Yesterday, Cincinnati Enquirer sportswriter Paul Daugherty wrote a column that questioned Joey Votto’s toughness and implied he was letting down his teammates and ownership by being unwilling to play with pain.

A couple times a year, I’ll read something Daugherty writes out of courtesy to the friend or family member who forwarded me a link to one of his columns. I find his writing to be uninformed and choose your favorite antonym of insightful.  Otherwise I don’t read him, which I’m sure makes us even.

That was the case yesterday until I read my Twitter feed at the end of the day and noticed several pointed comments from Daugherty’s sportswriter brethren about the cheap shot the Cincinnati writer took at Votto.

Craig Calcaterra, who writes for NBC’s Hardball Talk wrote: “Man, we got tough guys all over sports today media today. Shockingly, Daugherty calls out Votto. Daugherty should love Votto being out. He can’t take any pitches when he’s not playing … Just wondering what kind of bitter and hateful person you have to be to write crap like that.”

Dan Szymborski, ESPN analyst wrote: Cincinnati media really needs fewer guys who seem to complain about Joey Votto non-stop. Daugherty praising Phillips for playing hurt, while acknowledging he hurt his seasonal number. Except those hurt the team. You know what’s bad for a team? Players playing terribly through injuries.

Rob Neyer, who spent 15 years writing for wrote: It’s weird when writers diagnose the severity of injuries to professional sportsmen.

Jay Jaffe, who writes for Sports Illustrated wrote: (edited to comply with site guidelines) … what a horse**** column that was. Guy interviewed me last year for what turned out to be a hit piece on Votto. Barf.

In the print version of every Daugherty column, under his byline, you’ll find his claim that the purpose of his column is “always having the backs of the fans.” When you misinform your readers with what you write, that’s not having their backs. It’s the opposite.

Daugherty’s column characterizes Votto’s return from a quad strain as a question of pain tolerance. That’s false. As everyone who has discussed his injury publicly – Bryan Price, Walt Jocketty and Votto himself – has said, it is a question of leg strength. Joey Votto will return when his leg is strong enough. Votto played with the quad strain until the muscle got so weak it affected his performance. Daugherty brings the deeply misleading issue of pain tolerance into the equation out of nowhere.

Daugherty also completely ignores the issues surrounding Votto’s knee injury two years ago. That’s an extremely important part of the context of this situation. Leaving it out is a disservice to his readers.

Daugherty points an accusatory finger squarely at the player: “I believe if Votto insisted on playing, he would be playing. Superstars call shots everywhere, even in little places like Cincinnati. A manager is not going to say no to that guy, nor should he. Especially when the guy in question is as valuable as Votto.”

That paragraph is the core of Daugherty’s overall thesis. There are so many things wrong in there it’s hard to know where to start.

Two years ago, Votto injured his knee. The manager, Dusty Baker, apparently let Votto call the shots then and the Reds’ first baseman played another couple weeks, including in the All-Star game. For that stretch of time, it was obvious to any close observer that Votto was a faint shadow of his former MVP self. The inevitable surgery (and then a second one) kept Votto out of the Reds lineup for more than a month. The slugger didn’t hit another home run the rest of the year. Votto also said this offseason that the effects of his recovery lingered through 2013.

In 2012, the Reds handled Votto’s knee injury exactly as Daugherty recommends they do in 2014 and the results could not have been more disastrous.

Superstars do not call shots about their injuries everywhere. Ask Albert Pujols, Aaron Rodgers or Derrick Rose. Especially when players are valuable (and expensive) the front office rightly has, and exercises, the final say. When the owner has more than $200 million invested in a player, you can be certain that a player’s pleas won’t determine the course of action.

In this case, the Reds are balancing Votto being out for a few weeks vs. the risk of further injuring the quad muscle and losing their former MVP for the rest of the season. In contrast to Daugherty, I want that decision in the hands of someone other than the player. I want someone on that wall who will say no.

