April 24. That was the last time the Reds were successful in winning three consecutive games. It has been over a month since then but the Reds have a chance to win a 3rd straight game if they can defeat the Diamondbacks this evening. The pitching matchup favors the Reds again so the odds are in the good guys’ favor.

Today’s lineup has something I can’t recall the last time it happened (my luck it happened last week and I forgot). But the Reds will send two catchers to the plate (one playing 1B) back to back. And not just back to back, but in the MIDDLE of the lineup. Is that a good sign or a bad sign about the Reds though?

Discuss that and the game here…

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Pena 1B
6. Ludwick LF
7. Heisey RF
8. Cozart SS
9. Simon P

Lineup Change:
1. Heisey RF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Pena 1B
6. Ludwick LF
7. Schumaker CF
8. Cozart SS
9. Simon P

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. So obviously Jay Bruce has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom, because that’s the only reason not to play a healthy Jay Bruce.

    • Reds going against Wade Miley, a lefty. Reason enough to leave Bruce on the bench.
      Jay Bruce hasn’t hit a single ball solidly since he came off the DL. He is having a terrible time making any solid contact.

      • 2010-2013, Bruce has had 44 HRs off lefties and never less than 10 per year. His splits are just tanked a bit by his first two years in the league where he struggled against them badly. So a *healthy* Bruce should play regardless of which hand the pitcher throws with.

        So he’s either kidnapped or not actually healthy is what Junior, I think, was getting at.

        • Bruce should not have been activated without a rehab assignment. Hopefully the day off today and the off day tomorrow will help get Bruce on track for an offensive run.

    • With a lefty on the mound, a day off tomorrow, and Bruce struggling since his return from surgery, I can see giving him an extra day off today.

  2. Any other people in Redleg Nation ever live in the Boston area? I lived there for 5 years and still like to watch Sox games from time to time, and I have to say, their TV announcing crew is just about as good as it gets.

    Makes me jealous.

  3. The best hitters, hitting in the top half of the lineup. Yes, give me some more of that, please. Ludwick, Heisey & Cozart hitting 6th, 7th & 8th with Mesoraco and Pena hitting 4th & 5th. Now bring home a big W today and start preparing for more healthy bodies coming back to roost over the next week or so.

  4. Couple pieces of news tweeted by the beat reporters who met with Bryan Price a few minutes ago:

    1. Ryan Ludwick will “share” time in LF with Heisey and Schumaker. Price said Ludwick handled the news professionally.

    2. Price talked with Votto and it’s good news (Fay):

    Price spoke to Votto. “He sounds great. He’s feeling much better.” Votto will go on a short rehab w/ Dayton or Lville.

    • So said Bruce when he came of DL. Its great that he sounds great feels better but doe that translate into the bat making contact with the ball. šŸ™‚

    • Bruce also didn’t go out on a rehab assignment. Neither Votto nor Bruce were hitting for an extended time before going on the DL, so not only do they need to get healthy, but they need to regain their hitting stroke, erfo the rehab assignment.

  5. Central division update;
    Brewers 8 Cubs 0
    Giants 6 Cards 0 Lynn 78 pitches top of 4th

  6. I so agree with sitting Bruce against all lefties until he breaks his slump. Can’t afford those automatic outs with Reds poor offense.

  7. Radio just said that Hamilton is a late scratch. Any word?

  8. Sore right elbow for Hamilton.

  9. Just saw a tweet from John Fay.. Lineup adjusted

  10. Carlos Gonzalez bunted for a hit against the shift. I didn’t hear the announcers screaming bloody murder about it. They actually praised him.

  11. The long throw from the warning track to 3B last night is the reason for Hamilton’s sore elbow.

  12. Still don’t get Schu in CF over Heisey when Hamilton is out.

    • They said it was a late scratch (about 10 min before gametime) so maybe Price wanted to change as little as possible.

  13. What’s the Reds move if Hamilton needs TJ or something?

  14. Mes with yet another TOOTBLAN

    • Although that’s mostly on Pena

      • No, that’s entirely on Mesoraco.

        • Why, he didn’t start that. Just tried to make something out of a bad move by Pena.

        • His job in that situation is to park on third and wait for the defense to screw up. Bolting for home on a whim is the worst thing he could have done.

        • Doesn’t seem much worse to me to have a guy on 2nd with 2 outs than a guy on 3rd. I don’t mind him trying to make something happen after Pena had screwed the pooch.

          • Getting thrown out by 20 feet is not making “something happen”…that was a fundamentally horrible decision by Mesoraco.

        • They did just score on that same play within the last 2 weeks. Again, I can’t say any decision was “horrible” if it didn’t result in a significant outcome.

        • Jesus, fine man, make the biggest deal in the world about a non-thing. And yes, I played through high school.

        • Well, when you feel the need to incorrectly comment on a post of mine…I’m going to correct you. I’m not making “the biggest deal in the world” about it.

        • So you still think that what happened was entirely on Mesoraco? How? He didn’t start it. Even if you feel like Mesoraco made 100% the wrong decision, wouldn’t having a runner thrown out at 2nd still have been bad? To me, that show’s it’s not “entirely” on Mesoraco.

