Final R H E
San Francisco Giants (39-21)
6 11 0
Cincinnati Reds (27-31)
1 3 0
W: M. Bumgarner (8-3)   L:   M. Leake (3-5)
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The Good

Todd Frazier continues to be Jersey Strong. He hit his 12th HR of the season. J.J. Hoover held down the fort in the 7th and 8th. He’s quietly getting his groove back.

The Bad

Mike Leake just didn’t have it today. For the first time all season, he couldn’t get through 6 innings.

The Ugly

Billy Hamilton: 0-4.   Devin Mesoraco: 0-3.   Jay Bruce: 0-3.   Chris Heisey: 0-3.   Brayan Pena: 0-3.   Zack Cozart: 0-3.

Not so random thoughts …

The boys at WLW and ESPN 1530 are going to feast today. This pitching staff has ZERO room for error. Either they pitch a brilliant game, or the Reds lose. This offense doesn’t have enough consistent hitting up and down the lineup to pick the couple of guys up who have a bad game at the plate. Average pitching can at times beat this team. Good pitching just completely shuts the Reds down. With Votto still not back and Jay Bruce AWOL, it’s left to Frazier and Mesoraco to carry the weight of the offense every night.

You aren’t winning baseball games that way. Votto will make a difference. But how much can one player do? Left field looks like the key to this team’s fortunes this year. Fix LF or start planning for 2015.

Wrapped around a walk, Sean Marshall struck out the side in the 6th. An inning later, he was suddenly ineffective.

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  1. Mike Leake is never going to figure it out.

    • Never figure it out…Leake is a quality pitcher who is going to get paid very well very soon.

      • That was my best Marty impersonation.

        • Tell you who may never figure it out. Zack “groundout to 3rd” Cozart.

        • Come on now, be fair, he pops out to RF just as often as he grounds to third.

        • True that. My personal favorite – Zack’s no-look ballerina swivel strikeouts on hard sliders.

        • Cozart is a defensive specialist who is never going to be a good hitter. He’ll hit a homer every now and again, but he’ll never be better than #8 hitter. Last night I looked at FanGraph’s cumulative defensive measure and they have Cozart as the 7th most valuable defender in MLB at any position.

          However, for what he makes and what he’s likely to make in free agency, he’s a very good value. You can’t pay/overpay every position on the field (at least we can’t).

        • Defensive value is only side of the story. Cozart’s oWAR in 2014 is -0.5 (baseball reference). If hitters 5-7 are more on-base guys vs. RBI guys, which is the case this year (Pena, Skip, Luddy), Cozart’s way below-average hitting = loss of runs as evinced by a 46 wRC+ in 205 at-bats. IMO, that hurts more than this defense helps.

  2. Giants are the best team in baseball and we played them mano-o-mano for 2 games. The Phillie series should be promising. The big boys are up first: Cueto & Simon.

    It is not only getting JV back but also getting Jay Bruce back that could make a big difference. I would take either one of them, right now.

    Go Reds!

  3. Those 2 gimme K’s, Cozart and Santiago, to end the 5th for Bumgarner, which should have been walks…oh well there goes another lose…can’t understand how visiting pitchers get calls like that, hey Ump get some glasses…Go REDS

    • Seems like Richard’s right time to focus on 2015…

    • Bumgarner always gets those calls. That’s part of the beauty of his semi-sidearm delivery. It’s very deceptive. Those pitches look like balls to the hitter and even to the home viewer given that particular left-center camera pov. Those pitches are actually strikes according to pitch trax and they do catch the outside corner of the plate.

      • Sorry even on Pitch Fx those were balls nice try…

        • When John Fay mentions it during the Telecast, as the Ump having a BS strike zone… He’s right, when its not even hitting the corners by a good 6 inches, its a ball buddy…Those are the kind of strike you seen called at Turner Stadium in ATL…

  4. Who should we get rid of?

    Ludwick on the bench and a better player in his place doesn’t make this offense much better. Six players went ofer. Tomorrow a different mixture of six guys will go ofer.

