Johnny Cueto takes the mound tonight to kick off a three-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies at Great American Ballpark. Steve laid out the series pitching match-ups earlier today, and it looks like tonight’s game should be a duel between two aces. Don’t let Cole Hamels’ 1-3 record or 4.01 ERA fool you. He sporadically has issues with control, but still strikes out more than 1 batter per inning and has allowed just four homeruns in eight 2014 starts.

Todd Frazier is getting a night off while Brayan Pena makes his 4th start in the second spot in the lineup. It’s Pena’s first time batting second since May 13.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Brayan Pena (S) C
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Todd Frazier (R) 1B
5. Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Zack Cozart (R) SS
8. Ramon Santiago (S) 3B
9. Johnny Cueto (R) P

INJURY NOTES: There was news today that Mat Latos will be making another rehab start on Monday. Price is quoted as saying that he wants Latos to throw 90-100 pitches in a game before being activated.

Discuss the game here and go Reds!

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  1. It’s a shame Cueto’s matched up against a LHP, so Mesoraco’s bat isn’t in the lineup. And Peña clearly needs a day off, so I hope he gets it tomorrow.

    I hate this defensive alignment since it seems to mess with Frazier’s defense, but I guess there isn’t much choice with Peña catching and Lutz batting LH. Other than having Peña at 1st and Mes catching, of course, but since Cueto’s pitching like 1968 Bob Gibson I reluctantly support this move. I guess that’s why Price gets paid the big bucks. Go Reds!

  2. Nice of us to give Hamels outs at the bottom.

    • Ty jestes Polakiem?

      • I’m the Pole?

        • Why would u call me a pole and what did I say to deserve it? And why would u use a diff language to do it?

        • “Are you Polish.” I figured with the last name + Andre instead of Andy or Andrew that you might be, and I was just curious.

        • No offense intended; I spent some time in Warsaw and have lots of Polish friends 🙂 I saw your name and thought “cool, maybe a Polish Reds fan.” Sorry.

        • Oh ok I got you. Sorry. No actually I picked the name based off a character from “the League”. My bad on that, used to ppl hating on the net ya know.

        • Haha I got ya that’s cool, no that’s my fault. I wish I was from Poland, I would be much more interesting than who I really am. Just a small town illinois man from a farm.

  3. Todd is “not” getting the game off tonight. How I wish Cozart was (3 for 33).

  4. Wow 3 black holes in this line-up!!! Once again Cueto will have to give up no runs to win it seems!!! Geez! Forget this I want this guy to catch me crap already!!! We need to win games and put the best players on the field that we have! This pathetic offense needs all the help it can get!

  5. It’ll be tough to draw me away from HBO’s Band of Brothers marathon. The Frazier/Santiago switch/shenanigans doesn’t encourage me much. But, GO REDS!

    • None better than the “Band of Brothers”, probably have watched it beginning to end 3 or 4 times. My wife as well.

      • You’ve watched your wife from beginning to end 3 or 4 times? What does she think?

        • Made her cry, so she loved it of course. She probably ahs seen it all the way through twice and checked on the other time or two I watched it. She really likes Ron Livingston – “Swingers” & Office Space” fame.

  6. I said this in the old game thread, forgot about the new one…

    Of course no beat writer has had the courage to ask what Cueto thinks about constantly drawing a B-lineup both offensively and defensively. At this point I am just expecting another couple unearned runs to set Cueto off and he’ll just walk off the field mid-inning to yell at Price.

    How many times do we have to run out Santiago at 3rd and Frazier at 1st to realize it’s a bad idea? How many times are we going to have to suffer through more personal catcher nonsense that we were assured was over and done with once Price got hired? Because Mesoraco rakes against left handers and has no business on the bench against them.

  7. Fay says Joey Votto was spraying balls out of Great American Ball Park in early batting practice Friday. He hit one to right field that completely left the park.
    Price on Latos being unhappy with doing another rehab: “I knew he wasn’t happy. In the end, it doesn’t matter.”

  8. I just saw that the Reds are second in MLB in Ks since May 23 and last in walks. Mercy!
    128 Ks and just 14 walks.

    • Thank god, no more of that base clogging. They don’t pay people to walk.

  9. Phillies lineup looks worse than the Red’s.

  10. It’s going to be one of those 1 run games. Hopefully the Reds come out on the top side for a change

  11. Philadelphia’s first two batters: 16 pitches
    Reds first inning: 10 pitches

  12. I don’t like the new Gameday layout.

  13. I thought price was reducing Ludwicks role? I guess he issued a hollow threat

    • Right around there with “No personal catchers” and “Accountability”.

  14. Who are you and what have you done with Jay Bruce?
    This guy doesn’t even look like a major league hitter anymore.

    Reds are trying to trade ludwick and he has more home runs and rbis than Bruce.