          So how was my comment “incorrect?”

        • When you start getting personal, that makes it a big deal.

    • Real question why are your Catcher’s pulling pulling off an attempted double steal, not the worst outcome given that Pena was going to be out, but bad none the less, you make the guy put it in play, may be do that with 2 outs

  15. #facepalm

  16. Stupid play by Mesoraco. Let Pena get himself out. Why kill the runner at 3rd? Such low baseball IQ.

    • I don’t know, if there’s a chance you can catch them napping and get the run, is it really that much better to have a guy at 3rd with 2 outs than it is to have a guy at 2nd with 2 outs?

      The dumb thing was running at all.

  17. With Mes & Pena, that will work somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 in a 1000 times.

  18. That was plain dumb

  19. Pena Tootblaning all over the place.

  20. Inexcusable.

    I can see now why ludwick has been benched.

  21. Welcome back to the starting lineup Ludwick šŸ™

  22. Return of the Thudwick.

  23. Getting more intrigued by trying Mes in LF.

    • Better to stick Pena out there. Mes is our catcher for the next decade if all goes well. You don’t stick him out there in left as an experiment.

  24. The team really seems to pull for Cozart, I like to see that.

  25. Heisey is not covering outside of plate again…an old problem.

  26. Guess who is currently the 19th most valuable player in baseball?

  27. Simon throwing all of his pitches for strikes so far….looking good

  28. I get the feeling Thom hates technology.

  29. *Studwick.

  30. A Ludwick sighting…good for him…solo shot

  31. WHoa! Not often you see a guy go yard after hitting one way long and foul!

  32. I don’t think Ludwick liked being benched. A double last night and a home run today.

  33. Was it the fourth inning in LA that Mes and Simon had several discussions about pitches and location and Simon blew up, well it just happened again. Mes about tore of Simons glove when he handed the ball back.

  34. A double play right now would be rather nice.

  35. This got crappy fast.

  36. I think Simon is destined to be sent back to the bullpen. He will get 1 more start and then latos will take his spot.

  37. I hope they kept the camera on the dugout during the break, there should be a discussion going on .

    • Without question.

      • I agree, they should have pinch-hit there. The only guys that pitched yesterday were Brox and Hoover for an inning apiece, and you have the day off tomorrow to get the bullpen rested. I would say everyone is available, go ahead and use them for 5 innings.

        • No,no, this would require seeing Ondrusek or Marshall for 2 innings or possibly both, possibly Broxton not availble pitching on 3 consecutive 4 of the last 5?
          Need a Lecure 7th and 8th

  38. Heisey: I’ll have what their having….solo shot!

  39. On the Tootblan earlier:

    With runners at first and third and one out, teams score 1.11 runs on average.

    With a runner only at third and two outs, teams score .33 runs on average. So Pena cost the Reds .78 expected runs by starting to break for second with no chance of making it.

    With a runner at only at second and two outs, teams score .29 runs on average. So Mesoraco trying to score from third cost the Reds .04 expected runs.

    Or in other words, what Pena did was approximately 20 times worse than what Mesoraco did.

    • Agreed. Pena should not be trying to steal, ever.

    • Pena’s error was a sunk cost at the time Mesoraco made his error.. Mesoraco made the wrong choice to try and go home.

      Yes, Pena shouldn’t have gone, but it’s likely it was some sort of missed sign or maybe he thought there was a sign and there wasn’t.

      • I don’t think AL is trying to excuse Mesoraco. I think his point, which I agree with, is that Pena’s error was WAY more egregious than Mes’s.

        • If this was his point I totally agree with it and there was the actual chance the Mes scores on a poor throw, he just did not time it well, I well timed attempt home probably works more than 4% to me justifying the attempt

        • Yes, exactly that.

      • I agree, it was a sunk cost, I’m saying the reaction on the board here was that somehow Mesoraco was the major problem in that play, when clearly he was about 5% of the problem.

        Also, we don’t know if the third base coach told Mesoraco to go (generally making the same point about Pena maybe missing a sign, i.e. that it wasn’t the player’s fault).

  40. Regression to the mean. Latos cannot return soon enough.

    • Yep. Just like the real estate bubble, it had to burst sooner or later. Thankfully, it sounds like Latos is getting healthy just in time.

  41. Good adjustment, Chris Heisey. Outside of plate was covered that time.

  42. Reds have had only 7 walks in the last 8 games (including today).

  43. Looks like Price is trying to squeeze 6 out of Simon today. He got through the fifth without any damage, hopefully the sixth will go well too.

    • Even better, let’s get a few baserunners this next inning so that Simon’s spot comes up and we pinch-hit for him.

  44. Simon needs to be on a really short leash here.

  45. Price is probably thinking … I have 3 good relievers. If Simon can get through 6, there is a good chance of winning. Otherwise the person that replaces Simon may not be much better than leaving Simon in.

    • Maybe so, but LeCure could go 2 innings easily. The day off tomorrow opens up more possibilities for extending your better bullpen guys.

      • Looks like Simon could go another if necessary.