    The Reds don’t hit smart. Almost every team that beats the Reds beats them because they make the pitcher work. Braves, Giants, Cardinals, Phillies, pretty much any team that’s won in the playoffs in the last five years. Our guys think they’re so good that they can just swing at anything and still win.

    • Pretty much. I think the problem is organizational. It seems as if no one in the organization values place discipline. They don’t want to draft it, develop it, or trade for it (Votto and Choo as obvious recent exceptions).

    • I doubt that the players really think that they can “swing at anything and still win.” I don’t watch other teams much (save for the Reds’ opponents), but wonder whether Reds hitters are the only impatient, unselective ones out there. I suspect that the Reds hitters are, by and large, pretty typical, and we are frustrated because we’re Reds fans.

  5. Fix LF, the sooner the better. Don’t have to wait until last week of July to find one.

  6. LF is what it is this season, there are not “quick” fixes coming this season. I think it’s been mentioned here before and I would consider starting to talk with Devin about a move to LF maybe next season and then go with Barhart at Catcher, but this type of move doesn’t happen overnight nad needs to be with the blessing of Devin which might not be so easy.

    • I don’t understand why Price doesn’t at least try Lutz out there. He can’t be any worse than the rest of these guys.

    • I have bigger questions, what is going on with:
      Jay Bruce
      Joey Votto
      Mat Latos

      Are any of these guys going to able to contribute this season? If not, we are are toast. Plain & simple – you can not have your two best hitters on the sidelines and hope to seriously compete for a playoff spot. I’m really think we (fans) are starting to be played for fools. Let’s face it, JBruce looks as bad as anyone playing LF, for the Reds, if not worse. I’m not buying MVP doing much this year until I actually see it. The video of Joey running the bases that FOX showed yesterday did nothing for my stress. Is Mat really going pitch in a Reds uni this year? Really?

      So Ryan Ludwick is asking to be traded? Huh, yeah if we could find a willing trade partner, he should be gone in a NY minute. Is Price going to keep playing Zack Cozart until his BA is back to .100? Why can’t Santiago get a couple of starts and see if the break does Cozart any good? Zack is “3 for his last 33 ABs”.

      • Ludwick is asking for a trade. Oh I wish such a thing were possible. Ain’t nobody taking that contract.

      • Did Ludwick really ask to be traded?

        • WVRedlegs says:
          06/05/2014 at 12:23 pm

          “I heard this morning that Ludwick has requested a trade. Not happy about diminished playing time. Things might be looking up in LF and for the Reds.”

          I trust this source more than anyone that “covers” the Reds for a living. Hopefully WV can put some legs underneath this. If only if we could move the no power, no speed Luds.

        • I don’t buy this. If Ludwick produces, he’ll be in there every day and he knows that.

      • Disheartening that we heard Votto was making great advances and were getting reports of him mashing in BP but have yet to hear any talk of when he will be going on rehab. NBC sports ran a piece that indicates that Price seems to be backing away from any time table for Votto to return.

        “However, manager Bryan Price indicated to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer that there’s no timetable yet for Votto’s return from the disabled list and there are still hurdles to get past before a minor-league rehab assignment can be considered…..”

        I’ll stand by what I said going on a couple of weeks ago, this return is in the hands of the medicos, accountants, and lawyers.

    • Oh, so we trade a below average hitting LF, for a well below average hitting C? Perfect.

