The Reds continue their Western swing by traveling to Arizona to take on the Diamondbacks for 4-straight contests beginning tonight. The Reds will look to carry the momentum of last night’s victory of Kershaw and string together a few wins in a row. If the Reds can manage win tonight, it will be only the 3rd time all month the club has strung together back to back wins this month (They’re still waiting for a 3-game streak).

Tony Cingrani will be asked to be the man on the mound that leads the charge. Tony has not been sharp since returning from the disabled list. He has allowed 4 runs, 7 hits, and 3 walks in each of his 2 starts since returning. He’s also picked up the loss in both outings. Perhaps tonight is the night he bounces back and picks up a W.

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Bruce RF
5. Mesoraco C
6. Ludwick LF
7. Pena 1B
8. Cozart SS
9. Cingrani P

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  1. preacherj

    Per ESPN: The Reds will try to win consecutive road games for the first time in more than a month Thursday………


    • Vicferrari

      the only road winning streak was the 3 in Pittsburgh, right?

  2. sergeant2

    I think the Reds are beginning to know how Gen. George S. Patton felt at the Battle Of Little Big Horn when the General was surrounded by the Arapaho, Lakota and Cheyenne Indian tribes. Reds just need to hang tough like the U.S. did after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Go Reds!

    • preacherj

      Interetingly enough, “Little Big Horn” is Algonquin for “The Good Land.”

    • RedArk

      Patton at Little Big Horn? You got your General Georges confused…

    • charlottencredsfan

      BHam needs some days off. He is a total mess right now. Why not let Schu start the rest of the series with Heisey getting the nod against Miley? His approach at the plate is no better than it was the first week of the season. Sad to see, I guess Price is going to let BHam work his way out of it and I doubt that happens.

      • RedAlert

        Yep – not helping from the Leadoff spot right now – can’t think of last time Billy led off game with a base hit

      • charlottencredsfan

        He can’t help batting anywhere right now. I’m his biggest supporter but he is in a major slump right now.

      • John Walsh

        I’m confused. Are we suggesting that purchases him a Redleg Nation hat will help him do better? If so, Steve put me down for one. 🙂

    • sergeant2

      Steve are you going to do another Redleg Nation merchandise sale this season? I hope the first one was successful in raising money to support the Redleg Nation website. And thanks again to you and the Redleg Nation crew for providing us Reds fans with a first rate, top shelf baseball website. Awesome job. Go Reds!

      • Steve Mancuso

        Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the first merchandise sale was a success. It was a learning experience since we handled the entire process ourselves, including shipping. In certain ways it was easier than expected. I’m sure we’ll offer something later in the year. Not sure what yet. Open to suggestions.

    • RedAlert

      Swing the bat Todd !!!! Rediculous !!!

      • charlottencredsfan

        Josh Collmenter is the very definition of a junk baller and if gets ahead in the count, you are reduced to outguessing him. This should be a guy RL can handle quite well.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Ryan Ludwick. I think Collmenter’s fastball probably matches Ryna’s bat speed pretty well.

      • charlottencredsfan

        He threw an 89-MPH fastball right by him.

  3. ToddAlmighty

    Frazier’s called third strike was a good 6 inches off the plate outside.

  4. preacherj

    This hasn’t been Mes’ best defensive road trip.

  5. preacherj

    I like Goldschmidt a lot. He scares the heck out of me.

  6. charlottencredsfan

    Well not the optimal start to a game but if we can score runs off the Dodger’s starters, we should be able to do some business with Collmenter.

  7. AD

    So that run will end up be unearned, correct?

    • ProspectCincy

      Yea … unearned. The runner on 3rd would have been stranded there based on the 3 outs of the inning.

      Mesoraco better get that run back during the game.

  8. doublenohitter

    Seems like everyone else in the league has some nice young players.
    Pollock, Puig, Wong, etc.
    And the Reds have…?

  9. RedAlert

    Reds ought to be able to score some on this guy

  10. CP (@nomoresalads)

    At least someone is scoring “Hamilruns”

  11. RedAlert

    Maybe Lutz needs to borrow some of Ondrusucks “pictures” to work himself into the lineup

  12. AARON

    Someone tell the Reds the game started already.

    • RedAlert

      Yea – if he stays there much longer will be cleaning Pigeon poop off himself !

  13. charlottencredsfan

    Come on TC finish this guy off!