  15. Cole Hamels with the perfect game.

    Here we go!

    • It’s cool, Frazier will lean into an inside pitch or something in the 7th or 8th to break it up. Then the Reds will lose in the 11th inning when Ondrusek comes in after Cueto throws 9 shutout innings, resulting in a 0-0 score going into extra innings.

  16. Bruce looked totally helpless in that at bat,

  17. Snd ludwick and simon off together in bostons general direction

  18. Cueto’s going to need a quick 4th and 5th to get his pitch count back into a nice area.

  19. E5 – there goes the perfect game.

  20. Why would you bunt in front of the pitcher?

  21. Um, excuse me?? Why are we bunting in front of Cueto?

  22. Awful play by Santiago. Give ’em an out.

  23. hamels with the no-no through 3.

  24. Painful to watch this offense. Let us hope the reds are done warming up and tear it up in the fourth!

  25. Wait, they called Cozart’s ball a hit? no way. Ball went right through the glove of the thirdbaseman.

  26. Something must be wrong with cueto….

  27. …and that’s your ball game!

  28. I blinked and next thing you know its 3-0 Philly’s.

  29. You know, at some point, it can’t be that every pitcher the Reds face is a Cy Young candidate.

  30. Cueto pitched like crap after picking off Utely. 2-2 count on Howard, two pitches aren’t even close to being strikes. Then hitting Byrd on the next pitch. Can’t believe that Brantley said that was a good time to come in “way inside” to Byrd.

    And Cueto already at a huge disadvantage with the lineup that’s put in when he’s pitching.

  31. Well, that truly breaks up the no-hitter. Nothing left to see here.

  32. Bruce’s bat looks sooooooo sloooooow.

  33. This should be an easy game for us to come back on…. We just need to dig in and get er done

  34. Well, when your bat is slow, slap it the other way.

  35. Come on Ryan, for old time’s sake!

  36. Now an even slower bat is up.

  37. Reds have someone up in the bullpen…is Cueto hurt?

  38. A 2-0 fastball right down the pipe, and Ludwick check swings ? This is where Mesoraco’s bat in the middle of the lineup is missed when Cueto pitches.
    Not to mention Votto’s bat.

  39. You think the Reds pitchers are starting to feel the pressure?

    The Reds organization should be ashamed of themselves.

  40. Crap! Home Run, I didn’t see that coming. I was expecting Cueto to buckle down and take care of business.

    • Cueto doesn’t seem to have any focus tonight. The pitch to Rollins was middle waist-high.

      • He lost focus after picking off Utley ! I don’t know if there was a premature celebration in his head that inning or what.

        • I know I was celebrating that pick-off. Utley leaned into that pitch to get on base, and he always seems to have a smirk on his face.

        • I had the same thought, SRREDFAN. Utley does that “lean into the pitch” thing all the time, and Cueto was pissed off about it, and very pleased after he picked him off.

  41. He needs to come out after 5 tonight … even though Johnny “could” go one or two more; his spot will be due up in the 5th and down 4 runs, you CANNOT give up the out Price.

    CANNOT. (We all know Price will sacrifice the out for one extra Cueto inning).

  42. The Phillies of course are tied with the Cubs for the worst record in the NL. Tampa Bay the only team in baseball with a worse record. And the Phils had lost 6 in a row.

  43. I am ready for the trade deadline. I think Walt knows who ownership can/want to sign, and who they can’t. Some of the me first stuff is bad for a team that’s struggling.

  44. We are winning (United States, that is), re: HBO’s Band of Brothers. Not following the actual game, tonight. I thought I heard $ell Bell$, though. What’s up, w/ that?

  45. What the heck are the Reds doing plugging Lay’s potato chips. Everybody knows that “When The Chips Are Down, Be Sure Their Husman’s, Husman’s Potato Chips” Go Reds!

  46. When was the last time the Reds came back from 4 or more down to win a game ? I can’t remember their doing that since 2012.

    • Seems like there was a lot of late rallies for big wins in 2012. Since then, not so much…

  47. Say it ain’t so. We’re just not that good of a Major League team. It’s probably just about the truth, really. Really.

  48. When the Phillies make an error, it doesn’t even matter.

  49. I know you can’t draft for position. I get it. But my goodness I wish there was a real hitter they liked when it came time for that first pick. People here way smarter than me say closers are a dime a dozen, so they take a closer. Yeah, he may convert to a starter. Give me a bat. Please.

  50. Doh! Not sure how I missed Frazier’s name when I posted the lineup!

  51. Even last-place Phils O-W-N the Reds. Anytime, anywhere. I was putting it off, as long as I could, but…it’s time for a good ‘ol fire sale. We’ll need a lot of smoke & mirrors, however, to move some of these $$$ pieces. I’d try to shop Bruce first.