      • Hey, at least he is young. We know that Luds stinks and probably will from here on out. With Barnhart you could have some hope, kid plays a mean D. LF is an offensive position, catcher is more defense than offense. Actually, I would just like to unload Ludwick’s contract on some unsuspecting team.,

        • I am pretty sure MLB GM’s know at least as much as us, if they could not getting any takers on an All-star- GG 2B coming off 100+ RBI season, Ludwick will bring nothing- the Reds best bet is hoping he turns it around

  7. Adios, Giants. The big win was sweet, rest of series not so much. Play and move on. Bring on the Phillies!

  8. I don’t understand how our management doesn’t tell Cozart to at least try and work a count and draw a few walks. My god the guy will never take one. He doesn’t hit near well enough to be allowed to swing freely up there. Votto is these guys teammate and you would think they don’t watch/ learn (from) him at all. Zack would have way more value if he could walk, have a decent OBP and get some SB’s. I know he’s not the problem and I’m glad we have him b/c I know how important SS defense is. I’m just saying Price, Walt, Long, anyone please explain to him that he would help this team so much more offensively if he would do this. I just don’t get how they watch him and his .251 OBP and say, well that’s acceptable. Btw, he is definitely not the only guy on this team that would benefit from that conversation. Looking at you BP.

    Go Reds!

  9. One run on three hits and six players with the ‘collar’ is not going to get you to the playoffs.

    • It’s also a pretty robust sample size of one game.

      The Reds just came off four straight wins. Starting tomorrow, if they reel off another 2/3/4 games, I’ll take that every day and twice on Sunday.

      Can we all just stop being collectively fickle? One game should not move the needle this much–in either direction. Alls I know is that I wouldn’t have guessed the Reds would be treading right now with those injuries in early June.

      With a couple more winning streaks and a little health, we might actually even stop treading. I was pretty negative when they couldn’t put together 3 wins, but I’m calmer now. Won’t go back to the ledge until the next 4-5 game losing streak. Woosah.

      • I totally agree with this. It is still a long season and many things can happen. Aside from the Giants, who is really tearing up their division. Cards are not playing that well, Dodgers either, nor the Braves. To quote Yogi “it ain’t over til its over”. It is not over.

        On another note, if Ludwick wants to be traded one needs to ask what you would get in return. Are you going to get a SS? Only if you trade more than Ludwick. A competent LF? Maybe if you trade several OF or relievers. If some of the other guys hit, then you will start to see other guys hit. When no pressure is applied,pitchers relax.

      • I really agree with you, though I’m not as optimistic, the glass always being half empty. I expect all fans are fickle, since by definition we take losses personally. But the mood swings here are hilarious, mine included.

  10. Reds should call around and check with all 29 teams about interest in Marshall. That one inning is probably is good as it is going to get.

    I think Leake probably just broke under the tremendous stress of not having run support.

  11. I saw where Kendry Morales is expected to sign in the next day or 2. Maybe the Reds are going to sign him because Votto is not coming back this year?

    I’ll believe Votto is coming back when I see him on the field and in the lineup. I’m not expecting that any time soon.

    He’ll go on rehab, get an ingrown toenail and be out another 15 days.

    • I don’t think the guy’s leg is right. If this is the case, put him on the 60-day and do everything possible to get the real JV back in time for the 2015 season. The Reds should not be screwing around with this investment.

      With each passing game, I have the same concerns with JBruce. If his knee is not right, get him off the field and on the DL. He is not helping the team and if there is “any” risk at all that playing is doing him long term harm, then the Reds management are morons.

      Anyone else starting to suspect a bunch of smoke being blown where the sun doesn’t shine?

      • I don’t think Bruce’s knee is bothering him. I’ve had two knee operations and he isn’t acting like his knee is bothering him at all. Watching him run and slide, his knee seems fine. I could be wrong but I just think he’s a foreigner to hits right now and cold as ice.

      • I don’t see management’s motivation in playing guys who are badly enough hurt to damage themselves further. Why would they? Evaluating injuries is tricky: they have to rely on medical opinion which, to some extent, relies on the patient’s perceptions. It’s science, but it’s not infallible and often not completely definitive. Something may be going on–probably is–but it’s not a conspiracy.

    • Signing Morales would be a good pick up for us. We could use that bat. Then again since he hasn’t played all year are we going to have to wait for him to get “broken in” for major league hitting?