  14. RedAlert

    Think Tony is on his way back to the pen when Latos returns

      • charlottencredsfan

        It takes an Act of God to send a pitcher to AAA. He doesn’t need to sweat it, unless his ERA exceeds 10.

      • preacherj

        Cingrani would be in the bullpen regardless, methinks. Marshall in the tank and Parra overworked (re: sucky at the moment). Need a lefty out there.

      • George Mirones

        It would seem to me that putting Tony in the pen will only re-establish his dependence on 1 or 2 pitches. Do we need a relief pitcher to throw over 25 pitches per inning with a plus 1.42 whip. We already have a few of those.

  15. RedAlert

    Tiny will not make it thru 5 innings at this rate

  16. Ed Lambert

    This is why Cingrani needs more time in AAA when Latos returns. Too many pitches. 40+ thru 1.1 innings. No control. Bullpen killer. as if it’s not bad enough already.

    • ProspectCincy

      Bullpen killer? He’s a #5 starter right now, still doesn’t have a full year of starts under his belt and has NEVER given up 5+ in a start.

      He fights hard every time out and keeps Cincy in the game every time out. No earned runs yet today and we’re dogging him after two innings?


      • sergeant2

        Its ridiculous isn’t it. Its seems some supposed Reds fans can’t wait to start hammering the Reds.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Too many pitches in too few innings.

  17. WVRedlegs

    Don’t get down on Cingrani. He might be a victim of circumstance and his own success. As a college closer he didn’t need more than two pitches. But the Reds convert him to a starter. Then he ascends quickly through the minor league ranks. But that quick ascention may have come at a small price for Cingrani. In the minors, he wasn’t at one place long enough to develop 1 or 2 more pitches for his repretoire. He may be better off in the bullpen when Latos comes back. It’ll also give him some time to work on the other pitches.

  18. preacherj

    Pitcher’s best friend. Time to get serious here.

  19. charlottencredsfan

    Pena keeps increasing his trade value. Got to love him.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Heck for the right deal I trade ’em all. (Smile)

    • RedAlert

      Why Pena ??????? Why ????? Not enough speed to mske that – and there’s his nightly TOOTBLAN – worst baserunning team in MLB –

  20. RedAlert

    Wish Pena could play left field !

  21. preacherj

    Doesn’t Pena run an awful lot for a guy who can’t run?

  22. preacherj

    Yes, let’s bunt AFTER the double play…..

  23. doublenohitter

    TOOTBLAN by Pena. I like the guy but that was one of the dumbest plays I’ve seen all year. Baseball stupid.

    • Vicferrari

      Way everybody was posting they made it sound like a really careless play, saw replay of gameday, it was hit fairly deep… Pollock makes a great throw, a little bit upline he is safe, I suspect same people would have posted how can you not tag up on that if he stayed

  24. AARON

    Not a smart move by the less-than-quick Pena. However, the Reds still struggle in the 8 spot with moving runners over.

  25. jas428

    Oops posted this is wrong place. Ludwick has struck out 16 times in last 49 plate appearances, batting .182 over past 14 games.

  26. doublenohitter

    If they had a stat for it – the Reds have to lead the league in lead off doubles that don’t score.

    • preacherj

      I know he’s thrown a lot of pitches, but it’s a 1-0 game and that run was unearned.

      • charlottencredsfan

        He hasn’t pitched bad at all but he is on pace to go 5 innings.

  27. AD

    This last inning is a reason why some people suggest putting the pitcher 8th.

    Reds seem to always get doubles from the 6/7 spot and then the 8 spot cannot move the runner(s) over, which then ends the inning without scoring in most cases with the pitcher coming up.

  28. charlottencredsfan

    Okay fellows, got to get Billy in. No excuses.

  29. preacherj

    Gibson playing games to disrupt timing.

    • sergeant2

      Gibson knows that Tony LaRussa is evaluating everything, including the manager.

  30. ProspectCincy

    Arizona scored 22 runs their last series against SD, 12 runs their last game. Holding them without an earned run through 3 is solid no matter how many pitches thrown.

    • charlottencredsfan

      If Billy can collect himself and JV ever returns, the BHam-Votto combo has a lot of potential. Todd sees a pitch he can handle, he is hacking. That’s not a problem but isn’t the best guy to follow Hamilton.

  31. AARON

    The whole idea of Billy is to give him a chance to steal to avoid a DP situation.

