The Redlegs begin yet another dreaded west coast road trip tonight with game one of a series against the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine. The Reds have lost two in a row, and stand at 22-26, 6.5 games behind first-place Milwaukee.

During this series, the Reds will face a trifecta of brilliant Dodgers hurlers: Hyun-Jin Ryu, Zack Greinke, and Clayton Kershaw. This is gonna be fun, Reds fans!

Tonight, we’ll see Ryu, who is currently 4-2 with a 3.00 ERA. The last time he faced the Reds was in July of 2013, when he surrendered only two hits and one run over seven innings, striking out nine and walking just one.

He’s good, but the Reds have a pretty good pitcher slated to start tonight, as well. His name is Johnny Cueto, and even after a rough outing last week against Washington, Cueto is 4-3 with a 1.86 ERA. He hasn’t faced Los Angeles in nearly two years, when he went took the loss despite going seven strong innings, allowing three runs on seven hits, striking out seven without walking a batter.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

1. CF: Billy Hamilton
2. SS: Zack Cozart
3. 2B: Brandon Phillips
4. 1B: Todd Frazier
5. LF: Ryan Ludwick
6. RF: Chris Heisey
7. C: Brayan Pena
8. 3B: Ramon Santiago
9. SP: Johnny Cueto

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds” is now available in bookstores and online, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold. You can also find Chad’s musings about the Cincinnati Reds in the pages of Cincinnati Magazine.

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  1. Respectability salvaged for one more day. That’s a pretty low bar fort he Reds to cross but I have come to not expect very much.

  2. Can you ask for a review on giving them all that extra time to get their Bull Pen pitcher ready? (sarcasm)

  3. Time for this team to get a break !!!!!

  4. Dodgers had a perfect game through six, Reds have played bad defense, and they are threatening to take the lead. Baseball is a funny game.

  5. Heisey will be removed from game. Betya.

  6. Always looks like BP tries to pull every swing.

  7. Those errors look really big now.

  8. Jansen’s 97 looks faster than Chappy’s 103

  9. gee, a one-run game ….

  10. Right down Broadway.

  11. Not Dat Clutch.

  12. At least JC doesn’t get a loss.

  13. Was there any doubt BP would be unable to get the job done? Any doubt?

  14. Geez thanks Brandon our best hitter. HA HA

  15. Jansen vs Ondrusek. Kinda like forest fire vs squirt gun.

  16. Ondrusek will come in and walk the first guy, then give up a hit and then hit the showers.

  17. Reds gotta hold em, than one swing of the bat by a Redleg and this game is tied up. Go Reds!

  18. So, is Brayan Pena a better defensive first baseman than Lutz? Legitimate question here.

  19. That pitch looked good, that was called a ball.

  20. Hamilton?? It wasn’t that long ago – about 30 minutes.

  21. Who is this guy?

  22. This Turner guy…came back from the year, 2112, to mess with the ONE game that would turn around the 2014 Reds season.

  23. This organization is terrible from top to bottom. Nothing in the majors nothing in the minors. And the Votto contract keeps them from doing anything. Gonna be a long dark decade folks.

  24. 45,505 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 45,505.

  25. Turner saw 25 pitches in two ABs. No wonder the Reds traded him.

  26. Broxton has looked decent.

  27. C’mon fellas we need the long ball here. Go Reds!

  28. Just need 1 run to extend this game. Man, we are so due to have a great comeback win. Even the ’64 Mets probably have a couple.

  29. Can Bruce at least PH for 1 of the next two?

  30. The Reds don’t have a hit off Jansen.

  31. Let’s go Reds.

  32. C’mon Luds knock it outta there.

  33. The best part of this game has been Row 1 Seat 2.

  34. Ludwick’s bat is way too slow to hit 97.

  35. Why is Ludwick a starter??????????????!!!!

  36. Another pitch right down Broadway.

  37. Ludwick is over the hill. Where’s Bruce?injured? Righty on the mound.

  38. wayyy late on 93….pew Ryan

  39. Nice attempt at a comeback but it is still a loss.

  40. Heisey keeps it going.

  41. I’ll tell ya, Ludwick had some pitches right down Broadway, but was so far behind with his swing that the catcher was throwing the ball back to the pitcher before Ludwick swung the bat.