  12. Trade Marshall and Ludwick. The Reds offense need a RH power bat in LF. Morse would have been perfect for 2014. Morse and Gregorius on this team right now and we are a much better team.


    Back up 3B.

    • Easy to say trade Marshall and Ludwick. Problem is, nobody else wants them.

      • yup you said it. They would not be starting if playing at all if not for the generosity of the Cincinnati Reds

        • I still don’t get this statement. Ludwick was a slight overpay and maybe Marshall as well, but it’s just absolutely ridiculous to assume that a GM should be able to look into a crystal ball and predict career changing injuries. Must be nice to have such 20/20 hindsight.

  13. Votto isn’t going to radically change this offense. They haven’t sniffed .500 all season. I hope we’re aggressively shopping anyone and everyone. It’s a shame Latos has been hurt – healthy he wouldn’t have made any difference in the W-L column most likely but as it stands he has no trade value. Now Bruce is similarly unmovable. BP might have brought his value up a tick but not much if anyone’s looking at advanced numbers. Mes could bring a boatload but honestly he’s the cornerstone you have to build the next roster around (besides Votto). Maybe Frazier has some value but we don’t have the depth to empty our infield.

  14. John Fay, of all people, today tweeted a listing of the OBP of the individuals in the Reds line up along with the observation that the league average is .315 (as I recall, only Meso and Frazier were above the average; Peña was a bit better than .300 but under .315.

    Fay followed with a comment that it was hard to rally when you couldn’t even get on base.

    Is there really anything else to add to this?

    • That’s about as strong of an indictment as you will get from the company men.

    • that pretty much says it all. It is false hope that Votto will all of a sudden make this team a scoring machine. Not enough production from our outfield, SS, or 2B. If we are going to keep a SS on as a regular who is going to hit under .220 all season then we need to compensate by bringing in a guy who can hit .350 all season.

    • Even crazier than that, since Fay does talk OBP sometimes, was that last night THOM BRENNEMAN was talking about the Reds lack of walks on the air. I thought the Reds must have finally driven me insane.

  15. Votto is not going to make any difference when he comes back. What good is walking twice a game if nobody is driving him in to score? Runs and the ability to drive a guy in across the plate (and not hit into a double play) is the only offensive minded stat(s) that really matter. You can eat OBP all you want but if nobody in the lineup can drive in that high OBP then the only person who cares are fantasy league players who get points on their fantasy rosters by watching Votto walk.

    • I’m in the middle on this. One of my biggest issues with Walking Joey versus Slugging Joey is that at a team level the Reds put a huge sunken cost on the books for him be Slugging Joey and most likely cannot afford anybody else to be their slugger because of that. But the other side of the coin is that neither do they have enough OPB guys to “clog the bases” in front of Votto or another slugger.

      • Walking Joey still had a higher SLG% than everyone on this team not named Devin. Well, I guess Todd after today.

        This Joey may not be the same Joey that won MVP, but he’s light years above the offensively challenged players on this roster.

    • I’m pleased to see somebody else commit this sacrilege. OBP correlates well to runs, but not as well as RBI correlates to runs. You need guys to get on base, certainly, but it only helps if somebody drives them in.

      • But runs correlates with runs even better.

        In the world of statistics you just committed a cardinal sin. You can’t look for correlation between two things that are essentially the same thing. Of course you will find it. RUNS batted in already had Runs in it.

        The point of looking at correlation is to find the things that contribute to an event. And RBI is the event itself, not a contributing factor. You could look at hits, or slugging percentage, or doubles, or bunts, or whatever you want. But RBI aren’t a contributing factor to runs, they are runs batted in.

        • I get that. I was being sardonic, or something. But the point–that RBI is not a meaningless stat–is valid, dependent upon other players or no. As Dale pointed out, OBP is only independent if you don’t care about scoring runs. About correlation: I heard the other day(a social scientist discussing correlation) that the number of movies a particular actor (can’t remember who) makes in a given year correlates closely with the number of people who drown in home swimming pools.