  32. RedAlert

    Guy can’t break a window Payne and reds can’t do anything with him – Todd swings at first pitch – wow just wow

  33. JC

    Maybe Marty is right when he was talking about a lack of baseball intellect.

    • RedAlert

      I mean Frazier never even gave him an opportunity to steal – just not smart baseball period !

      • JC

        I agree. The Reds have done many things over the past 2 season that really make you scratch your head. Everyone blamed Dusty for lack of accountability, but it appears it may be deeper than that.

    • Ed Lambert

      There is such a thing in baseball as the “take” sign. Manager just has to relay it to the 3rd base coach. Intellect is supposed to start at the top.

      • JC

        Agreed it starts at the top, but it’s just common sense as the man at the plate to give the best offensive weapon the Reds have a chance regardless of what the sign was

      • George Mirones

        This a proven thought as many interviews with 1st base coaches reveal That the main thing they always pass along to runners is how many outs there are,

    • George Mirones

      Give Arizona some credit. The second baseman was playing closer to second (up the middle) because of Billy H. and Todd batting right handed. Under normal circumstances that’s a base hit because the 2nd baseman would have been playing a normal 2nd base position. Todd, right or wrong, hit the first pitch that he saw that he could handle. 🙂

      • JC

        Smart baseball though is to recognize what zona is doing defensively, allow BH a chance to steal to make the DP a moot issue.

  34. RedAlert

    Seen enough of Tony – please get him out now !!!!!

    • charlottencredsfan

      So we can put Ondrusek in?? No thanks.

      • preacherj

        Just save time by breaking the nozzle off the gas line and grab a road flare.

      • JC

        If we go to the Pen now, game is over. We just don’t have a long term option that can hold the dbacks under 5 runs

      • RedAlert

        Yea – asking too much for those gascans to hold it down that long

      • JC

        They are going to have to now…he has run hits pitch count to 86 thru 4. He’ll be lucky to get through 5

    • ProspectCincy

      What is wrong with all of you … ONE RUN through four innings.

      I mean seriously … what do you expect from a team that crushes lefties, and is at home coming off of scoring a ton?

      ONE RUN!

  35. sergeant2

    It makes you wonder if the coaches have ever reminded the hitters that they need to give Hamilton an opportunity to steal.

  36. preacherj

    OK, now feel free to post the negative Cigranni comments.

  37. doublenohitter

    I’m trying to see what the Reds record is when trailing after 4 innings. I think it is something like 2 and 20.

  38. preacherj

    0-2 count becomes a walk. Snakebit. Pun not really intended.

  39. Dale Pearl

    Louisville Won today and Wang pitched a pretty good game. Don’t look now but maybe Wang will make Simon even more expendable. I think this is Simon’s last year under contract as well. All of a sudden the Bats are hitting pretty good.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Simon still has a final year of arbitration in 2015.

  40. RedAlert

    I don’t think there’s any question now who goes back to the pen now – 78 pitches and not thru the 4th

      • RedAlert

        I’m with you- certainly rooting for him , but he sure isn’t helping his case to remain in rotation with this performance

  41. CP (@nomoresalads)

    Tuffy Gosewisch…you know this guy has to be tough.

  42. charlottencredsfan

    Nice one – everyone is showing good wit tonight. My favorite Tuffy, Tuffy Rhodes – backup OF for the Cubs.

  43. doublenohitter

    Can we get back to the days of the bullpen blowing saves? At least the Reds had leads in those games.

    Reds averaging just 3 runs a game for the month.

    • JC

      Tends to happen when you have multiple innings with lead-off men aboard that don’t even sniff third base, let alone score. 🙂

  44. sergeant2

    Cingrani is obviously struggling tonight, but ya got to admit the kid don’t give up easily. Go Reds!

  45. charlottencredsfan

    Okay enough milquetoast for tonight, I’m going to MB to get the real story.

  46. Steve Mancuso

    Arizona radio broadcast says Cingrani’s fastball velocity seems to be dropping.

    • ProspectCincy

      Cingrani threw three straight 93 MPH fastballs to Parra … the Arizona radio broadcast is mis-informed.

    • ToddAlmighty

      His FB was 90-93 all day, touching 94 once or twice, Dipped down to 89 twice on the last AB of the 4th inning, but they were for a swinging strike and a called strike. Maybe he just took a little off, going for placement rather than speed. Or maybe he is getting tired. Not sure.