Criticizing a player based on skill or talent is fair game. Player X has no range. Player Y can’t hit left-handed pitching. Manager Z’s strategy is too old school. General manager W has failed to improve the team for over a year. That’s fine.

What I find objectionable are the armchair athletes in the media who feel the need to attack the character of the person. And this isn’t the first time that Paul Daugherty has taken a personal swipe at Joey Votto. Last September, Daugherty wrote: “Votto doesn’t pass the eyeball test this summer. There have been times when he simply looks disengaged. I haven’t talked to him about it. I owe him that.”

It’s funny, Paul Daugherty knows better. You know that from his own words. Last September, he knew he shouldn’t have written that Votto was disengaged without talking to him. He said so. But he wrote it anyhow. In the same paragraph. In consecutive sentences.

Amazingly, it was Paul Daugherty himself, not one of his critics, that wrote these words yesterday: “We outsiders don’t know much. We who aren’t doctors aren’t qualified to comment on the injury, or on anyone’s pain or ability to withstand it. That’s speculation and that’s not fair.”

I’m not in a position to offer advice to someone who has written about sports professionally as long as Paul Daugherty (then again, maybe that tenure is the problem), but how far off could I be by suggesting this: If you find yourself writing those three sentences, you should take your own advice and shut up. Write something about the Bengals or UC’s recruiting class instead.

Paul Daugherty, however, proceeded to ignore his own counsel, to comment on Votto’s injury, on Votto’s pain, and on Votto’s ability to withstand it.

Right out of the gate, Daugherty (who, despite his nickname, isn’t you know, a real doctor) let’s you know he doesn’t think Votto’s injury is much. In his first sentence, Daugherty refers to it as “that gosh-darned strained quadriceps.”

Regarding Votto’s role in not playing, Daugherty wrote: “To be clear, Votto didn’t want to go on the disabled list. Price says he’s the one responsible for keeping Votto on the mend, instead of in the lineup. And Votto’s durability isn’t suspect: He played in all 162 games last year, and 161 two years before that.”

Let’s review. Despite not offering a single contrary fact, a solitary bit of opposing research, a disagreeing informed source (anonymous or otherwise), no, just based on his own “I believe …” Daugherty darkly insinuates it is Votto who is letting down his teammates by holding himself out due to poor pain tolerance.

On the other hand, Daugherty acknowledges that the past two seasons, Votto has played in 323 out of 324 games and that by “ … early June, few players are in perfect health. By August no one is.”

Paul Daugherty ignored his own cautionary words about avoiding speculation on pain and injury; ignored his own reporting that the organization, not Joey Votto is making this decision; and ignored his own reasoning that Votto has likely played through pain the past two seasons.

Daugherty was in such a hurry to get to the hit job, he blew past all that. Along the way, he mischaracterized Votto’s injury and failed to provide the historical context. If you’re a Reds fan and read his article, Paul Daugherty didn’t have your back, he made you less informed about your team.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Freaking Beautiful. Aren’t us Reds Fan soooo blessed with this idiot, on top of Marty and tHom?!

  2. I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that Votto was wanting to play and that management made him sit out and rehab because they felt the injury was hurting his performance and was not improving.

  3. I can’t wait Dale Pearl to chime in.

    • Paul is a company man (Gannett) and will often do one of these types of articles to generate readership. When the Bengals were down he would attack Mike Brown regularly to boost readers. All he is doing is justifying his existence in a dying business. He is just protecting his retirement at anyone’s cost. Votto has openly said that the decision to play or not is up to the doctors and management has agreed with his statements. Case closed. PD is a dying breed he knows it and he doesn’t like it..

      • Makes sense. But I’m just ready for him and his breed to die already. He can take sMarty and tHom with him.

        • I’ve never seen such a ignorant fan base. Marty is a great annonceras well as thom, and tells it like it is many mlb teams have terruble annoncers.

        • and what breed is that? You can’t wait for people to die? Stay classy,,,,,,,

      • Exactly. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Paul doesn’t genuinely believe everything he wrote here. He’s going for eyeballs. And succeeding, unfortunately.