    • It’s fair to say that Votto isn’t going to make a huge difference, because he’s only 1 of 9 players on the field, but you’re crazy if you think he won’t make any difference at all.

      In the games before Votto went on the DL the Reds hit:

      .245/.315/.382 with 2.31 Ks per BB. They scored 3.7 runs per game.

      In the games since Votto went on the DL, the Reds have hit:

      .226/.268/.355 with 5.34 Ks per BB. They have scored 3.2 runs per game.

      Granted, Votto isn’t the only thing that’s changed, but before he went on the DL they were hitting 20 points higher in BA, getting on base 50 points higher, slugging 30 points higher, had a K/BB ratio that was twice as good, and scoring half a run per game more.

      • Depends on the Votto we get:
        April 26 – May 15: 182/.348/.364
        March 1 – April 25: .309/.452/.506

        • Even that cherry-picked awful Votto has a higher OPS than Brayan Peña has in this career best year.

        • Awful Votto also has a higher OPS than Brandon Phillips, the Reds current #3 hitter.

        • Comparing Votto to Votto. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

      • It’s obvious, or should be, that getting Joey back–old Joey or new Joey–will help. He’s a gifted hitter who upsets other teams, and the Reds lack gifted hitters.

  16. Just want to point out what others have said (news media) about this season.

    1. Right now the Reds are 27 – 31 (.466) and in 4th place in the NL Central.

    2. 90, 88, 90, 91, 87 – what would have been the 5th best wins total in the NL in each of the past 5 seasons.

    3. In order to JUST reach 88 wins the Reds will need to go 61 – 43 or (.587)

    4. I think we can all agree that going .587 (95 wins if you go this clip the entire season) throughout the rest of the season while competing in the NL Central will be a tall task for the Reds with the offense currently assembled.

    After saying all that…. What do you do come All-Star break?

    • If they can get to .500 and also get everybody healthy they have got to play it out, but after the SD & Phillies I just felt there was just too big of a hole, the only thing they can do is win series which they have not. Only winning 2 of the past 7 series is not a good indicator of a team about to make a run.

  17. Reds draft U. of Va. pitcher Nick Howard with their first pick tonight at #19.

  18. Reds select Stanford SS/2B Alex Blandino with the #29 pick.
    Two good picks so far.

    • What’s so good about Blandino? He can’t field or hit. Exactly what we need in a middle infielder .

      • I am not going to pretend I know anything- but ESPN’s take sound nothing like what you described- he is listed as a 3B:
        Listed at 6-foot-0 and 190 lbs., Blandino stands out because he has an incredibly quick and balanced right-handed swing. He squares the ball up consistently and makes hard contact, so teams think there is some power coming. Blandino has a strong arm and good footwork at the hot corner, though there are rumblings he might wind up at second base. Either way, whichever team drafts him will take him for his bat.

  19. Well, there is a month left till the AS break and things could change between now and then, A healthy “preinjury” type Joey Votto could make a significant difference over that period, for instance. Latos I think not so much so immediately because I doubt he will be in near mid season form even if he has thrown 100 pitch outings at AAA.

    The Reds have around half of their remaining games left with teams in the division. I’m going to go versus the conventional wisdom and say because of the ~50 games left in the division, they should be looking to win the division versus trying to slide into a WS spot. There are so many teams clustered so closely for the WC spots, that one or two of them could have a white hot run and put themselves in the class with the current division leaders. So yeah while it seems counter intuitive, I like the Reds chances of making up 7 games on the Brewers (and getting and staying ahead of the Cards and Bucs in tjhe process) better than their chances of making up 3+ games against the scrum and being one of the top two there at the end.