        • But is it necessary. I would think Lecure is warming up and fresh, I suspect its Parra and Lecure to bail out a pretty maxed out Simon, would rather just see Lecure get a clean inning, hope he gets it for the 8th. I doubt if Broxton goes today

  46. Sarmadzija gets blasted for 8 runs in 3 innings, his ERA jumps from 1.68 to 2.54. Cueto is once again sole owner of the title for World’s Best ERA.

  47. Also, just now checking in.. how many rundowns can the Reds get caught in? Sheesh.

  48. Glad that wasnt hit in GABP.

  49. With a one run lead, and only one out, I really don’t understand letting Simon hit there. Cueto just pitched deep into the game again, the pen is rested, and we need more runs.

    • I agree…not crazy going out there for another inning

    • Agree. Nonsensical game management by Price.

      • I think this a result of not having faith in your middle relief core, Broxton not being fresh, hoping squeeze a few more outs of Simon, and somehow thinking Chpaman cannot pitch more than an inning

        • Let LeCure go two, then Chapman in the ninth. Or even LeCure for one and Chapman for two.

      • My guess is that since Broxton has worked 3 out of the last 4, Price probably doesn’t want to use him today. Sam for the 8th and Chappy for the 9th.

  50. Why on earth is Simon hitting for himself? Even more to the point, why is he trying to squeeze a SEVENTH inning out of him?

    Once again, with tomorrow off you have full use of your bullpen. You could go Lecure for 2 then Chapman, or just go LeCure-Brox-Chapman.

    • Plus who knows how that inning goes if someone pinch-hits for Simon? Maybe we score 1 or 2 runs.

    • Brox has pitched 2 straight, so not entirely sure about his availability. But I agree with your point

      • Ok, maybe they don’t want to pitch Big Brox today. But I know LeCure can go 2 innings. Or heck, let’s get really crazy and let Chapman throw 2 himself.

        • exactly what I was thinking, the trade off of Lecure going 2 over whatever Simon gives you in the 7th would seem enough incentive to try to get a better hitter in that spot, agree poor decision given the off day and everyone fresh besides Broxton

        • I would have much more confidence in LeCure this inning than Simon.

  51. Yet another questionable decision by our man Price.

  52. I’m not sure why you leave Simon in to pitch the 7th.

    • Makes no sense at all.

    • Simon has given up zero runs past the 4th inning this season. Zero.

      • Hmmmm. Nice research.

      • I would have much rather had the pinch hitter for Simon’s spot in the top of the 7th, than to try to squeeze an extra inning out of him. Just giving up an out.

        • But, after a rough 4th, he was pitching well. Thought process was probably not so much squeezing another inning out of him but letting him keep cruising. Not like the middle relief has been that good this year.

  53. Price is playing with fire…

  54. So, you get one extra out out of Simon, and for that you’re willing to give up his AB in the previous inning? That doesn’t make sense.

    • And now LeCure doesn’t get to start the inning fresh, the tying run is already on base. That one out was really worth it, wasn’t it?

  55. Did Price really think Lecure could not have done that, wasted an out, hopefully Sam is not in too big of a hole to get it done, would be nice to have 1 pitch GIDP here.

  56. How about LeCure here and then Chapman for 2 innings? Off day tomorrow, I think thats what I would do.

  57. Gerardo Parra may have the single worst walk-up song I’ve ever heard.

  58. This is the best game Ludwick has played all season.

  59. Whew!

  60. Was Ludwick running in quicksand?
    Followed by an at’em ball to right.
    Insurance runs please!

  61. LeCure hit hard today.

  62. Brox is warming up

  63. Brox has been worth his weight, and then some.

  64. Whew. That would have been an easy play for Ludwick, not as easy for Cozart.

  65. Why not use Leake as PH in this spot vs. lefty then Bernadina when righty shows up?

  66. Todd swung at balls 5,6 and 7.
    Hold’em Chappy

  67. Frazier swung at ball 4, way inside.

    • Aroldis made it look easy. Three wins in a row.

      Attaboy to Price for superb bullpen management.

      • Pretty easy to manage a bullpen when everybody does their job

        • Go back and read through the game thread. I think he made it look easy. Price is coming on strong and not a minute too soon.

  68. This ump has been very inconsistent. Look at the pitches Ludwick struck out on. With this ump, he had to be hacking.

  69. Not fair what Aroldis did to the new kid

  70. NAILS….3 game winning streak!

  71. Chapman : 9 pitches – 8 strikes

  72. A 1-run win too.

    Another 9 hits today; things are looking up.

    • Weren’t you calling for a fire sale earlier in the week?, I have pretty much written the season off for any hope of a winning record, let alone playoffs… I lost hope when they lost back to back series to the Padres and Phils, I would like to say anything short of winning the series against this crappy team would have been the season but I wrote that off after the last Card series. They came in and took care of business but they have unbelievable years from about 5 players and there are 3 games under still in June.

      • Yes. Truth be told we will probably still need, and have one, but I’m praying it won’t be necessary. Sarge is still all in and I’m willing to follow him.

  73. Sarge-adamus…called it with 3 straight

  74. Chapman likes pitching in hot weather.

  75. Here’s hoping the offensive momentum continues during the upcoming ten game home stand.

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