  4. “What I find objectionable are the armchair athletes in the media who feel the need to attack the character of the person.”

    Amen to this.

    • I guess that is what happens when you step into celebrity status right or wrong.

    • Double amen. Content aside, I have sometimes enjoyed Daugherty’s writing, but he is obviously stooping to new lows with this regurgitated macho crap.

  5. I tend to side with Daugherty on this one. Votto doesnt seem either mentally or physically tough at all. On top of that i question his readiness at the beginning of the season, but then again he wasnt the only Redleg to show up after a long off season ill prepared.

    I know Votto is the one sacred cow on this website but sorry i dont think contributes much in the scoring department nor anything towards morale. Aside from Pujols and josh hamilton i dont think that there is a bigger bust in al of baseball.

    • Ahhh… There it is.

    • You don’t have any more information on Votto’s mental or physical toughness or readiness at the start of the season than anyone else. You also missed the entire point of the post. It’s not that Votto is a sacred cow, it’s that his accomplishments which can be precisely quantified are impressive. You really strengthened your point though by calling Albert Pujols, a 100% lock first ballot Hall of Famer a bust.

      • Post contract Steve. Although this year id take albers numbers over Joey anyday. Of course Albert is a first ballot hall of famer…. Unlike joey.

        • Votto is 30 and we are already saying his HOF chances are over? I think you think too much like an arm chair GM, but I do see your view with the Votto, Phillips, and Bailey contracts..if they cannot sign other players like Cueto, Leake, Chapman, Latos because they cannot afford it, then there are issues. Those salaries indirectly are the reason I am going to shell out $100/ person for the game experience, so I quit taking my family to games and root vicariously- it irritates me they over pay and the players turn-around and under-perform- when is the last time the Reds got a good contract who was under 28?

        • Vic…

          Johnny Cueto signed a contract to cover 2011-2015 when he was 24 or 25… basically a 5 year, $37m contract if the 2015 option is picked up that covers all three arbitration years and two FA years. He’s collected 14 WAR during the span of the contract thus far, with the rest of this year and next year to go. If he continues to stay healthy, he could easily end up with 25 WAR over a 5 year span, costing only $37m.

      • Really steve? You don’t call the signing of Pujols a bust? You suggested that Dale missed the point, well, I believe you missed his point as well. He didn’t imply that Pujols’ career was a bust, he implied that the signing of Pujols by the Angels was a bust, and it clearly has been, as has the Hamilton signing so far. I think the Cardinals are thankful they didn’t sign Pujols.

    • Paul using the enquirer to say these things about Votto =/= you doing the same in a comments section on some website. Doc isn’t professional, whether we agree or not with his opinion. Besides that point, your and his opinion is way the hell off base and 100% speculation and based in zero fact.

      • Of course it is speculation that is why it is posted in a blog. As far as i know people can still voice their opinions in america right?

        • Ughhhhh

        • H*** Yeah, brother, this ain’t a commie blog

        • Yea!!! “Merica!! Good for you. Voice your opinion…..and if it is completely so out of whack and misguided and makes no sense….be prepared to get torched for it.
          Do not play the victim that your free speech is being impaired……. you said what you wanted and now you deserve to get skewered.

          You speculate about someone’s toughness? How about if I speculate over your character without knowing you? The only problem you probably have with Votto….besides the fact that he is a lot better looking than you….Just an Opinion of course NOT a fact…… but that he has all this money he signed for now he has to be 2 X the player he was before he signed it.

          He did not have a great year last year but he was still the team’s best overall hitting threat, besides Phillips first 3 months. Watching some of these other hitters on this team…… Votto would have to hit 2 homers a game and never make an out in order for this team to score at least 4-5 runs a game. NOT going to happen but lets blame him for all the teams hitting problems.

        • Of course it’s America. And anyone can post their opinions on a blog, no matter how ridiculous and nonsensical they may be. Of course, sane people are then free to rip the original comment’s author to metaphorical shreds.