  20. The Reds 2nd round pick is UC-Irvine 3B Taylor Sparks. Hope he lives up to his last name.

  21. Big win for the Giants as well as winning the series against the Reds in Cincy.

  22. Billy Hamilton hit the ball really hard twice yesterday – a gap-shot to right center and a hard ground ball down the third base line. Those at bats, while they didn’t produce hits due to two great defensive plays, encourage me more about his future than when he tops the ball in front of home plate and the catcher throws it into right field. He also had several line drives in the first game of the series. Hitting the ball hard on the ground and on line drives, and taking walks, is what we should be watching, not “chaos” on the base paths. Hard hit balls and walks are genuine, productive contributions to a major league baseball team, the other stuff is entertaining, but are unsustainable gimmicks.

    • I see what you did there. Good job Steve.

    • Steve – why is pressuring the defense into mistakes an unsustainable gimmick?

      • They’ll get used to it, because they’re professionals. You don’t think the next time Buster Posey or Tim Lincecum has to make that throw that they will? You can’t base playing time and a professional career on the assumption that other professional major league players won’t adapt to your game and that’s a pretty easy one to adapt to.

        • Probably about as well as the NFL did with Barry Sanders. He is not Gordon but is beyond anything we have ever seen. No need to argue, let it unfold. But yes the two days did seem to do wonders for Hamilton. Why not try the same with Zack Cozert?

  23. Walt Jocketty was interviewed on the MLB radio network yesterday. I missed most of it, but I did hear him address the left field question. The person asking the question (Jim Bowden) basically said, your LF stinks, I’ve seen you trade for Larry Walker before, who are you going to go get this year? Walt sort of chuckled and said, well, we’re waiting to see who’s available. No real defense of the current LF situation. My sense, and this is purely reading between the radio waves, is that Walt recognizes he has to make a move there. I’d expect something (although I did last year, too) if the Reds can stay within shouting distance of the division.

    • At least we know the little garden gnome isn’t asleep in his office.

    • Here is the thing I don’t understand, then. If they see that LF is a problem, then why didn’t they give Lutz a chance and see if his minor league numbers were sustainable? They see seem to think he has some potential, why not use him. They called him up right after promoting him to AAA while he was tearing up AA only to sit him on the bench. I understand with Pena playing so well they didn’t want to play him at 1B, but why not at least platoon him in left with Ludwick/Heisey? They should have just let him develop at AAA and kept Soto for no more than they have used him to this point.

  24. Some items about the Reds draft picks last night. There seemed to be a recurring theme with these selections or a common denominator, that wasn’t quite expected.
    All 3 were college players, and still playing.
    1. Nick Howard—UVA. UVA is in an NCAA Super Regional.
    1A. Alex Blandino–Stanford. Stanford is in an NCAA Super Regional.
    2. Taylor Sparks–UC Irvine. UC Irvine is in an NCAA Super Regional.

    3 good picks. Only time will tell if they will become great picks.

  25. So I was checking out how a few former Reds were doing around the league. (Brad Boxberger is looking pretty good, Yonder Alonso has a 67 OPS+.) Then I came across Drew Stubbs. who is having the best year of his career in Colorado and it’s not even close with a .318/.358/.464 line and a 113 OPS+. I was curious as to what changed and then I saw.. his home/away split.
    Home- .446/.476/.589
    Away- .185/.228/.333
    OPS Home Differential = +.504

    That was just an absurd split, I was curious if that could be explained by the stadium, or if it was just Stubbs, so I checked some other players for Colorado who have at least 100 AB and an OPS over .800, so basically anyone who’s played a decent amount and is good.

