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Cardinals at Reds (May 25)

Important game tonight. A win prevents the Reds (22-25) from falling five games behind the Cardinals and 6.5 behind the Brewers, who won today. The Reds leave after the game tonight on a West Coast road trip that starts with the Dodgers (Ryu, Grienke, Kershaw), who also won today.

Tonight’s game (8:07 p.m. ET) will be broadcast on ESPN Sunday Night BaseballBaseball Tonight will originate live from Crosley Terrace beginning at 7 p.m. Barry Larkin and Karl Ravech will host the show, which will be joined by Reds fan Charlie Sheen [insert joke about winning and 2.5 men] during the pre-game broadcast.

The Reds face Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright. He’s the pitcher who shut out the Reds for seven innings on Opening Day. He’s also the guy who gave up nine runs to the Reds in two innings last August. Take your pick. Wainwright is having a Cy Young type year again (1.85 ERA / 2.46 FIP / 3.18 SIERA).

Bryan Price had the option of sending Johnny Cueto out to pitch. Cueto, like Wainwright, pitched last Tuesday so tonight would be a normal five-day cycle. But instead, Price kept the Reds rotation in order, sending Mike Leake to the mound. Leake (2.91 ERA / 3.87 FIP / 3.62 SIERA) is coming off two strong performances, allowing just one run in each of his last two starts. If it was my decision, priority on beating the Cardinals would have trumped other stuff (Marty said the same thing last night.)

The Reds lineup remains without first baseman Joey Votto, who is on the disabled list with a strained quad muscle. The news on Votto’s health (John Fay) is less-than-encouraging. Justin is afraid more than the quad is implicated.

On the bright side, it’s well past time to move on from the ZOMG COZART narrative.

Noteworthy: The Cardinals are resting Yadier Molina. Molina has averaged playing 138 games the past five seasons. If Devin Mesoraco played every game the rest of the year, he’d appear in 135.

Here’s the lineup. Billy the Blur is back in the leadoff spot. Otherwise, standard order for this series.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Brayan Pena (S) 1B
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Mike Leake (R) P

The game time weather forecast is 75º with zero percent chance of rain. The game has been sold out since yesterday. Should be an exciting night at the old ball yard. Go Reds!

341 thoughts on “Cardinals at Reds (May 25)

  1. Simply amazing. Bruce is so lost. I knew that there were 3 sliders out of the zone coming. I would have taken until I saw a called strike. No, Swing at everything Bruce. WOW.

    • 13 times last night too. A lot of empty outs. Strike outs do nothing other than pad the opposing pitchers’ stats.

  2. Its May 25th keep in mind once you jump ship, there’s no getting back on. You’ll be adrift with no water, and God forbid, no Skyline Chili. Go Reds!

  3. The core of this team has now had four years to get it done. Not going to happen. Time to blow this thing up and start all over.

    • But we have a new core to build with: Frazier, BHam, Mes, Bruce & Cozart. These guys have a common trait: they all play their butts off all the time. Since 2010, even when they were good, they didn’t always look like they were going all out everyday. These five guys? Yes, they do.

      Let’s see what the road trip has in store for us.

      Go Reds!

  4. At least the Brew Crew won, again. If the Reds are going to be consistently irrelevant in the NL Central, I’ll root for Milwaukee. It won’t be pretty, but I will.

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