    • The man came out of an anxiety disorder/depression after his father died. Trust me from experience you have to be a really mental tough person to get out of those things on the other side and being famous and in the spotlight on top of everything else.

    • You had me on your first sentence and slowly lost me on each progressing one and completely lost me on the last

      • I just know Votto is mentally tough from having the same issue such as agoraphobia, anxiety, depression. I could no way imagine having these issues and being famous such as Votto.

        • I was responding to lead post from Dale- I am know way suggesting anything about Votto’s mental toughness-(although I would like to see something different mid-game- not sure exactly what)- but to say any of these players are bust does not make sense to me-surely there are worse players look at Uggla or BJ upton with the Braves

        • ok sorry. I agree about the upton bros.

        • Not being nit-picky, but Justin was never mentioned as a disappointment; he might be a better bat than Bruce- definitely looking like he is beginning to peak at 26

    • considering your past support for using worthless stats like RBIs in evaluating performance, i don’t think much weight should be put into your opinion of Votto’s value. not to mention your entire first paragraph is highly unfounded and therefore total garbage.

    • Dale, I agree with you, and “Doc” as well. Apparently, no one can question Votto in this town. I would ask Steve, or anyone else, what they were watching last year, especially late in the season. Votto looked terribly disengaged. His defense was terrible, he jogged up the 1st base line on any ground ball. Hell, Votto told us this winter that he can’t even steal bases anymore. Why not? Bruce comes back after just a few weeks, with the same surgery, and he’s stealing bases like it’s nobody’s business. “Doc” is a fan, and he’s writing based on what he see’s. As a fan, it is pretty lousy to hear a player like Votto say that he won’t make outs to score a runner. He has become rather selfish. And lastly, he does appear to be rather weak, certainly mentally. Personally, I’m not even sold that he was all that hurt. I think it was a mental issue, and quite frankly the Reds organization is NEVER very honest, or clear, about injuries. Reference Latos. Reference Hannihan, who actually played some in spring with the injury that has kept him out forever. I can’t help but think that Votto has been out, not because of a knee problem, but because of mental anxiety issues. Can you blame me, or anyone else for thinking that? Do we really know? Votto sold this team on a huge contract for him, and the return hasn’t been very good. So I think questions about his mental toughness are very valid.

  6. Cincy has had kind of a nasty sports media for a long time, it is nothing new. I think it comes from getting spoiled in the 70s early 80s success with the Reds and Bengals then having the Reds, Bengals, UC and Ohio State constantly disappoint for two decades plus. Bob “grumpy” Trumpy was the guy that kind of started the way sports talk was done in a negative light back in the 80s and WLW has been sour most of the time ever since. Is it as angry as Philly or Cleveland, I don’t know…

    • Saddest thing is I believe the media does voice the majority’s opinion for the most in our City. I love my city and maybe it’s just because I live with it every day, but man, it feels like our masses are dumber than most. Can’t imagine anything like this seeing the light of day in St Louis, let alone getting backed by readers.

  7. It is especially interesting that this comes just as the LeBron meme has taken hold of the internet. How hilarious that a professional athlete playing in exceptional conditions at the highest level of his sport might experience a dehabilitating series of leg cramps that might force him to take a breather for a bit. I don’t readily have the link, but New York Magazine had a nice column yesterday about how the uproar over LeBron’s lack of “toughness” was precisely the kind of thing that encourages young athletes to try and play through injury and either make things worse or even cost lives in the case of the numerous heat stroke deaths you hear about in high school football almost every year.

    Medicine as a science is a tough gig. For all the miraculous tests and machines we have, so much of it comes down to how people say they feel and a doctors best guess and judgement. To accuse a world class athlete of not being tough enough when you probably couldn’t handle a tenth of his daily physical requirements is the worst kind of condescension. When someone pays Paul Daughtery for his physical capabilities then I’ll listen to him talk about how tough Joey Votto should be.