      • ProspectCincy

        He was facing the pitcher … end of story.

  47. doublenohitter

    This is the worst I have ever seen Jay Bruce at the plate. He looks like a guy on the downside of his career, even though he should be peaking.

    • CP (@nomoresalads)

      Really? He looks like a guy who had major knee surgery 3.5 weeks ago to me…

      • charlottencredsfan

        Exactly and looks like a guy that has little chance of hitting Big League pitching at the moment.

  48. ToddAlmighty

    Come on, you gotta feast on teams like Arizona. 11 games under .500 before the end of May, 29th worst team starter ERA with a 5.04… if you can’t win these games, you’ll never be able to go on a streak and make up any ground. Gotta smash the teams you should beat and play at least competitively with good teams.

    29th Starter ERA vs 28th Scoring Offense.

  49. RedAlert

    Jay just pitiful at the plate – just pitiful

    • Whoa Bundy!

      I guess the bad meniscus wasn’t his hitting problem. This team is aggravating. They are capable of so much more and they just stink it up.

  50. sergeant2

    As much as Cingrani is struggling tonight, its easy to overlook the fact that the Reds had golden opportunities to score some runs, and could actually be leading at this point.

    • RedAlert

      Hate to see what Bronson’s gonna do to this lineup

  51. Whoa Bundy!

    Can Ludwick not start anymore? He brings nothing to the table. Let’s see what Lutz can do this year.

  52. WVRedlegs

    Goodness sakes.
    What happened to the bats? Did they make the trip from LA? Or did they stay behind to take in some sights and party with Charlie Sheen at his Malibu beach house?

  53. charlottencredsfan

    At least, Ryan got good wood that AB. Small steps…………

    • Whoa Bundy!

      I think your time is done in the MLB when you take that as a moral victory. Reminds me of Little Big League.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I’m trying to stay upbeat. Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

  54. RedAlert

    Lucwick only slightly better than Jay – why in the world did they bother to bring Lutz up – mind-boggling reasoning by this entire organization

      • RedAlert

        what good is it doing when he can’t even contribute any offense whatsoever at this time – look I like Jay , but HE IS CONTRIBUTING 0 at the plate – hardly making contact

    • JC

      Reds do seem to have a history of making seemingly average pitchers look cy young like

      • Whoa Bundy!

        And cy young winners look like cy young winners.

    • preacherj

      If I wasn’t doing laundry, I might just go to bed early.

  55. preacherj

    Encarnacion with two more homers tonight. Sits at 18.

  56. Whoa Bundy!

    Good inning Cingriani. Low pitch count too. Nice!

  57. charlottencredsfan

    TC, nice quick inning. Hopefully he can give us another until fuel is thrown on the fire.

  58. doublenohitter

    You have to wonder how much longer Phil C. is going to allow this disaster to go on. Since Walt doesn’t ever do anything, you have to think that Phil will force Jocketty to do something.

    • charlottencredsfan

      I’m thinking they are giving Walt pocket change to work with. But no Jumbo is dumbo.

      • Dale Pearl

        hehe yeah it just doesn’t make sense. We also have a guy down in AA last name of Martinez that has pitched over 23 innings now and has not given up a single run. Not sure why they haven’t moved him up to AAA or to the big show either those kind of numbers are impressive.
        Last I heard on Jumbo was that he was on leave from the team and could be why he hasn’t been called up. Of course when he returns he’ll have to pitch 2 or 3 more games to make sure he still has his mojo on.

  59. charlottencredsfan

    Trade value just keeps rising – sorry Preach, but I’m looking out for the good of the whole team.

  60. George Mirones

    An off center look at Tony C. We have all noticed that no hit Homer seems to get better as the game goes on. Maybe Tony C. should be throwing more innings or later in to games. Just a thought.

  61. Dale Pearl

    Joey Votto appears to have passed the mantle on to Pena. Bat the guy leadoff right Steve?

    • charlottencredsfan

      He is faster than JV, so there’s that.

    • preacherj

      Forget +1. You sir, just got +1000 (and double secret probation.)

  62. Whoa Bundy!

    Double ugh. Sh!t!
    The reds are getting crowned by this scrub.

  63. preacherj

    Pena hit….double play. Rinse, repeat.

