Please don’t jump off a bridge. The Reds are just treading water, and not making much noise in the early-season playoff race, but it’s no reason for alarm. This is true. Trust me.

On the other hand, Bill Lack and I are beginning to fret about the Reds season. More accurately, Bill is getting depressed and he’s trying to bring me down with him. Let’s fight this oncoming Reds-related depression! Listen to this week’s episode of Redleg Nation Radio right now.

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5 Responses

  1. sergeant2

    Right click? Download? MP3? Podcast? iTunes RSS feed? What am I a Rocket Surgeon. Just kidding, we all could use a good laugh right about now. Go Reds!

  2. ohiojimw

    Unfortunately I agree with most of the direness expressed in the podcast.

    As an alternate view point I would offer that the Reds are suffering the opportunity costs of signing Votto and to a lesser degree Phillips to the big contracts. Alsonso did not need to be a 1 to 1 replacement for Votto; Alnoso needs (by my theory) to only be better than who the Reds have in LF now (read on for explanantion). I think playing with GABP as his home park would soothe a lot of ails Alonso now. I see him as a nid 800 to 900 OBP with GABP as his home field. The money saved by not signing Votto could have filled the left field hole with a big RH bat; and the trading of Votto with a year or two of team control left might well have brought in a starter or starters to offset not getting Latos.

    But of course this is now all water under the bridge and the cupboard is bare north or class A or there abouts as far as position players…..

    • ohiojimw

      that 800 to 900 “OBP” obviously should have been 800 to 900 OPS

  3. Bill Lack

    Chad and I didn’t really mean to take everyone down into the “Pit of Despair”, but it sure did go in that direction, me much more than him. I’m concerned about this team’s ability to compete even next year w/o major re-tooling. I’m very afraid that the window has closed and without major (and courageous and correct) moves, this team won’t be really competitive again before 2016 or so.

    • SrRedFan

      I think that the most depressing area for me is the corner that we find ourselves painted into, by contracts that are either too costly to get out of, or simply two-year for non-performers. No way to turn!

      I go back to the ’50s and have seen bad management (cough-Bowden)but this is getting there.

      Tell me again why we let Krivsky go, and brought in Jocketty. Krivsky was very pro-active in trying to upgrade the 40-man roster, with lots of trades and moves. On balance, I liked his methods better. What do you guys think?