    • It is the exact thing. Paul is writing his opinion and not fact. Thank goodness we live in a country where you can question such things. Imagine a country where you could not voice opinion at all. Paul is not politically correct and i salute him for his bravery in posting his sincere opinion whether it is popular or not

      • Do you salute him for misinforming his readers, as I explained (and you still don’t seem to get) in the post? He has a right to write it. That doesn’t make it right. And I have a right to criticize it, hopefully with some solid reasoning.

        • Dis is ‘Merica and we can say what we want and be stoopid if we want. Even if we get paid for writing in the paper and claim to be about the truth. I speak what I believe is the trooth so it must be true and you should listen. 1st Amendment!

        • where is the misinformation Steve? I read the article 3 times looking for a clue as to what you say is misleading and I don’t see it. The author is essentially questioning as to why Bruce came back from knee surgery after 18 days and it has been what 30 days for Votto without surgery. Sure they are two different types of injuries but Bruce is playing sub-par to work out the kinks and the author with all rights is asking as to why Votto cannot apparently come back early when the team needs him and play through whatever discomfort he is feeling.
          Where is the deceit in that?
          He also has a point on Votto’s salary. If Votto demanded to play he would be playing. Votto makes what 3 or 4 times what Price makes and Votto makes more than Jocketty. So… yeah I agree.
          Paul Daugherty’s article is a work of speculation and questions. It would not exist if the Reds in general were more forthcoming with Joey Votto and why is his medical issue being addressed with such avoidance.
          I don’t fault Votto for being rich or injured. Neither does Paul Daugherty. Paul wants answers as to why a quad injury is taking so long.
          I want Joey in our lineup just as much as anyone else. Do I think he’ll lead the team to a first place finish? No, I don’t think it is within his ability to do so. There probably isn’t a single player out there that could do that.
          I look forward to seeing Joey in the lineup in the next week or two I sure hope he makes it back and doesn’t re-injure himself while doing so. Like Paul Daugherty I just wish that information would be more forth coming.

        • Do you not understand that he write’s opinion pieces, and not actual stories? You should know better. Fine, you disagree. I don’t. Welcome to opinion piece articles.

      • Yes, we live in a country where it is legally acceptable for Paul Daugherty to be a complete buffoon.

        • We have this little thing called hipaa. If Votto doesn’t want the mouth breathers of Cincinnati to know what’s going on with his leg it’s his right.

      • I don’t really know, but I imagine that there are few countries where one couldn’t express an opinion about baseball. Might even be able to in North Korea.

  8. Jeez, can we just reanimate Pat Harmon and get rid of this poor man’s Mitch Albom?

    • I lived in Ann Arbor for 18 years, so I know of what you speak. I don’t read Daugherty and didn’t read Albom a lot. But Mitch Albom was all over the media back then.

      • Yeah, before his milquetoast inspirationals took over, I read his columns on the Red Wings. Daugherty has the same pretentious smell.

  9. What I got out this article is that “Votto at 75 percent is better than anyone else at 100 percent”. I do not see intention misinformation especially by the quote you posted, it is good debate-not. Doc seems just to be just a good viewpoint of the kneejerk fans and if you go to him for Reds news you are sadly niave in your belief of good sources. I truely enjoy him and Hal Mccoy but would respect more what is mostly posted here for Reds info and perspective. It is post like this that fuels the fire that Votto and Bailey are untouchable which are just not true.

  10. Nobody is un-touchable when your under .500 and fighting with the Cubs to stay out of the cellar in my eyes!!!

  11. At the risk of sounding like Paul Daugherty, I hate to weigh in on this, but I’m going to anyway. I find it perfectly fine that a fan-site blogger like Steve Mancuso (who I think writes well enough to be a professional and makes Redlegnation worth checking out always) doesn’t mind blasting daily newspaper writers like “P Doc” or radio play-by-play men like Marty B.

    However, I find it completely bush league when big-media types in the same category as Daugherty (be it the aforementioned Craig Calcaterra of NBC’s Hardball Talk, ESPN analyst Dan Szymborski, or Sports Illustrated’s Jay Jaffe) can’t come up with their own interesting news copy or compelling video footage but have no problem with lying in the weeds like copperheads to inject their own venom into the P Doc’s of the world. I don’t see where their poison is any less harmful than some believe Daugherty’s to be, and I certainly don’t agree with his criticism of Votto.

