that Joey Votto is travelling to Pawtucket to start a rehab assignment for the Bats on Sunday.

DRAFT NEWS: The Reds are drafting another 30 players through the course of the day. You can check out Doug Gray‘s detailed scouting reports at

LINEUP: The Reds lineup today features Skip Schumaker in left field, Todd Frazier at first base dropped to 6th and Ramon Santiago getting another game at 3rd base.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Skip Schumaker (L) LF
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
6. Todd Frazier (R) 1B
7. Zack Cozart (R) SS
8. Ramon Santiago (S) 3B
9. Alfredo Simon (R) P

It should be another beautiful June day for baseball. Discuss the game here and GO REDS!

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  1. “Surely they can’t suck EVERY single time both offensively and defensively I do this with my lineup. Fourth time is a charm?” – Bryan Price, on putting Frazier at 1st and Santiago at 3rd with Lutz still on the bench and Frazier 3/3 on creating errors while at first. (probably)

    • For anyone wondering, Frazier has (admittedly in a small sample size) hit .200/.273/.300 to go with his three errors in three starts at 1st this year…. he’s hitting .273/.345/.512 with 6 errors in 55 starts at 3rd.

    • OK, if I am looking at it right, the SP for Phillie is a righty. What gives with Price? He’s ruining Fraizer by playing him out of position and he is ruining Lutz by not even giving him a chance. Frazier has worked hard to become a very good defensive 3B and he is just not comfortable at 1B and it is affecting his bat, too. What is the love affair with Santiago? I thought the change from Dusty to Price would improve the team’s performance, but I was wrong. Price just doesn’t have what it takes to manage a baseball team. He was a great pitching coach, but is proving to have very poor judgement as a manager.

      • I’m beginning to wonder if Price will work out as well. Who knows, maybe Santiago is the future of this team. Hope my instincts are wrong but Skipper Privce needs to step up his game. This is weak sauce.

        Go Reds!!

        • Agree what is the point in bring Lutz up, unless they view him as a AAA filler and not a prospect? Makes no sense considering Santiago’s role on this team, Lutz seems like the only possibility to give a spark to this anemic offense in the long run, if it is between journeymen Santiago and Bernadina what is the logic in not playing Lutz (especially against a righty) Makes you lose faith

  2. Go to get Toddy going at 1B. I guess. What’s the definition of insanity, again? Revere needs to be plunked, today. Maybe that’ll light a fire. Of course, Reds can’t afford anybody on the bases, less they score, and the they have to come from behind.

  3. This lineup has 6 players with an OBP under .300. One of the three who’s OBP is over .300 has a batting average of .204.

    Confidence inspiring.

  4. He can move Frazier down but not itsallaboutmebp

    • Why would you ever want to move down your .271/.299/.397 slashing #3 hitter?

      • With this lineup, Mes should bat cleanup, but I don’t think it matters a whole lot who, of Phillips, Bruce, or Frazier bats 3rd, 5th, or 6th, although I do prefer Frazier at 2nd. I can’t see batting Cozart or Santiago in those positions and probably not Schu any higher than 6.

        • I’d counter that with this lineup, the team should be taken out behind the shed and shot. Really feeling more certain it’s time to sell sell sell, tear it all down and rebuild.

  5. The way Price has handled Lutz just infuriates me. I can’t believe this man is actually our manager.

    • IMO, he is over his head. He is just throwing things up against the wall with no discernible logic. Seems like a nice man and obviously a very good pitching coach but he is no manager. If we continue to roll down hill, the Reds will have 3 choices as I see it:
      a – fire Price
      b – burn all the dead wood and over priced guys as best we can
      c – both a & b

      The other option, we can call it d, is stay the course and risk a stampede for the exits.

      • I’m not sure if this bad team is Price’s fault. He got handed a worse team than Dusty had last year.

        That said, if you fire Walt and clean house as far as players go, I don’t think you have any choice but to clean out Price as well to get a true fresh start.

        A shame, because I don’t particularly dislike the hitting coach. I don’t think this situation is his fault either. He isn’t going to suddenly cure BP/Santiago/Ludwick/all those other bad hitting veterans with terrible plate approaches in a couple months, they’re set in their ways by now…. but Frazier and Mesoraco, both guys who haven’t spent a ton of time in the majors before this year have both shown huge improvements.