  52. Great play Ludwick. He is so slow

  53. Thought the Reds were going to score a run there. But not with Ludwick running.

  54. With Hamel out of the game maybe the Reds can do some business. Go Reds!

  55. One humorous moment in the game, anyway. BP thinks he has a walk on a 3-0 pitch. Then he really thinks he has a walk on 3-1. 3-2 is well below his knees, but this time, rather than starting to walk to first, he just freezes, not moving anything, until the ump calls it ball 4. First time I ever saw the hitter frame a pitch.

  56. 38,331 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 38,331.

  57. Phillips took a walk… things are looking up.

  58. It will be a while before this team even sniffs the .500 mark – totally disappointing effort on all counts – including upper management (wink,wink > Rip Van Jokerty )

    • Look at the “not so” bright side. They are saving $$ on fireworks @ GABP. #Irony

  59. I’m beginning to think the Reds may not win this game, but hey, it ain’t over till its over. Go Reds!

  60. I truly think Jocketty will play some kind of role in TLR’s Arizona D-Backs, 2015. He’s just packing up & planning his exit strategy, now. Castellini’s head better be on a swivel.

    • I thought that TLR and Jocketty hated each other by the time WJ left the Cardinals.

  61. Well, there is some good news per Marty. Even if the Reds do lose (it ain’t over yet) the Reds won’t lose any ground in the division. Go Reds!

    • How’s that? Cubs won, today. And Pirates are destroying the Brewers. We’re moving down, not up. And certainly not treading any water.

      • I thought Marty said the Reds wouldn’t lose any ground if they lost, but maybe I misheard him. Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. Go Reds!

    • Good point and a lot of baseball left to be played this year. It is always darkest before the dawn.

    • The NL Central has been marching in place for the last month. The Reds could be in the front with any sort of reasonable winning record. Acknowledge the tough schedule recently.

  62. Bases loaded, nobody out. Like I said, I’m beginning to think the Reds may not win this game. It also ain’t over till the big woman sings. Go Reds!

  63. Another error at first base by Frazier. The lineup when Cueto pitches is terrible, both offensively and defensively.

  64. The way I see it, now the comeback win for the Reds will be even more epic. And it could get more epic-er. Go Reds!

  65. The Frazier @ 1b and Santiago @ 3b should now end. Price made a gallant effort but it’s a total failure.

    • I agree, enough is enough.

    • I’ve presumed Price has gone that way for Cueto’s last 2 starts because Cueto has faced a lefty each time. He should not go with this lineup again under any circumstances.

      • Only if he wants to lose his job.

      • I presume it’s so Cueto gets so angry with the team that he’ll ask for a trade, that way the fanbase won’t be outraged when they trade the 2014 Cy Young leader before the deadline for a king’s ransom because he’ll have been the one who asked for it rather than the Reds just doing it.

    • Whaaat? You mean like 8 errors in the 3 games or whatever it’s been done isn’t good?

  66. What a way to waste a Friday night.

  67. California Chrome goes for the Triple Crown tomorrow and I like his chances.

  68. There’s still a chance the Reds can take the series against the Phillies.

    • Absolutely.

    • The Reds SHOULD still win the series, looking at the Phillies starting pitchers for the next 2 games.

      • Reds should win a lot of games/series, but you never know when the opposing pitcher will suddenly channel the spirit of Denton Young for their start against the Reds. It happens a lot, apparently.

  69. Guys, it is in your capable hands. Have an early rise for a Canadian fishing trip. I expect an eight-game win streak while I’m gone!

  70. This has been bad and long enough for two post-game Miltons.

  71. Would rather watch grass grow at this point – would certainly be more exciting

  72. Reds just bent over, grabbed their ankles and took it.
    Reds organization is a complete embarrassment to MLB and the city of Cincinnati.

  73. Is what it is. Live in Columbus and usually go to 2-4 games a year. Went to one so far and wavering on how many more to go to. No fun to watch…..

    • Know what you meant, it was a nice day, so I was thinking of heading down to Cincinnati and picking up a couple of tickets on the walk to the stadium to see Cueto pitch. Pretty dang glad I didn’t drop money on tickets, parking, and ridiculously priced beer to watch that.

      • I will probably still go to another, just sucks it will remind me of a late summer game circa 2001-2007

  74. It’s all about Backbone, this REDS team doesn’t have 1… No one getting upset about the SB in the 9th inning when the Phillies are pitching a shutout w/ a 4 run lead…I’m sorry hated Dusty but Dusty would have called for the next batter to get beaned… That’s 1 of those unwritten rules, like staring too long at a HR ball or to slow of a HR trot…This season is over for the REDS, see yah next spring…Hope someone gets a Backbone this winter…Go REDS

  75. Really can’t stand cocky chase utley

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