    At any rate, I try to read pretty much everything Reds-related I can find, be it in the Cincinnati Enquirer or on a fan-site like, so long as what I’m reading is spelled correctly on a consistent basis and is fact-based. Just because I don’t agree with a writer or commentator doesn’t mean I won’t read, watch or listen to what he or she says. I enjoy being “informed” from diverse sources, I guess that is why whenever I do what cable new I always check out Fox, MSNBC and CNN, even though I find all three to be godawful jokes.

    And if newspapers were dying to the point that many, including some on this site apparently believe they are, then why does it matter what the P Doc’s of the world write? Truth is, without the news copy generated by newspaper reporters and the controversy created by some newspaper columnists, the folks at commercial websites ranging from Harball Talk to the Drudge Report to Huffington Post would have nothing on which to stir their own brand of outrage to attract “hits.”

    • The other writers critiquing Doc are not making guesses about people who do something they can’t. They are suggesting that, as successful journalists themselves, they find that sort of hatchet job unprofessional.

  12. The team doctor said WEEKS ago on WLW that Votto would be healthy enough to play within DAYS. That is all the factual information I need. EVERYTHING else written here or elsewhere is useless blather. Where are you Joey?

  13. Would never question JV’s toughness because he seems plenty tough to me. I’m really concerned about the guy’s wheels though and need to see evidence that he is right. This whole thing smells to high heaven, and hope I’m as wrong as wrong can be, but we are to soon find out one way or another.

    • That is it. So much avoidance from the Reds management on what is going on with JV. I want JV back as much as the next guy.

  14. I find Daugherty’s writing to be on the sarcastic side and too often he seems to belittle the Cincinnati sports scene. I still miss Tim Sullivan who went to San Diego. I don’t want Votto playing if he still has pain. That could only aggravate injuries he has had.

    • Agree all the way. Daugherty loves to call his own market “small town”, when it’s more of a middle-market type of metropolis. Small markets are typically towns that are more or less reliant on one or two things and that’s not Cincinnati’s profile.

  15. and let’s not forget that Daugherty bailed on covering the last 4 games of the Bengals 2002 season as some sort of statement or something.

  16. I’m scared to death that Votto isn’t right now and tomorrow’s stint w the bats will make mine and many others worst fears come true and he will be lost for the season. The way this year has gone so far I would not be suprised.

  17. I read Daughtery’s article. It was a piece of trash. Omitting critical facts is a form of misinformation. The article was opinion of course, but opinion based on misinformation. The most important piece of misinformation is that Votto is not playing because he is “sore”. Price himself said that soreness is not the issue with Joey’s return, weakness is the issue. Weakness has been the main issue with the quad injury right from the start.

    A hitter’s power comes from his legs. The same people who are complaining about Votto’s not playing would be screaming about his not hitting with power.

  18. Steve, I don’t think an article of Daughtery’s is deserving of your time and space on this blog. I didn’t even bother to comment on his article, which I could have shredded.

    He declared in May that the season was over for the Reds. That is, no realistic chance of making the playoffs, even with the two wild card teams. The Enquirer should have removed him from covering the Reds.

  19. Superstars do not call shots about their injuries everywhere. Ask Albert Pujols, Aaron Rodgers or Derrick Rose.

    You might get a disagreement regarding Rose. Not only from Chicago Writers but some of his teammates.

  20. Votto was one of 4 players in the MLB to play every game in 2013 (Pence, Butler, Fielder). Questioning a player’s toughness that has accomplished that is just foolish.

    • No, it really isn’t. He’s missed a ton of time do to anxiety. He missed a ton of time due to his knee, same knee issue Bruce just had, who has come back, and is actually stealing bases, something that Votto told us he CAN’T do anymore. Is it really out of the realm to wonder if there is more to it than just a knee injury? I don’t think it is. Personally, I think it’s more of a mental issue with him, period.