    Total- .358/.453/.689
    Home- .512/.587/.977
    Away- .234/.346/.458
    OPS Home Differential = +.760

    Total- .290/.332/.512
    Home- .319/.369/.553
    Away- 265/.300/.478
    OPS Home Differential = +.144

    Total- .308/.352/.514
    Home- .376/.429/.673
    Away- .248/.281/.372
    OPS Home Differential = +.449

    Total- .305/.333/.489
    Home- .271/.305/.521
    Away- .340/.364/.457
    OPS Home Differential = +.005

    Total- .317/.366/.500
    Home- .367/.426/.612
    Away- .282/.325/.423
    OPS Home Differential = +.290

    So basically anyone successful for the Rockies this year other than Arenado has a SERIOUS home/away split. The thing that gets to me is Tulowitzki’s split. .760 higher at home than on the road? That’s amazingly huge. He is a .234 hitter on the road. I realize that he’s running away with the WAR leader, and probably the NL MVP vote, too.. but should someone hitting .234/.346/.458 on the road really be MVP?

    Just something I noticed when I was bored. Not like I would prefer talking about the Reds lack of scoring some more.

    • Good find. Stubbs was always a player I liked so I’m glad to see him finding a bit of success. He’s not only being helped by the Coors Field effect, but the Rockies are also using him in more of a platoon situation so he’s getting about half his AB against lefties.

    • Excellent and fascinating. Is WAR correcting for this split absurdity?

      • I don’t think either BBR or FG takes splits into account. The assumption being that by the end of the year everything will have evened itself out. And his numbers will come back to earth at home, too. It’s still relatively early.

    • That is interesting. You left off CarGo, but he was just placed on the DL. Just his BA split is incredible this year. His Home/Away BA is .354/.184.
      And the thing with Cuddyer is he never hit .300 or above with the Twins. And look at him now. And in his Home/Away in Minnesota usually only favored Home by about .020 points.
      The Reds offense sure could use some of that Coors Field hitting magic.

      • Left him off intentionally. I didn’t want to look up all the players, so I chose 100 or more AB and an OPS of .800 or higher. CarGo is at .756, so he didn’t make the cut.

        That IS a huge difference for CarGo though.

  26. This is team is good enough to be interesting, and bad enough to be frustrating…I think if we can get to .500 by the AS break and we get some luck on our side (MIL and STL hopefully stagger down the stretch), then we could still play for a WC. It is very close to being too late.

  27. There is an interestin in USA Today Sports and High Heat Stats “How Bunting Changes the Game” about the bunt, advanced stats, and a little about the Reds.
    A nauseating quote, “In contrast to the Nationals, the Reds have made the poorest use of the bunt this season. Coming into the week, Cincinnati’s 60 bunts were second most in the NL, after the Milwaukee Brewers’ 63. The Reds’ cumulative WPA on those bunts was minus 0.83, meaning their average bunt cost the team more than 1% of win probability.”

    Uuuggghh! Maybe the Reds do need a Bunting Coach.
    The link:

    • Never understood how a team that enjoys bunting as much as the Reds were generally pretty poor at actually doing it. There’s only like 3 good bunters on the team from my recollection. Cozart, Heisey, and Cueto.. and Cueto has regressed this year it seems. (Not that I care, him being the leader for Cy Young pretty much offsets any bad bunting from him.)

  28. I kind of don’t even want to talk about the 2014 club anymore unless we’re starting to discuss trading options. No thread on the draft picks? I was nervous when we drafted yet another right handed relief pitcher first but was happy to see a first round SS and a 2nd round 3B. About time we started taking our position player development seriously, especially in the infield.

    • Pitching and more pitching is the name of the game in the draft. As for the SS, it appears he is more set for either 3rd or 2nd or maybe the outfield from what was said last night.

      • Even if he turns into a 3B or 2B at least we drafted an infielder high. I’d be upset if he turned into yet another OF prospect – he’s not that great of a hitter to begin with so that would pretty much make him a giant bust.

      • And as for drafting pitching, normally I’d agree with you. The problem is that seems to be ALL Walt has drafted lately so you end up with a farm system that looks like ours – A bunch of really good pitching prospects and absolutely no offensive prospects, particularly in the infield. And we’ve spent the last 3-4 years packaging up prospects into bundles to trade for single players. Not hard to see how we’ve ended up with the mess we have right now.