  64. JC

    Collmenter with 60 pitches … he may get a CG SO. lol

  65. RedAlert

    Zack Cozart right on time with the rally killing double play !!!! Dude is brutal in that catagory

  66. Whoa Bundy!

    Thom Somme ring this is about as deep as he has pitched this year. Holy stinky hitting batman.

  67. doublenohitter

    Collmenter with the minimum thru 6. I think this was the nightmare I had last night.
    I think I’m off to bed.

    Worst Reds team in 20 years.

  68. AD

    How much longer does the front office let this continue?

    • CP (@nomoresalads)

      At the very least, I’d say they let the Reds finish out this ballgame.

  69. George Mirones

    Another off centered thought. Is it me or did the reds play with more “heart” when Scot Rolen was in the club house with his sarcastic humor and the stare that said “really”.

  70. Whoa Bundy!

    Ludwick running in slo mo. Put him in a red bathing suit and pair him with David Hasselhoff and you’ll have a hit show.

  71. preacherj

    “by the left fielder Ludwick”…..It appears some of our defense is consistent as well.

  72. charlottencredsfan

    Can anyone play this game?

  73. AD

    Reds, take note…its really not that hard to score a lead-off double.

      • ohiojimw

        Personally I liked it better back when Graves was the gas man because at least Gasoline Graves was alliterative.

  74. doublenohitter

    Welch – The Reds aren’t exactly swing hot bats. Really?
    The Reds have scored more than 5 runs only once this month and that was on the 1st of the month.

  75. kywhi1

    If only I had the self-discipline to stay off this roller coaster ride night after night …

    • charlottencredsfan

      It’s going to take a miracle to win this game.

  76. JC

    Scoring at least 1 run with a lead off double..

    2014 MLB average : 68.9%

    2014 Cincinnati Reds : 33.3%


    • AARON

      I wonder how many of those 13 1-run losses could have been different had that stat been closer to the average.

  77. George Mirones

    There is no help at AAA and only hope in AA. This could be that “window” loudly slamming shut and with lots of empty seats in August and September.

    • ohiojimw

      Riddle me this……
      Why did the Reds waste an out in the top of the 6th if they were going to quick hook Cingrani. At 90+ pitches at the start of the 6th, did he really figure to complete the inning anyway?

      You know your favorite team might be in trouble when………
      Bryan Peña is their most consistent offensive player and maybe the best all around player on the field (playing out of position nontheless)

      • ProspectCincy

        Price made that same mistake when he left Ondrusek in to hit after Simon went early. Gave up an out down 5 runs in the 5th inning …

        I’m not sure what’s going on; and while I can cut Price some slack because the team has been hurt; he’s made some very terrible mistakes that even a rookie manager shouldn’t make.

  78. preacherj

    I hear the little pitter patter of little Milton feet approaching. Growing louder and louder. Haunting me. Mocking me.

  79. Whoa Bundy!

    No interest in that at bat at all, BHam?

  80. RedAlert

    Billy killing the reds at Leadoff

    • charlottencredsfan

      And the really bad thing is, he has one of the three hits. Tomorrow night my line up would look like this:
      Schu – cf
      Pena – 1b
      Fraz – 3b
      Mes – c
      Lutz – lf
      BP – 2b
      Heisey – rf
      Santiago – ss

  81. preacherj

    I guarantee Frazier will not hit into a double play this inning.

  82. charlottencredsfan

    Come Price give the kid a couple of games off. Skipper Price is not looking any better as the season rolls on.

    • kywhi1

      I do not profess to be an expert at all, but as a long-time fan I do not see any of the “change” that was expected.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Yes, if I’m Bryan Price; I’m renting not buying.

  83. Whoa Bundy!

    Frazier can’t buy a hit up the middle. Triple ugh.

  84. charlottencredsfan

    There might be an argument that of all the lame offense efforts this season, this one is the lamest.

    • Whoa Bundy!

      If this game was a race horse it would be shot right on the track. In front of all the spectators.

      • Mutaman

        reminded of Woody Allen’s characterization of Joey Nichols in Annie Hall.

  85. preacherj

    Minimum through 7. This is how I choose to spend my one evening off this week.

    • preacherj

      Maybe I’ll just watch the clothes spin in the dryer for a while. If I want to see something going in circles, it should at least have some energy.

      • John Walsh

        I laughed out loud.

        Thought you should know this comment brought me more joy than the Reds 3 out of the last 4 nights.