        • The Santiago-Frazier starting combo just shows that Skipper Price is not ready for prime time. All I need to know.

        • Fair enough, not much I can argue against that with.

      • I hate to say it, but I think so, too. I liked Price from day 1 as a pitching coach and thought he could make the transition to manager. However, it appears he is in over his head and is lost and also has a very stubborn streak. I was never this frustrated even with Dusty. You know, they fired Perez after only a short stint as manager and he was nowhere near incompetent. Of course there was a lot of politics involved in that.

  6. This is a shame, I have been a Reds fan for 40+ years and there have been years where I never missed a single game (mostly caught them on the radio, watched when available on TV, and actually got to attend a dozen or so games way back when). After the glory years of the 70’s, I suffered through the terrible 80’s, but never felt this way even then. Right now, I don’t even have the heart to watch and it’s because time and time again this manager puts players on the field that do not put the team in the best position to win. He is either trying to make some kind of point or just doesn’t have good baseball IQ.

  7. .160 team avg: something has to give, right?

  8. Billy with a walk!

  9. Best thing that could happen, Billy gets on base.

    Run Billy run!!!!!!

  10. Billy with a stolen base!

  11. It’s HamilTIME!

  12. I know the Sabergang doesn’t care for him much but the kid brings what little excitement the Reds bring to the games.

    • With the way we’ve been hitting lately we can use all the excitement we can get!

    • Billy’s speed created that run whether they want to admit it or not

    • Only because stats cant track distractions or fan excitement. Right now im guessing billy has already earned his pay based on fans who have attended games to see him and im sure his jersey is selling out as well

  13. For the lover of God, bring in a run Bruce.

  14. BP looked alittle ticked after getting plunked in the shoulder, maybe he hits a dinger later?

  15. Did that HBP look like bad control, or a plunk? Always curious when it was a 1 pitch HBP… and two of their guys were hit the day before.

  16. JBruccccccccccccccccccccccccce!!!!!

  17. 1-0 good guys

  18. Seriously, I hate the new Gameday.. and even the option for the “classic” Gameday isn’t the classic Gameday. It’s awful.

  19. At least they broke the.. what, 17 inning scoreless streak?

  20. Hope Simon can make that run stand up.

  21. well crap!

  22. Where’s Sarge? I need some positive energy.

    • Offbrand Sarge Positive Energy: “Well… at least you aren’t a Cubs fan.”

  23. Well this one’s over. I’ll be enjoying my afternoon elsewhere. Don’t even know why I tune in anymore.

    • Nah … only over if the Phillies take a 2 run lead.

      One run, the Reds can do.

      I think.

  24. Put him back in the pen please !!!!! He just gives up way too many long balls !!!!

  25. My MLB.TV keeps locking up. It’s trying to spare me the agony of watching the Reds lose yet another series. MLB.TV is a true friend, day in, day out.

  26. Super Todd!

  27. wow Santiago with a walk that’s 2 walks we’ve got in 2 innings

  28. 48 pitches for Simon thru 3. The poor fella’s arm is going to take a beating today.

  29. Frazier is putting together a very nice year. I hope Votto comes back and they stick Frazier at 3B and leave him alone. He has become a very good defensive 3B and is showing a lot of improvement at the plate.

  30. Guess Bruce’s knee feels better. 7 steals on the year now and 0 times caught. If he ever regains his power, he’ll easily hit 20/20 with a very outside chance at 30/30 if he keeps stealing plenty and hits at his normal power level.

  31. I love it when Brantley says “How ’bout that!”

  32. 3-2 good guys

  33. Two solid ABs for Hamilton today, so far.

  34. I’ll take that fly ball (and run) from Hamilton

  35. 5th has been Simon’s Achilles heel lately. Let’s see if we can get him through it.

  36. Ouch, looking like it might be a rough inning. Hopefully he can lock it down before trouble happens.

  37. Why the heck does a .280-something hitter sac bunt? Must have serious confidence in the pinch hitter.

  38. That’s not on Santiago, that’s on Price. Santiago is not a 3rd baseman.

  39. Really nice job by Simon

  40. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!

  41. It’s games like this that confuse the heck out of me regarding this Reds team. Where did 6 runs come from? I do like Schumaker over Ludwick in LF.