  29. The Reds 3rd round selection is in. The Reds select Wyatt Strahan with the #94 pick. He is a Rh pitcher from USC. Another college player.

  30. I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the Reds draft the Monster Mash in round 4.
    Bryce Montes De Oca, RHP Lawrence HS (Kan.), 6’8″ 270 lbs.

  31. The Reds 4th round pick is in. It is Gavin LaValley, 1B, HS in OK. 6’3″ 235.

  32. Frazier is batting clean-up spot tonight. No Mesoraco.

    • Wow, Mes has sat for only one entire game since May 18. He started all but two of those 16 games, and only one of those was a PH only. The team did also have two off days in that time, but the bottom line is that he has played A LOT over the last three weeks.

      It should also be noted that he batted .207 in those 16 games.

  33. Fifth round pick: Tejay Antone, RHP, Weatherford College in TX. 6’4″ 220, said to be a very powerful pitcher. Signed to play at Auburn for next year.

  34. Sixth round pick is in. Another college RH pitcher, Jose Lopez of Seton Hall.

  35. Tonight’s lineup:
    BHam – cf
    Pena – c
    BP – 2b
    Frazier – 3b
    Bruce – rf
    Ludwick – lf
    ZC – ss
    Santiago -3b
    Cueto – p

    I guess Price is going to keep using Todd and Santiago in this configuration from time-to-time. Sorry people, this looks like a white flag lineup.

    • Again I do not know why they brought Lutz up. Price is doing a huge dis-service to the young man. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if they win it is in spite of Price’s poor judgement in making out this lineup. Santiago doesn’t belong at 3rd and Frazier doesn’t belong at first when there are better options. Santiago should be getting his innings resting Phillips. Phillips needs an occasional day off even tho he won’t admit it and he plays better after a day off. Cueto deserves a better defense behind him, let alone a better offense.

      • Agree with all and Cozart needs at least a couple of days off if not the whole weekend. To play your worse possible defense behind you best pitcher is nutty. I would have Lutz at 1b and Heisey in lf. How much better a hitter is Santiago than Lutz?? Cueto is the only starter where you can sacrifice what meager offense we do have to make sure the defense doesn’t screw him up. IMO, we are not even giving up any offense by sitting Santiago & RL. Ugh!!

        I’ll watch tonight but I’m not happy about it.

        • Lutz isn’t going to play against any lefties. Hamels is pitching for the Phillies.

        • Could he hit worse than Santiago? What do we give up on defense? Is it enough to warrant Santiago for his bat? This is not a serious lineup.

        • So you are in the same boat as Latos (not happy about decisions) 🙂

        • I agree with you. Why not try Ludwick at first? Or Heisey? Heisey is a good athlete. You would think he could do as well as Pena.

        • Jim,

          The Reds organization is FUBAR right now. Latos is not happy. He said he was a puppet on a string. Price said he didn’t care if Latos liked it or not.
          Ludwick wants to be traded.
          Votto might be hurt…he might go on a rehab…he is going to do some more baseball activities and then be “reevaluated”.
          Price doesn’t know if Votto will ever be back or when.

          It sounds like an organization in disarray.

        • Is young Mr. Price cracking under the pressure? He has a lot on his plate. This is a third week of Spring Training experimental lineup, not a team 1/3 of the way into a season and fighting for its life.

        • When did Ludwick say he wanted to be traded? And who on earth does Ludwick think is going to trade for him? He should be more worried about getting DFA’ed and being on the street. There isn’t another team that would spend a dime on him with his numbers.

    • I don’t understand the need for personal catchers, and awful defensive lineups in order to let Santiago get playing time. Lutz at 1st and Frazier at 3rd has to be at least equally good offensively and significantly better defensively.

      • Yet no beat writer has the courage to ask what Cueto thinks about constantly drawing a B-lineup both offensively and defensively. At this point I am just expecting another couple unearned runs to set Cueto off and he’ll just walk off the field mid-inning to yell at Price.

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