  86. AARON

    There is a great WCWS college softball game on ESPN2 now haha…at least its a better game

  87. RedAlert

    This is really embarrassing that this team has 3 hits off this guy thru 7 – can’t believe Castellini can stomach this ineptitude much longer – heading for 8 back and reds aren’t out of May

    • charlottencredsfan

      The problem is, tinkering around the edges isn’t going to do it. Wholesale changes have to be made.

  88. Whoa Bundy!

    Castelli is Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s. Jocketty is carrying him around and waving his arms at people to make them think he is alive.

    • preacherj

      The pic I have in my mind of him in the owners box and Jocketty pulling a string to make him wave at fans is priceless.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Dousing the flames with gasoline, once again.

    • preacherj

      Right now, I’M hot and bothered for Goldschmidt. Hell, in comparison I’m hot and bothered for Tuffy Make a wish.

  89. ohiojimw

    Another bad sign,
    After the 6th, I went to the kitchen for a snack, I decided to pop a bag of popcorn in the Microwave, It was one of those little single serving bags that only take a minute to pop.

    When I got back to the TV the Snakes were already coming to bat in the bottom of the 7th.

  90. John Walsh

    I went with the monthly package for this year. It comes up for renewal in a few days. Day by day, I’m questioning my sanity for watching night after night… and what’s more, paying a premium to do so.

    At least the 2011 team, flirted with .500 a few times and didn’t sink like a rock.

  91. RedAlert

    Bullpen strikes again – can this bullpen for even just one game, come in and shut an opponent down ? No, no, and no – that is simply asking too much – this bullpen is absolutely a joke

    • Paul

      Doesn’t really matter… Collmenter cruising… That first inning run was all he needed tonight.

    • ohiojimw

      Nah, there was some seriously good bullpenning last night by Broxton (in particular) and also Chapman. It is just that the bullpen B team is as bad or worse as the A bullpen team is good.

  92. the next janish

    The only redeeming factor of this game seems to be the fact that I live on the west coast

    • Aaron Bradley

      Yea I am in Vegas watching this game on TV… it seems the Arizona girls have a crazy habit of proposing to their players by holding up poster boards… its very embarrassing!

    • SlyMcBean

      78 pitches through 8. Makes me sick.

  93. Dale Pearl

    hard to stay positive when every game looks so lethargic.
    My positive is that the Bats are looking much better. I think that I probably need to consult with a Cubs fan to see how they can manage to stick in there for so long.


    • Mardigan47

      Marshall goes an inning without giving up a run! Something to put in the + column!

  94. preacherj

    Oh, Marshall in. This just keeps getting better and better.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Not to mention,he’s just killing his trade value in the process. That is the only logical reason why the Reds keep running him out there.

      • ohiojimw

        No doubt. The Reds need him to look good enough versus LH hitters that some desperate wannabe contender looking for a LOOGY will take take a serious portion of his remaining contract.

  95. charlottencredsfan

    It is physically painful to watch Sean Marshall pitch.

  96. RedAlert

    Glad we here at the Nation can manage to keep our sense of humor – game has lost any chance of being entertaining at this point

  97. WVRedlegs

    Memo to Walt: WAKE TF UP !!!!!!!

  98. kywhi1

    Because of work, I just got around to reading John Fay’s report from yesterday (May 28) entitled “What will struggling Reds do?.” With hindsight being 20/20 and having to endure this sad effort after last night’s win, Fay’s article might be the most depressing piece of sports journalism I have read in a mighty long time. I don’t know about you, but I could never have imagined the Reds ever getting this kind of starting pitching, yet the rest of their game is so awful the “experts” are being left to consider the need to “blow up” this once-in-a-lifetime pitching staff by trading the likes of Cueto, Leake or Simon. Unfathomable.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Fortunately, Fay rarely knows what he is talking about. How a guy that should have great access to the club can be so clueless about the internal workings of the team is embarrassing. I can’t see Leake going anywhere. Cueto and Simon are probably all but gone.

      • kywhi1

        Fay or no Fay, the fact that things appear so dim right now that “blowing up” this pitching staff could even be a subject right now just blows my mind. If you had ever told me the Reds had the quality of starting pitching they have now and were six games under .500 at the end of May, I would have said you were crazy!

      • George Mirones

        I just read the article from Fay. I too stopped reading his stuff 2 years ago because if that’s the best he can do, it is what I all ready know. I actually feel better informed from participating and reading Red Leg Nation.