  21. Great article, I’ve been a fan of the website for a little while now and never really comment but I have to add something to this for the idiotic fans that question somebody like Votto’s “toughness” or will to play. For one, don’t say players in the past would never have sat out for this kind of injury, like players part of the historic big red machine because it is a different era. For those who have never read Pete Rose’s book it’s a must read, but that’s not the point. The great Pete Rose aruguably the best hitter in baseball history even said in his book that players back then they didn’t sit out because most of them were scared they were going to lose their job. Lose their paycheck. It wasn’t because they were more “gritty” or team guys. They were scared somebody else was going to step up and take their paycheck. Now I’m not saying Charlie Hustle wasn’t those things but back then those guys weren’t making the same type of money and it was definitely more like a job than it is today. Players like Votto know today that their job isn’t going to be taken by anybody, some of you will say that’s what’s wrong with today’s game but I think that’s something that was wrong with the game in the past. Pete Rose should have never been scared of some guy on the bench taking his job.
    The second part I want to add to this is some personal experience. When I was 13 years old I was playing select baseball and for those of you who just watch baseball and have never actually enjoyed the game at a entirely different level, select baseball is where you are traveling and playing against the top players in your region. (By the way I’m not adding that part to show off or anything just giving some more detail about the situation) My case the Midwest. I dislocated my left knee, didn’t really know I even did anything to it when it happened. Just felt like I tweaked it, didn’t fall to the ground, didn’t bend over in grusome pain, I was angry my parents even made me go to the doctor to get it checked. I found out I dislocated it, had to sit out for about 3 weeks and do another 3 weeks of therapy. After that I felt normal again and had to wear a little brace. Then when I was 15 playing for the same team I did it again but to my other knee. This time the pain was so agonizing I couldn’t stand. I had to be carried off the field. I had no doubt in my mind that I tore everything ligament or tendon in it. I get to the doctor he tells me I just dislocated it and it wasn’t anymore severe than the last injury. Instead of taking 6 weeks for this one to recover it took 6 months and I ended up having to have surgery on it at the 4 month mark because I tore my meniscus riding the exercise bike for therapy. When I asked my doctor why this one was so much more severe he said “every injury is different and your body reacts differently to every one” I never played baseball the same way again, could have played in college but I never again had faith in that knee. And to you recliner athletes play any sport at a high level when you don’t trust if a part of your body isn’t going to work and then comment. (Or even play a sport at a high level period)
    So to those of you who question Votto for going on the DL with a quad strain, every injury is different. I did the same thing to each knee, one I felt like I didn’t need do any rehab the other felt like I was never going to play again. They were the exact some injury though. So understand that every injury really is different.
    Sorry for the length. Thought I could add some insight though.

    • Sounds like a familiar story. Thanks for sharing. Thankfully, my own troubles didn’t start at such a young age. Hopefully, your knees are getting along fine, at least for day-to-day activities.

  22. Hey guys, ever heard the phrase ” don’t feed the Troll “?…This Pearl character is classic Troll. Ignore him and he will go elsewhere looking for an argument.

    I stumbled across this blog in 2010 and have checked it most every day since. Great articles / posts and normally great discussions in the comments thread. It’s a shame to see otherwise intelligent people wasting time bickering with some that from all appearances is not.

    Seriously, stop feeding him and he will go elsewhere looking for food.

  23. I’m glad to see other sports writers calling Daugherty out. He is one of the last true standard bearers for the insanely arrogant and willfully ignorant columnists of the past, and the sooner his ilk go away, the better for us all.

    Remember, this is the same guy who wanted to trade Votto and Bailey as prospects for Joe Blanton (based on his wins as a pitcher), and he had the audacity to defend that idea LAST YEAR. If that’s not enough to tell you that a guy is a) an idiot who knows nothing about baseball or player evaluation and b) incredibly stubborn to the point of sheer lunacy, then nothing is.

    Also, he is responsible for one of the funniest Fire Joe Morgan pieces of all time. It’s always worth a read or reread:

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