  42. San Diego Padres drafted Johnny Football today! Crazy!!

  43. Great throw by Phillips to the plate…

  44. Does Thom not have a stat sheet in front of him?

    .271 .299 .397 is not top 10.

    • 100+ rbi’s…playing 3 months 1 handed. gold glove defense

      • A league average player would have got 100 RBI behind Choo and Votto. Oh wait, one did. Ask Rafael Palmerio how much a gold glove means.

  45. super play by Bham to BP to Mes

  46. In between innings, check out my new post on the article Paul Daugherty wrote about Joey Votto’s injury. Paul Daugherty’s shameful hit piece.

  47. Let’s see what JJ is made of, he pitches good when Reds are losing, any body have his stats coming into a game with a lead?

  48. What the heck, I load up gameday to check out what’s going on and a 2 run homer gets hit.

  49. Terrible pitch – gas can bullpen in full effect

  50. Are you allowed to come back from 4 runs down?

  51. Nothing comes easy for this team I mean nothing !!!!!

  52. Great play by Hamilton and Mesoraco on that out.

  53. Parra is another gas can. Another great play Bham to BP to Mes times 2!

  54. The relays from Phillips to the plate have been fantastic today. Hamilton’s throw to start it was great as well. Mes getting it done today.

  55. My Deja Vu is acting up- I cannot see the game- would that have been challeneable?

  56. sorry – 3/4 of this bullpen is absolutely pathetic !!!!!

  57. When’s the last time a Reds outfielder had two assists in one game? Let alone back-to-back innings.

  58. Reds need to get at least one more run at the rate this bullpen is getting lit up.

  59. By my count Phillies last 11 batters are 6-10 with 2 HR’s, 2 2B’s, 2 singles and a walk. Isuspect Manny vs Howard, hopefully it evens out

  60. Who was it who said in the other game thread “OBP doesn’t win games.” when talking about not cheering for Votto anymore? Three of the six runs have been scored in this game by people who have a walk in this game. Yesterday 5 hits = 0 runs. Today 5 hits, 5 walks = 6 runs.

    OBP wins games.

    • Don’t forget 4 sacrifices

    • Probably me. Im not very popular around here. Obp doesnt win games runs do. If there were no rbis behind that obp what would the score be? Runs win games not walking so that theguy behind you can hit into a double play.

      • Your thinking is backwards. You can’t score runs without people on base.

        • Except for that one game the Reds won like a week back where they hit 4 solo homers. Lol

      • Oh look, there was a single, not a walk, and the guy behind him hit into a double play. Does that mean singles are the devil too?

    • What a under-talented team needs to do to win, exciting to watch a team execute, hitting cut-off men, gunning ’em down at the plate, th emost exciting play in baseball is a 2B with a runner on first-no thinking, no managing just every body playing

  61. They should pause the game for the Belmont Stakes

  62. Broxton takes care of the middle of the order sets up Chapman for the the bottom of the order. Chappy should give Brox 50% of his check.

  63. why go the easy way Big Brox? Just let em hit it to the OF and gun em down at home.
    Jonathan getting it done-unbelievable year- if they make an all star for set-up guys he is it

  64. Pretty darn good day by Frazier. No errors at first (minor miracle) and 3-4 with a HR to center.

  65. Would a win make Simon an 8 game winner? Not bad for a free agent pick up. We didn’t miss Latos at all.

  66. Someone tell me about those 1 run wins evening out

  67. There is nothing in the world of baseball that makes people look worse than Chapman’s 102 mph fastball followed by an 89 mph slider.

  68. No ground to be gained today, Brewers winning 8-3 bottom of the 8’th and StL won 5-0

  69. It’s outings like that from Chapman that just make me angry he’s not taking the ball every 5th day.

    • It is the 5 blown saves a season that does it for me. Sad to say a day like today makes you realize Broxton cannot do it alone

  70. Reds win that is what matters today.

  71. +1

  72. Can’t disagree with Cali Chrome owner… In NASCAR you can have the points lead but don’t have a championship unless you win a race during the season…He’s right, no Triple Crown winner will happen when horses, can simply be held out of races to focus on the last jewel to steal it at the final race…Lame, rules should change, but bureaucrats don’t care about facts… Good Run Chrome, must be nice to be put out to pasture… Nice Stud Fees… LOL

    • Totally blew it, really got to question his mental toughness-need to fire that jockey and get someone that really wants the triple crown

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