      • BillOfRights

        I appreciate your comments. With Bailey’s contract, I don’t see how the Reds can afford to keep more than 1 of Cueto, Latos, and Leake past 2015. They will all want similar $ to Bailey. Simon is only making $1.5M. Our best hope in 2016 is a rotation of Latos, Bailey, Cingrani, Stephenson, Lorenzen. The Reds don’t act like TB or OAK. My question is do the Reds act like the Marlins and try to win before starting over in 2016?

        Cueto, Simon, Leake, Chapman seem to be only trade-able assets right now that could get prospects in return. I also don’t see Walt telling Fay or any other writer what he is thinking of trading/not trading. We’re all frustrated – let’s not blame the messenger.

    • ohiojimw

      Another one of Mr Fay’s recent gems was that he would be shocked if Bryan Price was let go before the end of the season. What else is WJ going to do to divert some heat from himself? Besides, some of Price’s decisions are starting to be very open to question.

  99. hamiltonred

    A bright spot amidst this mess is oodles of witty comments by redleg nation. Been tracking these a lot more than reds games for the past month. Keep it up good guys….and I do not mean (most of) the current roster.

  100. the next janish

    Am I missing something with the Cholula flame thrower at 74 mph?

  101. preacherj

    Marshall didn’t completey suck that inning.

  102. Whoa Bundy!

    Who thinks the post game summary is already written and ready to,post the second the game is over?

  103. preacherj

    Hill took Pena’s third hit away. Kid comes to play. No doubt.

  104. Whoa Bundy!

    Hill and Collmenter beat the reds.

  105. George Mirones

    While most reds fans want the Major League team fixed now. One of the other real questions for the GM is; what to do to grow our AA and AAA teams that will help the Reds stay competitive as the current players continue to age and decline. IMO none of the position players on the 25 man roster will bring much in return to make a difference this season. The only thing we have that any team in contention would want is the starting pitching. Those few victories that the Reds have would be a lot less without Simon, Leake, and Cueto..

  106. wildwestlv

    Luckily, my daughter’s kindergarten graduation ceremony tomorrow will prevent me from having to endure game 2.

  107. preacherj

    We are a Skip away from being shut out with the minimum number.

  108. John Walsh

    The Diamondbacks are about to face the minimum. I guess this is karma for busting up Ryu’s perfect game. This offense is terrible.

  109. charlottencredsfan

    A horrible, terrible display of Major League Baseball. They should destroy any record of this games existence.

  110. preacherj

    A complete game 3 hit shut out. And those three hits were erased on Double plays. And this guy didn’t top 87. Wow. Just wow.

  111. wildwestlv

    Bronson will make this lineup’s heads explode tomorrow.

  112. preacherj

    My kingdom to see Sweet Lou throw some bases.

    • John Walsh

      I’d actually root for Bronson. If we’re going to hit rock bottom, we might as well let Bronson benefit from it.

  113. ProspectCincy

    You heard it here first people …

    Tomorrow, Jay Bruce’s slugging percentage finally passes Billy Hamilton’s slugging percentage!

    Told me that before the season, and I would have though Hamilton was in the race for MVP!

  114. kywhi1

    What, if anything, have Walt Jocketty and Bob Castellini been saying about this current situation the Reds are in?

    • Whoa Bundy!

      Castellini was last seen wearing sunglasses and stiffly waving to fans from his box.

      • preacherj

        Yeah, I’m beginning to think that look of disgust he had in that Pirates game last season was just rigor setting in.

    • charlottencredsfan

      They’re going to blow this baby up and start all over. They haven’t said it but what else can they do? Like a tree that is rotted out, you can’t save it so you chop it down.

  115. sergeant2

    The Reds have no recourse but to field a team for tomorrows game, I have every confidence that is exactly what the Reds will do. The Reds could very well win the next three games taking 3 outta 4 from the DBacks. I for one will be rooting for my Reds to do just that, 3 outta 4 that is. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. (fans included) If Bryan Price and the Reds are tough, they’ll come out tomorrow doing you know what, and taking names later. Go Reds!

    • preacherj

      I’m trying Sarge. And like Rambo said at the battle of Bunker Hill “I’ll be back.” It’s a little tough right now. This is ugly.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Sarge you are my hero and a better man than I. Wish I could see any hope at all of turning this ship around. I’ll be here tomorrow nigh,t hoping it is the beginning of a nice run.