  42. All the pieces are now in place.

  43. Dodger defense is like Reds defense tonight.

  44. Boy that was close.

  45. Has someone kidnapped Jay Bruce from the park?

  46. time for a little MesVP action …..

  47. Another Big League AB by Pena.

  48. I heart Pena.

  49. I was hoping Mesoraco would get another at bat. Go Reds!

  50. Mes needs to snap out of the slump

  51. Come on Meso!!!!

  52. I think Jansen is pitching hurt.

  53. Bomb coming

  54. Now Bruce on deck???

  55. Bernadina to run for Pena, I assume then Lutz would play first if needed, right? It’s not like we actually have a backup first baseman on the roster or anything.

  56. this team rarely misses a chance to break my heart

  57. Awful. just plain awful.

  58. Devin, a single would have worked.

    • Devon coming back to earth now after that hot start

      • IMO, just a case of being overeager. Seems like a really bright kid and hopefully he learned something. I was a little suspect that he could hit .400 anyway (smile).

  59. Hey, at least we are still ahead of the Cubs.

  60. What a long weekend. Go get ’em, tomorrow. Go Reds.

  61. For the Reds, not being no-hit counts as a win.

  62. 13 th. 1 run loss – mercy

  63. First pitch swinging… Ballgame… Try again tomorrow

  64. Oh, man, once again, close but no ceegar.

  65. The ultimate waste of a night.

    First I get reeled in by the potential perfect game.
    Then I get reeled in by the potential comeback.

    How does it end? In the same old fashion. What’s that they say about insanity?

  66. I hope Mes doesn’t get the same treatment on this board that BP got an inning earlier.

  67. Darn…. (sigh). well, we’ll try again tomorrow

  68. Brutal loss and a must win game. Though I give up hope for the season doesn’t mean that I will cheer for any other team! Go Reds! and to heck with all these losers on here cheering for the Dodgers.

  69. No such thing as a good loss. There were some positives, including clutch hit by Hamilton. Superb defensive play was huge for Dodgers.

  70. A grueling five hours and twenty minutes and nothing comes of it but more frustration. The best Reds pitching of my lifetime (and I’m 57) totally going to waste because of untimely errors and seemingly never a timely hit. Very frustrating to watch.

    • This. In a nutshell.

    • Yep – almost know that it is inevitable if Reds are involved in a close game ( especially when they dip into those gascans in the pen)

      > would also be nice for just once if Price would put a half decent lineup behind Cueto when he is in the mound – getting to the point it is rediculous

  71. Defensive lapses cost the game, people playing out of position. I’m not sure that the ball Cozart errored, even with the infield in, shouldn’t have been taken by the third baseman. If Frazier is playing his normal position (where he had become quite proficent) maybe the error is not made at 1B early and maybe Todd makes the play at 3rd later instead of Cozart making the error. Who knows, I just don’t like playing multiple players out of position.

  72. I’ll cut Mesoraco some slack cause he’s a rookie, but its been a constant bugaboo of Reds hitters swinging at the first pitch after the previous hitter was walked. Are the coaches not allowed to talk to the batter in the batters box to remind them to take the first pitch? Either the coaches are not doing their job or the players have tuned them out.

  73. Never letting Bruce get an AB in this game at point where one swing could have wibit or maybe tied it is equivalent to not using all your timeouts alloted in a football or basketball game – inexcusable – can’t take em home with you Price !

  74. Ludwick has taken lots of heat, but don’t know how you start Lutz over Heisey or Bernadina unless resting Hamilton or Bruce. If resting Bruce, then matchup won’t be good for Lutz. So why even bring up Lutz?

    • 1st base. Heisey, Bernadina & Ludwick are not part of this team’s future. Lutz may not as well but I think it would be wise to give him a look. Let him play 1st for a while when Pena is catching. Could Lutz/Frazier be any worse than Frazier/Santiago? What do we have to lose??

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